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Social media plan


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Preparing your business for Social Media

Published in: Business, Technology
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Social media plan

  1. 1. Preparing your business for Social Media@shiftthrive on twitter.
  2. 2.  Social media is all about consistency for the long haul.  I have seen many businesses do a month long burst and not see results and stop.  Social media is here to stay and you need to shift your marketing efforts to reflect that.  It is not about immediate results, its about slowly building your audience and spreading your business via word of mouth. @shiftthrive on twitter.
  3. 3. Define Your Business It all starts with defining what business you are in, and what the core purpose is of your business.  This purpose is the promise you are making to your customers. KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid). If you have a hard time defining your business your customers are going to have a hard time understanding what you do. Can you explain this concept to a elementary school class? @shiftthrive on twitter.
  4. 4. Listen!•Find out who is talkingabout what you do?•Find out who is talkingabout yourbusiness, yourcompetitors, yourpartners.•What does it all mean?
  5. 5. Goals withSocial MediaWhat goals can Social Mediahelp you with?In every category SocialMedia has been seen to bemore effective.Make your goals achievable.  Example: increase new members by 10%Define short term and longTerm goals.
  6. 6. Who is influencing your business Go over your goals and findings from listening. Figure out what communities are saying about you or should be. What are people and communities saying about your competitors. @shiftthrive on twitter.
  7. 7. What do your customers know about you? Customers want a face on business. They do business with you because they like you. What do they know about you? Do you talk with your customers? Even if you are new business you still have a small group of potential customers. It is not about quantity of people, but quality of interaction you have with your current customers. @shiftthrive on twitter.
  8. 8. Define your audience Who are we going after that can really help your business. @shiftthrive on twitter.
  9. 9. Be Meaningful!•The first thing I tellnew artists is you needto connect with youraudience.•Your customers areyour audience and theywill most likely buyfrom your business ifthey feel good aboutyou.•Would you buy aproduct from someonewho you don’t like?
  10. 10. Scheduling Content The most powerful time saving tool with social media is a content schedule. Make a schedule that is Manageable. Be careful not to lose the authenticity of your posts with too obvious of a schedule. @shiftthrive on twitter.
  11. 11. Now what tools to use? What tools do your customers use? What type of content is appealing to your customers? Spend your time with tools that can reach your biggest customer base first. Your website is the central hub of all your business and should contain all content. @shiftthrive on twitter.
  12. 12. Conversation The main reason for social media is talking with customers is having them talk about you. To help conversations grow be real when replying. Do not censor criticism! Decide how much time you can afford to spend listening, posting , and replying. @shiftthrive on twitter.
  13. 13. Results. Results. Results. Is your plan working? Give your plan one year to show results initially. Monitor.  Monitor your stats and adjust your plan to help your attain your goals Be aware of what is going on around you that can effect your results. @shiftthrive on twitter.
  14. 14. What is the best use of your time?Will your people get overloaded with additional tasks and allowyour business to fail elsewhere?People and time is money.Hiring Shift Thrive could be the most affordable way for yourbusiness to reach your goals. @shiftthrive on twitter.