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Myanmar Business Today is Myanmar’s first bilingual (English-Myanmar) business newspaper, distributed in both Myanmar and Thailand. MBT covers a range of news encompassing local business stories, special reports and in-depth analysis focusing on Myanmar’s nascent economy, investment and finance, business opportunities, foreign trade, property and real estate, automobile, among others. MBT also provides detailed coverage of regional (ASEAN) and international business stories.

Myanmar Business Today’s target readers are foreign and local investors, businesspeople and government officials, and our advertisers are also those who try to reach this niche market in Myanmar. We provide best solutions for our advertisers with our content, outstanding print and paper quality, and superior distribution chain. We convey our advertisers’ messages to readers not only in Myanmar but also in Thailand, Southeast Asia’s second largest economy.

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Myanmar Business Today - Vol 2, Issue 7

  1. 1. Myanmar Business Today February 13-19, 2014 MYANMAR’S FIRST BILINGUAL BUSINESS JOURNAL February 13-19, 2014 | Vol 2, Issue 7 Myanmar Recalls Singapore Consortium for $1.1-b Airport Deal Shein Thu Aung Myanmar Summary T with the South Korean Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg Changi Airport Planners and Engineers (CAPE) ? Yongnam Holdings JGC Corp ate a new international Fred Hochberg, chairman and president of the US Export-Import Bank, speaks during the US ExportImport Bank annual conference in Washington, DC. The Export-Import Bank is an independent federal American taxpayers. US Export-Import Bank Opens to Myanmar ment that its consortium Bank to offer short- and medium-term financing in Myanmar; Says will help reintegrate Myanmar and US exporters eration and maintenance its facilities on the basis of The consortium Incheon International Airport Corp was T Bank) said it will start South Korea’s Incheon Myanmar Summary Phyu Thit Lwin tar&duefEdkifiH ydkYukef oGif; the announcement would that we are committed to credit market that has boomed Contd. P 23... Contd. P 23... 20 % OFF ALL SEATS, ALL FLIGHTS Contd. P 6... Contd. P 6... Booking Period: 10 - 16 Febuary 2014 Travel Period: 17 February - 18 May 2014 Lowest fare only @ Fly direct from Yangon Find more @ Now! Bangkok Kuala Lumpur (4x Daily*) ask f Facebook/AirAsia AirAsia Travel & Service Centre Yangon : No 37, Level 1, Room 111, La Pyae Wun Plaza, Alan Pya Pagoda Road, Dagon Township 01-370 847, 09 2540 49991-3 Mandalay : Room 3, 26th (B) Road, between 78th and 79th Road, Mandalay 09 42 111 7111 (2x Daily) Fly direct from Mandalay Bangkok (Daily Flights) And many more destinations And Our Authorized Agents: Sun Far Travel 01-243993, 02-74333, 01-255338 Seven Diamond Travels 01-203549, 02-72868, 01-500712 Than Than Travel 01-704190, 09-5007350, 01-255035 Columbus Travel & Tours 01-229245, 378535, 09-250026030 Nice Fare Travel 01-393088, 02-30833, 01-384274 UA Ticketing/Tour 09-5402525, 02-22311, 067-8420031 as well as other authorized AirAsia agents across Myanmar Promotion seats are limited and may not be available on all flights, public holidays, school breaks and weekends. A payment processing fee is applicable to all payments made via credit, debit or charge cards. Our other terms and conditions of carriage apply. The fourth flight to Bangkok operates daily starting from 30 March 2014.
  2. 2. LOCAL BIZ 2 Myanmar Business Today February 13-19, 2014 Business News in Brief MYANMAR’S FIRST BILINGUAL BUSINESS JOURNAL Military-owned shipping line to buy 3 vessels Military to surrender over 150,000 acres of seized land Board of Editors Editor-in-Chief - Sherpa Hossainy Reporters & Writers Sherpa Hossainy, Kyaw Min, Tha Linn, Phyu Thit Lwin, Htet Aung, Su Su, Aye Myat, Daisuke Lon, Yasumasa Hisada Art & Design Zarni Min Naing (Circle) DTP May Su Hlaing Translators Shein Thu Aung, Phyu Maung Advertising Seint Seint Aye, Moe Hsann Pann, Htet Wai Yan Advertising Hotline - 09 420 237 625, 09 4211 567 05, 09 31 450 345 Subscription & Circulation Aung Khin Sint - 09 20 435 59 Nilar Myint - 09 4210 855 11 Managing Director foreign banks’ operation Myanmar Summary Prasert Lekavanichkajorn Email Editor - Advertising - Designer - Yangon to have underground rail, sky trains by 2025 Phone Editor - 09 42 110 8150 Designer - 09 7310 5793 Publisher U Myo Oo (04622) Printing after China cancels Thai plan Shwe Naing Ngan Printing (04193) No. 1A-3, Myintha 11th Street, South Okkalapa Township, Yangon. Tel: 951-850 0763, Fax: 951-8603288 ext: 007 advanced tax
  3. 3. LOCAL BIZ 3 Myanmar Business Today February 13-19, 2014 Will Mobile Money be Disruptive in Myanmar? Mobile Money is finally in Myanmar. But will the people of Myanmar adopt it as a replacement for physical cash? Lois Eva Adhiambo Adongo T obstacle faced by mobile money mar since Ooredoo and Telenor won the bid for the country’s two mobile licences in Soe Zeya Tun/Reuters order for consumers to see the institutions like banks may see needs of the Myanmar people; and grounded in the local context. Myanmar Summary worldwide has done a brilliant Otherwise it makes no sense to means is that the same way cash in a wallet is within reach and reduction in subscriber churn; Ooredoo Telenor scratch card distribution costs out fold lines, marks, fades or osition for each of these mobile not clear is what consumers they’re unlikely to ditch their true than in the mobile money or any other model for that the sector continues to become tions like many other similar “In order for even the most conservative growth projections to be realised, Mobile Money providers in Myanmar will have to solve the same fundamental obstacle faced by mobile money programs around the world.” is to hit the mainstream then Myanmar Mobile Money Oberthur Contd. P 28... Contd. P 28...
  4. 4. 4 Myanmar Business Today LOCAL BIZ February 13-19, 2014 South Indian Cement Producers Test Myanmar Market Kyaw Min Mann Yadanrpon C mar as a result of harsh market craft on January 31. New Private Airline to Launch its Maiden Flight He said that manufacturers market, manufacturers such as Dalmia Bharat Cement Ltd, The India Cements Ltd, Chettinad market that manufacturers are Htet Aung L mand in south India has fallen other local destinations such as Amit Dave/Reuters Myanmar Summary itkyina from its main base at Myanmar Summary Dalmia Bharat Cement Ltd , The India Cements Ltd , Chettinad Cement Corp Ltd Ramco Cements Ltd In addition to its scheduled Dalmia Cements Vipin Agarwal ATR 72-600
  5. 5. LOCAL BIZ 5 Myanmar Business Today February 13-19, 2014 World Bank Group Grants $31.5m for Telecoms Sector Reforms tions and Information Soe Zeya Tun/Reuters ment with the country that future consultations communities, and ethnic Phyu Thit Lwin T he World Bank Kanthan Shankar, World to remote communities, for a telecommunications based lender said in a The Bank lauded the Bank country director for ecommunications sector the Telecommunications one of the lowest rates of telecommunications and internet access in the sistance to conduct a due The donor said the Myanmar Summary
  6. 6. LOCAL BIZ 6 Myanmar Business Today February 13-19, 2014 First Mobile Money Services Launched in Myanmar French secure technology company Oberthur Technologies helps the launch Phyu Thit Lwin Myanmar Summary Oberthur Technologies (OT) Myanmar Mobile Money (MMM) Co Ltd Mobilemate Telecommunication Getty Images OT agent-assisted cash-in/-out, air time top-up OT ecommunications and identity on the new telecommunication infrastructure that was recently More Magic m:Wallet fer money with their mobile last few years, but less than 20 transactions with sanctions and the moratorium on our two countries and he said in a statement, ers to obtain funds Another export-credit bank tar&dueftpdk;& lending credit insurance, agency Hochberg loan it will also be able loans for creditworthy away from nearly half a century of army rule and conference call, said its Fred credit
  7. 7. LOCAL BIZ 7 Myanmar Business Today February 13-19, 2014 The Road to Myanmar is Inviting but Potholed Myanmar Summary with their market entry noted Lynn Thiesmeyer, uncomfortable to broach CocaCola, Unilever, Samsung Fujitsu Soe Zeya Tun/Reuters ture, and information and A handful of Western but also the loss of land, the only asset to which food manufacturers – for FA Sheikh Contd. P 8... to the Southeast Asian brands of international described by consultants as nestled in the world’s to show that the country’s The key issue for some mar’s tors will confront another business scene Contd. P 8...
  8. 8. LOCAL BIZ 8 Myanmar Business Today February 13-19, 2014 Indonesian Miner to Start Myanmar Tin Exploration in June nounced international Htet Aung I ndonesian Tin miner ommendation this month, Dwi Sadmoko/Reuters While the nascent She described the latter Myanmar Summary PT Timah The tourism industry has also seen Western onf IPS cession area in Tanitharyi Timah which will be used to Timah Sukrisno Italian and German mines’ tin ores, with an last year announced their months and Timah was scheduled to enter the Myanmar Centre for Responsible Business Vicky Bowman Fruit, Vegetable Exports Garner $34m Myanmar Summary ity and new headquarters U Aung/Xinhua Tr a n s p a r e n c y International Su Su yanmar earned year, the country saw Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI)
  9. 9. there is no question that decades of isolation also nesses are absent from accounted for more than ternational community enter the frontier market demonstrates that more international business frastructure, weak rule of ness sector – must seize ternational beyond, into a country of community ments like these can fuel health, ELUDEHCS THGILF CITSEMOD DNA LAN )NIS( eropag niS ot ) NGR( nognaY mo rf s thgi lF )NGR ( nognaY ot )NIS( eropagniS m orf sthgi lF )XNC( iaM gna ihC ot )NGR( n ognaY morf sthg ilF )NGR( nognaY ot )XNC( iaM g naihC m orf sthg ilF )KKB( kokg naB ot ) NGR( nognaY m orf sth gilF )NGR( no gnaY ot )KKB( kok gnaB m orf sthgilF )NAH( ionaH ot )NGR( nog naY morf st hgilF )NGR( nognaY ot ) NAH( io naH morf st hgilF )LUK( r upmuL alauK ot )NGR( n og naY morf st hgilF )NGR( n og naY ot)LUK( rupmuL alauK m orf st hg ilF )NGR( nognaY ot )NG S( hniM ihC oH m orf sthgilF )NGR( nognaY ot )EPT( iepiaT morf s thgilF )NGR( nogna Y ot )GMK(gni mnuK m orf sthgi lF )NGR( nognaY ot )S JB( g nijieB morf s thgilF )NGR ( nognaY ot )GNN( gni nnaN m orf sthgilF )NGR ( nognaY morf sthgilF )GKH( gnoK gn oH )NGR( nognaY ot )NAC( uohZ gnauG m orf sthgilF )NGR( nogna Y ot )UCC( atakloK morf sthg ilF )N GR( nogn aY ot ) YAG( ayaG morf sthgilF )NGR( nogna Y ot )TRN( oykoT morf sthgi lF )NG R( nogn aY ot ) NCI( luoeS morf sthg ilF )NGR( nognaY ot )HOD( ahoD morf st hgilF )NGR( nognaY ot )TY N( waT iyP yaN m orf sthgilF )NGR( nognaY ot )YD M( yaladnaM morf sthgi lF )NGS( hniM ihC oH ot )NGR( nognaY m orf sthgilF )EPT ( iepiaT ot )NGR( nog naY morf sth gil F )GMK(gnimn uK ot )NGR( nognaY m orf sthgi lF )SJB( g nijie B ot )NG R( nognaY morf sth gil F )GNN ( gninnaN ot ) NGR( nognaY m orf sth gilF )GKH( gnoK g noH ot )NGR( n ognaY morf sthg ilF )NAC( uohZ g nauG ot )NGR( n ognaY m orf sthgi lF )UCC( atakl oK ot )NGR( nog naY morf st hgil F )Y AG( aya G ot )NGR( nog naY morf sthg ilF )TRN ( oykoT ot )NGR( nog naY morf st hgilF )NCI( luoe S ot )NGR( nog naY morf sthg ilF )HOD( ahoD ot )NGR( nog naY morf sth gil F )TYN( w aT iyP yaN ot )NGR( nognaY m orf sthgilF )YDM ( yaladnaM ot )NGR( n ognaY morf sthgi lF nomically, education, and sustainably, the skills of the country’s tunate because American donation of hundreds of millions of litres of clean tional resources to remote fully functional Jason Reed/Reuters dollar, Ethan Kurt attendees were Chit Ko Tech Camp R understand that social Wenchi Yu & Anne MacDonald Myanmar Summary The Golden Hour for The Golden Land: Myanmar’s Need for US Public-Private Partnerships February 13-19, 2014 LOCAL BIZ 9 Myanmar Business Today
  10. 10. LOCAL BIZ 10 Myanmar Business Today February 13-19, 2014 Kyaw Min G Bayer nicable diseases such as healthcare business in Bayer HealthCare Mega Lifesciences sidiary Bayer Thai, the needs and we welcome Bayer and quality of life of its nies in healthcare and Bayer HealthCare has Chew u Bayer Myanmar Summary Chew said Bayer aims Bayer HealthCare Bayer AG for this kind of economic ethnic minorities about ties for both international businesses and the many San Suu Kyi created the bile libraries and smaller Forbes more inaccessible areas health industry leaders to Secretary of State Hillary of them come barefoot, cal reforms, will not only result in increased shared ensure that more of its Wenchi Yu and Anne MacDonald are members of the Managing Committee of the Suu Foundation. Ms Yu is the managing partner of the Banyan Advisory Group LLC and a former State Department pursuing graduate studies at Harvard University and is a former White Bayer Thai
  11. 11. LOCAL BIZ 11 Myanmar Business Today February 13-19, 2014 Myanmar: A Critical Moment for the Country’s Future access to electricity and health was attributable to better health in health could return anywhere leaders to take bold action, and The WorldPost Jim Yong Kim is the President of World Bank Group. U Aung/Xinhua Myanmar Summary Jim Yong Kim water by hand, children read This will lay the foundation for quickly in urban areas, it has but it will also create a better The country also needs to children learn better at school, as one of Asia’s most dynamic tor, and with swift action by the
  12. 12. LOCAL BIZ 12 Myanmar Business Today February 13-19, 2014 Asia Optical Plans Further Investments in Myanmar Expects to see 30-percent global growth in 2014 Su Su factories in mainland China, Thanks to increased T Myanmar Summary electro-optical Kodak Asia Optical Asia Optical Co Inc ed to contribute $247 million Kodak the number is set to increase to optical lenses Asia Optical onf is one fourth of the total, Asia lenses SCI Looks at Myanmar Calls Daisuke Lon Gematronik Weather Radar Systems I Myanmar Summary Shipping Corporation of India (SCI) Currently, there are no liner Japan Gives $40m to Myanmar for Establishing Radar System run between the two countries Htet Aung national and international lines, is answerable to shareholders Chennai (India) and Colombo T aid of $40 million to Myanmar Summary Reuters automatic weather observation stations
  13. 13. REGIONAL BIZ 13 Myanmar Business Today February 13-19, 2014 Smuggling, Fraud Cost Philippines $25.8b in 2011, Study Says Philippines had back-to-back record high illicit inflows in 2010, 2011; Treasury lost at least $19.3b from customs misdeclaration since 1990; A fourth of Philippine imports not reported to customs Patrick Temple-West related fraud has reached an lion in illicit money crossed the borders most recent year for which data Romeo Ranoco/Reuters Workers unload rice imported from Vietnam from a ship docked at a port in Manila. VAT omist Brian LeBlanc, one of the Global Financial Integrity (GFI) Dubai should be scrutinised Reuters Myanmar Summary funds went out of the country GFI rS Brian LeBlanc
  14. 14. REGIONAL BIZ 14 Myanmar Business Today February 13-19, 2014 India Seeks to Boost Connectivity With ASEAN Nations Elizabeth Roche Myanmar Summary A Asian economies look nei, Cambodia, Indonesia, consolidate a market of more the consolidation of economic Anil Wadhwa, secretary (east) Mint fairs, noted that India was only the third country after China Anil Wadhwa Reuters tween India and countries of Wadhwa China Cancels Deal to Buy Thai Rice Due to Graft Probe Pracha Hariraksapitak C hina has cancelled a deal The Chinese cancellation is the latest in a series of setbacks Bank held a demonstration on Reuters The cancellation will add to Myanmar Summary to sell 400,000 tonnes of rice secure funds for the rice scheme at a time when farmers who try to defuse the crisis has failed It could be months before the deals between Thailand and ed annual losses of 200 billion The deal between Thailand Niwatthamrong Bunsongphaisan
  15. 15. 15 REGIONAL BIZ Myanmar Business Today February 13-19, 2014 From Iran to North Korea, Investors Spy The New Frontier Investors seek new avenues after poor emerging market returns; North Korea, the “final frontier”, also has iron, rare earths Carolyn Cohn and Natsuko Waki I Bobby Yip/Reuters some Western sanctions on Iran has its attractions to tion and an established local years. Myanmar Summary eral resources such as iron ore Final frontier national markets, Iran would Iraq’s debts in 2004, and Iraq tors in debt and equity markets, it could be years before they now included in benchmark But for Iran, the main current “On a corporate level, some brave pioneers are already making inroads. Egypt’s Orascom Telecom has invested in North Korea’s telecommunications market for the past six years.” Korea’s telecommunications Hassan Rouhani u Distressed debt is another in Iran that need to be dealt Consumer Trends, Marketing & Branding Strategies Organized by Event Information Friday, 21 Feb 2014 2:00 pm to 5.30 pm Mingalar Hall RUMFCCI Office Tower 29 Min Ye Kyaw Swar Road Yangon, Myanmar Sponsored by RSVP by 19 Feb to: For inquiries please email or call (+951) 860 3304 x 414 Seats are limited to 300 only.
  16. 16. REGIONAL BIZ 16 Myanmar Business Today February 13-19, 2014 Mizoram Boosting Infrastructure for Myanmar, Bangladesh Border Trade ture to boost trade IANS Myanmar Summary the northeastern Indian state’s Supri/Reuters borders to facilitate border Vakkom B Purushothaman u the union commerce ministry Indonesian Economy Grows 5.78pc in 2013, Slowest in 4 Years I But domestic demand has reau said last week, as the end In the October to December over $500m in Gasoline, Power Units S while on a quarterly basis it Reuters Reuters Myanmar Summary Myanmar Summary rS Jurong Panasonic to Sell SE Asia Chip Assembly Plants to UTAC Unit Edmund Klamann the heels of the transfer of its Reuters Myanmar Summary Panasonic Corp UTAC Holdings Ltd The sudden interest was international community and Reuters Panasonic
  17. 17. INTERNATIONAL BIZ 17 Myanmar Business Today February 13-19, 2014 Flipping the Corruption Myth Corruption is by far not the main factor behind persisting poverty in the Global South Jason Hickel T national Myanmar Summary Transparency International recently (CPI) Source: Transparency International House, and the World tares of the nation’s land CPI The poverty factor Freedom House rich Western countries, lem with this theory: It’s ment, where the House of to be most concerned about has its root in the Corruption, superpower style deed, fundamental – set aside for the leaders of form of bribery and theft were intimately tied to the interests of Wall Street With the City of London of dictators in Africa and amounts of money on ance, on the other hand, accounts for more than erty in the Global South is The question is all the the city is immune from the Orwellian banner of ocratic laws and free of all tained a number of quaint of wealth is facilitated by anonymous accounts, and fake foundations, with the “This enormous outflow of wealth is facilitated by a shadowy financial system that includes tax havens, paper companies, anonymous accounts, and fake foundations, with the City of London at the very heart of it.” elections are cast not by tions – mostly banks and To be fair, this kind of where a feudalistic royal
  18. 18. INTERNATIONAL BIZ 18 Myanmar Business Today February 13-19, 2014 tion that these numbers countries is not localised bribery and theft, but A similar story can be access to new markets, London banks colluded stitutions masquerade as myth on its head and start Dr Jason Hickel lectures at the London School of Economics and serves as an adviser to The Rules. The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not neces- bribery and theft in the HuffPost these institutions foisted Business Today’s editorial policy. Al Jazeera Treasury wields de facto Sudan, and the warlords of Somalia – three of the these institutions are not not a few military bosses lack of accountability, as chief economist of the “With the City of London at the of how much harm they famous dictators – like centre of the global tax haven web, how does the UK end up with a clean CPI?” tu Sese Seko, and Hosni ernance were true of any South, the West would cry a few of the world’s most the command centres of Yoko Kubota T Reuters Myanmar Summary Toyota Motor Corp Reuters tomaker said last week it now Toyota Motor Corp While some economists and
  19. 19. INVESTMENT & FINANCE 19 Myanmar Business Today February 13-19, 2014 Front Running the Fed UK Pension Transfers. He can be reached at Faramond UK is regulated by the FCA and provides advice on pensions and taxation. time has come, but still many Myanmar Summary David Mayes as a whole has been essentially or those of you who don’t the stimulus was not in fact the reason markets are where they risky markets at historically and he would know that this solid bid underneath is not yet make the market for that stock bid to both the stock and bond would thus buy or sell on his nobody is really sure how this is who try to hide their cards, the David Mayes MBA provides wealth management services to expatriates throughout Southeast Asia, focusing on try to identify when there was a FedrS Gary Camero/Reuters sometimes take hours or days to in Washington. MIC Approves Hotel and Shopping Mall Construction Aye Myat T The construction of the facilities will be carried local constructor to build Myanmar Summary Soe Zeya Tun/Reuters mall, business centre and
  20. 20. INVESTMENT & FINANCE 20 Myanmar Business Today February 13-19, 2014 Myanmar Opens Airports to Investors Air Bagan Air Bagan registry of interest (ROI) Air KBZ Air Sherpa Hossainy KBZ Asian Wings some of the local airports in Myanmar. Wanwisa Ngamsangchaikit T wa; Sittwe; Thandwe; Tachilek; that the airline was interested and it would take considerable Myanmar Summary Open Tender: Ministry of Energy T Tender forms went on sale for Investors Myanmar Summary Aye Myat Myanmar Summary T The new law allows income will be maintained if they do not ed machinery and materials to ter resources, electricity and cent of the total workforce in
  21. 21. 21 Myanmar Business Today INVESTMENT & FINANCE February 13-19, 2014 Column: Doing Business in Myanmar Myanmar’s New Stock Exchange: Starting Point the LSX and the CSX is Chulapong Yukate I CSX faces the similar from now is not such a Samrang Pring/Reuters stock markets from the been established under and Daiwa Institute of be seen that the success SET Exchange of Thailand (SET) KRX LSX (LSX) intermediary in securities shares and bonds, as well Chulapong Yukate is the Chairman of Myanmar Advisory Limited and can be contacted at Myanmar Summary tion of the Securities and of intermediates, market and unlicensed securities less there is still the lack other authorities about (BEC) Korea or KRX who holds ard, the disclosures of the Securities KRX
  22. 22. INVESTMENT & FINANCE 22 Myanmar Business Today February 13-19, 2014 Enabling Sustainable Value Chains in Asia’s Apparel Frontier Part III: Riding the power of total resource productivity Part III of the series on creating sustainable apparel value chains explains the possibilities of greater total resource productivity and transparency across the supply chain in a world gradually heading toward a circular economy where resources are reused. Maximilian Martin dustry is traditionally known as dustry is similarly structured so that raw materials are utilised U Aung/Xinhua then sold, used, and discarded Myanmar Summary linear logic needed for sustainable industry dant in natural resources and A thermal roof load, the ometre of land area; only Laos producers be around the corner installed on concrete decks “While these innovations will no doubt gradually run their course, there is a lower hanging fruit for the apparel industry in Myanmar: radically greater resource efficiency in the production process.” mass of this roof absorbs white metal, with a solar tion of the factory: Contd. P 23... Contd. P 23...
  23. 23. 23 Myanmar Business Today INVESTMENT & FINANCE February 13-19, 2014 days and weekends is sold Adding up two and two requires about half the been a serious obstacle for the Sukree Sukplang/Reuters “A redesign of apparel production processes, paired with better infrastructure and training can save up to 20 percent in chemical inputs, one-third of energy, and up to 50 percent of water, while at the same time providing the economic foundations for humane working conditions and an improved environmental footprint.” enters the site is carefully ment, which is the focus of the About the author Dr Maximilian Martin is the Founder and Global Managing Director of Impact Economy. He also serves as Founding Faculty in Residence at Ashoka U and Lecturer in Social Entrepreneurship at the University of St. Gallen. He previously served as founding global head and managing director of UBS Philanthropy Services, head of research at the Schwab Foundation, senior consultant with McKinsey & Company, instructor at Harvard’s Economics Department, and fellow at the Center for Public Leadership, Harvard Kennedy School. He holds an MA in anthropology from Indiana University, a MPA from Harvard University, and a Ph.D. in economic anthropology from the University of Hamburg. Acleda Eyes $11m Loan Portfolio in Myanmar Htet Aung C Myanmar Summary ACLEDA Incheon
  24. 24. 24 Myanmar Business Today February 13-19, 2014 INTERNATIONAL AND DOMESTIC FLIGHT SCHEDULE Flights from Yangon (RGN) to Bangkok (BKK) g s o g N 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 Days s 3 4 5 3 4 5 3 4 5 3 4 5 3 4 5 3 4 5 3 4 5 3 4 5 3 4 5 3 4 5 3 4 5 3 4 5 3 4 5 3 4 5 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 From RGN RGN RGN RGN RGN RGN RGN RGN RGN RGN RGN RGN RGN RGN To BKK DMK DMK BKK BKK BKK BKK BKK BKK BKK DMK BKK BKK DMK ETD 7:15 8:00 8:30 8:40 9:50 10:45 18:05 14:45 15:20 16:30 17:50 18:25 19:40 21:00 ETA 9:30 9:45 10:15 10:25 11:45 12:40 19:50 16:40 17:15 18:15 19:35 20:20 21:35 22:45 Flights from Bangkok (BKK) to Yangon (RGN) g s o g K a Operated by: Bangkok Airways NOK Airlines Thai AirAsia MAI Thai Airways Bangkok Airways Golden Myanmar Airlines Thai Airways Bangkok Airways MAI Thai AirAsia Bangkok Airways Thai Airways NOK Airlines Flight No. DD4230 8M336 FD2751 TG303 PG701 FD2755 PG707 Y5-238 FD2753 PG703 TG305 DD4238 8M332 PG705 Flights from Yangon (RGN) to Chiang Mai (CNX) g s o o ) a i W9-9607 4 7 RGN CNX 14:50 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 3 4 5 1 1 2 3 4 5 1 2 3 4 5 1 3 4 5 5 1 2 3 4 5 1 2 3 4 5 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 7 7 7 7 7 6 7 RGN RGN RGN RGN RGN RGN RGN RGN RGN SIN SIN SIN SIN SIN SIN SIN SIN SIN 10:10 0:25 8:30 10:25 11:30 13:45 15:10 17:10 16:40 14:40 5;00 13:00 14:45 16:05 18:15 19:35 21:35 21:15 Air Bagan W9-9608 Golden Myanmar Airlines SilkAir MAI Singapore Airline Jetstar Asia MAI TigerAir TigerAir SilkAir Y5-234 SQ998 8M6231/3K585 8M232 MI518 8M235 TR2826 TR2826 MI520 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 VN956 1 RGN RGN RGN KUL KUL KUL 8:30 8:55 12:15 12:50 12:55 16:30 5 6 7 RGN HAN 19:10 2 4 7 RGN SGN 14:25 1 1 1 1 1 2 3 4 2 3 4 3 4 2 3 4 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 5 6 2 5 6 RGN RGN TPE TPE 10:50 11:35 2 3 4 6 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 3 6 RGN RGN RGN KMG KMG KMG 14:15 14:40 12:20 2 3 4 6 7 RGN BJS 14:15 Days s 3 From RGN 6 To NNG ETD 12:20 1 2 4 6 RGN HKG 1:10 2 4 7 3 6 1 5 RGN RGN RGN CAN CAN CAN 8:40 11:20 17:40 1 17:10 Days s 1 8M 601 AI234 1 1 NH914 1 From RGN RGN 5 5 To CCU CCU ETD 18:45 13:40 VN943 3 2 5 6 5 RGN RGN GAY GAY 10:30 13:40 16:10 17:20 China Airline EVA Air CI7915 BR287 6 RGN NRT 22:00 Air China China Eastern China Eastern (via NNG) CA905 MU2031 MU2011 21:55 1 3 4 5 7 7 QR619 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 RGN RGN ICN ICN 0:05 0:50 DOH 8:00 Days s 1 2 3 4 5 1 2 3 4 5 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 From RGN RGN RGN RGN RGN To NYT NYT NYT NYT NYT ETD 7:30 11:30 16:30 8:00 15:30 ETA 16:25 Operated by: China Eastern 5:35 17:50 Air Bagan SIN SIN SIN SIN SIN SIN SIN SIN SIN RGN RGN RGN RGN RGN RGN RGN RGN RGN 15:35 7:55 9:10 14:10 14:20 19:15 13:00 15:00 22:10 17:05 9:20 10:40 15:40 15:45 20:45 14:30 16:30 23:35 Golden Myanmar Airlines Singapore Airline Jetstar Asia MAI SilkAir MAI TigerAir TigerAir SilkAir KUL KUL KUL RGN RGN RGN 6:55 10:05 14:00 8:00 11:15 15:00 AirAsia Malaysia Airlines MAI HAN RGN 16:35 18:10 Vietnam Airlines 7 SGN RGN 11:40 13:25 Vietnam Airlines TPE TPE RGN RGN 7:15 7:30 10:05 10:35 China Airline EVA Air KMG KMG KMG RGN RGN RGN 12:40 13:30 8:25 13:15 14:00 11:30 Air China China Eastern China Eastern (via NNG) 2 3 4 6 7 BJS RGN 8:05 13:15 Air China (via KMG) Flight No. MU2011 Days s 3 From NNG 6 To RGN ETD 10:15 ETA 11:30 Operated by: China Eastern KA250 1 3 5 7 HKG RGN 21:50 23:45 Dragon Air Flights from Guang Zhou (CAN) to Yangon (RGN) lg s o C n MAI China Southern Airline China Southern Airline CZ3055 8M712 CZ3055 3 2 6 4 1 7 5 CAN CAN CAN RGN RGN RGN 8:40 14:15 14:45 10:30 15:45 16:35 China Southern Airlines MAI China Southern Airlines Flights from Kolkata (CCU) to Yangon (RGN) h o k U a R Operated by: Air India Air India (via GAY) Flight No. AI227 AI233 MAI Air India 8M 602 AI233 1 Days s ALL NIPPON Airways NH913 1 1 From CCU CCU 5 5 To RGN RGN ETD 10:35 13:30 ETA 13:20 18:00 Operated by: Air India Air India (via GAY) Flights from Gaya (GAY) to Yangon (RGN) g s y n G 11:50 15:00 3 5 6 5 GAY GAY RGN RGN 12:50 15:00 16:00 18:00 MAI Air India Flights from Tokyo (NRT) to Yangon (RGN) i t r k T a R 3 6 NRT RGN 11:10 17:05 ALL NIPPON Airways Flights from Seoul (ICN) to Yangon (RGN) g s o ) n G 8:00 8:50 Korean Air Asiana KE471 OZ4753 Qatar Airways QR618 1 23 4 5 6 7 3 6 ICN ICN RGN RGN 18:40 19:30 22:55 23:40 Korean Air Asiana Flights from Doha (DOH) to Yangon (RGN) t r h R 11:45 Operated by: FMI Air Charter FMI Air Charter FMI Air Charter FMI Air Charter FMI Air Charter Flights from Yangon (RGN) to Mandalay (MDY) i t r o n Y5-234 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 RGN MDY 6:15 7:30 YH 909 2 4 6 7 RGN MDY 6:30 8:10 YH 917 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 RGN MDY 6:10 8:30 YH 727 1 5 RGN MDY 11:15 13:25 YH 731 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 RGN MDY 15:00 17:10 W9 501 1 2 3 4 RGN MDY 6:00 7:25 K7 222 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 RGN MDY 6:30 8:40 YJ 201 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 RGN MDY 11:30 12:55 Days - (1) Monday (2) Tuesday (3) Wednesday (4) Thursday (5) Friday (6) Saturday (7) Sunday e a 3 d s a y u 17:20 Hong Kong (HKG) Flights from Yangon (RGN) n a Dragon Air ETA 19:45 16:55 ETA 8:30 12:30 17:30 9:00 16:30 RGN Flights from Nanning (NNG) to Yangon (RGN) g s o n N a Flights from Yangon (RGN) to Nay Pyi Taw (NYT) lg s o w Flight No. FMI-A1 FMI-B1 FMI-C1 FMI-A1 FMI-A1 CNX Flights from Beijing (BJS) to Yangon (RGN) lg s j S n R Flights from Yangon (RGN) to Doha (DOH) lg s n G O RGN 4 2 3 4 6 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 3 6 CA905 Flights from Yangon (RGN) to Seoul (ICN) g s n G C KE472 OZ7463 Operated by: NOK Airlines MAI Thai AirAsia Thai Airways Bangkok Airways Thai AirAsia Bangkok Airways Golden Myanmar Airlines Thai AirAsia Bangkok Airways Thai Airways NOK Airlines MAI Bangkok Airways Flights from Kunming(KMG) to Yangon (RGN) lg s o m M Air China (via KMG) 06:40+1 5 6 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 2 5 6 Flights from Yangon (RGN) to Tokyo (NRT) g t r n G N 3 ETA 07:55 7:25 8:00 8:45 9:40 12:20 14:30 21:55 17:20 17:35 18:40 20:15 20:05 21:15 Flights from Taipei (TPE) to Yangon (RGN) lg s E n Flights from Yangon (RGN) to Gaya (GAY) g s n G A 3 ETD 06:30 6:40 7:15 8:00 8:50 11:35 13:40 21:10 16:35 16:45 17:55 19:30 19:20 20:00 Flights from Ho Chi Minh (SGN) to Yangon (RGN) lg s o i S n Vietnam Airlines 13:15 15:50 22:15 To RGN RGN RGN RGN RGN RGN RGN RGN RGN RGN RGN RGN RGN RGN Flights from Hanoi (HAN) to Yangon (RGN) g t r n N n R Flights from Yangon (RGN) to Kolkata (CCU) h o g o C Flight No. AI228 AI234 7 VN957 Flights from Yangon (RGN) to Guang Zhou (CAN) lg s o n u 8M711 CZ3056 CZ3056 7 7 7 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Flights from Yangon (RGN) to Hong Kong (HKG) g s o o ) n KA251 7 7 Vietnam Airlines 21:30 17:35 17:55 18:10 From DMK BKK DMK BKK BKK DMK BKK BKK DMK BKK BKK BKK BKK BKK Flights from Kuala Lumpur (KUL)to Yangon (RGN) g t r o n Flights from Yangon (RGN) to Nanning (NNG) g s o g N a Flight No. MU2012 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 AK1426 MH740 8M502 Flights from Yangon (RGN) to Beijing (BJS) lg s n G CA906 5 5 5 5 5 5 2 3 4 5 5 Flights from Yangon (RGN) to Kunming(KMG) lg s o g N CA906 MU2032 MU2012 7 1 Flights from Yangon (RGN) to Taipei (TPE) lg s n G T CI7916 BR288 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 AirAsia MAI Malaysia Airlines Flights from Yangon (RGN) to Ho Chi Minh (SGN) lg s o h VN942 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 4 Flights from Yangon (RGN) to Hanoi (HAN) g t r n G H 3 Days s 4 5 4 5 4 5 4 5 4 5 4 5 4 5 4 5 4 5 4 5 4 5 4 5 4 5 4 5 Flights from Singapore (SIN) to Yangon (RGN) lg s o a Flights from Yangon (RGN) to Kuala Lumpur (KUL) i t r m n a u AK1427 8M501 MH741 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 Flights from Chiang Mai (CNX) to Yangon (RGN) g s o g C 16:20 Flights from Yangon (RGN) to Singapore (SIN) lg s o g N n Y5-233 MI509 8M231 SQ997 8M6232/3K586 8M233 TR2827 TR2827 MI517 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 Golden Myanmar Airlines Yangon Airways Yangon Airways Yangon Airways Yangon Airways Air Bagan Air KBZ Asian Wings 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 DOH RGN 21:05 06:29+1 Qatar Airways Flights from Nay Pyi Taw (NYT) to Yangon (RGN) lg s o y N n Flight No. FMI-A2 FMI-B2 FMI-C2 FMI-A2 FMI-A2 Days s 1 2 3 4 5 1 2 3 4 5 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 From NYT NYT NYT NYT NYT To RGN RGN RGN RGN RGN ETD 8:50 13:00 18:00 10:00 17:00 ETA 9:50 14:00 19:00 11:00 18:00 Operated by: FMI Air Charter FMI Air Charter FMI Air Charter FMI Air Charter FMI Air Charter Flights from Mandalay (MDY) to Yangon (RGN) i t r d D Y5-233 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 MDY RGN 8:10 9:25 YH 910 1 3 MDY RGN 7:40 10:30 YH 918 1 2 3 4 6 7 MDY RGN 8:30 10:25 YH 728 1 5 MDY RGN 9:10 11:05 YH 732 1 2 3 4 5 6 MDY RGN 17:10 19:15 W9 502 1 2 3 4 MDY RGN 16:10 18:15 K7 223 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 MDY RGN 9:00 11:05 YJ 202 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 MDY RGN 16:00 17:25 Days - (1) Monday (2) Tuesday (3) Wednesday (4) Thursday (5) Friday (6) Saturday (7) Sunday e a 3 d s a y u Golden Myanmar Airlines Yangon Airways Yangon Airways Yangon Airways Yangon Airways Air Bagan Air KBZ Asian Wings TANRETNI Flight No. PG 706 DD4231 FD2752 8M335 TG304 PG702 Y5-237 TG302 PG703 8M331 FD2754 PG704 TG306 DD4239
  25. 25. PROPERTY & REAL ESTATE 25 Myanmar Business Today February 13-19, 2014 Myanmar in Motion: Rising Property Market While waiting to see if a new Condominium Law opens up Myanmar real estate to the world, major developers drive Yangon’s residential market forward Robert Carry Myanmar Summary I ity shareholder, which It looked like the military ence, cared more about El Scrapeo/CC While tonnes of aid and has doubled since the Yangon Cityscape. trees littered the streets and hundreds huddled in minium units in line with tate market, one of which Ireland, where real estate Thanylin Star City – the the military that handed it They’re interested in new, “With no stock market in the country, property is one of the only available cash dumps aside from US dollars and gold. Without the worry of banks coming looking for repayments, those buying in Myanmar can afford to wait for a return.” Contd. P 26... as the country’s most The fact that the market address, the site is set on trial and commercial – are of owner makes it far less sadors and many of the tal, international school, Contd. P 26...
  26. 26. PROPERTY & REAL ESTATE 26 Myanmar Business Today February 13-19, 2014 Government Boosts Cement JVs in Myanmar Myanmar Summary Phyu Thit Lwin T construction of nine cement Amazing Ngapali Resort Myanmar Resort Receives ASEAN Green Award based Ramco Cement is said to Htet Aung A located on the wide Myanmar Summary ASEAN Green Award ASEAN Green Hotel Green Kerek Wongsa/Reuters Hotels Condominium Laws is not Property Report can’t be used as collateral The Condominium Law strata titles which will, in turn, enable many of mechanisms needed for ral in local demand set to Colliers Savills PropertyReport “The Condominium Law is going to clearly define strata titles which will, in turn, enable many of these apartment buyers to use the property to get loans.”
  27. 27. 27 IT & TELECOM Myanmar Business Today February 13-19, 2014 Telenor to Spend Less Than Expected on Myanmar Network Peak funding cost $1 billion; Sees cash flow break even in 3 years information before he could Joachim Dagenborg Shares down million subscribers in Asia, roads and many areas don’t seem to react well to news on Asia, will need to use horses mar, lots of untouched nature, The shares slid all week and Reuters Telenor made almost half of Qatar’s Ooredoo last year to build new mobile networks, across one of the world’s last telecoms frontiers, where less Telecommunications were This was a milestone for the sands of dollars when they were tion from decades of military Telenor’s announcement will more than four years to reach Soe Zeya Tun/Reuters Myanmar Summary Telenor Telenor Ooredoo onf &if;ESD; He also said he needed more Telenor Nordics “The market thought they would have to invest up to $2 billion so when they say $1 billion, that’s a marginally positive surprise.” voice data
  28. 28. IT & TELECOM 28 Myanmar Business Today February 13-19, 2014 CAMUSAT Joins Apollo Towers to Telenor to Launch 30 Build Telco Infrastructure in Myanmar Million SIM Cards Shein Thu Aung Myanmar Summary Su Su Telenor, one of the two CAMUSAT Supplied Apollo Towers its foundations in the dynamic lected in December last year as SAT Chairman Richard Thomas Apollo Towers one of the two telecom licence Telenor Myanmar Apollo Myanmar Summary Towers Qatar’s Ooredoo last month to roll out telecommunications Telenor onf Telenor tower infrastructure to mobile Telenor Myanmar rS Petter Furberg CAMUSAT Telenor While we cannot tell for sure whether mobile money will of in terms of users and kyat transacted, we can defer talks Lois Eva Adhiambo Adongo is a mobile innovation and technology expert, international development professional and freelance writer. Technologies Mobile Wallet MoreMagic Soe Zeya Tun/Reuters cash-in/-out ? airtime top-up Ooredoo GSMA One way for mobile money “Until customers themselves see what’s in it for them, they’re unlikely to ditch their physical el would features such as: zero wallets for the mobile wallets.”
  29. 29. AUTOMOBILE 29 Myanmar Business Today February 13-19, 2014 Yangon Bans Toyota Hilux as Passenger Carrier T Myanmar Summary Reuters trucks are not allowed to BAIC to Sell Chinese-made Cars in Myanmar Phyu Thit Lwin C will act as the local dealer for Xiu Heyi, chairman of BAIC, Xinhua th in terms of Myanmar Summary BAIC international Soe Zeya Tun/Reuters forms in the Southeast Asian local automobile market, with Suzuki Carry Sales Edge Up Htet Aung Suzuki Carry is now sold for another car dealer from Old tomaker by sales, utilises its seen a considerable rise in sales WMC A Suzuki Carry pickup truck. Myanmar Summary mu Suzuki has said it could take AA BB Probox TAXI Probox SUZUKI Carry Suzuki Carry branded cars to run them as
  30. 30. CLASSIFIEDS February 13-19, 2014 30 Myanmar Business Today
  31. 31. SOCIAL SCENES 31 Myanmar Business Today February 13-19, 2014 Telenor Licence Signing Ceremony Chinese New Year 2014 Celebration Petter Furberg, chief executive officer of Telenor Myanmar, at the signing ceremony. Telenor People watch the lion dance competition held in Chinatown of Yangon. U Aung/Xinhua A Ministry of Information delegate. Telenor Petter Furberg receives telecoms licence for Telenor. Telenor Lanterns are displayed at a shopping mall. U Aung/Xinhua Telenor executives at the event. Telenor A Ministry of Communications and Information Technology delegate. Telenor Ooredoo Licence Signing Ceremony A Ministry of Communication and Infor- Sheikh Abdullah Bin Mohammed Bin Saud mation Technology official speaks at the Al-Thani, Ooredoo group chairman, speaks Phyu Thit Lwin event. Phyu Thit Lwin at the event. Teachers and students of Fuxing Confucius classroom perform during a gatherLanterns are displayed at a shopping mall ing to celebrate the coming of the Year of ahead of the Chinese Lunar New Year in the Horse in Mandalay. Yangon. U Aung/Xinhua Hou Baoqiang/Xinhua Ross Cormack, chief executive of Ooredoo Myanmar, speaks at the event. Phyu Thit Lwin Ministry of Communication and Information Technology representative and Ooredoo group chairman sign agreements. Phyu Thit Lwin Ford’s Silver Sponsorship of 3rd Oil and Gas Summit at Hotel Sedona Ford’s booth at the event. Ford Ford was the silver sponsor of 3rd Oil and Gas Summit. Sheikh Abdullah Bin Mohammed Bin Saud Al-Thani accepts the licence. Phyu Thit Lwin Ford Ford’s booth at the event. Ford Luminarc Showroom Opening Showroom opening. MC Daw Tin Moe Lwin. Luminarc Staff pose for a photo. Luminarc Luminarc Speech by Business Manager Daw Pan Ei Hnin Si. Luminarc
  32. 32. ENTERTAINMENT 32 Myanmar Business Today February 13-19, 2014 Jet Li to Teach Kung Fu to Myanmar Students Kyaw Min C hinese Hollywood star Jet earthquake that occurred in was founded in 2007 by Jet WMC 2004 tsunami while he and his ed items in the second week of First Ever Thai Film Festival in Myanmar in March Htet Aung Simultaneously, they will be A WMC classes for the students at those actors and actresses will take Backyard Travel Releases New Tour: “From the Mountains to the Sea – A Myanmar Journey” Backyard Travel Shein Thu Aung B A farmer in the ancient city of Bagan. where they would be taken to a cruise down the Irrawaddy the lifestyle of Intha locals and their stilted houses with cruise tural immersion and the chance satisfy the common trend for ride around the outskirts of the city on the famous circular train bination that can be tweaked to