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March 2013The Sherpa Approach: A Complete Solution                   As each year passes, the complexity of running a mode...
Partner Services        Our “Partner Services” include working cooperatively with our business partners who have          ...
Delivered using a software-as-a-service model, Attender Online can be implemented             quickly by configuring the m...
About Sherpa             For over 10 years Sherpa Software has provided IT Professionals with award-winning               ...
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The Sherpa Approach: A Complete Solution


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The Sherpa Approach: A Complete Solution

  1. 1. March 2013The Sherpa Approach: A Complete Solution As each year passes, the complexity of running a modern business continues to increase. This has been especially apparent to Information Technology Departments across the globe. We are hearing with increasing frequency from industry experts and our current customers that IT Department workload and a backlog of important projects has lead them to seek outside help. Not by coincidence, over the last six months, weve seen a dramatic upswing in the number of requests for services related to our product offerings. These requests may be something as simple as installing and configuring a product for turnkey implementation or they may involve customizing a product to suit a specific business need. The increase in support and services needed has lead companies to look for total solutions, over single point products. This trend has greatly influenced Sherpa Software’s current strategy as we strive to meet the evolving needs of our customers and prospects. Sherpa Software’s “Approach” to 2013 and beyond is to become a Complete Solutions Provider for our customers, to more accurately align with their changing needs. Our plan is to enhance and extend our current offerings around consulting, configuration, training, customization, and other services in our specific areas of expertise. These areas include email management, e-Discovery, PST migration and management, archiving, and compliance. Our focus on providing a complete information governance solution ensures the effective and efficient use of information in support of our customers’ goals. Sherpa will combine products and services into solution packages that fall into three broad categories: 1) Product Services 2) Professional Services 3) Partner ServicesProduct Services Our “Product Services” include specialized consulting services to help customers understand all the capabilities that a product offers and how they may be used to maximum advantage. We have always offered Product Services, but are now putting a greater emphasis on sharing best practices and expertise around specific business issues. Examples of Product Services we currently offer include: performing specialized installations or upgrades, developing custom product features, and delivering customized application training to meet specific needs. Our goal within Product Services is to make sure that things are running smoothly for our customers and that they are maximizing every benefit that our experience and tools have to offer.Professional Our “Professional Services” include providing our expertise and thought leadership through the delivery of services. Examples of Professional Services we currently offer include:Services custom development to solve unique business problems, environment audits (or “health check”), setting up policies, data conversion and 3rd party processing to name a few. Whether it relates to email management, e-Discovery, PST migration, PST management, archiving, or compliance, Sherpa’s Professional Services are available to help you through any unique challenges that arise in any of these scenarios. 1|Page
  2. 2. Partner Services Our “Partner Services” include working cooperatively with our business partners who have a specific competency to package complete solutions for our customers. Examples of our Partner Services include: email migration, litigation preparedness, e-Discovery review, and data preservation among others. A more specific example is the use of Sherpa’s Mail Attender for Exchange to help customers find and include only the relevant data to prepare them for a migration. A current Sherpa Software partner is now able to perform the actual migration, closing the loop and creating a total solution for “SMART” email migration. The goal of our Partner Services is to take the products and services we currently offer and pair them with complementary offerings from industry leaders.The Cloud The cloud is another factor that continues to change the landscape of the Information Technology field. As each year passes, the traditional fear of the cloud is declining and more and more of the small to medium sized business (SMB) market is planning to move more fully to the cloud for applications. According to Opinion Matters, a Market Research“According to Opinion Agency, 78% of IT decision makers in the SMB market they sampled said they wouldMatters, a Market welcome a cloud solution into their businesses. For Sherpa Software customers specifically, 51% of those surveyed said they are open to a subscription-based software-as-Research Agency, a-service model.78% of IT decisionmakers in the SMB Sherpa Software has traditionally provided on-premises software solutions to companies,market they sampled but in order to offer complete solutions, we have expanded our offerings into the cloud viasaid they would hosted applications, cloud compatible tools, and cloud-based archiving. One of the manywelcome a cloud advantages to utilizing the cloud is that it can save your company up-front and on-going IT expenses. In theory, when compared to on-premises applications, cloud-based servicessolution into their reduce hardware, software, and internal IT needs. Speed of setup and implementation alsobusinesses.” make moving to the cloud an attractive option to consider. While Sherpa will continue to offer award-winning on-premises solutions for IBM Domino and Microsoft Exchange, our new cloud solutions offer options worth considering for many companies.Attender Online In addition to cloud compatible products and archiving options, Sherpa Software will also introduce its own hosted solution, called Attender Online, on April 3, 2013. Attender Online is Sherpa’s software-as-a-service platform service for effectively managing a variety of electronically stored information. Use Attender Online to develop comprehensive policies that govern content in Exchange mailboxes, online archives, PST files, network file shares and workstation hard drives. Targeted specifically towards compliance professionals, records managers, and IT professionals, Attender Online provides the flexibility and scalability customers are used to with cloud solutions for email, file, and content management across multiple data silos. 2|Page
  3. 3. Delivered using a software-as-a-service model, Attender Online can be implemented quickly by configuring the management components in the cloud. Using the service is simple:  Begin by identifying the people or computers that you wish to manage within your organization  Each person or computer may then be linked with their target ESI repositories (mailboxes, hard drives, etc)  Use Attender Online’s flexible workflow architecture to develop comprehensive policies that allow you to examine, copy, move, delete or report on the ESI targets using a variety of selection criteria  Create policies to combine a workflow with the appropriate targets then begin running those policies on a scheduled basis to manage your environment There are many advantages the Attender Online model offers. For one, the cloud-based central hub is able to simplify deployment and speed innovation. Its policies are executed by software agents installed within your network and the enforcement of these policies occurs locally, meaning data does not need to leave the customer site. Attender Online’s secure hybrid approach guarantees that sensitive information is efficiently managed without ever leaving your network. With offerings available in the cloud and on-premises, it will be a new and continued focus of ours to work with customers to determine which solution best fits their business need.Conclusion Because of the rapid pace of ESI accumulation, corporate regulation and the associated compliance and e-Discovery requirements, IT and Records Management Departments across the nation continue to be inundated with projects that have them seeking outside expertise. Over the last few months, Sherpa Software has seen this trend play out with increasing frequency and has formulated solution packages that combine our products and services to help our customers more completely address their information challenges. Whether it’s through product, professional, or partner services or the introduction of our hosted information management platform, Sherpa continues to evolve with the needs of our customers. In an information age that requires companies to get the most from their technology and service providers, Sherpa is delivering a complete solution. For more information about Sherpa solutions, please email, visit us at, or call us toll free at 1-800-255-5155. 3|Page
  4. 4. About Sherpa For over 10 years Sherpa Software has provided IT Professionals with award-winning information management software specifically designed to address email management,Software archiving, e-discovery, PST management and compliance requirements for Lotus Notes and Microsoft Exchange environments. Based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Sherpa’s solutions are practical, reliable and affordable and have been installed at thousands of organizations worldwide. Their products offer flexible architectures that streamline administrative processes without requiring any additional hardware or add-on components. Sherpa Software is an IBM Premier Business Partner and a Microsoft Certified Partner. For more information about Sherpa Software, visit Washington AvenueBridgeville, PA 15017www.SherpaSoftware.com1.800.255.5155 4|Page