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Short jp hr

  1. 1. Nutrition is the missing piece in most wellness programs.
  2. 2. Americans aren t very healt hy.
  3. 3. 9 out of 10 do not consume 3 servings of produce per day.
  4. 4. 1 in 4 Children is Obese
  5. 5. COSTSOF HEALTHCARE What is your employees health insurance costing in total annually? Examples: Single coverage: $7,200 or $600/mo Family Plan employer cost: $16,800 or $1,400/mo
  6. 6. According to the National Center for Health Statistics (a branch of the CDC), these were some of the costs associated with healthcare in 2007: Every individual doctor visit $174 Average prescription and over the counter medication: $35 Average cost of a day of work missed $150
  7. 7. What is less than optimum health costing per person per year? 4 doctor visits almost $700 12 prescriptions and 24 over the counter meds $1,252 8 days of work missed on average $,1200 Total Cost Per Person per year: $3,152
  8. 8. Our Nat ional Health Care Expendit ures were 2 Trillion in 2005 or $6,700 Per Person
  9. 9. The U.S. government has spent billions trying to find a cure for heart disease, cancer and other diseases. THEIR CONCLUSION; Disease is easier to prevent than it is to cure. THEIR RECOMMENDATION; Eat 7-13 servings of fresh fruits and vegetables every day. THE PROBLEM; Almost no one does.
  10. 10. Obviously employers know good nutrition is important All corporate wellness surveys ask about eating fruits and vegetables Put in usa today article Sonja fix this slide please!!
  11. 11. Nutrition is the missing piece in most wellness programs.
  12. 12. What does Juice Plus do for your health? qDelivers antioxidants into the bloodstream, reducing oxidative stress qSupports a healthy immune system qPromotes cardiovascular wellness
  13. 13. Children are more harmed by poor diet than by exposure to alcohol, drugs & tobacco combined MD Cross Specialty Credibility ABC News/Oprah Magazine Medical Editor I take JuicePlus+. America s Pediatrician My family takes it. My grandchildren take it, too. It s the There s a major blind closest thing that I spot in parenting know to fresh today fruits and It s called nutrition and our children are vegetables. paying the price. Dr. Isadore Rosenfeld Parade Magazine Medical Editor Dr. William Sears
  14. 14. GREAT RESULTS HERE S WHAT WE SEE After one year in the large health study involving over $300,000 families 1. Less doctor s visits 65% - A SAVINGS OF $455 per person 2. Less prescriptions and over the counter meds 59% - SAVINGS OF $739 3. Less days of work/school missed 58% - A SAVINGS OF $696 Total annual savings per person: $1,890
  15. 15. According to the CDC Center for Disease Control and other sources, the return on investment in wellness programs is three to four-fold for every dollar spent.
  16. 16. Cost s of A dding Juice Plus+ ® t o your W ellness Pr ogr am qWith Membership and 1 - 19 employees enrolled: $35 per employee per month qWith 20 employees enrolled: $33 per employee per month qWith 40 employees enrolled: $31 employee per month * Juice Plus will be offered FREE to children ages 4 and above, of participating adults
  17. 17. Sonja can you make three lines? A primary focus of health care is now how many fruits and vegetables you consume. Guidelines have been increased. We propose to partner with you to provide the missing nutrition piece in your wellness program.