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July 2013
The Sherpa Approach: Why a Data “Garage Sale” is
Essential to Your Migration
Change is an inevitable...
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The SMART methodology is an acronym for five key process areas. They include:
Superior Strategy—Start with pro...
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Migrations of all types challenge the field of IT on a daily basis. They have become an
inevitable, on-going p...
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The Sherpa Approach: Why a Data “Garage Sale” is Essential to Your Migration


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Published in: Technology
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The Sherpa Approach: Why a Data “Garage Sale” is Essential to Your Migration

  1. 1. 1 | P a g e July 2013 The Sherpa Approach: Why a Data “Garage Sale” is Essential to Your Migration Change is an inevitable fact of life. Businesses across the world deal with change on a daily basis. No department within an organization might understand this fact better than the Information Technology (IT) Department, as they face constant change every day in the rapidly evolving field of IT. Migration, the process of moving from the use of one operating environment to another, is a source of constant change within IT departments across the globe. What were once periodic events, migrations are now becoming an on-going process needing continuous management. An example of a popular migration that many organizations are planning for right now is moving from older versions of Microsoft Exchange (2003 or 2007) to a more current version (2010 and 2013). Although it may seem easy to the untrained eye, migrating even between Exchange versions can become a pretty complicated process. Whether the impetus for migrating is a platform conversion (for example, Lotus Notes to Exchange, or vice versa), a new version release (like Microsoft Exchange 2013) or the adoption of a cloud-based email solution (such as Office 365), it’s safe to say that migrations will continue to be one of IT’s hottest growing and ever-evolving topics. They also remain one of the greatest challenges. The “Garage Sale” Mentality “SMART” Migration The majority of companies that undertake a messaging migration today plan to take all of their information from their current messaging system and transfer it to the target platform. Often, this is the only option provided by their chosen migration tool or vendor. This may sound manageable, but there are hidden risks and challenges to this methodology. Take for example a family moving into a new home. Very rarely would they take everything they owned in their old house, accumulated over many years, and move it into their new house. The first thing they would do is have a garage sale. This is their process for getting rid of all the items they no longer need. This obviously saves time and money when the move finally occurs. Using this same analogy with regard to migrations, organizations may not need to take all of their old information and transfer it to their new system. Most organizations can benefit from a “garage sale” of their own to eliminate email and files they don’t need before the migration occurs. The problem is that very few migration tools give you an option to sort out unneeded or unnecessary information. It is an all or nothing approach and it can cost you dearly when it comes to your budget and timeline. By combining a suite of powerful tools, Mail Attender (Sherpa Software) and E2E (Binary Tree), Sherpa is suggesting a different approach to migration, a smarter approach. This comprehensive solution for analyzing, rationalizing and transforming messaging environments is called a SMART migration. The big differentiator within a SMART migration is focusing on migrating relevant content and getting rid of what you don’t need or want. This is an important differentiation. Streamlining the migration process by minimizing the volume of content that needs to be moved frees your IT team sooner for other projects, provides a better experience for the end-user community and ultimately saves the organization money.
  2. 2. 2 | P a g e The SMART methodology is an acronym for five key process areas. They include: Superior Strategy—Start with proven technology and partners. Armed with the right technology, a trusted advisor can help ensure that you are heading towards success by leading the discussions and planning sessions needed to properly evolve your messaging platform. BinaryTree’s expertise in message conversion, coupled with Sherpa Software’s expertise in email analytics, can help you gain actionable insight into your message environment. Messaging—Messaging is a common, yet mission-critical component of your infrastructure. Define and establish benchmarks for what you want to achieve by enhancing your messaging platform and implementing the Exchange Transformation Lifecycle. Analysis—Collect the most complete and accurate information. Analyze the complex and unique nature of your messaging environment, consisting of your users, servers, policies, workflow and content. Rationalization—Make the right decisions. Map your analysis to your business requirements in order to develop a decision framework for rationalizing what, when and how you will migrate. Don’t migrate data that isn’t required and that extends the duration of the migration process not to mention takes up valuable storage space. Transformation—Message system evolution is on-going. Adopt the processes, behaviors and strategy that will enable you to continually monitor your email environment, keeping your users satisfied, productive and mobile. Sherpa Software’s Mail Attender product provides unparalleled analytics and complete content management for any email environment. Mail Attender will allow companies to build a statistical profile of individual user mailboxes or the entire organization. Then you will be able to create ad-hoc reports that drill into message detail. From there you can then trim mailbox content prior to the migration by copying, moving or deleting messages based on age or other criteria. Lastly, Mail Attender will allow you to eliminate PST files prior to a migration by ingesting them directly into the Exchange or Office 365 environment. After trimming down your data using Mail Attender, Binary Tree's E2E Complete software will simplify and streamline your Exchange migration by migrating users, not just mailbox data. E2E Complete provides end-users with information, notifications and control over the date that their mailbox is migrated, equipping project managers and administrators with complete control over the migration. E2E Complete supports the SMART Exchange Migration Methodology to automate intra-org, inter-org (cross-forest), cloud and hybrid Exchange migrations as well as provide organizations with the capability to manage on- going user migrations as part of the Exchange Transformation Lifecycle. “We have been using Mail Attender for Exchange for the last 9 years and it has been the most cost-effective tool for helping us maintain and manage our Exchange environment. I recommend this tool to anyone using Exchange.” -Anis Kazi, Qatar Steel Company Mail Attender (Sherpa Software) E2E (Binary Tree)
  3. 3. 3 | P a g e Migrations of all types challenge the field of IT on a daily basis. They have become an inevitable, on-going process that need continual oversight and planning. But remember what Richard Bach said, “A tiny change today brings a dramatically different tomorrow.” The SMART migration methodology can be the change your organization chooses to deliver dramatically different results with respect to your migration. SMART is the best- practice approach that combines technology and processes built from more than 20 years of messaging transformation experience. Just like the family we discussed who purchases a new home and kicks off their move with a garage sale, Sherpa’s Approach to migration is to start with a “garage sale” of your own and move the SMART way. Find out more by emailing, visiting us at, or calling us toll free at 1-800-255-5155. For over 10 years Sherpa Software has provided IT Professionals with award-winning information management software specifically designed to address email management, archiving, e-discovery, PST management and compliance requirements for Lotus Notes and Microsoft Exchange environments. Based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Sherpa’s solutions are practical, reliable and affordable and have been installed at thousands of organizations worldwide. Their products offer flexible architectures that streamline administrative processes without requiring any additional hardware or add-on components. Sherpa Software is an IBM Premier Business Partner and a Microsoft Certified Partner. For more information about Sherpa Software, visit The Solution About Sherpa Software 456 Washington Avenue Bridgeville, PA 15017 1.800.255.5155