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EAC PPB's Latest Edition July/Aug 2011


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Anita Jenkins, will bring us PPB e-news every other month. Articles, news items, and comments are welcome.

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EAC PPB's Latest Edition July/Aug 2011

  1. 1. Latest Edition E-news Bulletin of the Editors’ Association of Canada, Prairie Provinces Branch Welcome July–August 2011Here it is! The first issue of the Prairie Provinces Branch (PPB) e-news bulletin, which willarrive in your mailbox every two months. We aim to provide a quick read that will keep youinformed about events and opportunities as well as the activities of your branch executive.This issue fills you in on a lot of housekeeping items. We hope to be more scintillating infuture. Thanks to Sharon Skage, copy editor, and Aaron Dalton, designer.To contribute, make suggestions or comment, contact Anita Jenkins, e-news bulletineditor,; 780-474-6656. The deadline for submissions for thenext issue is August 31, 2011. Member news Quote of the daySpecial thanks to NJ Brown, Roberta Laurie “It’s not so much that American public life isand Sharon Skage for their able service on more idiotic,” Jill Lepore said, referring to boththe PPB board. They are now taking a well- press coverage and the public discussion itdeserved break. Thanks, too, to Peggy O’Neill spawns. “It’s that so much more of Americanfor filling in as both Internal Publicity and life is public. I think that goes a long wayJob Hotline Coordinator over the past few to explaining what seems to be a ‘decline.’months. Everything is documented, and little of it is edited. Editing is one of the great inventions ofArden Ogg, Winnipeg member and former civilization.” [Our italics.] — “Learning toPPB representative on the national executive Love the (Shallow, Divisive, Unreliable) Newcouncil, is serving on the council again this Media” by James Fallows, The Atlantic, Aprilyear. Now, however, her job title is regional 2011director of branches and twigs (west). Howwould you like to have that on your resumé? Jill Lepore is a professor of American history at Harvard University, chair of Harvard’sCongratulations to Theresa Agnew, who History and Literature Program and a staffreceived the President’s Award for Volunteer writer at The New Yorker.Service in May 2011,, and to Mar­guerite Watson, who was shortlisted for theWriters Guild of Alberta 2011 Jon WhyteMemorial Essay Prize.
  2. 2. Latest Edition July–August 2011 PPB Executive Reports New executive reasons for restructuring include keeping theCongratulations to PPB Chair Margaret Sadler number of people around the boardroom table atand to her executive team: a manageable level and reducing the workload for coordinators, who are always welcome to attend •  Paul Payson: past chair and treasurer executive meetings but are not required to be there. •  Astrid Blodgett: secretary •  Deborah Lawson: external committee As stated on the PPB section of the EAC website, liaison (connecting with the program,, “Leadership, programming external publicity and job hotline and publicity are key roles for all of the [board] coordinators) members.” •  Lori-Ann Claerhout: internal committee New and continuing coordinators liaison (connecting with the IT, e-news Thanks and best wishes to our continuing and and internal publicity coordinators) newly appointed coordinators: •  Virginia Durksen: Calgary area representative •  Eva Radford (board contact), Linda Kita- Bradley and Brenda Jorgensen: programIf you’d like to volunteer for the following vacant (planning and organizing seminars,executive positions, please contact Margaret meetings and social events)Sadler,, or any member of the •  Deborah Lawson: external publicityboard: •  Aaron Dalton: IT (managing our section of the PPB website) •  Vice-chair •  Anita Jenkins: e-news editor (with Sharon •  Outreach committee liaison (connecting Skage, copy editor, and Aaron Dalton, with the education, membership/volunteer designer) and mentorship coordinators) •  Theresa Agnew: internal publicity •  Winnipeg area representative (sending out email messages to members) •  Rhonda Skinner: education (connectingAt this time, most of the board members live in with and providing scholarships forEdmonton and executive meetings are held in students interested in editing careers)Edmonton. •  Rachel Small: membership/volunteer New board structureMembers approved a new executive and committee Eager volunteers are invited to sign up for thesestructure at the 2010 PPB annual general meeting. still-vacant coordinator roles: mentorship and jobIn addition to the traditional positions of chair, hotline. Again, to discuss these jobs or offer to dovice-chair, secretary and treasurer, the revised them, contact Margaret Sadler, mfsadler@telus.executive includes three committee liaison people net, or any member of the board.and representatives from areas in the region. Some 2
  3. 3. Latest Edition July–August 2011 Branch News Editing awards for students PPB brochureThe 2011 winners of the EAC-PPB editing Deborah Lawson and Theresa Agnew, withawards, all from the MacEwan University help from other members, have produced aProfessional Writing Program, are: brochure describing the Prairie Provinces Branch and inviting people to join EAC. •  Talicia Dutchin (4th year) Attendees at the Get Publishing event and the •  Melissa St. Dennis (3rd year) Manitoba Editors’ Association conference have •  Shawna Blumenschein (2nd year) already had an opportunity to pick up a copy. If you have suggestions about where to send copiesTalicia received a $1,000 scholarship and a or hand them out, contact Deborah Lawson,one-year EAC qualifying membership, and other two received one-year EAC studentmemberships. The winners are selectedon the basis of academic performance inediting-related courses and, in the case of thescholarship recipient, pursuit of an editingcareer. Talicia and Shawna joined us forlunch at the PPB annual meeting the secondSaturday in May.Education liaison NJ Brown launched thisawards program as a pilot project with theMacEwan Professional Writing Program. Itwill conclude in 2012, before which time we’llconsider an extension of the program to othereducational institutions.NJ Brown (2010 Education Liaison) presents fourth-year student award to Rhonda Skinner (2011 Education Liaison) 3
  4. 4. Latest Edition July–August 2011 EAC National News 2011 Fairley award nominee from EdmontonCongratulations to Christine Wiesenthal of Edmonton, who wasnominated for the Tom Fairley Award for Editorial Excellence, The nomination was forher work in editing The Collected Works of Pat Lowther by PatLowther (posthumous), published by NeWest Press.The Tom Fairley Award was presented to Lucy Kenward ofVancouver at the 2011 national conference in Vancouver. SeveralPPB members attended, including Laura Cappello Bromling,Moira Calder, Lori­Ann Claerhout, Judy Dunlop, Anita Jenkins,Deborah Lawson, Paul Payson, Mary Lou Roy, Margaret Sadler,Karen Virag and Cerina Wheatland. Also in attendance wereformer PPB members Juliet Kershaw (now a member of the BC Christine Wiesenthal Photo by Paul Cipywnykbranch) and Julie Cochrane (now a member of the QAC branch). (a BC branch member of EAC) Staying in touchChair Program You can contact any executive orMargaret Sadler Eva Radford, Brenda Jorgensen, committee member through the and Linda Kita-Bradley email addresses provided on theNational representative EAC website, Ogg Education liaison branches/prairies/index.html. Rhonda Skinner They will be delighted to hearTreasurer from you, as your input and of-Paul Payson Membership/volunteer fers of assistance make it possi- coordinator ble for the PPB to thrive.Secretary Rachel SmallAstrid Blodgett IT coordinatorInternal committee liaison Aaron DaltonLori-Ann Claerhout External publicityExternal committee liaison Deborah LawsonDeborah Lawson E-news bulletin editorPast chair Anita JenkinsPaul Payson 4