Accident Injury Attorneys


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Accident Injury Attorneys

  1. 1. Accident Injury AttorneysGetting in any type of accident can make for an extremely stressful time for boththe injured party and their loved ones. Often, the injured party is hurt in such a waythat they are legally entitled to damages by the party who injured them. When insuch a stressful moment, one does not often want to deal with finding a lawyer andnegotiating fees. However, there are some great auto accident lawyers that can getthe injured party a great settlement for their hardship and injuries.Often, people do not want to get attorneys because they are worried about costlyexpenses. However, injury lawyers usually operate in such a way that they do nottake any money from the injured party unless they win money for the injured partyin a settlement. Thus, if you as the injured party do not make any money from thelaw suit, your attorney does not cost you anything. Usually, this fee will be aroundthirty three percent of any monetary award, however this amount varies from firmto firm.One might ask where monetary awards come from, and that is also a very goodquestion. Monetary awards are sometimes paid directly from the party who causedthe injury and is found liable by the court. However, monetary awards are oftenpaid by the insurance company of the party who is found liable. Sometimes,settlements or awards can be into the millions for some various injuries.Also, bodily harms are not the only type of injuries that are awarded after accidentsby a court of law. Mental injuries, work reimbursement, and other types of injuriesare often awarded by a court of law in this situation. For example, if you have tomiss work because of your injury, the liable party is often responsible to pay you formissed salaries due to the injury. Furthermore, if your accident caused you a mentalinjury, the court sees the situation in a way that the injured party should bereimbursed for mental injuries caused. If you have been in an accident, we knowhow stressful life must be for you as a result of this accident. Do not wait, call usnow to see how we can help remedy your situation by trying to get you a monetaryaward from the party that caused your injury. We have thorough accident attorneysthat will make sure the court is presented with the best case possible and you areawarded the greatest reward possible.