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Strawberry quartz

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Strawberry quartz

  1. 1. ~ Strawberry Quartz ~ Strawberry Quartz is a rare strawberry colored quartz crystal. It was used inAtlantis and Lemuria in healing ceremonies and to stimulate recall of the beginning. It was held by the high council, those beingthe most spiritually developed of the realm. It stimulates astral body and the psychicsystem intrinsic in all. It provides for travel to the center of the universe of life.Strawberry Quartz connects with the center of the universe of life brings one information concerning the creation of the planetary forms, the reason behind it all,and guidance with respect to enjoying each moment, as well as aiding the pathway tothe source of knowledge which can provide the relevant data concerning the reasons one has chosen the reality which ispredominant in ones life. Strawberry Quartz stimulates the energy center of the heart.Provides a sensation of love and emotional strength. Calming and refreshing. Vibrates to the number 1. Sold per stone.