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How to make your domain name server


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How to make your domain name server

  1. 1. How To Make Your Private Name ServerGo To WHM Panel
  2. 2. Your User Name And Password Type after Log in NowSelect Server Configuration
  3. 3. Select Basic Cpanel & WHM Panel Setup
  4. 4. Nameserver1 : ns1.yourdomainname.comNameserver2 : ns2.yourdomainname.comGo to Domain Panel :-
  5. 5. Type Your Email Address (User Name) And Password after Login Now
  6. 6. Select List/ Search Order Under Manage Orders Drop Down
  7. 7. Select Domain Name Your choice
  8. 8. Select Child Name Server
  9. 9. Fill DetailsHost Name IP Save Save Now
  10. 10. Click Manage Name Server :Add Your Name
  11. 11. ChecK Your Name Server Working / Not Working After 12 HoursHelp Line:Karni Maa