Article By Sherrie Campbell: The Ship, The Whole Ship And Nothing But The Ship, So Help Them Build Page 3


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Article: Shipbuilding 101...

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Article By Sherrie Campbell: The Ship, The Whole Ship And Nothing But The Ship, So Help Them Build Page 3

  1. 1. Connect1NG August 2009 ‘Hoop Dreams’ Basketball Tournament by Kelly Palisi Inside this issue As I entered the gym, the sound of ‘Hoop Dreams’ Basketball ......1 sneakers squeaking on the basketball Connect1NG Report ................1 court and chants of encouragement New Member Spotlight.............2 greeted me. It was Connect1NG’s First Upcoming Events.....................3 Hoop of Dreams Tournament held on Shipbuilding 101 ......................4 Saturday, August 1st from 9am-1pm at Basketball Highlights...............5 the Pascagoula Recreation Center. Seven teams participated in this event. aspects of an employee and a member. The two things that were apparent in the It is important that all employees realize gym that day were teamwork and the their involvement in the success of the drive to succeed. We can relate this to company. Connect1NG works to join working at the Shipyard. We are all employees in events like this one. working together to achieve the ultimate goal of success. Whether it is success in The winners were NGSB Allstars with our job, success in our department or the score of 53-40 against the Blazers. success in our personal lives, we all strive This is the second event that the to do our best in everything that we do. Intramurals Sports committee has put on this year and it won’t be the last. With Northrop Grumman, Connect1NG Connect1NG is planning to host a Golf fosters these characteristics as important Tournament in November. continued on next page Looking Back, Six Months Old by Jason Sherwood It has been six short months since we interests, needs, wants, and desires, so kicked off the Mississippi chapter of I encourage you to offer any feedback Connect1NG and there is so much to be and ideas you may have to help the excited about. The C1 team has team. Perhaps the next great accomplished much in a short time, offering Connect1NG event may be sitting in the a variety of events and increasing womb of your imagination. Still the membership to now more than 800 team has done very well, and I am members. Some of our recent events, such looking forward to the next stages of our as the basketball tournament and LHD 8 development. I hope you’ll join us in the open house, have been very well received, journey. but success often brings with it new challenges. For us, this means the Secondly, I’m excited because I believe challenge of engaging our new members in the Connect1NG ideals. Our values Jason Sherwood effectively and developing energizing center around four distinct areas: Connect1NG Chair means of interaction. We hope to offer sharing knowledge, building events targeting your, as a member, continued on page 3
  2. 2. August 2009 Connect1ons ‘Hoop Dreams’ Basketball Tournament (continued from page 1) For more information regarding the Golf Tournament or any ideas on Intramurals Sports, please contact Tadd Hale at or 228-935-1254. NGSB Allstars – Left to Right: Aaron Bell, Dewayne Smith, Kendall Nettles, Darius Payton Congratulations to NGSB Allstars – ‘Hoops Dreams’ Basketball Tournament Champions! Connect1NG New Member Spotlight by Dynashia RichardsonWelcome to Connect1NG! Our June New Member Spotlight was Fernando Nazario. Fernando is an Electrician from Puerto Rico who chose to work at Northrop Grumman-GC because it was a new experience and he wanted to see what it was like to build ships. His father and brothers also came from Puerto Rico to work here. He was asked if he liked his job and his response was “I love my job. My dad taught me to always love what they do.” Fernando received a Connect1NG t-shirt, hat, lanyard, pen, braclet and $10 Sonic gift card. Fernando Nazario Congrats to Fernando from Connect1NG.
  3. 3. August 2009 Connect1onsLooking back, Six Months Old (continued from page 1)relationships, personal growth, and community service. Everything we do is rooted inour “four pillars.” It is our goal to benefit and repay the company with a moreenergized and competent workforce, while offering real and unique opportunities toconnect and grow socially, corporately, and professionally. With our current Upcomingmomentum and shared ideals, I am very much looking forward to the future. I hopeto see you at a Connect1NG event very soon! EventsCurrent Status:  Growing membership of 800 + Shipbuilding 101  Growing leadership team of 20+ members, including leads and co-leads of August 25th, 2009 committees Pascagoula  Projected to exceed all local key metrics  Established key metrics tracking progress to the following goals:  1,000 total year end membership  20% active participation rate Every Thurs  33 total year end events Connect1NG  brand recognition through surveys and membership feedback Basketball  6 committees are operating autonomously with core leadership oversight: 4:30-7:30pm Communications, Orientation, Professional Development, Social Networking, Homeport Community Outreach, and Intramural Sports Not a member yet? There’s no cost to join. Click here to sign up and start Connect1NG today! Connect1NG offers employees the unique opportunity to engage with their community, company, and peers. Members can meet new friends, volunteer with exciting projects, serve on the team, and even learn new skills to further their careers. Want to get more involved? Connect1NG is for you. For more information, visit: Connect1NG Gulf Coast currently has five committees guided by the Four Pillars: Five Committees Four Pillars Social Networking Building Relationships Professional Development Knowledge Sharing & Networking Community Outreach Corporate & Public Service Intramural Sports Personal Development Orientation
  4. 4. August 2009 Connect1ons Shipbuilding 101 "The ship, the Whole Ship and Nothing but the Ship, So Help Them Build." by Sherrie Campbell Connect1NG presented part two of Shipbuilding 101, "A Virtual Tour of the Shipbuilding Process" on July 30th in DCR 1, with continued presentation and discussion by Steve Maguire. The engaging presentation was the second repeat offering in a short series. When asked why he provides this service, Mr. Maguire says, "Most of our jobs are pretty demanding and complex. As a result, many people dont have the opportunity to learn about what happens in other departments." "Shipbuilding is the integration of thousands of different functions in all the various departments. So, Shipbuilding 101 is a brief, high level look at the overall shipbuilding process, from design to delivery, so people can have a little better idea of their own function contributing to a much larger, complex shipbuilding process." As part of its core values, Connect1NG seeks to offer unique learning opportunities to not only better oneself professionally but also socially. The idea is that by attending events like these members better understand the big picture of what the company does as well as meet some of the faces who fulfill the vital roles and functions in that process. Those in attendance were very excited to learn the basics of the shipbuilding process; and a few had this to say concerning the presentation: "I enjoyed it very much. Steve is certainly a subject matter expert, very thorough and very generous in sharing his knowledge. For those of us who have always worked in an office it was wonderful to see the mechanics and Logistics of building our ships. I understand the language a little better now when someone speaks about building a ship." Rhonda Parker - Learning & Development "I thought the presentation was very informative and it gave me some insight into shipbuilding that I did not have. It was helpful to have someone explain the basics pertaining to the build strategy and not just assume that everyone knows the details that go into building a ship." Sheryl Ash - Manager, Contract Administration, responsible for the DDG 51 Program "Shipbuilding 101 helped me put together the pieces of shipbuilding in a way that was easy to understand. Mr. Maguire explained what happens in the shipyard as well as where it happens. Its a great session for general understanding." Tobias Maldonado - Export Compliance Analyst For information concerning future Shipbuilding 101 presentations, please contact the professional development lead, Jennifer Childs ( or team lead Jason Sherwood at:
  5. 5. ‘Hoop Dreams’ Basketball Tournament Highlights JUSTUS vs. Ballaholics Anthony Thompson shoots over Gray Kevin Long shoots long shot Weinacker Future NG employee Captain Gray Weinacker strategizes with his Justin Baker practices his layup Kleon Irving and son, Kaden team, Ballaholics. NGSB Allstars vs. Blazers David Blackston (Dept. 10) sets up the Thoroughbreds team member Steven Ford next play. shoots against NGSB Allstars Air Grumman vs. I Don’t Know Justin goes for the shot JUSTUS vs. I Don’t KnowCaptain Michael Brown gets ready to pass the ball; covered by Mark Zielinski Air Grumman vs. NGSB Allstars Winning Team - NGSB Allstars Left to Right: Aaron Bell, Dewayne Smith, Kendall Nettles, Darius Payton