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Listly: A simple tool that helps build community on your blog


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Listly: A simple tool that helps build community on your blog

  1. 1. 6 Questions on Listly Nick Kellet - Co-Founder A Hangout with Sherry Nouraini of Captive Touch via G+ Link to Video, 5 October, 12
  2. 2. Six Questions to Answer What problem(s) does it solve? Why is it different from the other seemingly identical ones? Why is it different from the usual approach? Who else uses it in my industry and/or to solve my problem? What is it? Why would I buy it?, 5 October, 12
  3. 3. What problems does Listly solve? We all know Content is Critical... Yet we all struggle with the challenges of producing a stream of great content. Common Content Problems (or beliefs) We need more content every day We need to maintain high output level & high quality Few internal people have the talent to write well/regularly Our content lifecycle is very short More content feels like the only answer My content decays inutility over time and devalues by the day We are obessed with new and self-perptuate the need for new content, 5 October, 12
  4. 4. Why is Listly different from the other seemingly identical solutions? The “Content” problem.... What’s different about Listly? Content Creation / Curation Tools / Listly unifies these tools & approaches Publishing tools Curation, Crowd [sourcing/sorting/ Long list of tools ranking] , Collection Making A consistent way to capture feedback Crowdsourcing Tools Lots of tools and segments Listly is a unifies all forms of list content via a Smart Media Player List Sites Playlists for the web Ranker, Listal, TopTenz Listly focuses content lifecycle Collection Making Tools Elongating it Pinterest, Delicious, Amplifying it Customer Feedback Listly is as much about the Poll Daddy, Survey Monkey community as the tools/features. Lists exist everywhere Listly is about driving traffic and G+ , FB, Twitter, LI, Youtube, etc engagement inside your blog, 5 October, 12
  5. 5. Why is it different from the usual approach? The Traditional Short Cycle Listly Thinking We accept & expect this outcome Focus on utility So we create more content Involve people We perpetuate the myth SEO builds over time Views Views Time Time “Peak & Decay” “Launch & Ramp” content lifecycle content lifecycle, 5 October, 12
  6. 6. Who else uses it in my industry and/or to solve my problem? Lots of examples of Listly in Action Lists around Events Extending the value before, during and after events Lists around Content (Slides, Video, Audio, Images) play lists for the web List are also Fun Awesome way to snark and be funny It’s all about eliciting engagement, 5 October, 12
  7. 7. Lists Around Passions Hindi Songs List Cendrine Marrouat - Tools How to get 500 click/day Her Biggest Blog Post Ever evergreen-songs 10-websites-free-images-blog/ EBook Marketing Danny Iny 12 Most - Customer Service Go Naked - Ebook Hands down best customer feedback platform 21k view / 24 Embeds to-use-listly-for-customer-feedback/ Denise Wakeman Lean Startup Tools & services Ultimate List Post Tool 75k views, 600+ curators visibility/ultimate-tool-building-list- post/ services-for-a-lean-startup? feature=search, 5 October, 12
  8. 8. Lists Around Events GSummit ITSM 65,000 Views in 10 days Crowdsourcing speakers Call for Papers gamificationco 85k views todate sdi-events/tomorrows-it- service-future-today/ The Nines toddrhoades, 5 October, 12
  9. 9. What is it? Brand, Publishers & Bloggers Listly helps more people see, share & engage with your content over a longer period to let you better achieve your objectives eg increase revenue, exposure or engagement Listly lets you rethink your content lifecycle and content expecations. Less can be more. More people participating and enaging via less content. Consumers : Giving & Receiving Utility How cool would it be if this was your list? You too can make content worth sharing We call is Social Curation Mojo, 5 October, 12
  10. 10. Why would I buy it? is free We will always have a free version Listly is all about community Premium is coming soon More Control for brands, bloggers & publishers More Scale for bigger teams to do more for less effort More Insight on what makes for great content, 5 October, 12