IT Professionals' Start to Finish EDiscovery Checklist


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IT Professionals' Start to Finish EDiscovery Checklist

  1. 1. IT Pro ofession nals’ Sta to Fin art nish E-D Discovery Check ry klist Wh to put to hy ogether an E-Discove Proces ery ss: • Reduce liability and risk R y • Lo ower litigation costs n – IT reso ource allocation, overtime – Minimi costly asp ize pects, e.g. Lawwyer review • Avoid fines, ad A dverse judgme ents • Comply with re C egulations • Ease disruption to normal bbusiness oper rations • Better manage your environ e nment Con nsideration when c ns choosing a tool or vendor:When sea arching for a solution to your E-Discovery needs it is important to take into consideration a snumber of factors: • Budget • Timeframe • Volume V • In n-house resou urces • Regulations R • Data types D • Scope Ran of Offe nge erings • All-Inclusive So A olution Offerin ngs • Software • Hardware H • Hosted (Cloud) H • Consultants C • In n-House proce essing • Service Providders 456 Washington Avenue, Suite 2 > Bridgeville, PA 15017 > 1. A .800.255.5155 > www.sherpa
  2. 2. Sol lution Con nfusion • Hundreds of ve H endors offerin software and services ng • Functional oveerlap • Service providers selling so oftware, Consultants managing tools • In nfrastructure providers build discovery m p modules, etc. • Diverse set of cost models D Sol lutions sho ould offer:Effective T Turn Around: Robust features sets to h handle all the E-Discovery steps that will be required inyour envirronment (see • Time savings: Effective pro ocessing of daata • Cost Savings: C • Defensibility: D • Robust audit tr R rails and chains of custodyy • Preservation of metadata o • Efficiency • Targeted to yo environme our ent • Able to process based on e A expansive crite eria • Minimal disrup M ption of day to day business o • Must be repeatable, enforce M eable How to choos your too se ols: • Understand yo unique environment U our – Needs requirements of the orga s, anization – Speciffication of the IT environm e ment (data maps, process flows, etc.) – Identify area of challenge (backu tapes, laptops, remote s fy up sites, obsolete technology, etc.) e , – Reseaarch vendors, software, ser rvices that ha experienc with similar clients (data ave ce r a types, size, industry etc.) y, • Realistic expec R ctation of wha can be don in-house at ne • If an E-Discove process is not yet in place, create o ery s one • Get G buy-in from all stake ho m olders (especi ially Legal and IT) • Setup, evaluat and benchm te mark in a realistic test environment • If needed, seek outside exp pertise for guid dance (dont fforget your pe groups) eer 456 Washington Avenue, Suite 2 > Bridgeville, PA 15017 > 1. A .800.255.5155 > www.sherpa
  3. 3. Questions to ask:When dea aling with stak keholders: • What is the budget? W • How often is th organizatio involved in litigation? H he on n • Is there a curre E-Discove process? s ent ery • What governm W ment regulation affect the industry? ns • What is the mo pressing n W ost need in the orrganization? – Policy creation (E-D Discovery Plan, Complianc Retention, etc.) ce, , – Pendin litigation, s ng specific case – Human Resource, s n security needds – Other thering ESI spWhen gat pecifications: • How large is th IT infrastru H he ucture? • Where is data stored (struct W tured, unstrucctured)? • What kind of backup techno W ology is utilize ed? • What systems are used for mail, HR, etc W c.? • Is litigation targ s geted at certa custodians ain s? • What kind of in W n-house expeertise is present? • Which parts of the E-Discov W f very process are handled in-house? searching venWhen res ndors: • Is this a service, software, S s SaaS? • Does the tool search the da types in yo organizati D s ata our ion? • What kinds of audit trail / ch W hain of custod does the pr dy roduct support? • How are end-u H users affected d? • What is the average time fo installation and setup? W or • How intrusive is the architec H i cture, what efffect on ESI? • What kind of tr W raining is requ uired? • What is the pricing model (s W size, server, installation, m module, etc.)? • Can C I see a de emo? • Do D you have an evaluation? a ? 456 Washington Avenue, Suite 2 > Bridgeville, PA 15017 > 1. A .800.255.5155 > www.sherpa