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Product Management. Visioning, segmentation, and positioning


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Discover in this deck tools for visioning and segmentation and get some examples of how to use them.

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Product Management. Visioning, segmentation, and positioning

  1. 1. Jurgen Appelo @jurgenappelo Product Management Visioning, segmentation, and positioning Thursday 26 November 2020, 9:00 CET Update 3
  2. 2. At the end of this session, you will… You know tools for visioning and segmentation You have some example of using these tools
  3. 3. Products with a Purpose Outperform traditional products
  4. 4. Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG) Massive Transformative Purpose (MTP) Vision Mission Start with Why Moonshot 10x Goals
  5. 5. Happiness is experience, not stuff Photo by Uriel Soberanes on Unsplash You’re not in the business of making bytes or atoms. You’re creating endorphins, dopamine, oxytocin, and serotonin.
  6. 6. Visioning Job to be Done Product Management Update 3 Segmentation & positioning Wrapping up
  7. 7. The Product Vision describes the experience the product aims to achieve for customers and users. Photo by Clark Tibbs on Unsplash
  8. 8. Ikigai ikigai What you can be paid for What you are good at What the world needs What you love Make fun Make money Make progress Make a difference
  9. 9. What you love What pays you What the world needs What you’re good at
  10. 10. Vision Statement We believe (in) a [noun: world, time, state, etc.] where [persona] can [verb: do, make, offer, etc.], for/by/with [benefit/goal]. To [verb: empower, unlock, enable, create, etc.] [persona] to [benefit, goal, future state]. Our vision is to [verb: build, design, provide], the [goal, future state], to [verb: help, enable, make it easier to...] [persona]. For [group of users] that [need/want], [company/product] is a [category/solution] that uniquely solves this by [benefit].
  11. 11. “Our vision is to help learners enjoy the journey more than the destination.”
  12. 12. Product Vision Board “Our vision is to help learners enjoy the journey more than the destination.” Agile coaches, consultants and changemakers Get inspiration and ideas with good content Online learning programs with gamification Growth in memberships and certification
  13. 13. Product Pitch Template For [target customer] Who [statement of need or opportunity] [product name] is a [product category] That [key benefit, reason to buy] Unlike [primary competitive alternative] Our product [statement of primary differentiation]
  14. 14. Product Pitch Template For agile coaches, consultants and changemakers Who want to get inspiration and ideas with good content Shiftup is a set of online learning programs That offer free, open, collaborative learning experiences Unlike massive online course providers Our product is structured, gamified, and community-driven
  15. 15. Lean Canvas Problem Solution Unique Value Proposition Unfair Advantage Customer Segments Key Metrics Channels Cost Structure Revenue Streams
  16. 16. Business Model Canvas Key Partners Key Activities Value Propositions Customer Relationships Customer Segments Key Resources Channels Cost Structure Revenue Streams
  17. 17. Extended Product Vision Board
  18. 18. Visioning Job to be Done Product Management Update 3 Segmentation & positioning Wrapping up
  19. 19. Where can you make the greatest difference? Customer Interviews Importance How important is a certain benefit to someone? Satisfaction How satisfied are they with the current situation?
  20. 20. 1. We offer a program that helps you develop yourself and improve your employability in an unstable market, with qualification awards as evidence. (self-development) 2. We offer a curriculum that teaches you how the most interesting companies survive and thrive, and how to turn new ideas into successful businesses. (innovation) 3. We offer a structure with guidance on which articles to read, which videos to watch, which podcasts to listen to, which online meetups to attend, etc. (structure) 4. We offer a gamified environment, with points, bonuses, meetups, reminders, surprises, and exclusive opportunities, to keep you engaged and motivated. (motivation) 5. We offer a global community of peers so that can learn from each other, motivate each other, and hang out with each other, so that you're not alone. (community) 6. We offer a program that you can use from the comfort of your own home because the entire program can be completed online and remotely. (remote learning) 7. We enable you to promote your own ideas for organizational change, innovation, and agility in the form of articles, exercises, podcasts, videos, etc. (self-expression) Example (Benefits)
  21. 21. Most important Most satisfied 1. Innovation 2. Self-development 3. Community 4. Guidance 5. Self-expression 6. Remote learning 7. Motivation 1. Self-development 2. Self-expression 3. Remote learning 4. Innovation 5. Community 6. Guidance 7. Motivation Least important Least satisfied
  22. 22. “Offer better coffee and more comfortable seating for a time span of 20 minutes.” Jobs to be Done Photo by Lex Sirikiat on Unsplash
  23. 23. When [situation], I want [motivation] so that [outcome]. When I paid for a product, I want an invoice, so that I keep my bookkeeper busy. Job Story template Sometimes, a context is more relevant than a persona. A job story forces you to focus on the problem, but it does not suggest a solution!
  24. 24. When I read any article, watched any video, or attended any webinar, I want that to have a concrete result for me so that I feel I’m spending my time wisely. Job Story (examples) When I made good progress in my learning journey, I want to share the results with my friends so that I get compliments for all the work I have done.
  25. 25. Visioning Job to be Done Product Management Update 3 Segmentation & positioning Wrapping up
  26. 26. Needs & GoalsDemographics Description Tasks & Behaviors Pains & Problems Mark Male 34 years Amsterdam Higher education Likes specialty stores Wants to be seen as hip and trendy Loves coffee Commutes on a bike Drinks 5 coffees/day Takes detours for better coffee Most coffee is bad No coffee bars on the way to work No good places to sit Mark has around 20 minutes each time to sit, relax, and enjoy good coffee Lean Personas
  27. 27. Lean Personas (Example)
  28. 28. Jobs to be Done
  29. 29. (Traditional) Segmentation City Country Region Climate Urban/rural Age Gender Income Education Ethnicity Traits Values Interests Lifestyle Beliefs Habits Clicks Purchases Loyalty status Interactions
  30. 30. Segmentation around customer needs Photo by Afif Kusuma on Unsplash Customer needs vary by context. The trick is to define contexts with consistent needs.
  31. 31. Discover opportunities by discovering problem contexts.
  32. 32. Product Vision Lean Persona Job to be Done Value Proposition Canvas
  33. 33. Product Positioning Vision Segment Segment Segment Job to be Done Job to be Done Job to be Done Value Proposition Value Proposition Value Proposition Branding
  34. 34. Understand the customer’s alternatives for successful product partitioning and slicing. Competitive Analysis
  35. 35. Photo by Clark Van Der Beken on Unsplash Photo by Max Ostwalt on Unsplash “Red ocean” strategy “Blue ocean” strategy Compete in existing market space Beat the competition Exploit existing demand Make the value-cost trade-off Create in uncontested market space Make the competition irrelevant Create and capture new demand Break the value-cost trade-off
  36. 36. Visioning Job to be Done Product Management Update 3 Segmentation & positioning Wrapping up
  37. 37. the-product-vision-board-a-tool-for-creating-your-product-vision-694d130ed5eb Resources
  38. 38.