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shilo graca Skills


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shilo graca Skills

  1. 1. shilo graca Skills Learner Details INTERNATIONAL EXECUTIVE PRESIDENT SECRUITY SPECIALIST Email: ALISON Certifications Certifications Introduction to Conflict Management and Negotiation Sustainable Business - Managing Finances, Human Resources and Accountability Introduction to Journalism Sales Management - Business Ethics and Sales Introduction to Sociology and Social Life Diploma in Hospitality Management Hospitality Management Studies - Hotel Operations Diploma in Risk Management Risk Management - Managing Life Cycle Risks Risk Management – Managing Property and Liability Risk Risk Management - Insuring Against Risk Introduction to Risk Management Modern Human Resource Management - Recruitment and Selection Process Applied Psychology - Understanding Models of Consumer Behavior Applied Psychology - Introduction to Consumer Behavior Business Communication - Developing Effective Business Presentation Skills Business Communication - Fundamentals of Business Writing Job Search Skills - Preparing Your Résumé and Cover Letter Introduction to Spanish IT Management - Building Information Systems IT Management - Software and Databases Junior Certificate Strand 1 - Higher Level - Probability and Statistics Understanding Data Analysis and Reports in Google Analytics Introduction to Corporate IT Strategy and Business Frameworks Foundation Diploma in Mathematics - Science, Technology and Engineering Diploma in Accounting - Advanced Controls and Transactions World History - World War 1 and Its Aftermath Understanding Risk and Reward in Finance Understanding Cryptography and Its Role in Digital Communications Financial Maths Introduction to Life Insurance and Retirement Savings Accounting - Control and Monitoring of Cash Introduction to Marketing Accounting – Merchandising Transactions Diploma in Business Process Management
  2. 2. Introduction to Behavioural Finance Business Intelligence and Knowledge Management Systems Mental Health Studies - Understanding Behaviour, Burnout and Depression Basic German Language Skills Diploma in Educational Psychology Nursing Studies - The Nurse as Team Leader and Teacher Working with Students with Special Educational Needs Aggregate Supply and Demand Fiscal and Monetary Policies Introduction to Gross Domestic Product Understanding the Greek Financial Debt Crisis Introduction to Computer Science Fundamentals of Storytelling in Education for Teachers and Trainers Employer - Employee Law Financial Funds Introduction to Contracts in Law How Commercial Banking Helps Technology Companies Introduction to Arabic Building an Online Business Trading in a Futures Market Inflation in Modern Economies Introduction to Simple and Compound Interest Introduction to Stocks and Short Selling Understanding Present Value Currency Exchange Why Risk is Necessary for Business Growth Introduction to Venture Capital Introduction to the Irish Language Creating Meaning for Employees Understanding Your Customers to Drive Sales Introduction to Banking Introduction to Copyright Law in America Introduction to Valuation and Investing Introduction to Managing Your Personal Finance Debts Diploma in EU Public Procurement Creating An Entrepreneur's Checklist for Success Succeeding as a Venture Capitalist How to get Angel Investors Supporting Your Business Fundraising for the Non-Profit Creating Business Start-Ups The Kawasaki Way Marketing Success for Your Business Characteristics of the Successful Entrepreneur Basic French Language Skills For Everyday Life Fundamentals of Business Law Systems Engineering Mental Health and Illness
  3. 3. Fundamentals of Google Android Development Personal Health and Fitness Fundamentals of Network Security Growth Strategies for Business Entrepreneurship - Creating the Business ACT Math Exam SAT Math Exam Diploma in Project Management Diploma in Business and Legal Studies Diploma in Legal Studies Diploma in Business Management & Entrepreneurship Diploma in Psychology How to Create Your First Website Psychology: Research Methods Biology and Behaviour in Psychology Psychology: Memory and Cognition Fundamentals of Human Resources Physical Education - Coaching Styles and Techniques Physical Education - Fitness Training Principles and Methods Legal Studies - The Adversary Trial System Legal Studies - Laws and the Judicial System Introduction to Information Technology Fundamentals of Economics Fundamentals of Accounting An Introduction to Managing Safety and Health in Schools Using GMAIL Basic Study Skills