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What's Coming in Discovery Attender version 3.8


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Version 3.8 of Discovery Attender has taken customer feedback and turned it into features focused on adding search options, improving result management and enhancing the PreSearch Tool. Read below for more details on the planned additions that will be found in our next version.

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What's Coming in Discovery Attender version 3.8

  1. 1. Whats Coming Discovery Attender 3.8Version 3.8 of Discovery Attender has taken customer feedback and turned it into features focused onadding search options, improving result management and enhancing the PreSearch Tool. Read belowfor more details on the planned additions that will be found in our next version.SearchingOffice 365The next version includes the ability to directly search Mailboxes and Online Archives in Microsofts cloudbased Office 365 deployments. Users have the choice of direct access (mailbox name with password), orconnection through impersonated accounts. These data stores will be treated just like any other mailstore for searching, indexing, copying or opening results. Messages and attachments are automaticallycached for easier post-search processing.Pause SearchThis very popular request has been fulfilled in version 3.8. Users will have the option to stop a searchthat is currently running and restart it at a later time without losing any of the collected data.Journaled MessagesDiscovery Attender has always had the ability to search the envelope journal messages. This new featuregives users the choice to search (and export) the original message as the primary result instead of theenvelope journal report.EML as EmailLoose messages that are in .eml format will be searched as email. Previous versions of DiscoveryAttender could search these items as files (i.e. with keyword criteria), but 3.8 will include options to filterby addresses, dates, attachments and other email specific criteria.Results & ReportingPreview PaneA huge sigh of relief can be heard by anyone who reviews results in Discovery Attender. No longer will itbe necessary to open a result for review. A preview pane has been integrated into the results viewrendering all text with hit highlighting. The view is optional, so it can be turned off when not reviewingdata.Auto-Assign CustodiansVersion 3.8 introduces a feature that scans metadata fields using selected properties (address, alias,name, etc.) to automatically assign custodians to results. The exports have also been improved toeliminate unnecessary prompts. May 2012 | Page 1 of 3
  2. 2. Whats Coming Discovery Attender 3.8Container Item ImprovementsBy default Discovery Attender exports the entire contents of a container file (e.g. .zip, .rar, .tar) when anyindividual items found inside that file match the search criteria. This new feature allows users toselectively export the individual file (e.g. .doc, .xls, .pdf, etc.) that matches the criteria rather than theentire source container file.Export Items by KeywordThis option will allow users to export items by individual keyword. Users have the option to create a PSTper keyword, a new folder within the PST for each keyword, or file folders per keyword.New ViewsSeveral new views have been added to improve visibility of data and achieve more precise reporting.Original Expression ViewWhen using grouping (i.e. <> with search expression), a new chart and view will be available that showsthe result statistics by original source expression. This is a complement to the existing branch and leafviews and should prove quite popular for reporting purposes.Container Item ViewThis view shows all individual items that were found in containers (e.g. .zip, .rar, etc.). Users can see themetadata, whether the file matched the criteria or not, and where the individual files were exported.File Extension ViewAnother view has been added to show file and attachment results grouped by their file extension. Thisview will include a summary at the root level.PreSearch ToolWebmail (IMAP) to PSTThis option will allow email sources with IMAP capability to be exported to a PST file. Web mail accountssuch as Gmail, Hotmail, and many other mail sources support the IMAP protocol. To utilize thiscapability, valid credentials are required to access the accounts.Export Office 365 to PST or EMLDiscovery Attenders PreSearch tool now accesses the Microsofts Office 365 platform. Users will havethe option to export mailboxes to PST files, or individual EML files. May 2012 | Page 2 of 3
  3. 3. Whats Coming Discovery Attender 3.8Miscellaneous • 64-bit Version • Updated Interface • More Marks • More Filter Options • Full PDF Password Support • Compare Multiple Searches • Cache files • Low Disk Space Options • Exceptions single export • And more….Please NoteThis release can be expected by mid-summer. Keep in mind that the details in this document reflect aversion still in development. Items on this list may change without notice and the final format may differfrom the above descriptions. May 2012 | Page 3 of 3