Wikification of Organizational Content


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Why should you wikify organizational content

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Wikification of Organizational Content

  1. 1. Wikification of Organizational ContentWeb 2.0 is about Collaboration
  2. 2. Why use Wikis?• Facilitates collaborative working• Fast and real-time working• Allows use of Multimedia (images, audio and video)• Allows users to rate and comment on the content (thusprovides faster end user feedback)• Ability to change part of the content (provided they areadded as child pages of the main content) withoutdisturbing all of the content as a whole (like in case ofdocuments)• One true version of content available rather thanexistence of different versions of it with differentstakeholders
  3. 3. Why do I have a problem withDocuments?AuthorReviewer 1Reviewer 2Document 0.1sent for reviewDocument 0.2sent toReviewer 2 withchanges fromReviewer 1Document 0.xsent to theauthor forchangesIn case there aren’t any morereviewers!Author changes andresends for a re-review and it mayundergo numerousiterations beforegetting published
  4. 4. Now working with WikisAuthor 1Author 2Author 3Reviewer 1Reviewer 2Reviewer 3Multiple authors can build a singlepiece of content. Author 1 can addthe parent page and the rest canadd child pages. Reviewers can editcontent in real time
  5. 5. Risks of working with Wikis• Learning to work on wikis may take some timefor technology averse users• Unauthorized modification to content has tobe regulated through user access• Users need to collaborate on the structure ofthe parent and subsequent child pages for aneffective wiki
  6. 6. So what can I add as wikis?• Policy• Processes• Minutes of Meeting• Manual• Guideline• Lessons Learnt• Best Practiceand much more
  7. 7. To know more about wikification oforganizational content, mail me –malhotrashilpa@hotmail.comThank You