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Ad Blocking: A Consumer Right.


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Presented at the European Parliament, by Roi Carthy (, on behalf of Shine Technologies (

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Ad Blocking: A Consumer Right.

  1. 1. Shine Ad Blocking: A Consumer Right Roi Carthy | CMO, Shine | @roi Presented at the European Union Parliament by Invitation of Josef Weidenholzer, MEP
  2. 2. Shine On! Expertise: Cybersecurity & Whitehat Hacking. Founded: To Reinvent The Anti-Virus.
  3. 3. We Discovered Ad Tech Impacts A Lot More People Than Viruses.
  4. 4. Ad Tech is Abusive To the User Experience. To the Network.
  5. 5. At Shine We Believe That Consumers Have an Unalienable Right to Block Ads.
  6. 6. Ad Tech (Mostly) Doesn’t Agree Adware is Malware with a Legal Team.
  7. 7. Ad Tech is Abusive to the User Experience & Network Impact on Battery Life: Impact on Data: % Battery Time Mobile Ad Blocking Extends Battery Time By: +10% 5-Min Session With Ads With Mobile Ad Blocking 5MB 50KB Gaming App
  8. 8. Why is Desktop Ad Blocking Hockey-Sticking? The ‘Free Content for Ad-Support’ Deal Has Been Violated. Ad Tech is Unchecked. Consumers Don’t Have a Say. JUN 2009 JUN 2010 JUN 2011 JUN 2012 JUN 2013 JUN 2014 21M Jan 2010 30M Jan 2011 39M Jan 2012 54M Jan 2013 121M Jan 2014 144M Jun 2014 World
  9. 9. Factors That Are Propelling Ad Blocking Ads: Volume & Intrusive Behavior Distribution: Firefox & Chrome Demographics: Technology Embracing
  10. 10. Consumers Aren’t Blocking for the Sake of Blocking They’re Blocking How Ads Are Behaving. This Isn’t an Arbitrary Act. What Should Ad Tech Take Away From This?
  11. 11. If Ad Blocking on Desktop is Chapter 1... Ad Blocking on Mobile is Chapter 2.
  12. 12. Ad Blocking on Mobile is a Must Mobile Form-Factor = More Intrusive Ads: Ads: Much more disruptive to user-experience. Tracking: Much more personal.
  13. 13. Why Hasn’t Mobile Ad Blocking Exploded? Apple & Google: Tight OS Control. Tight App Distribution Control.
  14. 14. Carriers Enter the Game. Apple Enters the Game. Game Changers
  15. 15. Even Google is Second Guessing Google CEO, Larry Page: “Part of it is the industry needs to do better at producing ads that are less annoying and that are quicker to load, and all those things. And I think we need to do a better job of that as an industry.”
  16. 16. Brand Innovation: Consumer Champion Strategies Uniquely Positioned: Can Roll-Out Ad Blocking at Scale Why Carriers?
  17. 17. Roi Carthy | CMO, Shine | @roi Shine Thank You.