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Sun Tzu for Rationalists

Interested in peace? It is possible you know - but not through hoping and praying. It takes expertise, hard work and time. Here's how the Chinese perfected the process 2300 years ago.

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Sun Tzu for Rationalists

  1. 1. These are troubling times. If you care about Planet Earth, about your life and the lives of others, then we need to start working in a proven, strategic way to generate collective, successful action. The Sun Tzu methodology laid the foundation for a government in 200 BCE that is still in place. It is the longest government institution in existence. And today, China is leading the world in a wide range of social, economic and technological fields. What can we learn from these experiences? The School of Sun Tzu: Winning Empires without War by David G. Jones B.A., M.A., Fellow of the University of King's College Awards: Designated a “Rising Star” and “Editor’s Choice” by iUniverse Price: $25.00 plus $10.00 Canada delivery; USA $15.00 delivery [If you can't afford my book, please ask your library to acquire it] ISBN 978-1-4697-6911-0 Contact author for international shipping costs. (paypal payment to, and enquiries to: My book is also available from Do you consider yourself a rationalist? If you do, why be a pessimist about the possibility for an end to war, and the emergence of global peace? Today, peace efforts are for the most part, "hopes and prayers." Well, how has that worked? 2300 years ago the country that would become China developed a methodology for ending a war that had gone on for 200 years. The country that was founded made war illegal.