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Web quest final


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Web quest final

  1. 1. Student Page [Teacher Page] “When am I ever going to use this?” A WebQuest for 9-12th Grade (Mathematics) Title Introduction Designed by Task Sheryl Powell Process Evaluation Conclusion 1* Credits Based on a template from The WebQuest Page
  2. 2. Student Page [Teacher Page] Introduction Title How many times as a student have you been sitting in math Introduction class and thought to yourself, ‘When am I ever going to use Task this?’ The teacher is spitting out facts and formulas at you Process and you cannot see how any of it will apply to you later in life. You may say that your future career has nothing to do Evaluation with math because you want to be a police officer, chef, Conclusion professional athlete, etc. In actuality no matter what your future career or life situation is you will have to use mathematics in your life. 2* DON’T PANIC! Credits
  3. 3. Student Page [Teacher Page] The Task Title In this WebQuest you will explore how mathematics Introduction are used in daily life outside of the classroom setting. Task Process Either individually or in groups of two you need to gather information about real life situations in which Evaluation math is used in some fashion. Conclusion 5* 3* 4* Then you or your group will share this information in an oral presentation to the class. Credits
  4. 4. Student Page [Teacher Page] The Process Title Either individually or with your partner, you need to gather information about how math is used in the real world. Check out these links: Introduction Task Math in Daily Life: Process Careers in Mathematics: Evaluation Conclusion Math Applications: Where You Will Use Math: You or your group will then present the information you gathered to the class in an oral presentation. Make sure you address: •Why is learning mathematics important? •What careers use mathematics? •How math can be used besides in one’s career? Basically, you need to tell your peers why learning mathematics is not a waste of their time in school and that is provides valuable tools for later in life. Credits
  5. 5. Student Page [Teacher Page] Evaluation Title Rubric Made Using: RubiStar ( ) Introduction Task Research Report : Math Relevance Webquest Process Teacher Name: Ms. Powell Evaluation Student Name: ________________________________________ Conclusion CATEGORY Excellent - 10 pts Satisfactory - 8 Needs Improvement - 6 Poor - 4 Score Amount of Information All topics are addressed All topics and are All topics are addressed, One or more topics were and all questions are addressed and all and most questions not addressed. answered very clearly with questions answered. answered but lack of clarity good support. or support. Internet Use Successfully uses suggested Usually able to use Occasionally able to use Needs assistance or internet links to find suggested internet links to suggested internet links to supervision to use information and navigates find information and find information and suggested internet links within these sites easily navigates within these sites navigates within these sites and/or to navigate within without assistance. easily without assistance. easily without assistance. these sites. Organization Information is very Information is organized Information is organized, The information appears to organized with well- with well-constructed but paragraphs are not be disorganized. 8) constructed paragraphs paragraphs. well-constructed. and subheadings. Quality of Information Information clearly relates Information clearly relates Information clearly relates Information has little or to the main topic. It to the main topic. It to the main topic. No nothing to do with the includes several supporting provides 1-2 supporting details and/or examples main topic. details and/or examples. details and/or examples. are given. Credits
  6. 6. Student Page [Teacher Page] Conclusion Title Introduction Hopefully, now you understand that having math in Task your life is important and vital to your future. Process Mathematics is used in many different areas and Evaluation Conclusion situations. You do not necessarily have to be a mathematician or math teacher to use math in your career as you probably discovered. Now when you are in math class do not roll your eyes when a new concept is introduced. Instead, think about how this concept can be used later in life based on what you have learned from this WebQuest. Credits
  7. 7. Student Page [Teacher Page] Credits & References Title Images: Introduction • • Task • Process • Evaluation • Conclusion Rubistar : Slideshare : Slideshare WebQuest : Springboard : : Core Standards: Credits
  8. 8. [Student Page]Teacher Page Curriculum Standards (Teacher) Title Introduction Learners Mathematics Standards Addressed: Standards Process •Model with mathematics •Use appropriate tools strategically Resources EvaluationTeacher Script Conclusion Credits