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Beltin Express - Mauritius Specialist


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From Domestic household and personal effects to Business and Commercial goods.
Our team has the eloquent knowledge in this particular sector.
Shipping to Mauritius Offers weekly shipping to Mauritius from the UK.
We accept from a single carton or suit case to any multiple load

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Beltin Express - Mauritius Specialist

  1. 1. Team 2010 Presentation Our Contact Details Website :- Team 2010 Email:- admin@beltinexpress.comTel :- +44(0) 800 44 88 184 / +44 (0) 800 44 88 189 Heathrow Cube ,9, Arkwright Road , Colnbrook , Berkshire , SL3 0HJ United Kingdom
  2. 2. Team 2010BeltinExpress.Com is a privately owned company registered business in Great Britain, dedicated to providing Logistical Solutions to Local & International clients. The purpose of all our services is to promote and increase awareness to the general public & Corporate businesses,for all their related needs in the transportation of Freight and Cargo Worldwide. Our business practice & philosophy is to contribute to the progress and growth of our clientèle`s day to day sphere of activity.With today’s business trend and economy, we have realised how important it is to be more of a partner than a local service provider. Our concept is to identify, followed by recommending and supporting relevant avenues best benefited for your structure.
  3. 3. Team 2010Utilising our Platform and it’s advantagesWith our platform located in Heathrow, United Kingdom allows us to stretch our services worldwide.As we have the right people in the right location throughout the globe, we have the expertise to design any routing for ourvaluable customers.Offering a low & cost effective structure with a vital commercial standard all taken into consideration …Service & Quality with CONSISTENCYWe have always engaged ourselves in customer services & after sales customer relations as we believe in striving forward for theextra mile. The client is the key factor which keeps growing.
  4. 4. O B C - 24 Hours On Board CourierExcess Luggage Global LOGISTICS Shipper - End User Sea FreightAir Freight Team 2010 Import International Procurement Freight Express Courier Services
  5. 5. Team 2010How Can we HelpWe will transport your goods by sea or air around the globeThrough our network of corresponding offices across Europe & Mainland China, BeltinExpress.Com has a Worldwide NETWORKincluding owned offices and agent partners executing services on our behalf.
  6. 6. Team 2010 Products & Services – Across the GlobeWe will be looking into your actual IMPORT routing whether from supplier to inland transportation ,Storage / Warehousing, QualityChecks , Air and Sea.Import Freight WorldwideWe will organise any importation from anywhere in the world. Wherever your suppliers, partners or customers are located we canorganise and monitor all uplifts globally & forward the goods to its final destination.Ocean Movement WorldwideOcean freight, a cost effective mode of transport. We offer sea freight importation and exportation services. We will select the mostefficient and economic shipping lines to expedite your cargo to any destination in the world, enabling us to ensure customersatisfaction at all times.Air Freight WorldwideFrom any supplier to all airports. From any airport to your client, even with a simple conventional airport to airport service.Our presence will make it happen. We will work on your behalf as a partner.On every Air Freight product, we guarantee to give our clientele value for money. With our experience, we have educated ourselvesto provide our clients with the very best quote to suit their needs. As our aim is not only to provide a standard set of rates but alsowork on your behalf taking advantage of the most effective tariff which will reflect your actual requirements.With our current network, we can move your traffic throughout the globe to any destinations of your choice. In listening to you , wethen propose & suggest appropriate plan of actions. Cont … A/ B
  7. 7. Team 2010Products & Services – Across the GlobeContinuity of Part :- B/BClearing & Forwarding (Air & Sea)We handle clearance of imports and exports shipments with ease and efficiency. Our custom clearance related services include,advising our clientele in preparation of final import or export related documents, completion of appraisement and examinationformalities and payments.Having the best customs clearance team within the Heathrow Area, our dedicated network partner will not only deliver the goods butwill provide you with expert advice.European HaulageFor any of your imports and exports where every cargo is concerned, we provide an efficient and reliable road freight servicethroughout Europe. Having a variety of service providers , we will ensure that your requirements are fulfilled. We will have yourshipment picked up and delivered no matter where you are locatedWarehousing & Distribution ( UK , France , China )We have the facility to provide storage services for all IMPORTS. We will provide quality checks and excellent storage facilities foryour peace of mind.Our team shows that same high regard for the product while it is in our warehouse custody.
  8. 8. Enhancing your Business Activities & Products
  9. 9. Team 2010Taking Responsibility is a PrivilegeBy taking the logistics responsibility, we will alleviate your workload.Our responsibility will be to make your logisitc’s hassle free , leaving your structure to concentrate on cost and growth of your business.We will monitor the logistics from the day of purchase, to the day your Cargo has Customs cleared at final destination. We will be presentfor you at all times.
  10. 10. Team 2010Outsourcing & Procurement ServicesBeltin Express.Com has a number of partnerships with leading vendors. Our division Beltin Trading is dedicated in providing you thehighest quality products and services available on the market and allow us freely not to be tied to any one Vendor. We will offer you themost practical and cost effective solutions for your business.Our "vendor independence" means you get the right solution, tailored to meet your needs with the full support of our supplier.Through our Network we will work alongside your business to target your growth and enhancing your product worldwide in offering ourNetwork at your disposal.-Sharing our knowledge in the know how to save you time , cut costs and contribute to growth- We will design & offer appropriate / beneficial ideas which will be favourable for both structures.( Throughout corportate Scheme Product, we would consider )- Sharing our knowledge & infrastructure in developing E- Commerce Distribution- Providing you secure & « at Cost Storage » facilities ( UK & China )- Fast & Effective distribution Network throughout Europe & Asia-Cheap distribution through EU Countries-Offering storage facilities specially in selected regions ( UK / China ) your structure will only experience growth & positive exposure.
  11. 11. Team 2010Procurement Services With a Global Logistics Approach Working on your behalf , we will engage in the Sourcing, Contracting , Purchasing , Transportation, Storage and the Global Supply chains of the goods with an only perspective that customer satisfaction is to the essence.
  12. 12. Team 2010Presence & Coverage Door to Airport ( USA 2 U ) At BeltinExpress.Com we cover the whole of USA Being more of a partner than any service provider , we will handle any of your imports from the states to anywhere in the world. Our Service ,USA 2U is powered by the most reputable network throughout the globe. Offering such privilege to facilitate your day to day business activity. We will always act on your behalf as a partner to alleviate the work load and facilitate any of your transportation requirement.
  13. 13. Team 2010Presence & Coverage Africa & the Indian Ocean BeltinExpress.Com Africa Network cover most African destinations from West Africa to the Eastern part of Africa. From the English speaking countries to French & Arabic speaking countries. , At BeltinExpress.Com , we have already established a very strong & close relationship with our corresponding office , Agent , Business Venture Partner. BeltinExpress has a wide range of clients & Industries in Africa involving the transportations of Goods. We will always act on your behalf as a partner as taking responsibility is a privilege.
  14. 14. Team 2010Presence & Coverage Door to Door International Express Courier From our Heathrow operational centre we offer Standard 1-2 working day delivery to all capital & major cities in over 170 countries. Standard 3-4 working day delivery to all capital & major cities in the rest of the world. Next–Day or special timed delivery option available to most capital & major cities destinations worldwide. Priority Must Deliver option available to various destinations in Africa, Asia, Europe and Middle-East International Document & Non- Document Delivery This service is purely devised for your very non- documents like spare parts, samples and timed delivery consignments which require more than an express delivery, offering premium am deliveries through our vast express network.
  15. 15. Team 2010Our online Logistics software Our software was developed by specialist expert having an in –depth knowledge of the international Courier Industry and is easy to use. The built-in web site meets with the universal approval of both infrequent and regular shippers. The web site was designed with a user friendly approach. Offering :- Stock System is also integrated with the Courier System and help the day to day monitoring and management of any service related to transportations. Our customers will have online access to a cost calculator using the services and tariffs we have allocated. The built-in web site provides our customers with online reports which can be downloaded to Excel for further analysis.
  16. 16. Team 2010 Online BookingUser friendly and accessible through the Web , our customers can select to have Online Booking , Online Track & Trace , Online Warehouse or Stock Management .
  17. 17. Team 2010 Online Stock ManagementAs an Independent Express & Logistic Operator , our systems is a window based for any Express & WarehouseManagement Systems . This software ( * AIMS ) meet specific requirements for our industry.
  18. 18. Team 2010 Our Clientèle BeltinExpress.Com Limited is proud to announce that amongst our client list are: CROSSFLIGHT ( UK ) , One World Courier ( UK ) , One World Courier ( Nairobi , Kenya ) , Kenex Express ( Nairobi Kenya ) Trade winds Aviation Services ( Nairobi , Kenya ) , Standard Bank ( Nairobi , Kenya ) Trade Star International ( UK , Windsor ) , Light & Water ( Kenton , Harrow ) Pro Active UK ( UK ) , Scitec Group ( UK ) , Shavata Brow Studio Aerodoc ( Miami , Argentina ) , EMC2 ( USA ) UPS - United Parcel Service ( Senegal , Cameroun , Gabon , Mauritania ) Le Grope Azizi ( Mauritania ) MACOBA ,TP Civil Engineering ( Mauritania ) Honey Well Group ( Nigeria ) , Bell Energy ( Nigeria ) Barbara Ravage ( France ) Pitango ( Israel ) Next Directory / La Redoute ( Through Hermes ) & Many others reputable local structure BeltinExpress.Com has the potential to work with a wide range of clients & Industries, as long as the requirement involves the transportations of GoodsBeltinExpress.Com is a company registered in England & Wales. Its registered number is 6450971 and its registered office is at The Willows House on Waddon Way , Surrey , CR0 4HU . VAT Registered Number 932 2664 29 Operational Centre located at the Heathrow Cube. 9 , Arkwright Road , Colnbrook , Slough – Middlesex SL3 HJ -
  19. 19. Team 2010 Our ClientèleBeltinExpress.Com is a company registered in England & Wales. Its registered number is 6450971 and its registered office is at The Willows House on Waddon Way , Surrey , CR0 4HU . VAT Registered Number 932 2664 29 Operational Centre located at the Heathrow Cube. 9 , Arkwright Road , Colnbrook , Slough – Middlesex SL3 HJ -
  20. 20. Heathrow Cube 9 Arkwright Road , Colnbrook – Berkshire SL3 0HJ UK Team 2010 THANK YOU MERCIBeltinExpress.Com is a company registered in England & Wales. Its registered number is 6450971 and its registered office is at The Willows House on Waddon Way , Surrey , CR0 4HU . VAT Registered Number 932 2664 29 Operational Centre located at the Heathrow Cube. 9 , Arkwright Road , Colnbrook , Slough – Middlesex SL3 HJ -