Costa Rica Real Estate


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Costa Rica Real Estate

  1. 1. Costa Rican Real EstateIf youre considering moving to Costa Rica, you have a wide variety of choices to make asCosta Rica has so many different beautiful environments to offer. From the high mountainareas, to low lying valleys, to thick jungles, and open beach towns that have been aroundfor hundreds of years. The island even has large cities that have been over developed anddensely populated. These large cities have been dominated by apartment buildings andlarge hotel chains. Depending on whether you like living right on top of your neighbor,literally, or you dont mind having to use a boat to get to the mainland to get to the mainland to get supplies every month or so will probably influence your decision on what area of the country you would choose to reside in. If you prefer living high up in the mountains, you will most likely prefer to live in the central part of the country where the highlands stretch from the northwest corner of the country all the way down the center to the southeast corner. Half of the countrys population lives in this mountainous region. All of the countrys major cultural centers are located in this region as well. Even the main hub for the government and the capital city of San Jose is located here. Costa Rica Real Estate varies from small remote cottages and cabins. To large apartmentbuildings and condominiums in the regions larger cities. This region is contains most of thecountries rural farming areas as well. This region of the country is scattered with activelive volcanoes. So the areas that are inhabited are outlined by the mountains that containthese large volcanoes.Many tourists travel to Costa Rica every year because of its beautiful sights, amazingclimates, diversity of life, and its gorgeous beaches. The Atlantic Coastal Plain, which lieson the Caribbean side of the island makes up for about thirty percent of the entire islandsinhabited territories. There are hundreds of cities scattered along this beautiful coastalplain, some of them are quite large due to the tourism, especially in the surfing and water
  2. 2. Costa Rican Real Estatesports industries. So the beaches are scattered with small inns and hotels, small cabanasand cottages, and even large packed hotels with full casinos and five star amenities. RealEstate in Costa Rica ranges from small one room efficiencies and houses, small apartmentsand condos, and small privately owned beachfront properties and large enormousmultimillion dollar mansions.This region is separated from the highlands by an almost impenetrable wall of hardwoodforests and jungle. These areas are rarely explored by many people except the extremeoutdoors man and they even bring local guides along with them so they dont get lost in thevast wilderness. The other main region of the country that is highly populated is the PacificCoast sometimes otherwise known as the Pacific slope. On this side of the island the mainattraction is the beaches. This part of the country is indented with large deep bays andsharp inlets. Also this side of the country has two main gulfs. The mountains from theCentral highlands stretch further over on the Pacific side of the country. Sometimes rightup to the ocean, which limits your choice for real estate options as most of the developedland is owned commercially due to the tourism.