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Carrying the brand into social


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I was asked to come to talk to the marketing and communications teams at Ottawa University at their recent annual conference, Accent uOttawa. The university is undergoing a brand relaunch, and they asked me to discuss how best to take a brand online and into the social Internet.

I told the 140 or so team members assembled that when it comes to building brand equity in social media, you need to consider longer term goals. Relationships take time to develop and to build meaningful engagement around a brand is a long term commitment. It’s more of a marathon than a sprint. Plan for the long haul.

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Carrying the brand into social

  1. 1. Carrying The Brand Into Social Sherrilynne Starkie Accent uOttawa May 21, 2014
  2. 2. A little about me… • Find me on Twitter, @sherrilynne • Visit me on Facebook, • Connect with me on LinkedIn, • Or just Google ‘Sherrilynne’ and you’ll find me
  3. 3. Thornley Fallis Clients
  4. 4. Agenda • Social = brand equity • It’s about community • Adding value • Mobile first • Social narrative • Active listening • Less talk more action
  5. 5. Branding = social equity
  6. 6. #feelfreetotweet To build brand equity through social media use content to stimulate and fuel the conversations that really matter, says @sherrilynne #AccentuO
  7. 7. It’s about community
  8. 8. #feelfreetotweet Stop thinking of social media as media; focus on what’s social – motives and behaviours that drive participation, says @sherrilynne #AccentuO
  9. 9. Adding value
  10. 10. #feelfreetotweet Don’t focus on brand awareness; engage people in their passions, hopes and dreams, says @sherrilynne #AccentuO
  11. 11. Mobile first
  12. 12. #feelfreetotweet Mobile devices host tens of billions of social interactions a day. Put mobile at the centre of your social brand strategy, says @sherrilynne
  13. 13. Social narrative
  14. 14. #feelfreetotweet Building a brand narrative through storytelling means painting a picture one brush stroke at a time, says @sherrilynne #AccentuO
  15. 15. Active Listening
  16. 16. #feelfreetotweet Rich insights are available to brands who listen to what people are saying in social media, says @sherrilynne #AccentuO
  17. 17. The experience rules • Create strong content • Engage in real interactions • Use hashtags • Update often • Ask for help • Be consistent with visual branding
  18. 18. #feelfreetotweet • Give your audiences an excellent social media experience; provide valuable content, engage and be human, says @sherrilynne #AccentuO • Thank you! • Questions?