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Final project inst 955


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Published in: Education
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Final project inst 955

  1. 1. Welcome to Works of Fiction- ELA 101 Next Meet Sylvester, he is a Voki!
  2. 2. Our Plan • Learn how to analyze fiction • Recognize the theme, plot and main characters • Understand how the theme is developed by the author • Understand how characters are developed by the author • Analyze word choice and tone Next
  3. 3. We will accomplish this by…. • Reading and listening to works by Edgar Allan Poe as well as other authors • Blogging about our thoughts • Discussing our ideas in class using a Socratic seminar approach….I will explain • Creating a personal project on a work of Poe using any and all tools available Next
  4. 4. Author we will explore… Edgar Allan Poe James Joyce Bernard Malamud Next
  5. 5. First step: Consider these questions before and after watching the biography on Poe and listening to his writing- • Consider factors which may have influenced Poe • Creation of feelings, mood, tone • Development of characters and scene Second step: Watch the video through the link on the next page Listen to the podcast of Poe’s work and view the interactive video on The Raven Third step: Reconsider these questions Next
  6. 6. Edgar Allan Poe Video Second Step: Click on the link below to watch a short biography on Edgar Allan Poe Next
  7. 7. The Raven- An Interactive Video The Raven- Read by James Earl Jones Click on the link below and listen to The Raven. View the interactive video for an introduction to alliteration, assonance and internal rhyme. We will review these terms further in class. Next
  8. 8. Sylvester will explain what is in store for tomorow's class