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Short Story: Gensui Imaging - What you don't know can hurt you


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Episode 4 of the Short Story series.

Published in: Technology, Education
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Short Story: Gensui Imaging - What you don't know can hurt you

  1. 1. Gensui Imaging -What You Don’t Know Can Hurt YouA Short Story by Grant LindsayUnder the copyright laws, neither the documentation nor the software can be copied, photocopied, reproduced, translated, or reduced toany electronic medium of machine-readable form, in whole or in part, without the written consent of Sherpa Software Partners, except inthe manner described in the software agreement.© Copyright 2011 Everest Software, L.P., d.b.a. Sherpa Software Partners, L.P.All rights reserved. Printed in the United States.Compliance Attender for Lotus Notes is the registered trademark of Sherpa Software Partners, L.P.
  2. 2. | Page 2 of 5inter in the northeast United States had persisted like a throbbing headache that stubbornly refused torespond to any remedy. Finally and rapidly, though, it seemed that Spring was asserting itself.Temperatures were climbing, trees were blossoming and birds were chirping. Just seeing moresunshine was a relief and improved everyones mood.Even Gensui Acme Imagings newly promoted Manager of Messaging Systems, Valerie Wright, was in a goodmood. The view of a magnolia tree in full glory outside the window of her bosss office was cheery enough tokeep Valerie seated in the vacant room. Peter Terrell, also newly appointed as Vice President of Technology andstill Valeries supervisor, was once again making her wait for their weekly meeting.Her promotion, just three weeks old, had come as a complete surprise to Valerie. She had been so “headsdown” with the work of merging the messaging systems of two companies that she just did not see it coming.She smiled now as she remembered how happy Peter had looked when he told her. It would have taken an actof Congress to remove his huge grin.Naturally, Valerie was busier than ever, both her and Peter. Besides everything else related to Gensui Imagingsmerger with Acme Co., the two of them were looking to fill two new IBM Domino Administrator positions.Eventually, this would free up more of Valeries time but right now, the process of collecting, reviewing andprioritizing resumes, added on top of every other urgent project, was overwhelming.As the reality of her workload began to sober her mood, Peter flew into the office. “Im so sorry, Val.” Peterapologized as soon as he saw her. “These meetings upon meetings! How will we get anything done?” Hedumped an armful of stuffed file folders and his black leather folio onto his desk as he flopped into his chair.He took a deep breath, held it for a second, let it out all at once, and said, “So, how are you?” Each smiled at theother. They knew that the answer was the same for both of them: overwhelmed.“What do we have today, Val? The Mail Merge?” asked Peter, using the nickname they had come up with for theMicrosoft Exchange to IBM Domino email migration project.“No.”“Oh. What, then?”“Simply put, our data retention is a train wreck,” Valerie said.“Really?” Peters curiosity seemed genuine. “How so?”“Well, let me tell you how I got thinking about this.”“Okay.”“Last week, I was working on someones laptop and I noticed a large Notes database on his hard drive. The filename made me think it was related to their mail file. When I opened it, I saw messages going back severalyears.”“Wow. How big was the file?”“Nearly five gig. Which turned out to be part of the reason he was running out of disk space.”“We allow local replicas of mail. How did his get so big, though?”“It wasnt a replica,” Valerie answered. “I asked him about it and he said it was his mail backup.”“His mail backup?”“W
  3. 3. | Page 3 of 5“Yes. It seems that he figured out how to create a local mail file and he routinely copies important messages toit.” Valerie made an air quotes gesture with her fingers as she said “important.”“I see. So, were running out of disk space because of this?” Peter guessed.“Maybe,” answered Valerie. “But that isnt whats worrying me.”“Okay. Whats worrying you?” Peter asked, trying to follow Valeries breadcrumb trail.“For starters, how many of these mail backups are there out there?” The air quotes showed up again, around“backups” this time.“Right.”It seemed that light had not gone on yet inside Peters head, so she pressed. “Okay. Its easy to make a localNotes database and copy messages into it. Its easy to copy office docs locally. All that data is out there, livingoutside our data retention controls. What if those laptops get subpoenaed?” Valerie paused, then summarized,“Were at risk.”Peters expression revealed that the light was finally coming on.“Were at risk,” Valerie repeated, “and we dont even know what we dont know.”“Im with you, now, Val.” Peter said. “So, we need to lock down or manage the data on these laptops, somehow.”“Maybe. I dont know what we need to do because I dont know how big the problem is. We need to get moredata about... the data. If that makes sense.”“It does. I get it, now. And I can see why youre worried,” Peter said. “I am too.”“Good,” Valerie said then added quickly, “I mean, Im glad it isnt just me being overly paranoid.”Peters brain seemed to be in high gear now while evaluating the new information.Valerie continued. “I made a list of areas where I think we are vulnerable.” She passed a printout to her boss.Peter scanned the list:ServersDomino• Mail (w/ Attachments)• Mail-in Applications (w/ Attachments)• Other Applications (e.g., discussion, team room, custom, etc.) (w/Attachments)File Shares• Loose documentsLocal machinesLoose documentsNotes Data• Mail (replicas, copies, archives) - incl. exported messages• Other Notes databases (copies/replicas)
  4. 4. | Page 4 of 5“So... everything?” he asked.“Pretty much,” Valerie agreed.“Does this story have any good news?”Valerie smiled, “Well, now that you mention it...”“Go on.”“I checked with Sherpa Software and it turns out that their Discovery Attender product can do a RiskAssessment. They say its part of...” she read from her notepad, “the Identification stage of the ElectronicDiscovery Reference Model.” Looking back up, she continued, “Anyway, it can scan all these areas and reportback on exactly whats out there: mail, attachments, loose files, where they are, how many, how big... all that.”“Sounds perfect,” Peter cheered up at hearing there was a solution and not just another problem.Before he could ask, Valerie concluded, “Ill get you a price.” She rose and was already leaving. “Then, Im goingto have lunch outside, since it is so nice today.” She glanced back to see Peter smiling as she turned into thehallway and thought to herself, Another issue resolved.
  5. 5. | Page 5 of 5About the AuthorAs the Product Manager for Compliance Attender for Notes, Grant is responsible for productresearch and development, pre-sales technical support (e.g., Demos), post-sales technicalsupport and competitive research.Grant joined Sherpa Software in 2007 and has 17 years of experience in InformationTechnology. Of those, more than 16 were spent building applications with Lotus Notes andDomino. He worked with a wide range of company sizes and across several industriesincluding insurance, consulting, venture capital, manufacturing, software and more.Grant is an IBM Certified Advanced Application Developer and an expert in email management and compliance,LotusScript, Notes Formula Language, application design and security. He is also skilled in C/C++ and JavaApplication Programming Interfaces (APIs) for Notes and Domino. Grant is accomplished in web deliveredtechnologies: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.He graduated in 1995 from the Career Development Institute with a Programmer Analyst Diploma. Grant spendshis off time with his wife, Lydia, of 19 years and their three retired greyhound racers, Rio, Wavorly and Oriole.