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Aditya birla ultratech cement


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This is a organisational study which is on done in Aditya Birla ultratech cement and is helpful...

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Aditya birla ultratech cement

  1. 1. ULTRA TECH CEMENT LIMITED (Unit: Rajashree cement works) A REPORT On ORGANISATION STUDY At ADITYA BIRLA ULTRATECH CEMENT A UNIT OF RAJASHREE CEMENT WORKS. Aditya Nagar, Malkhed Road, Dist: Gulbarga (Karnataka). A project report submitted to KARNATAKA University, DHARWAD As a partial fulfillment of the requirement for the award of BACHELOR OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Submitted By: SHASHIDHAR WANTI Under the Guidance of Internal Guide External Guide Prof.SENHA .B Mr.D.M.BIRADAR Dy.Manager, CSRGLOBAL COLLEGE OF MANGENMENT & IT Page 1
  2. 2. ULTRA TECH CEMENT LIMITED (Unit: Rajashree cement works) ACKNOWLEDGEMENT An Industrial Training is a golden opportunity forlearning and self development. I consider myself very lucky and honored to have so manywonderful people who lead me through in completion of this project. It is my privilege to MR.ANIL G TIPLE , Vice President – HR, for givingme an opportunity to carry out my project work. I extend my sincere gratitude MR.V.A.YALIGAR, GM-HR for providingall the help to complete my project. My special thanks to MR.B.H.KALLIGUDD, Manager-HR, for theircontinuous guidance to complete my project. I sincerely thank MR.D.M.BIRADAR , Dy. Manager, CSR my externalguide for supporting me and helping out to complete my project report. I am extremely grateful to all the staff of HR DEPT & TIME OFFICEfor their invaluable insight and suggestion and sparing their precious time to interact with me. Last but not the least, there were so many who shared valuableinformation that helped in the successful completion of this project. SHASHIDHAR WANTIGLOBAL COLLEGE OF MANGENMENT & IT Page 2
  3. 3. ULTRA TECH CEMENT LIMITED (Unit: Rajashree cement works) DECLARATION I, MR.SHASHIDHAR.WANTI Student of BBA IV semester, Global College, Hubli thank my institution forgiving me an opportunity to undergo my project work. I had been for my project work at ADITYA BIRLA ULTRA TECHCEMENT MALKHED. I hereby affirm that this project report on ONGARNIZATION STUDY atADITYA BIRLA ULTRA TECH CEMENT has been under taken by meduring the period 19th December 2011 to 31st December 2011 as part of myacademic curriculum. I further declare that, project report is the result of my own effort and hasnot been submitted earlier to any other College/University for award of any otherdegree. MR.SHASHIDHAR WANTI REG NO: 10N11832GLOBAL COLLEGE OF MANGENMENT & IT Page 3
  4. 4. ULTRA TECH CEMENT LIMITED (Unit: Rajashree cement works) TABLE OF CONTENTS Page No 1. Executive Summary 05-07 1.1 A Para about the report 1.2 Area covered 1.3 Title of the company 1.4 Conclusion 2. Introduction to the industry 08-13 2.1 History of the industry 2.2 Scope of the industry 3. Introduction of the company 14-23 3.1 Main objectives of the company 3.2 Vision 3.3 Mission 3.4 Important Milestones 3.5 Branches/Subunits 3.6 Certifications 4. Hierarchy and Organization chart 24-44 4.1 Various departments 4.2 Functionaries, role & responsibilities 5. SWOT analysis of the company 45-47 6. Major observations 48 7. Conclusion 49 8. Bibliography 50GLOBAL COLLEGE OF MANGENMENT & IT Page 4
  5. 5. ULTRA TECH CEMENT LIMITED (Unit: Rajashree cement works) 1. EXCUTIVE SUMMARY Company has eight departments they are Kagina Jan Seva Trust, Time office, Estate,Security, Contract labor, Transport, Training &Developing, Recruitment During period I had made an attempt to understand the working procedure and qualitystandards used in each department, it is very synthetic organization setup and working onethical principal, without compromising on quality. It respects its employees and workers alikeand this respect is reflected in pleasant working environment of “ADITYA BIRLA ULTRA TECHCEMENT (UNIT: RAJASHREE CEMENT)”. The management has maintained a good relationship with its employees and all theemployees are quite satisfied with the management between the two and also with customers.The knowledge and information I have obtained during my in-plant training was enormous.My exposure to the industry through this training enabled me to understand the subjectspractically rather than studying in books. Every organization needs to have well trained and experienced people to perform theactivates that have to be done. If the current or potential job occupation can meet thisrequirement. But when this is not necessary to raise the level. The rapid changing society employee training & development or not only an activitythat organization resources or if it is to maintain a variable and knowledgeable work force.Training is activity leading to skilled behavior. Training can be either on the job or off the job. In first case, the worker is trained underthe guidance of a supervisor where off the job training is usually through lectures, conferences,case studies, audio visual etc.GLOBAL COLLEGE OF MANGENMENT & IT Page 5
  6. 6. ULTRA TECH CEMENT LIMITED (Unit: Rajashree cement works)1.1 Area CoveredCompany has eight departments they are: I. Kagina Jan Seva Trust II. Time office III. Estate IV. Security V. Contract labor VI. Transport VII. Training &DevelopingVIII. Recruitment1.2 Title of the studyAN ORAGNIZATION STUDY ON ADITYA BIRLA ULTRA TECH CEMENT, MALKHEDGLOBAL COLLEGE OF MANGENMENT & IT Page 6
  7. 7. ULTRA TECH CEMENT LIMITED (Unit: Rajashree cement works)3 Conclusions ADITYA BIRLA ULTRA TECH CEMENT (UNIT: RAJASHREE CEMENT) is non governmentorganization located in Aditya nagar, Malkhed road, functioning form 1983. This organizationworks for the manufacturing cement and other activities also. The employees who work in thisorganization are all knowledgeable and skillful in their respective works. The surrounding environment is very peaceful and calm to work as it is located awayfrom city without any pollution; the employees are all liked minded working for the good causeand everybody are dedicated towards their work and organization. This organization has helped many to lead their life emotionally and financiallysuccessful and the employees are staying and slums by providing them employmentopportunities.GLOBAL COLLEGE OF MANGENMENT & IT Page 7
  8. 8. ULTRA TECH CEMENT LIMITED (Unit: Rajashree cement works) 2. Introduction of companyRAJASHREE CEMENT: A US $35 billion corporation, the Aditya Birla Group is in the league of Fortune 500. It is anchored by an extraordinary force of 133,000 employees, belonging to 42 different nationalities. This year the Group was declared among the top best employers in India by the Aon-Hewitt Survey and ranked second. It was also ranked the top employers in the Asia Pacific Region. Earlier, the Group has been adjudged among the top six great places for leaders to work in the Asia Pacific Region (The Hewitt Associates, The RBL Group and Fortune Magazine Study2009). Over 60 per cent of its revenues flow from its overseas operations. The Group operates in 33 countries — India, UK, Germany, Hungary, Brazil, Italy, France, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Australia, USA, Canada, Egypt, China, Thailand,GLOBAL COLLEGE OF MANGENMENT & IT Page 8
  9. 9. ULTRA TECH CEMENT LIMITED (Unit: Rajashree cement works) Laos, Indonesia, Philippines, Dubai, Singapore, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Malaysia , Korea, Vietnam and UAE.Globally the Aditya Birla Group is:  A metals powerhouse, among the world’s most cost-efficient aluminum and copper producers. Hindalco-Novelis is the largest aluminum rolling company. It is one of the 3 biggest producers of primary aluminum in Asia, with the largest single location copper smelter,  No. 1 in viscose staple fiber  The 4th largest producer of insulators  The largest producer of carbon black  The 10th largest cement producers globally.  Among the world’s top 15 BPO companies and among India’s top 4  Among the best energy efficient fertilizer plantsIn India:  A premier branded garments player  The 2nd largest player in viscose filament yarn  The 2nd largest in the Chlor-alkali sector  Among the top 5 mobile telephony companies  A leading player in Life Insurance and Asset Management  Among the top 3 super-market chains in the Retail business Rock solid in fundamentals, the Aditya Birla Group nurtures a culture where successdoes not come in the way of the need to keep learning afresh, to keep experimenting.GLOBAL COLLEGE OF MANGENMENT & IT Page 9
  10. 10. ULTRA TECH CEMENT LIMITED (Unit: Rajashree cement works)2.1 SCOPE OF THE INDUSTRY Integrity Commitment Passion Seamlessness Speed INTEGRITY: Honesty in every action COMMITMENT: Deliver on the promise PASSION: Energized action SEAMLESSNESS: Boundary less in letter SPEED: One step ahead alwaysGLOBAL COLLEGE OF MANGENMENT & IT Page 10
  11. 11. ULTRA TECH CEMENT LIMITED (Unit: Rajashree cement works)Board of Directors: 1. Mr. Kumar Mangalam Birla, Chairman 2. Mrs. Rajashree Birla 3. Mr. M. L. Apte 4. Mr. B. V. Bhargava 5. Mr. R. C. Bhargava 6. Mr. S. B. Mathur 7. Mr. Cyril Shroff 8. Mr. S. G. Subhramanyan 9. Mr. Shailendra K. Jain (Whole-time Director) 10. Mr. D. D. Rathi (Whole-time Director & CFO) 3. Introduction of company INFORMATION ABOUT ULTRA TECH CEMENT LIMITED (A UNIT OF RAJASHREE CEMENT): Ultra Tech Cement Limited (A Unit Rajashree of cement Ltd.) is located at Adityanagar,Malkhed in the Gulbarga District of Karnataka State. The plant has three units manufacturingclinker and PPC/OPC Cement of 43 & 53 grades as per standards, published by Bureau ofIndian Standards. The first Unit was commissioned in the year 1984, the second one in 1990and the third unit in 1995, with a total installed capacity of 3.0 million Tons per annum(MTPA). The production capacity has been enhanced to 4.2 MTPA as of now. The cement is soldin the open market through a well established network.GLOBAL COLLEGE OF MANGENMENT & IT Page 11
  12. 12. ULTRA TECH CEMENT LIMITED (Unit: Rajashree cement works) Rajashree Cement has adopted dry process precalcination technology withsophisticated control instrumentation from internationally renowned firms like KHD HumboldtWedge AG of Germany for ensuring consistent quality of cement. The Company is committedto Total Quality using highly sophisticated state-of-art technology and has taken the lead in thecountry for Energy Conservation by installing High pressure Roller Presses for raw materialand cement grinding, 6 Stage Pre-heaters and Triplate cyclone. The organization has attachedutmost importance to the conservation of environment in and around its Industrial complex byinstalling highly efficient electrostatic precipitators and dust collectors.Following facilities are installed/available in the organization: i) Captive Power Plant of 58.2 MW capacity ii) Leased Limestone Mines iii) Limestone Crusher, Stacker and Reclaimer iv) Coal Mill with Crusher and Pulverization v) Raw Mill: Ball Mills with Roller Press vi) Raw Meal Silone vii) Pre-heaters viii) Kiln & Cooler ix) Clinker Stock Piles & Silo x) Cement Mill: Ball Mills with Roller Press xi) Cement Silos xii) Packing Machines (Rotary Packers) xiii) Bulk Cement Loading Silo xiv) Fly-ash storage SiloGLOBAL COLLEGE OF MANGENMENT & IT Page 12
  13. 13. ULTRA TECH CEMENT LIMITED (Unit: Rajashree cement works) xv) Mobile fire and foam tender xvi) Alarm System xvii) Well equipped hospital. The major raw-materials are Limestone, Coal, Gypsum, Literate, Bauxite and Fly-ash.The limestone is available in-house through leased mines (total lease area 1813 acres,Limestone reserve up to 60 meter depth 906 million Ton, Total Limestone crushed as on March2007 is 66 million Ton, Residual Limestone available 840 million Tons). The other materialsare purchased from nearby mines. The other suppliers are technology/spare parts supplierswho play a vital role in producing quality cement. The organization maintains a very cordialrelationship with them and they are regularly invited for seminars and for joint participationin improvement activities. The key quality requirements of customers are strength of cement and setting time.Other requirements have been as defined by BIS in its relevant standards. It may be noted thatthe organization is consistently supplying the cement of higher strength compared to strengthmentioned in BIS standards. As a result, the brand enjoys the premium status in themarket. In order to meet the growing customer demands in western and southern regions ofIndia, following facilities have been established:  Cement split Grinding unit at Hotgi (near Sholapur, Maharashtra) in 1995 with 3500 TPD grinding capacity.  Bulk Loading Terminal at Doddaballapur (near Bangalore, Karnataka) in 1999 with 180 TPH packing capacity.  Ready Mix Concrete plants at Hyderabad, Bangalore & Goa in 1999-2000 with 30 M3/Hr. capacities.GLOBAL COLLEGE OF MANGENMENT & IT Page 13
  14. 14. ULTRA TECH CEMENT LIMITED (Unit: Rajashree cement works) Regular monitoring for ambient air, work zone, noise and water discharge is being doneto monitor air, water and noise pollution level. The company has procured adequate number ofequipment to do the required monitoring all over the plant. Proactive measures are also being taken to avoid/control incidents/accidents in the plantin a structural manner. For this detailed environmental impact and health & safety risk analysishave been done. Regular health checkup of all employees is also being done to identify anyadverse impact on the health. To improve awareness regular training sessions are beingorganized for employees both at HRD & their workplace. For better coordination and control between the departments and for optimizing the costof manufacturing, the unit has implemented SAP R/3 ERP Package. This covers modules of PPPI,PM, QM, MM, FI, CO & HR. Internal communication is done mostly by e-mails and CUGmobiles. V-SAT is also been installed to make a link with sister-units and Marketing for fasterand reliable communication. Internet facility is also been provided to all Dept. Heads & keypersonnel for enhancing the knowledge about external business environment. At Group level World Class Manufacturing (WCM) Concept has been adopted to improveEmployee Participation in small groups to Excel the Manufacturing and improve OverallEquipment Effectiveness by eliminating Losses. The efforts and innovativeness of individualsand teams are recognized through Motivational Schemes like Good Work Award, EmployeeSuggestion Scheme, WCM Team Awards, Communication Awards and Safety Awards etc. As part of Community Development, Rajashree Cement started Kagina Jana Seva Trust(KJST) with an objective to improve literacy, health and economic standard of theGLOBAL COLLEGE OF MANGENMENT & IT Page 14
  15. 15. ULTRA TECH CEMENT LIMITED (Unit: Rajashree cement works)surrounding community. KJST organizes various programmes like Adult Education,Entrepreneurship Development, Agricultural Development, Medical and Health Care Campsetc for over all development in partnership with the Government and villagers.Site Description: Rajashree Cement is spread over 1200 acres area, located 7 kms. From historic villageMalkhed in Northern Karnataka. Malkhed area was devoid of any Wildlife, Forest land, grazingland and Human habitats prior to Rajashree Cement. The climate of this area is of typicalpeninsular India. It has low rain fall and exhibits wide temperature variation, experiencessevere summer and moderate winter. The Soil is Saline (PH value 8.5). There is no SensitiveNatural Habitat around it.Bankers of the Company: 1. Canara Bank, Aditya Nagar 2. State Bank Of Hyderabad, Malkhed 3. HDFC Bank, GulbargaSome of the awards won by the units  Golden Peacock National Quality Award for making best quality cement for the year 2010.  National Award for Quality Excellence in the Indian Cement Industry by the National Council for Cement and Building Material for the year 2001.  IMC Ramakrishna Bajaj National Quality Award (Certificate of Merit) in 1999.  Jamnalal Bajaj Uchit Vyavahar Puraskar for Fair Business Practices in 1995.  Rajeev Gandhi National Quality Award in 1993. 3.1 main objectivesGLOBAL COLLEGE OF MANGENMENT & IT Page 15
  16. 16. ULTRA TECH CEMENT LIMITED (Unit: Rajashree cement works) Ultra Tech Cement (A unit of Rajashree cement Ltd.) has commissioned SGS to perform the validation of the project: “GHG emission reduction by energy efficiency improvement of clinker cooler in cement manufacturing at Rajashree cement at District Gulbarga, Karnataka India” with regard to the relevant requirements for CDM project activities. The purpose of a validation is to have an independent third party assess the project design. In particular, the projects baseline, the monitoring plan (MP) and the project’s compliance with relevant UNFCCC and host country criteria are validated in order to confirm that the project design as documented is sound and reasonable and meets the stated requirements and identified criteria. Validation is seen as necessary to provide assurance to stakeholders of the quality of the project and its intended generation of Certified Emission Reduction (CER). UNFCCC criteria refer to the Kyoto Protocol criteria and the CDM rules and modalities and related decisions by the COP/MOP and the CDM Executive Board. 3.2 Vision Our vision is to be a market leader in cement business and recognized as the bench mark for:  CUSTOMERISATION  QUALITY CONSISTENCY  PRODUCT RANGE  COST COMPETIVENESS  EMPLOYEE EMPOWERMENTTo be a premium global conglomerate with a clear focus on each business.3.3 MISSION To deliver superior value to our customer, shareholder, employees and society to large.GLOBAL COLLEGE OF MANGENMENT & IT Page 16
  17. 17. ULTRA TECH CEMENT LIMITED (Unit: Rajashree cement works)3.4 Important milestones 1983- Awarpur cement works plant I. 1987 Awarpur cement works plant II 1993. Jharsuguda grinding unit. 1994-Hirmi cement works 1996-Gujarat cement works plant I. 1998- Andhra Pradesh cement works-Gujarat cement works plant II. 1999- Narmada cement company Ltd acquired- Ratnagiri cement works 2000 Bulk cement terminals at Mangalore, Navi Mumbai and Colombo. 2001- Grasim acquires 10 percent stake in L&T. Subsequently increases stake to 15.3 percent by October 2002- Durgapur grinding unit. 2002- Grasim increases its stake in L&T to 14.15 percent- Arakkonam grinding unit- The Grasim Board approves an open offer for purchase of up to 20 percent of the equity shares of Larsen & Toubro Ltd (L&T), in accordance with the provisions and guidelines issued by the securities & Exchange Board of India(SEBI) Regulations,1997. 2003- The board of Larsen & Toubro Ltd (L&T) decides to demerge its cement business into separate cement company (CemCo). Grasim decides to acquire an 8.5 percent equity stake from L&T and then make an open offer for 30 percent of the equity of CemCo, to acquire management control of the company. 2004- Completion of the implementation process to demerge the cement business of L&T and completion of open offer by Grasim, with the latter acquiringGLOBAL COLLEGE OF MANGENMENT & IT Page 17
  18. 18. ULTRA TECH CEMENT LIMITED (Unit: Rajashree cement works) controlling stake in the newly formed company Ultra Tech. 2006-Narmada cement company Ltd amalgamated with Ultra Tech pursuant to a Scheme of Amalgamation being approved by Board.3.5 Branches/SubunitsGrinding unit at HotgiBulk terminals (BSBT Doddaballapur)Mangalore bulk terminalsPune terminals3.6 Certifications 1) ISO 14001: 2004 – Environmental management system standard 2) ISO 27001: 2005 – Information security management system standard 3) ISO 9001:2008 – Quality management system standard 4) OHSAS 18001: 2001 – Occupational health & safety management system standard 5) SA 8000:2008 – Social accountability standardGLOBAL COLLEGE OF MANGENMENT & IT Page 18
  21. 21. ULTRA TECH CEMENT LIMITED (Unit: Rajashree cement works) Cement Manufacturing – Process Chart Pre Heater Preheate d Limestone Silo Crusher Crusher Raw Mill Stack L/s Hopper Stacker & Reclaime rReclaimer Kiln Cement Silo Cement Mill CoolerAuto Packer Cement Section Packer Mill Clinker stockpile Clinker Cement Silo Stock Pile GLOBAL COLLEGE OF MANGENMENT & IT Page 21
  22. 22. ULTRA TECH CEMENT LIMITED (Unit: Rajashree cement works) HRD STRUCTURE HRDHR DEPARTMENT ER DEPARTMENT SECURITY &(HOD) (HOD) ADMINISTRATION Time office Recruitment Security Establishment Hospitality Estate Training & Contract Corporate Developme Labor Social nt Section Responsibility (KJST) GLOBAL COLLEGE OF MANGENMENT & IT Page 22
  23. 23. ULTRA TECH CEMENT LIMITED (Unit: Rajashree cement works)Human Resource DepartmentHR VISION: “The Aditya Birla Group to be known as a people sensitive achievement focused anddevelopment oriented organization and the HR function as the most business friendly servicefunction”. “Attracting and nurturing talent has become the single dominant force in business.Business must nourish customers and shareholders, but they must also embrace an asset thatcan easily walk out the door. Every organization has to create a sense of ownership among people who will notbe owned business can ignore this new paradigm of ‘people power’, but only at its peril”.The HRD of Rajashree cement works follows SA 8000.Aims of SA 8000:  Promotes continuous improvement of works place condition.  Encourages buyers to work with suppliers to implement SA policy  Increased awareness in management employee and suppliers.  Concepts of remedial for improvement.  Stable global business environment.SA 8000 tells about the work place condition improvement through: 1) Child labor 2) Force labor 3) Health and Safety 4) Freedom of Association and collective bargaining 5) DiscriminationGLOBAL COLLEGE OF MANGENMENT & IT Page 23
  24. 24. ULTRA TECH CEMENT LIMITED (Unit: Rajashree cement works) 6) Disciplinary practices 7) Working hours 8) Remuneration 9) Management 10) Significant improvement working condition which leads to- improve staff moral, fewer Accidents, better reputation, etc. 11) Falling in the rate of absenteeism, etc. 12) Increase commitmentRECURITMENT:Definition: “A process to discover the sources of manpower to meet the requirement of the staffingschedule and to employ effective measure for attracting that manpower inadequate number tofacilitate effective selection of an efficient workforce”. “The process of searching for prospective employees and stimulating them to applyFor jobs in the organization”Objectives:1) To attract people with multi-dimension skills and experiences.2) To induct outsiders with a new perspective to lead the company.3) To develop an organization culture that attracts competent people4) To search talent globally and not just within the company.5) To anticipate and find people for position that does not exist yet.GLOBAL COLLEGE OF MANGENMENT & IT Page 24
  25. 25. ULTRA TECH CEMENT LIMITED (Unit: Rajashree cement works)Factors Affecting Recruitment:Internal Factors: External Factors:Employeer’s Brand Socio-economic FactorsCompany’s Pay Package Supply and Demand FactorsQuality Of Work Life Employment RateOrganizational Culture Labour Market ConditionCareer Planning and Growth Political, Legal and FactorsGovernmental Company’s size Information System likeCompany’s Product/ service Employment Exchange/ Tele- recruitment like Internet.Company’s Growth RateRole of Trade UnionCompany’s Name and FameCost of RecruitmentSources of Recruitment: The sources of recruitment are broadly classified into two, they are: 1. Traditional Sources 2. Modern Sources 1. Traditional sources: The traditional sources of recruitment are broadly divided into internal and external sources . Internal sources are sources within the organization pursuits. External sources are sources outside organizational pursuits. a) Internal Sources: The internal sources of the organization include:  Present permanent employees.GLOBAL COLLEGE OF MANGENMENT & IT Page 25
  26. 26. ULTRA TECH CEMENT LIMITED (Unit: Rajashree cement works)  Present temporary employees.  Retrenched or retired employees.  Dependents of deceased, disabled and present employees. b) External Sources: The external sources of the organization include:  Campus recruitment  Private employment agencies  Public employment exchanges  Data banks  Casual applicants 2. Modern Sources: The modern sources are broadly divided into internal sources and external sources. The internal sources include employee referrals and external sources include walk-in, consult in, head hunting and outsourcing.ESTABLISHMENT: A) Joining Formalities:  Cross checking of certificates  Filling of joining forms  Issue of documents  Welcome message  Appointment letter  Residential certificateGLOBAL COLLEGE OF MANGENMENT & IT Page 26
  27. 27. ULTRA TECH CEMENT LIMITED (Unit: Rajashree cement works) B) Separation Formalities:  Resignation letter  Resignation acceptance letter  No dues form  Exit interviews (Management Cadre Employees only)  Full and final settlement  Relieving letter C) Leave Details: All the leave should be sanctioned by HOD. Basically leave are of three types, 1) Casual Leave: Total casual leaves are 8 leaves per year as per the calendar year. The staff can take minimum of half day leave and maximum of 3days leave. 2) Sick Leave: Total sick leaves are 12 leaves per year as per the calendar year. The staff can take minimum of 1day leave and maximum of 3days leave, if above 3days the staff has to provide medical certificate. 3) Privilege Leave: This leave is also called as earned leave or paid leave. The period of leave is 30days as per calendar year, it is the long leave, minimum is 4days. D) Attendance(only staff):  Punch report checking  OD  C-off (Compensatory off)GLOBAL COLLEGE OF MANGENMENT & IT Page 27
  28. 28. ULTRA TECH CEMENT LIMITED (Unit: Rajashree cement works)  Final attendance uploading  Earning and deduction Final attendance will be uploaded in the system and as per that deduction for the monthly salary will be done. E) MIS( Management Information System): In this the information is given to the management and customers, on the basis of - Monthly - Quarterly - Half yearly - YearlyGLOBAL COLLEGE OF MANGENMENT & IT Page 28
  29. 29. ULTRA TECH CEMENT LIMITED (Unit: Rajashree cement works) F) Performance Appraisal: Goal setting Mid-year Review Final Appraisal Summarizing the data Unit Head approval Final recommendation to CorporateProcedure of Performance appraisal: 1) Goal setting is based on the job description of the employee and set a KRA(Key Result Area) for the employee. 2) Mid-year Review: After 6months of the goal setting the performance by the Employee will be reviewed.GLOBAL COLLEGE OF MANGENMENT & IT Page 29
  30. 30. ULTRA TECH CEMENT LIMITED (Unit: Rajashree cement works) 3) Final Appraisal: It is done at the end of the financial year. - Self appraisal - Appraised by immediate boss 4) Summarizing the data of the employee. 5) Approved by unit head. 6) Recommendation to corporate: Finally the head office will decide the increment or promotion of the employee. G) Insurance benefits:  Mediclaim (Health insurance)  GPA (Group Personal Accident)  Nishchint (Death insurance) only for managementInsurance amount minimum 10 lacs and maximum 1 croreTRAINING & DEVELOPMENT: Objective:  To update the knowledge and skill of each and every employee based on latest technology.  Competency development of employees at all levels.  Training effectiveness to be sustained to 90%.  Impart more behavioral program for cohesive work culture.Training is of three forms:1) Functional Need: This training is related to the employee work.2) Development Need: Training like ppt skills and communication is given to the employees.3) Organization Need: This training is as per the needs of the organization like safety needs,GLOBAL COLLEGE OF MANGENMENT & IT Page 30
  31. 31. ULTRA TECH CEMENT LIMITED (Unit: Rajashree cement works)policy of the organization, quality needs, etc. For the new employees, induction program will be given , i.e. the candidateWill visit every department. The main objective of the induction program is to make thewith each department of organization.Process of Training & Development at Rajashree Cement: Major Training Activities Identification of Training Needs Training, planning, budgeting Training Effectiveness Measurement & Monitoring Training Survey & Feedback Training & Development is usually undertaken after performance appraisal.Based on ratings and after scrutinizing their performance, training is given as per individualneeds. The employees will identify the area where they are lacking, depending on that theywrite and give it to Section Heads of Training & Development Department. It’s theresponsibility of Section Heads to identify the requirements of employees and compile andgive them Training. The Section Heads will prepare a Training Calendar for the whole year; theGLOBAL COLLEGE OF MANGENMENT & IT Page 31
  32. 32. ULTRA TECH CEMENT LIMITED (Unit: Rajashree cement works)calendar goes to the various departments to take the approvals. After communicating withrespective department the training sessions are fixed and training is given to employees. Usually the company organizes internal faculties for training, if they areorganizing external faculties, the Functional Head HR has to take permission of Presidentafter approving it then it will be communicated to GM’s, SH’s and Officers.TIME OFFICE: Joining information/Leave system 1) Factory Timing: General Shift : 8.00am to 5.00pm ‘A’ Shift : 6.00am to 2.00pm ‘B’ Shift : 2.00pm to 10.00pm ‘C’ Shift : 10.00pm to 6.00am Lunch Break : 12.30pm to 1.30pm (General shift employees only) 2) Attendance Procedure: Employees should report for his duty on time as per the shift schedule. If any employee reports for his duty ten minutes late, for every three such late coming ½ (half) leave will be deducted towards discipline the employee. 3) Leave rules: All confirmed employees are eligible for leave, after completing 6 months of Continuous service as detailed below.GLOBAL COLLEGE OF MANGENMENT & IT Page 32
  33. 33. ULTRA TECH CEMENT LIMITED (Unit: Rajashree cement works) Entitlement In a calendar Year A) Privilege leave (PL) 30 days B) Casual leave (CL) 08 days C) Sick leave (SL) 12 daysTrainees are eligible for 15 days leave in a calendar year. HOSPITALITY: This department looks after all the departments for the requirements, house-keepingand for procurement of guest house. The hospitality department looks after, 1. Administration of vehicles (Transport facilities): The company provides transport facilities to employees/ colony residence fromthe campus to Gulbarga twice a day and vice-versa for the benefit of employees n theirfamilies. The company has 5 VIP vehicles, 4 buses, 2 ambulance (with and without ac) and 3taxies for internal usage 2. Guest-House Management: The company has 3 guest houses  Satkar ( VIP guest house)  Sawgat ( Bachelor hostel)  Sanman (Assistant manager, deputy manager and senior contractor) The company is coming with 2 new guest house only for accommodation one is VIPguest house and other is Bachelor hostel, in Bachelor hostel the company is providingIn-door games.GLOBAL COLLEGE OF MANGENMENT & IT Page 33
  34. 34. ULTRA TECH CEMENT LIMITED (Unit: Rajashree cement works) 3. Event management : This department organizes organizational parties, department parties, family parties.This department also organizes ANAND MELA for ladies.The important activity of this department is to accommodate 800-1000 workers during shutdown i.e. twice in a year.All the RTO formalities will taken care by the hospitality department.SECURITY DEPARTMENT: It keeps close vigil on activities inside the factory campus and ensures fullProtection to the employees and company related properties from theft/pilferage. It helps inDay to day administration for the smooth running of the factory. To facilitate effectiveFunctioning, the department possesses mobile phones, jeeps, motor cycles, fire tenders andOther various fire extinguisher apparatus in each department of the plant to provide timelyProtection.ESTATE DEPARTMENT: It’s a major activity includes regular cleaning and maintenance of theHousing colony/colony quarters, proper sanitation in the plant premises, maintenance ofElectrical gadget in various line/service department and housing colony carries out painting/Colour washing work in colony housing premises as and when required. Company is providing certain amount of free unit electricity to the employeesdepending upon their grades. Over and above will be charged at reasonable rate. Company is supplying Free water to the residents.920 qutrs. provided for theemployees depending upon their grade. A nominal charges will be collected from theGLOBAL COLLEGE OF MANGENMENT & IT Page 34
  35. 35. ULTRA TECH CEMENT LIMITED (Unit: Rajashree cement works)employees towards the rent. Furniture will be provided to all employees depending upon theirgrade.Grades of houses: 1. President Bungalow 2. Rashtra koothas (Joint President, senior vice President) 3. Vasant Vihar (VP, AVP and the GM) 4. Nruptuga (GM, DGM, Sr.MGR and DOCTORS) 5. Amoghvarsha (Sr.MGR, MANAGERS) 6. Harshavardhana/ Basaveshwara (Dy MGR, Asst. MGR, Sr.Officer) 7. Ashok Vihar (Officer/Engineers/Staff) 8. Vivek Vihar (Staff) 9. Modified Tubular 10. SRT 11. Contractors TerrimentsCORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY (KAGINA JAN SEVA TRUST): Our community initiatives & Rural Development projects are carried out through Kagina Jan Seva Trust, under the aegis of ‘The Aditya Birla Centre for Community Initiatives & Rural Development’, the apex body, responsible for development projects. The Center is spearhead by Smt.Rajashreeji Birla as Chairperson and is anchored by theGroup’s Corporate Communications Division, supported by the various company CSR Heads a250 strong field force. We believe in the trusteeship concept of management. From this stemsour social involvement, far and beyond the business.GLOBAL COLLEGE OF MANGENMENT & IT Page 35
  36. 36. ULTRA TECH CEMENT LIMITED (Unit: Rajashree cement works) Our projects monitor the moral conscience of the Group. They reflect our values; our community work is a way of telling the people among whom we operate that we care for you. In the context of Social Responsibility, it entails ploughing part of the profits into programmes which result in the larger good of the society. Corporate Social Responsibility has got as much importance as business projects; therefore group’s social vision forms an integral part of our Business Vision.OUR SOCIAL VISION: “To actively contribute to the social and economic development of the communities inwhich we operate and beyond, in so doing build a better and sustainable way of life for theweaker sections of the society and raise the country’s Human Development Index.”Our Objective: “To assess the required needs of the community and to initiate the process of developmentalactivities through community participation and contribute towards sustainable development ofthe community”.Projects Recognition: All our projects emanate from a real assessment of the needs of our community. Allprojects are planned in a participatory manner in consultation with the local community,discussing with them and gauging their basic needs through participatory rural appraisal.Based on the consensus and discussion with the Village Panchayats we prioritize them. Herethe project is born. The implementation is the responsibility of the community and our team. Monitoring entails a physical verification of the progress, the actual output of theproject. Follow up meetings are held to elicit feedback on the benefits of our communityGLOBAL COLLEGE OF MANGENMENT & IT Page 36
  37. 37. ULTRA TECH CEMENT LIMITED (Unit: Rajashree cement works)development programmes and the area of our improvement. Once the project becomessustainable by the beneficiaries over a long period, we withdraw ourselves from the project. Inthis way, we build a culture of self reliance among the villagers We at Rajashree Cement, continue to be committed to the development of thecommunities that live in proximity to our plant. Our endeavor has always been to come to theaid of the needy in a proactive manner, by which our Group coordinates with the Banks, Govt,NGO’s & Local Institutions to mobilize the resources for the needy. The Major Key intervention area’s are:  EDUCATION & CAPACITY BUILDING  HEALTH AND FAMILY WELFARE  SUSTAINABLE LIVELIHOOD & AGRICULTURE DEVELOPMENT  INFRASTRUCTURE DEVELOPMENT  SOCIAL CAUSES In line with the foregoing objectives, following activities were undertaken during the year 2010-11 in the respective 10 villages covering 31,858 populations.GLOBAL COLLEGE OF MANGENMENT & IT Page 37
  38. 38. ULTRA TECH CEMENT LIMITED (Unit: Rajashree cement works)5. SWOT ANALYSIS of the companySWOT ANALYSIS: The SWOT analysis provides information that is helpful in matching the firm’sresources and capabilities to the competitive environment in which it operates as such, it isinstrumental in strategy formulation and selection and it also provides a scan of the internaland external environment of the strategic planning process. Environmental factors internal to the firm usually can be classified as strength orweakness and those external to the firm can be classified as opportunities or threats such ananalysis of strategic environment is referred to as SWOT Analysis.STRENGTHS: 1. Dynamic and round leadership support by highly qualified, cultivated, committed and charged team of officers and staff with full of professional approach and industrials work force 2. Use of state of the art equipments and technology certified with ISO 9001: for quality systems and ISO 14001 for environment management system. 3. Coal based captive power plant of capacity 58.2 MW by product of which (Fly Ash) can be used as raw materials in cement manufacturing. 4. Facilitated with good logistics facility, well connected by Road and railway for early transport of product to different locations in the country. 5. Ranks first in the country for the introduction of 53 grade Birla Super cement (up market product) which helped in saving upto 10% in steel and upto 20% in cement consumption (in civil construction in the country)GLOBAL COLLEGE OF MANGENMENT & IT Page 38
  39. 39. ULTRA TECH CEMENT LIMITED (Unit: Rajashree cement works) 6. Rajashree cements limestone mine is one of the largest single location mines in india spread over all area of 1800 acres 7. Strong brand image and excellent marketing support and customer acceptance 8. Corporate Social Responsibility in the name of Kagina Jan Seva Trust to serve develops the nearby villages and society.WEAKNESSES: 1. Stimulating and retaining young talent is a challenging task due to tremendous opportunities in metros. 2. Difficulty to obtain skilled workers which in turn increases cost of training for imparting skills to workers 3. Complexity of operation. 4. Lengthy processing chain.OPPORTUNITIES: 1. Growth of core sector industries 2. Rapid integration with global economy. 3. Booming construction business in Asia. 4. Growing e-commerce’s business. 5. Increasing urbanization.GLOBAL COLLEGE OF MANGENMENT & IT Page 39
  40. 40. ULTRA TECH CEMENT LIMITED (Unit: Rajashree cement works)THREATS:Increased transportation cost due to loading recreation and increasing fuel prices.Increasing coal prices and shortage of coal in the country (estimated to be over in Million tons)which is main material for producing current in the power plant of the cement companies. 1. The impact of foreign currency fluctuation and interest rates. 2. Increasing coal prices and shortage of coal in the country (estimated to be over in million tons) which is main material for producing current in the power plant of the cement companies. 3. The impact of foreign currency fluctuation and interest rates.GLOBAL COLLEGE OF MANGENMENT & IT Page 40
  41. 41. ULTRA TECH CEMENT LIMITED (Unit: Rajashree cement works)6. Major observations We found that the Safety rules in the Organization are strictly followed by the staff, Employees and even visitors. We found that In-time and Out-time of the employees is maintain properly by the Time – office department. We also found that the facilities provided by company such as Canteen, Medical, Loan & Advances, Welfare Facilities, Education and Transport etc. are good. We found that the Annual Medical Checkup provided to the employees and staff is Satisfactory. The company has provided Co-operative society in the colony, for easy availability of house hold needs. The organization has friendly working environment. Almost all the employees feel proud of the Rajashree cement. There is a Friendly and Motivating environment for the trainees in the organization.GLOBAL COLLEGE OF MANGENMENT & IT Page 41
  42. 42. ULTRA TECH CEMENT LIMITED (Unit: Rajashree cement works)7. Conclusion ADITYA BIRLA ULTRATECH CEMENT (UNIT: RAJASHREE CEMENT WORKS) is nongovernment organization located in Aditya nagar, Malkhed road, functioning form 1983. Thisorganization works for the manufacturing cement and other activities also. The employees whowork in this organization are all knowledgeable and skillful in their respective works. Theemployees of this organization treat their work has WORK IS WORSHIP. The surrounding environment of UltraTech Cement is full greenery and very clam towork as it is located away from city without pollution, noise and disturbance. This organization has helped many to lead their emotionally and financially successful.It helped the families which have migrated from villages who are living below poverty line andliving in slums by providing them employment opportunities.I believe that this organization is doing a very great job and the study which I have done in thisorganization will help them with respect to their work.GLOBAL COLLEGE OF MANGENMENT & IT Page 42
  43. 43. ULTRA TECH CEMENT LIMITED (Unit: Rajashree cement works)8. Bibliography    Journals  Under the guidance of staff people.GLOBAL COLLEGE OF MANGENMENT & IT Page 43