EAC PPB's Latest Edition Sept/Oct 2011


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Anita Jenkins, will bring us PPB e-news every other month. Articles, news items, and comments are welcome.

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EAC PPB's Latest Edition Sept/Oct 2011

  1. 1. Latest Edition E-news bulletin of the Editors’ Association of Canada–Prairie Provinces Branch September-October 2011 A day in the life of an in-house Matrix editor by Tara Holmwood (EAC–PPB member)Edit document. Check. Receive approval from scientific author and technical reviewer.Check. Finalize and send document to the client following set standards. Check. Rinseand repeat.Being a corporate in-house editor is not the most exhilarating editing position, but it isconsistent and fulfilling to work with a team of scientists, technical experts and engineers. Ihave been editing for Matrix Solutions Inc., a Calgary-based environmental and engineeringconsulting company, as one of 10 in-house editors for over three and a half years. We are notscientists. We are the eyes of the client: the site operator, the environmental coordinator,the government official, the lawyer and/or the public. We help the writer edit and producereports specific to the clients’ needs. Some days it can be a thankless job, but at the end ofeach document the checklist is complete, the client is happy and we all celebrate as a team.My agenda is predictable and fits neatly onto a one-page checklist. To ensure consistencyacross a company employing over 400 people across Western Canada, our standards andguidelines are ever-changing and endless. The consistent and predictable nature of the jobis beneficial for editing and producing similar reportsand adhering to guidelines established by variousscientists in their respective professions, all within atight budget and restricted deadline.With my mind mostly wedged into the same reports, Ivalue external sources such as the Editors’ Associationof Canada that help inspire new ideas for other projectswithin Matrix: updating templates, establishing newguidelines and renewing marketing material. As aGrant MacEwan graduate and a member of EACfor a little over a year, I appreciate the support andencouragement such associations provide to become abetter corporate in-house editor. Check.
  2. 2. Latest Edition September-October 2011 PPB executive reports From the chair I’m very pleased with the enthusiasm and dedica-The PPB’s September board meeting held our at- tion I felt in the room. This is going to be a goodtention through a full agenda on our return to the year! Now, we count on our membership to attendAlberta Teachers’ Association’s renovated Barnett gatherings and support events as participants andHouse in west Edmonton. volunteers. There’s nothing like volunteering to en- hance an editing career.A mix of previous and new board members, we arealso a mix of in-house and freelance editors: Margaret F. Sadler, EAC–PPB chair, 2011-12 • Margaret Sadler (chair), Paul Payson (past Member news chair and treasurer) and Astrid Blodgett Lynn Coady, 2011 writer in residence at (secretary) MacEwan, is a member of EAC–PPB! Coady’s • liaison positions: Lori-Ann Claerhout fourth novel, The Antagonist (House of Anansi (internal committees) and Deborah Lawson Press), earned her a place on the Scotiabank (external committees as well as external Giller Prize long list of nominees for 2011 publicity coordinator) alongside literary heavyweights such as Marina • coordinator roles: Rhonda Skinner (educa- Endicott and Michael Ondaatje. tion), Eva Radford (program) and those not able to be around the table at our first fall meeting: Rachel Small (membership/volun- teer), Aaron Dalton (IT), Theresa Agnew (internal publicity) and Anita Jenkins (e- news bulletin editor) • regional reps: Virginia Durksen (Calgary area) and Leigh Patterson (Winnipeg area)We spent most of the agenda discussing the bestway to make use of a paid administrator and tolaunch the program year. Welcome to new membersAn ad for administrative assistance went out tothe membership and our circle of sister organiza- The following people have joined the Editors’tions. This addition is sure to boost our presence Association of Canada since April 2011.across the region. Edmonton: Shawna Blumenschein, PamelaOur thanks go out to former board members who Brierley, Julie Hodgson, Corinna Ruhl, Kelseyhave kept the organization going: NJ Brown (edu- Smith, Chris Turtlecation liaison), Brenda Jorgensen and Linda Kita- Calgary: Karen Taylor-Binnie, Tyla WilletBradley (program), Roberta Laurie (secretary),Peggy O’Neill (internal publicity and job hotline Lethbridge: Fathima Vanrobaeyscoordinator) and Sharon Skage (membership/volunteer coordinator). 2
  3. 3. Latest Edition September-October 2011 Fall program lineup Calgary members. First come, first served. For details orTuesday, October 25: Great Big Grammarfest to register, contact tracy.blaine@thewritesupport.MC Donna McElligott of CBC with Grammar com.Gals and PPB members Virginia Durksen and MacEwan Writing Works (www.MacEwan.ca/Karen Virag. Mount Royal University, room T119, WritingWorks) is offering Cheryl Lund’s The7-9 pm with refreshments to follow. Basics of Editing course on October 22 and 29,Saturday, November 26: Templates @ Work A 9 am to 4 pm. Call 780-497-5000 to register. Callthree-hour training program to be held November Marilyn or Jenn at 780-497-5346 for information.26, 9 am to noon, followed by EAC meeting (see News from Saskatchewan branchfollowing item). Location TBA. On November 14, 2011, EAC SaskatchewanSaturday, November 26: Workplace Editors, is sponsoring the workshop The Editor asAccidental Editors A panel discussion on the Concertmaster: Making reports, briefs and pro-non-publishing editing scene in Calgary, 1-3 pm, posals sing, taught by Ottawa editor Moira Raynerfollowing Templates @ Work (above). White. Fee for members, $145; after October 31, $165; non-members, $195; after October 31,Thursday, December 8: Christmas party Details $225. Contact saskatchewan@editors.ca for morewill be announced by email over the coming information.weeks. For information, contact Ellen Groskorthat elleng@rogers.com or at 403-479-4374. Edmonton Chicago Q&AMonday, October 24: Circle the date. Fall mem- Kathe Lemon, editor of Avenue magazine (Calgary)ber meeting/kickoff at Jeffrey’s Café and Wine and a former PPB-EAC member, recommends the NewBar, starting at 7 pm. Q&A section of the Chicago Manual of Style website “for a refresher and a laugh.”November: Watch your email for details aboutan event to be presented in partnership with A current example:MacEwan’s Writing Works. Q. I have an author with (let’s say) the last name St. James and am having a hard time figuring out the correctThursday, December 1: Christmas party at his- form for her bibliography entry. Is it correct to write St.toric Rutherford House on the U of A campus in James, Bertha? Or James, St. Bertha? HELP!!Edmonton (www.history.alberta.ca/rutherford).Watch your email for more details in early A. Having the surname St. James doesn’t make one Saint James—or Saint Bertha; Bertha’s surname starts with S.November or email awhitson@spiritlinks.org. Other editing programs this fall Quote of the day “Peter Robinson, agent and friend, wielded his copy-ed-CAFE (Calgary Association of Freelance Editors) itorial pruning knife with the élan of a Samurai, provingis presenting Jim Taylor’s Eight-Step Editing time and time again that less is always more.”workshop on October 22, 9 am to 4 pm, at — “Acknowledgements,” The Perfect Nazi by Martinthe Kahanoff Centre, 1202 Centre Street SE, Davidson (Doubleday Canada, 2010).Calgary. Fee: $175 or $145 for CAFE/STC/EAC 3
  4. 4. Latest Edition September-October 2011 EAC national newsMember services and social media were at the heart of discussions at EAC’s nationalexecutive council meeting in Winnipeg September 9 to11. This was the first gathering ofthe “newly edited” NEC.Many members of the group committed an extra day to participate in an assessment of ourcurrent website and social media practices led by Clevers Media. We are lucky to have boththe website revitalization task force, led by Adrienne Montgomerie, and the new socialmedia task force, led by Wael Elazab.Collaborating with PPB Winnipeg rep Leigh Patterson to play host was a special treatfor me, and we enjoyed the company of several (non-EAC-member) Winnipeg editors atSaturday’s dinner. Arden Ogg, regional director of branches and twigs, west Staying in touchChair Education liaison The Prairie Provinces Branch (PPB)Margaret Sadler Rhonda Skinner e-news bulletin, Latest Edition, is published six times a year. The goal isNational representative Membership/volunteer coordinator to provide a quick read that will keepArden Ogg Rachel Small PPB members informed about events and opportunities as well as the activ-Treasurer IT coordinator ities of the branch executive.Paul Payson Aaron Dalton To contribute, make suggestions orSecretary External publicity comment, contact Anita Jenkins, e-Astrid Blodgett Deborah Lawson news bulletin editor at ajenkins@ compusmart.ab.ca or 780-474-6656.Internal committee liaison E-news bulletin editor Deadline for submissions to the nextLori-Ann Claerhout Anita Jenkins issue is November 7, 2011.External committee liaison You can contact any executive or com- Copy editor: Sharon SkageDeborah Lawson mittee member through the email ad- Designer: Aaron Dalton dresses provided on the EAC website,Past chair www.editors.ca/branches/prairies/Paul Payson index.html. They will be delighted to hear from you, as your input and of-Program fers of assistance make it possible forEva Radford the PPB to thrive. 4