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Promotional Bags For Company Branding


Published on How to use custom promotional bags to improve your brand.

Published in: Business
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Promotional Bags For Company Branding

  1. 1. The Advantages Of Using Custom Bags To Improve Your Brand by:
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  3. 3. IntroductionA business, especially one with a specific product, mustcarefully consider the importance of branding as an activestrategy in their marketing campaign. If you have a product thatyou want people to remember, then you need to make itsomething that people will recognize.This presentation is designed to help you to find this successfulbranding strategy. We will look at several aspects of brandingincluding: Brand Vision, Brand Position, Brand Contract, andCommunicating Brand, as well as how to measure the successof your brand. These tools can be used to greatly improvecustomer recognition of your company.
  4. 4. Brand VisionWhen it comes to having a successful brand, the first thing youneed to know is where you want the brand to go and what youwant it to do for you. You need to set some goals for yourbrand and articulate clearly the definitions of success forcompletion of these goalsRelate your goals to brand value, revenue, and how much itcontributes to profit. How much do you expect your brand toimprove the sales of your product versus how much is it goingto cost you to create and promote your brand? This is animportant question to consider.
  5. 5. Branding Vision -- continued...For example, you could write up a plan for where you expectyour brand to go in the next five years. In what ways will thisbenefit your business and what costs will be involved? Wheredo you think your brand can go in that time, and where do youexpect it to not reach? Keep these questions in mind as youdraw up a plan for your brand.The more strongly you build your vision for your brand, themore likely you will be to see that vision become a reality,which is a great feeling for anybody involved in business andcreating products.
  6. 6. Brand PositionThree main components that any successful brand should havefor a strong positioning:– It defines your businesss target market.– It defines what kind of company you are, including the general type and area of business or industry of which you are a part.– It states how your product is beneficially different from the competition.Making sure your brand pays attention to these three maincomponents will help to ensure that your positioning gets goingon the right foot.
  7. 7. Brand Position -- continued...First, we see that we need to address our target market. Sowhat is this target market? In the case of our noveltylampshade company, it is people who need lampshades andlike novelty items. Its a somewhat narrow market, but surely itexists. (Some custom-made bags featuring the brand wouldprobably help to expand that market.)Second, the brand position should tell people what kind ofcompany this is. Well, it is in the novelty lampshade businessspecifically, and in the general lampshade industry overall.Beyond that, you want to make sure that people understandyou are a business that thrives on the quirky and has a senseof humor.
  8. 8. Brand Position -- continued...Third, most of all we know that we have an advantage in thegeneral lampshade industry when it comes to making productsthat no one else has. You can be confident, and let yourcustomers know, that you have the market absolutely corneredwhen it comes to lampshades with attached wire coat hangersbent in the shape of fruit bats. Thats practically a battle alreadywon.Now, before we move on, lets briefly look at five moreprinciples and components of brand positioning that can reallymake a difference in helping your brand to become amemorable one
  9. 9. Brand Position -- continued...• Your branding needs to fit. Whatever brand positioning you already have— you need to build off of that. Remember, consistency only makes your brand position stronger.• You need to focus on what has value. Your brand should be unique, it should be you, but it also needs to represent the values that your customers hold and maintain.• Once again, remember to be unique. Do something that no one else is doing. Go for it, feature fruit bat-shaped coat hangers in your logo.• Your brand position needs to hold some credibility. People need to know what to expect from your company. Your product and your brand should reflect their expectations.• Make sure that your brand position has sustainability. Watch the competition and make sure that your planned brand positioning will remain unique and noticeable for as long as possible.
  10. 10. Branding Position -- continued...With the components and ideas of brand positioning laid out inthis chapter, you should be able to successfully find a way tofind the right niche for your product and your company. Again, itshould be reflected in everything you offer your customers,even if at a given moment all you happen to be offering them isa custom-made bag with your brand on it.
  11. 11. Brand ContractSo you have created your brand, decided where you want to go with it,and have started to implement your plan. Now it is time to understandthe expectations that will go along with your brand, no matter what it is.You could call it a brand contract. This contract is something that ismeant for the internal workings of your company, just to keep track ofwhat you are doing and to know that it is consistent. Even so, thiscontract is no less important to your customers. In some ways, yourcustomers are the ones who dictate what the contract says.Your brand contract, which details the expectations of your brand, willonly be validated by the marketplace and by your customers.
  12. 12. Brand Contract -- continued...Your brand is going to change and develop over time. This is a goodthing. Likewise, it is good that your brand contract changes along withit. You have to be prepared to add new promises and expectations tothe contract, updated old promises that just dont fit anymore, andremove promises that are irrelevant and appropriately no longer have abearing anymore on what your company does.When it comes to removing promises, this could very well haveto do with the simple fact that your business is growing.Perhaps when the business was very small, customers couldexpect to contact the owners of the business at any time duringnormal hours. Now however, since business has grownconsiderably, you no are no longer able to make the ownersavailable to every customer all the time
  13. 13. Brand Contract -- continued...So a brand contract can be challenging, but it can also begood, strong, and extremely beneficial to you and yourcompany in building a successful brand. Sometimes noteverything goes smoothly, but thats okay because a contract isthere to regulate those bumpy occasions. It makes everyonefeel better and more confident about the relationship betweenthe business and the customer.Lets move on to a very brief look at how to make successfulbrand-based communications.
  14. 14. Brand CommnicationUse a strategy that integrates a variety of marketing campaignsto help increase the chances of a good monetary return on yourinvestments. If you put a lot into communicating your brand,then you also surely want to get a lot back from it. This issomething that should be studied carefully and make takesome solid research on your part to perfect for your business.This is why we are suggesting a product such as custom-madebags with your companys brand and logo on it to help spreadyour brand. It is in your interest to take advantage of everyopportunity you have to spread the word and message.
  15. 15. Measuring Brand SuccessDo people easily remember your brand name? If your brand is easily recognized, thenthis is a strong sign that you are finding success.How many customers has your brand acquired? Check regularly to see whether newcustomers are finding out about your business based on your brand.Research your financial value. What is the reported financial value of your brand in themarketplace?Does your brand fulfill the brand contract? Check often to make sure that your brandand your brand contract have matching promises and expectations.
  16. 16. Measuring Brand Success --continued...Pay attention to loyal customers. Are customers returning to your business becausethey really appreciate your brand?Check the price premium of your brand. Does your brand have an advantage per priceover private-label brands and key competitor brands?You can use these six metrics to more accurately test whether your brand is having anysuccess. Even if it is only really successful by a few of measurements, keep going andwork hard at what you are doing. Even minimal success means that you may be on tosomething.
  17. 17. Promotional Bags by Bag-LadiesThe Bag Ladies are here to help you with your branding andmarketing concerns. Whether it has to do with helping you tobuild your brand vision or just creating a product that is seen bya variety of people, and thus greatly improving andstrengthening your brand position, we are here to help you.Obviously, custom-made bags with your companys brand andslogan on it are not the only way to build your brand, but theyare one way.
  18. 18. Promotional Bags by Bag-LadiesThink of it like this: Not only are you helping to communicate your brand to customers, butyou are also giving them an item that helps to establish a strong brand contract thatfocuses on the positive aspects of your business. Our bags are durable and so likewiseyour customers will relate that durability and long-lasting nature with your brand. This isdefinitely something that is quite advantageous to your business and your brand.You can even use the bags as a sort of measurement to how well your brand is doing. Ifcustomers return to you and mention in passing how much they have appreciated the useof your bag, then you know that your brand already has a positive position in theirperception of who you are.
  19. 19. Promotional Bags by Bag-LadiesBut thats enough self-promotion on our part for now. Just besure to remember us, The Bag Ladies, whenever you having acustom branding need.We hope you found the information provided here to beinformative and helpful. If you have any comments questions,you can contact us through our website: .Thank you for watching this slideshow presentation