2009 Marketplan TCP


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Excerpt from marketing plan

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2009 Marketplan TCP

  1. 1.   2009   Dickman Supply, Inc.                    2009 Market Planning Guide  For  Dickman Supply, Inc.  &  Green Energy Solutions      [RESIDENTIAL TARGETING]  Consulting on home construction and remodeling to our rural customer base, along with solid  relationships with local school systems, and now the introduction of our Green Energy Solutions division   positions Dickman Supply to further  penetrate our significant residential market position. 
  2. 2. Dickman Supply’s Relationship with the Residential Market For 10 years, Dickman Supply has improved market share in the residential segment each year, despite the recent toughening housing market.  There are several factors contributing to this growth, including:    The rural geography of the area enables smaller distributors to be the local choice for everyday  residential items.  Merchandising in all three counter areas includes prominently‐displayed  products for the home.  There is only one Home Depot within the territory we draw from, and it  is 15 miles south of our southern‐most store.     Dickman Supply employs the area’s only full time expert in custom lighting design who meets  one‐on‐one with homeowners, and also provides two interactive consumer lighting showrooms  (which allow homeowners to “experience” lighting in an ambient setting easily relating to their  own home), each with its own manager.     As an EnergyStar partner, we conduct activities which include Earthday, Change a Light  Promotion, and our very own EnergyStar month, promoting to the marketplace via radio, local  newspapers (via inserts), and the Internet.   Recently unique opportunities in environmentally‐friendly and energy efficiency arenas prompted the launch of Green Energy Solutions, a new division of Dickman Supply with the mission of educating consumers of our local communities in the benefits of green products, technologies, and opportunities currently coming to market.  A short description of a few programs being established by Green Energy Solutions follows.   Green Energy Solutions is now responsible to the editorial content in local news publications for  special tabs such as the How‐to Guide and Spring Home Improvement Guide.  Special interest  articles provided by Green Energy Solutions are also appearing in Chamber of Commerce  newsletters and municipal news bulletins to residents.   Dickman Supply successfully partners with several large employers in the area for business  related activities.  These companies regularly send employees to training events at the Dickman  Center for Customer Education, many of whom make purchases for their home while on site.   This practice prompted the Green Homes program to be released as a promotion of the Green  Energy Solutions division.  This program educates those employed by local companies and  enables the employers to offer discounts to their employees on energy efficient products for  their own homes.   Dickman Supply’s strong ties to local school systems and area youth organizations is opening  opportunities to further move the Dickman brand into the home.  The current consumer focus  on green products and energy efficiency has prompted discussion with several area groups  requesting educational information and materials detailing the advantages of CFL’s vs  incandescents.  Additionally, there are several organizations interested in pursuing CFL sales in  lieu of candy bars, candles, etc. for their annual fundraising events this year.  
  3. 3. Dickman Supply’s Potential in the Ohio Marketplace    TCP/DP&L are promoting a program to purchase CFLs at low cost for sales to the residential market.  This map of the DP&L Service Area was taken from page 3 of the DPL 2007 Annual Report.  Overlaying a recent ring analysis of the Dickman Supply customer base clearly indicates that the highest concentration of Dickman Supply clients lie within the DP&L service area.  Approximately 99% of total sales are within that area.  This is a win/win situation for all parties involved. 
  4. 4. Residential Promotion of Compact Fluorescents Early in the year, a CFL display will be placed in all counter areas and both showrooms with appropriate signage to catch the attention of walk‐in customers.  These displays will be adjusted throughout the year for consistency with our promotional events geared toward the residential customer base.  Currently scheduled events include:   Spring Home Improvement (March)   Earthday (April)   Energy Star Month at Dickman Supply (July)   Change a Light Promotion (October kickoff) Our main lines with the residential market are Residential Design Consultant, Shelly Rohr and Angie Parker’s work with our homeowner clientele in the Lighting Showroom.  Their extensive work with homeowners places them in a unique position to promote the CFL program to the residential market.  During consultations, they will discuss the benefits of CFLs and show a comparison sheet highlighting the special homeowner price.  They will also reinforce the Residential pricing message during the EnergyStar discussion with the homeowner.  TCP is headquartered in Aurora, Ohio.  With unemployment high, we could use a “keeping jobs in Ohio” stance for a future PR push.  (ie.  Saving Energy, Money, and Ohio Jobs!  As a major supplier of compact fluorescent lamps to area residents, Dickman Supply has been helping households in their communities save hundreds of dollars a year … Recognizing the need to keep jobs in Ohio, we have partnered with TCP, Inc., a major manufacturer of compact fluorescent lamps.  TCP is headquartered in Aurora, Ohio and employs … “We felt that the best way to help our local economy was to work with a manufacturer with a stake in the local economy…) The electronic ad boards in Greenville and Sidney will run CFL advertising providing information about the benefits of compact fluorescents. Involve other local businesses in a Green Homes program.  Many of our large industrial customers promote their Green Goals and Initiatives – we can set up a program that benefits all involved.  (ie.  Invite area businesses to participate by providing them coupons to pass to their employees for discounted prices on compact fluorescent lamps purchased from Dickman Supply.  They can then promote good corporate citizenship, taking green a step beyond their internal processes, and providing employee perks to Go Green at Home.) Include homeowner specials on the Design Center website.  When the new site comes online, a segment will be dedicated to Residential specials and will include the CFL promotions. Dickman Supply always has editorials and advertisements in the Spring Home Improvement and Fall How‐To Guides of the local newspaper.  These are a highly appropriate vehicle to reach area residents with CFL information and promotions.  The editorials will include information about the phase out of incandescent lamps, choosing appropriate substitutions, the benefits of CFLs, etc.  The corresponding advertisement will reinforce the benefits of CFLs and offer a special on incandescent replacements. Examples of documentation attached:  Display sign, Comparison Sheet, Electronic board ad, Green Homes brochure. 
  5. 5. How Do We Join! DICKMAN SUPPLY, INC. GREEN HOMES PROGRAMT h e r e ’ s n o c o s t t o j o i n a n d m e m b e rs h i pis completely free. You will never becharged for any incentives. Helping Ohio ResidentsJ o i n i n g t h e G re e n H o m e s p r o g r a m i seasy! Just visit the Green Homes web- Green Their Homess i t e a t g re e n h o m e s . d i c k m an s u p p l y . c o m and click the “Sign us up!” button. Greening Homes through local industry involvement! Answer a few s h o r t q ue s t i o ns regarding your Look for the “Sign us up!” icon on the greenhomes.dickmansupply.com company’s cur- website. rent Green Ini-tiatives and the number of employee GREEN HOMESi n c e n t i v e s y o u w i l l n e e d e ac h m o n t h . BY DICKMAN SUPPLYYou’ll receive a welcome package a few 1991 St. Marys Avenue Sidney, Ohio 45365d a y s l a t e r i nc l u d i n g a n i n i t i a l e m p l o y e ei n c e n t i v e t o h e l p y o u i n t r o d u c e t he p r o - 1425 Sater Street Greenville, Ohio 45331gram to your employees. 910 Warrick Drive Celina, Ohio 45822 Sidney: 937-492-6166 DICKMAN SUPPLY, INC. Greenville: 937-548-6103 GREEN HOMES PROGRAM 1-800-835-7872 Celina: 419-584-1170 Toll Free: 1-800-835-7872
  6. 6. Are your employees Green minded?As a good corporate citizen, your company Employee Benefits feature one member company with an articlehas taken on the mighty task of incorpo- As a members of the Green Homes team, your giving details about Green activities they haverating green practices and policies into the employees are entitled to save on a number of undertaken..everyday work life of your employees. energy saving products they are already familiar Additionally, all participating companies will have with through employment with your company.Energy efficient lighting, occupancy sensor a linked listing on the Green Homes website.technologies, recycling, waste management Each month Green Homes News featured mem- Each quarter, Dickman Supply will provide youprograms… ber company will hold the spotlight on the home with incentives to pass on to your employees. page of this site. These may include:We know you’ve taken the time and putforth the effort to reduce your carbon Finally, studies have shown time and again that  Member only contests and eventsfootprint. You’ve also taken the time and individuals that live a greener lifestyle at homeeffort to train your employees on the are more likely to keep those green habits in the  Deep discounts on energy efficient products benefits of these office. The Green Homes program gives you a like compact fluorescent lamps, led night- programs and resource to help your employees live greener — lights, and occupancy/motion sensors urged them to take both at home and on the job! part in the multi-  Gifts made from recycled materials tude of environ- mentally friendly activities available. Company Benefits But have they Green Homes team companies can proudly pro-jumped on board? What do they get in mote their involvement in the Green Homes pro-return? gram throughout the community by prominently displaying the Green Homes logo on marketing materi- DICKMAN SUPPLY, INC.Now you have the ability to provide them GREEN HOMES PROGRAMwith an added benefit. Dickman Supply is als, their website, and inpartnering with area businesses to pro- advertising.mote energy efficient options for employee Member companies will 1991 St. Marys Avenuehomes! Sidney, Ohio 45365 receive the Green HomesWe recognize that not only can industry News each month with en- 1425 Sater Streetmake a huge difference in their facilities, vironmentally friendly ideas, tips, opportunities, Greenville, Ohio 45331but their employees can make an even and articles geared toward residences. Thisgreater impact by greening their homes! newsletter will be set electronically and can be 910 Warrick Drive forwarded to all employees. Each issue will also Celina, Ohio 45822