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Shift Conference 2015 - Stan Schroder (Mashable)


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Stan Schroder, European editor of Mashable, came to Shift Conference 2015 in Split, Croatia, to talk about how to Get Out of the Startup Bubble.

See video of his presentation here:

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Shift Conference 2015 - Stan Schroder (Mashable)

  1. 1. { Stan Schroeder, European Editor
  2. 2.  The definition has changed  It’s become a lot more structured  Ultimately, it’s just a different way to turn your idea into reality Startups
  3. 3.  Product, traction, story – that’s what your audience want to know about  Your audience is not the media, your audience are the people who will buy your product, who will talk about your product, who will share and like it on social media Get out of the startup bubble
  4. 4.  Valuations, funding, number of employees, where you worked before, the size of your office Probably not the first things you should mention
  5. 5.  When’s the best time to pitch? When you can say something about what you’re building, not how you’re building it  Product launch, traction, buzz, important updates, story Reconsider your timing
  6. 6.  It goes both ways. If you didn’t get media coverage with your funding round, you might get coverage later on when you launch the product  Mash.Me Don’t get discouraged
  7. 7.  Loud Evolution  PingTank Create a story