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Masai people


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Masai people

  1. 1. TheMasai People
  2. 2. The Masai People The Masai are a tribal group of people living along the border of Kenya and Tanzania. They are nomads, moving their homes from time to time. They do this to follow their cattle - the source of their livelihood. The Masai are continually trying to preserve their own ways in an increasingly modern world.
  3. 3. The Masai PeopleThe are nomadic herders of livestock. The livestock consistof sheep, goats, donkeys, and especially cattle.The Masai are especially known to be warriors. When theBritish tried to overtake and colonize Africa, the Masaifought back."Among the tribes of Africa,no tribe was consideredto have warriors morefearsome or intelligentthan the mighty Masai.“
  4. 4. The Masai PeopleThe Masai people are tall and have deep dark skin. Theylive the same way today as they have for many, manythousands of years. They are still hunter-gatherers. They camp in one place, and then move on. They know where and when wild plants are ready for harvest. Using sticks, the women dig melons, bulbs, roots, tubers, nuts, fruits, and leafy vegetables as they are in season.
  5. 5. The Masai PeopleThe Masai men hunt wild animals using spears and bows andarrows dipped in poison. The Masai depend on their cattle formany parts of their life. Their main diet consists heavily ofmeat and milk. They drink cows milk and blood as a sacreddrink .They use the cows dung to cover and seal their homes.They dont slaughter their cattle forfood; but if a cow is killed, then thehorns are used for containers, thehides are used to make shoes,clothing, ropes, and bedcoverings; and the hooves andbones are made into ornmanets.
  6. 6. The Masai People Masai men are classed by age into three categories: boys, warriors, and elders. They are not authorized to make decisions for the tribe until they are senior elders. Masai men between the ages of 14 and 30 are known as morans and live in isolation, learning tribal customs and traits to become a Masai warrior. The more cattle a man owns, the richer he is considered to be. A man who owns 50 or fewer cattle is considered poor. "Rich" men have a thousand or more.
  7. 7. The Masai People The cattle, though owned by the men, are considered to belong to the mans entire family. The family names the cattle and can recognize each animals distinct voice!!
  8. 8. The Masai PeopleMasai women raise the children, build the houses, andtend to crops.They also make necklaces, dresses, and headdressesout of beads.Women and children keep their heads shaved.Women can also become elders, once theyH ave given birth to four healthy children.All Masai wear large hoops in their pierced ears.They speak a language called Maa
  9. 9. The Masai PeopleAnd that is the story of theMasai people.