Ethics in Social Media- Online workshop conducted by SMCPune


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SMCPune kickstarted Online workshop on 13th July with Pratik Gandhi from Digiwale as the presenter.During the workshop he covered below points-
--What's Social? What's Social Media? Get the difference
--Social Media and the Nuisance Value around it. - Brands and Cases
--Being Fake: How much is too much?!

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Ethics in Social Media- Online workshop conducted by SMCPune

  1. 1. Topic :Ethics in Social Media SMCPune OnlineWorkshop :13th July Pratik Gandhi The Founder Guy at Digiwale
  2. 2. Here, there, everywhere!
  3. 3. It’s harder than ever to fake it and it’s easier than ever to be yourself…..
  4. 4. Get the Difference
  5. 5. Social-ness of Social Media/ Ethics in Social Media
  6. 6. The Curious Case of…
  7. 7. Neither Social, nor they use Social Media! • Most Innovative Company in the World • Super Profit-making • World’s Largest Technology Company
  8. 8. Not everyone is like Apple, right?
  9. 9. Social Media and the NuisanceValue!
  10. 10. Recently famous – Lemp BrewPub case…
  11. 11. Just yesterday: Super Crisis Management
  12. 12. Being Fake: How much is too much?!
  13. 13. 1. Buying Likes and Followers Where the hell is engagement?! Oh yes ROI/Sales too? 2. Posting Fake reviews Hmmm, you have loads of time to do that, don’t you? 3. Sponsored Blogs ?! Be careful, do it the real way!
  14. 14. 1. Follow Guidelines Strictly – Government Policies, FB /Twitter/Google Guidelines, etc.. 2. Have a social media policy in place – internally and externally 3. Get the right tools / resources for your campaigns 4. Assess the content before posting Do right things! “Every person who posts on the wall (positive or negative) deserves a response”
  15. 15. Exactly what I’m talking about!!
  16. 16. “All hyperbole is totally useless” – Seth Godin
  17. 17. Key takeaways! We can change Technology, but it doesn’t change who we are as people Will Social Media miss you if you’re gone? Over sharing : Don’t spam people, tell them your stories!
  18. 18. …..Be transparent, be real, be you! It’s harder than ever to fake it and it’s easier than ever to be yourself…..
  19. 19. Thank you!  @prkworld
  20. 20. Useful Links Lemp Brewpub Case - Prasant Naidu - post-killed-the-lemp-brewpub-kitchen-on-social-media.html CM Ashok Gehlot Case – Prasant Naidu - minister-ashok-gehlot-is-buying-facebook-likes-so-whats-the-big-deal.html Seth Godin - useless.html AdTech Singapore - excellence-2/ Apple’s Social Cause - social-purpose/ Apple’s Social Media Presence - media/