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Conflict management ppt


PPT conflict management

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PPT conflict management

  1. 1. Conflict is neither good nor bad . . . It’s inevitable!All unresolved conflict decreases productivity & lowers performance.To manage the conflicts in the organization is termed as conflict management.
  2. 2. Functional Consequences• When it increases the involvement of people.• When it leads to growth.• When relationships are clearly defined.• When it provides an outlet for stress, anxiety, frustration, anger.• When it leads to cohesion within the group.
  3. 3. Dysfunctional Consequences• When it keeps people from getting work done.• When it threatens the relationship; destroys confidence and trust.• When it becomes personal; feelings are hurt.• When it dictates conformity; people are forced to a decision.
  4. 4. MinorEasily handledOverlooked (without harm to people)Avoidable! (if) Explanations are provided. a service oriented behavior/attitude is displayed.
  5. 5. Difference of opinion or approachCompeting interests & goalsValue conflictsUnclear/unspokenSpace needs - “Keep your distance”  “Do not disturb - refueling!”
  6. 6. IndividualAvoidance  absenteeism, hiding out, yes-ing the boss  self-centeredness  hiding behind the rulesRepression  ill health, escapist drinking, irregular productivity, low satisfaction, irritabilityReactive  flashes of anger, non-cooperation, rumors  stealing and destruction, counter organizations, strikes
  7. 7. Inter-Group Competition Appeals to superiors for decisions Decreased rate of interaction Low trust
  8. 8. Avoidance  repress emotions  look the other way  run, quit, etc.Defusion  downplay  cool offConfrontation  power and force  negotiation
  9. 9. Compromise  Neither party gets everything he or she wants, but gets something.  Each gives up something. Often quite satisfactory to each.Capitulation  One partner gives in to what the other wants. This works well when the issue is relatively unimportant to one partner.
  10. 10. Co-existence  Partners agree to disagree.Collaboration  Partners work together to understand the real issues behind the difference and search for a resolution that meets the needs of both.
  11. 11. The conflict is resolved in one of threeways: • Lose-Lose: everyone loses when people try to work out their disagreements. • Win-Lose: someone wins and someone loses; the best that can be hoped for in disagreements. • Win-Win: everyone can win.
  12. 12. Outcome of Conflict High Win /Lose Win/ Win YourPerformance Lose/Lose Lose/ Win Low High Others Performance
  13. 13. Lockouts.Strikes.Issues related with performance appraisals.Resistance to change.Conflicts related with emotions.Conflicts due to frustrations.Role Conflict – may be conflict between personality of the person and the expectations of the role.
  14. 14.  With the confrontation between workers in Manesar and the Maruti Suzuki management intensifying, the labour department of Haryana on 20 SEP. 2011 distanced itself from the negotiations, saying it would not be involved in the talks any further. The development has marred hopes of a settlement — under which the workers were ready to sign the good conduct bond if the language was moderated. The matter now appears headed for a labour court. The decision of the Haryana government comes just hours after office-bearers of the proposed Maruti Suzuki Employees Union, representing the Manesar workers, were arrested in a late night swoop 0n 21 SEP 2011. The management had complained these office-bearers had allegedly attacked a group of company supervisors who had gone to work.
  15. 15.  The company has 400 technician trainees at Manesar. Of those, the services of 18 trainees were terminated for indiscipline and for deliberately causing quality problems in the cars manufactured. To encourage workers to sign the good conduct bond, the company has assured employees at Manesar they should “resume duties without any fear or apprehension and work towards restoring normalcy”. In the meantime, D L Sachdeva, general secretary, All India Trade Union Congress (AITUC), said the workers had not received any communication from the labour department to resolve the matter in court. “The workers would directly want to negotiate with the management. The representatives of MSEU who were arrested last night will be freed on bail tomorrow. The joint action committee will hold a meeting tomorrow to decide the further course of action.”
  16. 16.  Last Thursday, a group of 20 workers had attacked a bus carrying 11 supervisors on their way to work at the Manesar facility. A worker had been detained by the police in this connection. The company rolled out 600 units of the Swift on 26 SEP 2011 from Manesar and Gurgaon combined.
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