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Myanmar Business Today is Myanmar’s first bilingual (English-Myanmar) business newspaper, distributed in both Myanmar and Thailand. MBT covers a range of news encompassing local business stories, special reports and in-depth analysis focusing on Myanmar’s nascent economy, investment and finance, business opportunities, foreign trade, property and real estate, automobile, among others. MBT also provides detailed coverage of regional (ASEAN) and international business stories.

Myanmar Business Today’s target readers are foreign and local investors, businesspeople and government officials, and our advertisers are also those who try to reach this niche market in Myanmar. We provide best solutions for our advertisers with our content, outstanding print and paper quality, and superior distribution chain. We convey our advertisers’ messages to readers not only in Myanmar but also in Thailand, Southeast Asia’s second largest economy.

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Myanmar Business Today - Vol 2, Issue 5

  1. 1. Myanmar Business Today January 30-February 5, 2014 MYANMAR’S FIRST BILINGUAL BUSINESS JOURNAL January 30-February 5, 2014 | Vol 2, Issue 5 IMF Raises Myanmar’s GDP Forecast, Says economic outlook remains favourable; praises reforms Shein Thu Aung U Aung/Xinhua Myanmar Summary People work at a garment factory of Hlaingtharyar Industrial Zone in Yangon. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) said last Phyu Thit Lwin T the Fund warned about the outas liberalising the foreign ex- The Paris-based lender ear- tjynfjynfqi&maiGaMu;&efyaiGtzGUJ kd f kH rS vGecJonftywfu ajymMum;csut& f h h f jrefrmEdkifiH pD;yGm;a&;onf ,ckvuf&Sd b@ma&;ESpwif 7.5 &mcdiEe;f wd;k wuf f G k f I vmrnfjzpfNy;D vmrnfb@ma&;ESpwif h f G 7. 75 &mcdiEe;f txd wdk;wufvmrnf k f I [k ajymMum;cJNh y;D bPfvyief;0efaqmif k f rIrsm;ESifh pufrIukefxkwfvkyfrIr sm;vnf; wdk;wufvmrnf[k ajymMum;cJhonf/ yJ&pftajcpdkuf tjynfjynfqdkif&maiG aMu;&efyHkaiGtzGJUBuD;rS ,ckb@ma&; ESpfwGif jrefrmEdkifiH pD;yGm;a&;wdk;wuf rIEIef;tm; 6.75 &mcdkifEIef;&Sdrnf[k ,cifu cefYrSef;cJhonf/ odkYaomfvnf; aiGaMu;azmif;yGrIEIef;xm;tay: owd ay;cJhNyD; ,ckvuf&dSb@ma&;ESpfwGif aiGaMu;azmif;yGrIrSm 6 &mcdkifEIef;udk ausmfvGefvmrnf[k owday;ajymMum; cJonf/ ,ckvuf&Sd p;D yGm;a&;½Ijrifo;kH oyf h csufrm tvG e f a umif ; rG e f onf h t ae S txm;wGi&SaeaMumif; tjynfjynfqif f d kd &maiGaMu;&efyHkaiGtzGJUrS jrefrmEdkifiHa&; &mtwGuf tBuD ; tuJ wpf OD; jzpf ol Matt Davies u owif;pm&Si;vif;yGJ f wpfckwGif ajymMum;cJhonf/ Matt Davies onf Zefe0g&Dv 9 &ufaeYrS 21 &ufaeYtxd jrefrm Contd. P 6... President Warns of Possible Sanctions if Two Laws Not Enacted Contd. P 6... P said in his message to the Union Parliament speak- if the Anti-terrorism Law and The FATF is an intergovern- CFT). The group maintains a The FATF meeting from February 10 to 14 in Paris will inThe two bills were sent to parliament on January 7. The antiterrorism bill was submitted to parliament on January 20 by He told the parliament that it Contd. P 20... Travel more this year! Booking Period: 27 January - 2 February 2014 Travel Period: 27 January - 25 May 2014 Fly direct from Yangon (2x Daily) Kuala Lumpur USD* 23 And many more destinations in Malaysia Alor Setar Bintulu Johor Bahru Labuan Kota Kinabalu Sibu Kota Bharu Kuching Langkawi Miri Penang Kuala Terengganu Sandakan Tawau Lowest fare only @ Find more @ f Facebook/AirAsia AirAsia Travel & Service Centre ask Yangon : G Floor, Park Royal Hotel Yangon 01 251885-6 Mandalay : Room 3, 26th (B) Road, between 78th and 79th Road, Mandalay 09 42 111 7111 And Our Authorized Agents: Sun Far Travel 01-243993, 02-74333, 01-255338 Seven Diamond Travels 01-203549, 02-72868, 01-500712 Than Than Travel 01-704190, 09-5007350, 01-255035 Columbus Travel & Tours 01-229245, 378535, 09-250026030 Nice Fare Travel 01-393088, 02-30833, 01-384274 UA Ticketing/Tour 09-5402525, 02-22311, 067-8420031 as well as other authorized AirAsia agents across Myanmar *Airport taxes and fees apply. Promotion seats are limited and may not be available on all flights, public holidays, school breaks and weekends. A payment processing fee is applicable to all payments made via credit, debit or charge cards. Our other terms and conditions of carriage apply.
  2. 2. LOCAL BIZ 2 Myanmar Business Today January 30-February 5, 2014 Investment and Finance Update MYANMAR’S FIRST BILINGUAL BUSINESS JOURNAL Board of Editors Myanmar to implement 5 hydropower projects with European countries Parliament opposes the President regarding SEZ Bill liament last week. He said there were a total of 22 hydropower plants The bill was approved by the parliament last year and Editor-in-Chief - Sherpa Hossainy Reporters & Writers Sherpa Hossainy,Kyaw Min, Shein Thu Aung, Phyu Thit Lwin, Htet Aung, Su Su, Aye Myat, Daisuke Lon, Yasumasa Hisada Art & Design Zarni Min Naing (Circle) Projects for 22 towns being drafted with foreign backing Myanmar seafood exporters to explore US market DTP May Su Hlaing Translators Shein Thu Aung, Phyu Maung Suu Kyi says military shouldn’t be involved in politics Advertising Tay Zar Zaw Win, Seint Seint Aye, Moe Hsann Pann Advertising Hotline - 09 7323 6758 Subscription & Circulation Aung Khin Sint - 092043559 Nilar Myint - 09421085511 S Korea, Myanmar agree to boost agriculture cooperation Managing Director Prasert Lekavanichkajorn ernment said. Email Editor - Advertising - Designer - Phone Editor - 09 42110 8150 Designer - 09 7310 5793 Publisher U Myo Oo (04622) Printing Shwe Naing Ngan Printing (04193) No. 1A-3, Myintha 11th Street, South Okkalapa Township, Yangon. Tel: 951-850 0763, Fax: 951-8603288 ext: 007 Only 10 percent companies meet Stock Exchange criteria Myanmar Summary jrefrmEdkifiHtaejzifh Oa&myEdkifiHr sm;rStultnDjzifh a&tm;vQyf ppfpDrHudef;5ckutaumiftxnfazmfaqmif&uoGm;rnfjzpfaMumif; kd G f vQyfppfpGrf;tm; 0efBuD;Xme 'k0efBuD; OD;armfomaxG;uvGefcJhonfht ywfwGif vTwfawmfü ajym Mum;cJhonf/ 2013 ESpfukefwGifjrefrmEdkifiHwGifpkpkaygif;a&tm;vQyfppf"mwftm; ay; puf½Hk 22 ck&SdcJhNyD; xkwfvkyfay;Edkifonfh vQyppf"mwftm;yrmPrSm f 2919 r*¾g0yf &SdcJhaMumif; od&onf/ jrefrmEdkifiHonf tjynfjynfqif kd &mrStaxmuftyHtultnDr sm;ESifhNrdKU&Gmwdk;wufzGHUNzdK;a&;pDrHudef;rsm; h udkNrdKUaygif;22cktwGufa&;qGJvkyfaqmifoGm;rnfjzpfaMumif;aqmuf vkya&;0efBu;D XmerStBu;D tuJ wpfOD;u ajymMum;cJhonf/ f jref rmEdkiiH pD;yGm;a&;NrdK Uawmf&efukefwGifzGHUNzdK;wdk;wufa&;pDrH f udef;rsm;twGuf *syeftjynfjynfqdkif&myl;aygif;aqmif&Gufa&; at*sifpDrS ,ckvuf&SdwGif tultnDrsm;ay;aeonf/ jrefrmEdkifiHonf vmrnfhb@ma&; ESpfrSpí taumufcGefpepftm; vuf&Sd tajctaersm;ESitnD ajymif;vJjyifqifrrsm; jyKvyom;rnf hf I k f G jzpfaMumif;b@ma&;0efBuD;XmerS'k0efBuD;OD;vif;atmifajymMum; csuftm;7DayDailyxkwfEkwfazmfjycJhaMumifod&onf/ awmifudk&D;,m;ESifhjrefrmEdkifiHwdkYonfpuysK;d a&;u@wGif yl;aygif; kd f vkyaqmifrIrsm; ydkrdkwdk;wufvmap&eftwGuf vGefcJhonfhtywfwGif f oabmwlnDc sufwpfckudkvufrSwfa&;xdk;cJhNyD; pm;eyf&du©mzlvHkrIt wG u f j zpf a Mumif ; awmif u d k & D ; ,m;tpd k ; &ajymMum;csu f t &od & onf/
  3. 3. 3 January 30-February 5, 2014 Myanmar Business Today
  4. 4. 4 Myanmar Business Today LOCAL BIZ January 30-February 5, 2014 Interra Spuds Two New Wells at Chauk Oil Field in Myanmar Kyaw Min ingapore-based oil and Unithai Ventures into Myanmar With New Shipping Services Shein Thu Aung T Goldpetrol Joint Operating Co “This venture will enable Unithai and Chin Corp to the Ayeyarwaddy river in the Reuters rels of oil per day. An oil well operates in Myanmar’s Chauk, home to one of the longest producing oil Interra estimates that the reary. tion should be available in approximately six weeks. Interra is an investment hold- est in the Improved Petroleum ment and exploration. It also Myanmar Summary ing will be funded from existing funds on hand, it said. to be relatively low, Interra said. pifumyltajcpdkuf a&eHESifhobm0 "mwf aiG U &Sm azG a& ; uk rÜ PD jzpf onfh Interra Resources Ltd ajymMum; Goldpetrol Joint Operating Co Inc onf acsmufa&eHajr&Sd CHK1178 ESifh CHK1179 a&eHwGif;opfr sm;tm; pwif wl; azmf rIr sm;ud k jyKvk y f a eNyD j zpf aMumif; od&onf/ CHK1178 onf {&m0wDjrpfatmuf Murf;jyifrS wdku½kduwl;azmfaom 'kw, f f d ajrmufa&eHwGif;wpfckjzpfvmNyD; vGefcJh onfhESpf 'DZifbmvwGif wl;azmfrINyD;pD; cJhaom CHK1176 a&eHwGif;tm; ueOD;aqmif&GufcJhjcif;jzpfNyD; wpfaeY vQif a&eHpnfaygif; 185 pnftxd xkwfvkyfEdkifaMumif; od&onf/ a&eHwGif;opfrsm; wl;azmfaqmif&GufrI t"du&nf&,csurm a&eHxwvyf G f f S k f k rIr sm;tm; ydrt&Set[kejf rifaqmif&uf k kd d f h G vdkjcif;jzpfaMumif; ukrÜPDrS ajymMum;cJh onf/ Interrra onf ,ckESpfwGifvnf; a&eHwGif;opftm; Zefe0g&Dv yxr tywfwif wl;azmfrjI yKvyconf/acsmuf G k f hJ a&eHajr Improved Petroleum Recovery Contract wGif Interra onf vkyfief;ydkifqdkifrI&mcdkifEIef; 60 &mcdkifEIef;&SdNyD; Goldpetrol üvnf; &S,f,m 60 &mcdkifEIef; ydkifqdkifaMumif; od&onf/ Than ICD Ltd, Transport and Chartering Cooperation and Myanmar Summary xdkif;EdkifiHtajcpdkuf oabFmusif;ESifhaxmufyykdaqmifa&;tzGUJ tpnf;jzpf hH Y onfh Unithai onf Chin Corp Myanmar ESifhtusKd;wlyl;aygif;ívkyf ief;aqmif&GufrIrsm;udkwdk;csJUcJ haMumif; ,if;ukrÜPrSajymMum;csuft& od& D onf/ tqkdygzufpyfukrPDjzpfonfh Unithai Chin Corp Logistics (Myanmar) Ü f G Ltd odkYr[kwf Unichin onfjrefrmEdkiiHwifa &aMumif; axmufyHhwifydkY 0ef aqmifrIr sm;udk jyKvkyfay;oGm;rnfjzpfonf/ jrefrmEdkifiHpD;yGm;a&;vsifjrefpGm zGHUNzdK;wdk;wufvmrIESifh pufrIzGHUNzdK;wdk;wuf vmrIwdkY EitnD,ckvyfief;onf S hf k Unithai ESifh Chin Corp wdkYtm;yl;aygif;aqmif&GufrIydkrdkcdkifrmvmap rnfjzpfonf/ ,ckvkyfief;rStcGifhtvrf;aumif;rsm;ESifh tusKd;aus;Zl;rsm; onf Unichin a&aMumif;axmufyykaqmifa&;0efaqmifrIvkyfief;rsm; h H dY aemufxyfwdk;wufvmrItwGufrsm;pGmtaxmuftuljzpfaprnfjzpfaMumif; vnf; od&onf/
  5. 5. LOCAL BIZ 5 Myanmar Business Today January 30-February 5, 2014 Yangon Airport’s Capacity, ASK Surge in 2013 Thai Airways dominates, while Golden Myanmar moves in at the No.2 position, featuring a seat share of 9.9 Yangon Airport capacity 2004-2013* Annual domestic and international ASKs (billions) 3 Domestic ASKs International ASKs 2.73 2.5 year, namely two domestwo international links to 2 1.67 1.5 the top 12 airlines represent a seat share of 71.7 1.3 1.06 1.05 1 0.83 sia Airlines has strength0.81 0.8 0.78 annual growth in weekly 0.52 0.5 0.21 0.27 0.34 0.32 0.3 0.27 0.27 0.21 0.23 0.27 a result of boosting its anmar Airways, the leader 0 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 Source: Innovata 2004-2013. 2013*: as of 10 December 2013 Contd. P 6... Phyu Thit Lwin Y Yangon Airport is the primary international airdon, 15 kilometres north tourists and global busiDespite losing its status in 2005, Yangon is still tion data provider Innovata said. seat kilometres were offered on routes involving for trade, industry, real estate, media, entertainment and tourism, and the national GDP. ous year, analysis of Innomate, the airport has reTaw Airport, serving the est airport for passenger number of seats on an airelled in kilometres. Innovata said. Golden Myanmar in top 12 the last 12 months by 4.9 The international market has by far outpertor in terms of growth, even though the latter have expanded their pres- growth over this period. ternational market, this pared to 2004; therefore, lished in July 2012. The airline has burst into the top 12 airlines Myanmar Summary &efukefavqdyfodkY tjynfjynf qdkif&m c&D;pOfajy;qGJ0efaqmifrI rsm;onf 63.5 &mcdkifEIef; wdk;wufvmcJhNyD; EdkifiHa&;? pD;yGm; a&;jyKjyifajymif;vJrrsm;jzif h zGHUNzKd ;rI I vrf;pay:odkY a&muf&Sdvmaom jrefrmEdkifiHtm; pdwf0ifpm;ae aom c&D;oGm;rsm;ESifh tjynfjynf qdkif&m pD;yGm;a&;todkif;t0ef; rsm; a&muf&SdvmrI wdk;wufvm jcif ; aMumif h j zpf a Mumif; av aMumif;ydi;f qdi&mowif;tcsuf k k f tvufr sm; axmufyhHay;onfh vkyfief;jzpfaom Innovata rS ajymMum;cJhonf/ tjynfjynfqdkif&mc&D;pOf0ef aqmifrrsm;rSm jynfwi;f 0efaqmif I G rIrsm;xuf ydkrdkzGHUNzdK;wdk;wufvm onfukd odomxif&m;pGm awGUjrif S EdkifNyD; 'DZifbmvwGif 15. 6 Contd. P 6...
  6. 6. LOCAL BIZ 6 Myanmar Business Today January 30-February 5, 2014 13 new services Top 12 Airlines at Yangon Airport Weekly one-way seat capacity weekly to daily. On the - 1,000 2,000 3,000 4,000 5,000 operating from Yangon 6,191 Golden Myanmar Airlines 4,950 Myanmar Airways ways withdrawing its four 4,488 Air KBZ 4,200 Thai AirAsia Thailand has managed to maintain its top posi- 3,766 Bangkok Airways 3,322 Yangon Airways frequently added domes- 2,520 AirAsia 2,473 Asian Wings Airways been added this year, 2,240 Malaysia Airlines 2,160 Air Mandalay desh, although the latter did not make the top 12 ranking. Source: Innovata Japan fastest growing market The fastest growing 7,000 6,285 Thai Airways routes) and Nok Air (two) 6,000 1,995 Singapore Airlines New routes in 2013 No.11 position is due to week last year. All Nippon Airways (ANA) has expanded hugely in the last 12 mary international airport with Dhaka. es, utilising its 172-seat Top 12 Country Markets at Yangon Airport Weekly one-way seat capacity - 5,000 10,000 15,000 20,000 25,000 Thailand Myanmar Singapore Malaysia China South Korea Japan Vietnam Taiwan Source: Innovata Qatar Hong Kong India the budget target, it should fall ities aim to build on the gains &mcdiEe;f txd ajymif;vJw;kd wuf k f I vmaMumif; od&onf/ jynfwGif;avaMumif;aps;uGuf wdk;wufvmrIxuf tjynfjynf qdkif&m av a Mumif ; ap s;uGuf wd k ; wuf v mrIrm ydkrdk omvG e f S aumif;rGeaeonf/&efuetjynf f k f jynfqdkif&m avaMumif;c&D;pOf rsm;onf 2004 ckESpfESifhEdIif;,SOf Munfhv Qif 420 &mcdkifEIef;eD;yg; yd k r d k u s,f j yef Y wdk;wuf vmonf h twGuf 2013 wGif one-way ASK 2.73 bDvD,Htxd a&muf&SdEdkif&efvnf; arQmfrSe;f xm;cJhonf/ &efukefavqdyfonf t"du tjynfjynfqi&m avqdywpfck kd f f jzpfNyD; &efukefrS ajrmufbuf “Looking forward, it is imthe progress made on the priormodernisation Overall reserves still remain above three months of imports national reserves, as envisaged require state banks and it now holds up in FY2014-15 as foreign di- Davies said. will modernisation and stressed on having updated regulations and “This progress needs to be late further reserves to provide and there are pressures from tional reserves are still low and Singing praise The Fund said the authorities made good progress in full budgetary autonomy and a strengthened market framework in order to implement ef- said. been supporting the authorities to monitor progress against a small set of quantitative and of international reserves durand building a framework for but remains low; to enable inboosted though broadening the minimise risks and to limit additional strain on supervisory EdkifiHodkY 'kwd,tBudrfvma&mufcJhonf/ EdiijH cm;aiGvv,raps;uGutm; vGwf k f J S f I f vyfpGmaqmif&Gufapjcif;ESifh A[dkbPf odr;DS rIrsm;udk wnfaxmifjyKvyom; k k f G &efuJhodkY tjynfjynfqdkif&maiGaMu;&efyHk aiGtzGJUrS &nfrSef;xm;cJhonfhtcsufrsm; tm;vHk;udk trIaqmifr sm;u atmifjrif pGm aqmif&uEicaMumif;udvnf; ajym G f kd f Jh k Mum;cJhonf/ jref rm Edk if iH onf ,ck t csd ef wGif 15uDvdkrDwmtuGmta0; r*Fvm'HkwGifwnf&Sdonf/ rMumao;rDtwGif; aejynf awmfavqdyfrSmvnf; c&D;oGm; trsm ;qHk ; a&muf &Sd vm o n f h avqd y f w pf c k j zpf v mNyD ; c&D ; onf t rsm;qH k ; a&muf & S d r I w G i f 'k w d , ae&mwG i f&Sd aeaMumif; Innovata rS ajymMum;cJhonf/ tvG e f p d w f 0 if p m;zG , f a umif ; aom tajymif;tvJwpf&yfudk azmfaqmifae NyD; tmPmydirsm;taejzifvnf; rMum k f h ao;rDu pD;yGm;a&;jyKjyifajymif;vJrIr sm; aMumifh&&Sdaomaumif;usKd;rsm;udk quf vufwnfaqmufoGm;&ef &nf&G,fxm; NyD; a&&SnfwnfwHhckdifrmaom zGHUNzdK;wdk; wufrIjzpfvmap&eftwGuf BudK;yrf; vsuf&SdaMumif; Davies u ajymMum; cJhonf/ odkYaomfvnf; jrefrmEdkifiHtaejzifh aiGaMu;azmif;yGrEifh vuf&dSvaiGjyrIr sm; I S kd udk tjynfjynfqdkif&maiGaMu;&efyHkaiG tzGJUrS owday;cJhNyD; pGefYpm;&ifqdkif& rnfh tEÅ&m,frsm;onf us,fjyefYaom pD;yGm;a&;qdkif&m pDrHcefYcGJaqmif&GufrI tajctaersm;onf tuefYtowfjzifh om&Saeao;Ny;D pdeac:rIrsm;ESihf awGUBuHK d f wJhtcg oufomavsmhyg;atmifaqmif &GufEdkifrnfh tajctaerSmvnf; tm; enf;vsuf&Sdao;aMumif; od&onf/ aiG aMu;azmif;yGrEe;f rSm jrifrm;aeqJjzpfNyD; I I h acs;aiGjrifhwufvmrIzdtm;rsm;vnf;&Sd aeaMumif; ? usyfaiGwefzdk;avsmhu sjcif; ESihf v Qyppf"mwftm;aps;EIe;f rsm;jrifwuf f h oGm ;zG,f &Sd a eonf h tajctaersm;udk u oHk;oyfajym vnf; Davies Mum;cJonf/ h
  7. 7. LOCAL BIZ 7 Myanmar Business Today January 30-February 5, 2014 Myanmar’s ASEAN Chairmanship: Challenges and Opportunities nam, Philippines, Japan ty (AEC) near. It would do well to display independent-minded leadership solidarity. Thirdly, the plight of the the region and the world. ing to its appalling human - Ahim Rani/Reuters with its ongoing internal rd ASEAN Summit in Bandar Seri Begawan. Dylan Loh Ming Hui F - mit, in addition to over 240 regional meetings – drawing thousands of diplomats, leaders and throughout the year. 2014 is also an impor- resorted to using power own power network. Questions also remain as to whether it has the it is the penultimate year before the inauguration lenges and opportunities ship will impose extra burdens upon a narrow - managing the reform pro- Main challenges facing Myanmar The most obvious test for Nay Pyi Taw is its inliable power supply; limtels; and poor transportation linkages are some - greatly overworked. To tinues to be more asserwould need to deftly manby Beijing to issue new quiring foreign vessels to seek prior permission to drawn rebukes from Viet- Contd. P 8... Myanmar Summary yxrOD;qHk;tBudrftjzpf jrefrm Ediionf 2014 ckEpwif tmqD,H kf H Sf G tm; OD;aqmifoGm;&rnfjzpfNyD; tmqD,xyo;D awGUqHyuvnf; H d f k JG kd {nf h c H usif; y oGm ; &rnfht jyif tjcm;a'owGif;qdkif&m awGUqHk aqG;aEG;yGJaygif; 240 ausmfudk jyKvkyfoGm;&rnfjzpfonfhtwGuf oHwrefrsm;? EdkifiHacgif;aqmif rsm;ES i f h owif ; orm;rsm;onf vnf; 2014 ckESpftwGif; jrefrm EdkifiHodkY trsm;tjym;a&muf&Sdvm rnfjzpfonf/ 2014 ckESpfonf tmqD,H twGufvnf; ta&;ygaomESpf wpfEpjf zpfNyD; 2015 wGif tmqD,H S pD ; yG m ;a&;tod k u f t NrH K udk azmf aqmifoGm;rnfjzpfonfhtwGuf pdefac:csufrsm;ESif h tcGifhtvrf; aumif;rsm;rSmvnf; twlwuG apmifBh uKd aeonf/jrefrmEdiitae k f H jzifh &ifqdkif&rnfh prf;oyfrIr sm; wGif ta&;ygonfh wpfckrSm aejynfawmf&Sd tajccHtaqmuf Contd. P 8...
  8. 8. LOCAL BIZ 8 Myanmar Business Today January 30-February 5, 2014 APC to Invest in Teak Plantations in Myanmar as the teredo worm. Teak (Tectona Grandis) is na- Phyu Thit Lwin used the world over for dura- ingapore-based plantation - hotels, with a range of uses Capital (APC) said it is planning to expand its Teak and Agarwood plantation operations in for its natural non-skid properties, while varnished and oiled furniture as well as a longstandboat building. a vessel. Teak is almost imper- monly known as Burmese Teak, is amongst the most sought after in the world and regularly has established Teak plantations with additional land aling. support foreign investment, we believe the time is right to establish sustainable Teak planta- UNEP that he hopes APC to be “one of anmar the unique opportunity to elevate its - high-speed 4G mobile internet network was installed (albeit only for the media and VIPs) in various venues in a relatively short period of time. Ad- be reaped from a deeper relationship. Investments Opportunities for Myanmar - great strides in opening up while its assumption of low Nay Pyi Taw to open up further to the outside - (APF) in Nay Pyi Daw. ment Commission. But - - - government-only representatives, meddled ings and even shut down ment in the same period. Its willingness to learn, making it more resilient, nese investments, thus making it more geopoments from the western willingness and ability to under pressure to perform globally. - Impact on domestic reform developing sets of ‘best in 2015 – there is strong tor on the world stage. - portunity to open up more integrate further with the Dylan Loh Ming Hui is a research analyst at the S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies (RSIS), Nanyang Technological University. - - pifumyltajcpdkuf pdkufysKd;a&;&if;ESD; jrK§ yErvyief;jzpfonfh Asia Plantation f HS I k f Capital (APC) ajymMum;csuft& uRe;f opfEihf Agarwood rsm;udk pduysK;d S k f rIrsm;udk jyKvyom;&ef jyifqifaeaMumif; k f G od&onf/ jrefrmhuRef;opfonf wefzdk;BuD;rm;NyD; xif&Sm;ausmfMum;onf/ APC pDtD;tdkjzpfol Barry Rawlinson u jrefrmEdkifiHtay: pD;yGm;a&;ydwfqdkYrIr sm; udk z,f &m ;ay;vd k u f o nf h t csd e f r S p í S tpdk;&taejzifh EdkifiHjcm;&if;ESD;jr§KyfESHrI rsm;udk ydkrdktm;ay;aqmif&GufcJhNyD; ,ck tcsdeftcgonf jrefrmEdkifiHwGif a&&Snf wnfwHhzGHUNzdK;aom uRef;opfpdkufysKd;rIrsm; udk jyKvkyfoGm;&eftwGuf tcsdeftcg taumif ; jzpf o nf [k rd r d w d k Y , H k M unf tyl y d k i f ; a'ouRef ; opf r sm;onf wm&SnfcHrIESifh cdkifrmrIwdkYaMumifh urÇm ay:wGif toHk;rsm;MuNyD; tdrfrsm;? ½Hk; rsm;? [dkw,frsm;wGifomru t&nf taoG ; jrif h y &d a bm*rsm;wdYk j yKvk y f & m wGifyg toHk;jyKaMumif; od&onf/ - overshadowed by its human rights failings. Myanmar Summary through urgently-needed reforms in several areas. It has already made some progress in this regard. Asian neighbours for it is a momentous year not only for Nay Pyi Taw but the support of its fellow ship. It would be in the ttHu@wGif vdtyfcsursm;jzpf k k f onf/pGr;f tifaxmufyr,MkH unf hH I pdwfcs&avmufonfhtajctae wGif&Sdraeao;jcif;? tifwmeuf csdwfqufEdkifrIrSmvnf; tuefY towf j zifhom &Sd a eao;jcif ; ? [d k w ,f r sm ; rvHkavmuf j cif;? o,f,yaqmifa&;wGif tm;enf; l Ykd csufr sm;rSmjrefrmEdkifiH&ifqdkif& rnfh tcuftcJrsm;xJrS tcsKdUyif jzpfonf/ 2013 ckESpfwGif jrefrmEdkifiHrS {nfhcHjyKvkyfusif;ycJhaom ta&SU awmif tm&S tm;upm;yGJ awmf twGufvnf; pdefac:rIrsm;? prf; oyfcsufrsm;udkvnf; tvm;wl &ifqdkifcJh&NyD;jzpfonf/ ab;uif ; vHkNcHKa&;?ae&mxdkif cif;ESif h o,f,ydkYaqmifa&;wdkYrm l S tm;enf;csufrsm;&Sdchonf/tm; J upm;0efBuD; Xmetaejzifvnf; h qD;*drf;yGJawmfwGifrD;pufBuD;rsm; udtoH;k jyKc&Ny;D pGr;f tifaxmufyHh k hJ rIuGef&ufr sm;rSm,HkMunfpdwfc s &avmuf onfh taetxm;wGif r&Sdao; jcif;aMumifhjzpfonf/ jrefrmEdkifiHtaejzifh tajccH taqmufttHku@udk zGHUNzdK; wd;k wufatmifvyaqmifEirnf k f kd f avmESifh tmqD,HOuú|&mxl;ukd taumif;qHk;xrf;aqmifEdkifrnf avm[lonfar;cGe;f rsm;rSmvnf; h &Sdaeonf/
  9. 9. LOCAL BIZ 9 Myanmar Business Today January 30-February 5, 2014 Farmers to Get New Warehouses for Rice RC Cola to Set Up Plants in Myanmar Aye Myat freshments is also under negotiations to T in the Philippines will put Kyaw Min & Htet Aung N ew warehouses will be built in three ma- year, as it seeks to expand Thailand. The expansion is in line with plans of Asia. bottler to be is also looking at starting properly, he said. nity (AEC) starts in 2015. the sidelines of the annual The group of Filipino businessman Yao has in- enough warehouses they will be able to make implemented by the Eulisting. ing the townships where the establishments will freshments, hubs Damir Sagolj/Reuters “This initiative will address a big problem, but Myanmar Summary pyg;ay:csdefwGif pyg;aps;aumif;&&S&eftwGufv,form; d rsm;tmodkavSmif½HktmrcHpepftaumiftxnfazmfay;rnf jzpfaMumifjrefrmEdiiHqefpyg;vkyief;&Sirsm;toif;rS a'gufwm kf f f pd;k xGe;f uajymonf/ tqdygtpDtpOftaumiftxnfay:aygufvmygu v,f k orm;rsm;taejzifhpyg;aps;usaeonfhtcsefwGif usaps;jzifh d a&mif;p&mrvdbwnfaqmufxm;onfodkavSmif½Hkr sm;tae k J h jzifhv,form;rsm;udk tmrcHvufrwfjyefvnfxkwfay;rnf S jzpfaMumif; od&onf/ v,form;rsm;taejzifh tqdygtmrcHvufrSwfukd taygif k jyNyD; bPfrsm;wGif acs;aiGxkwfacs;EdkifrnfjzpfaMumif; od& onf/ a'gufwmpdk;xGef;u ]]v,form; awG pyg;aps;ESdrfcH& wJh tajctaet&yf&yfukd 'Dvjkd yKvyay;csiw,f/'DpepfjyKvyf k f f k ay;jcif;jzifh wm;qD;EdkifrSmjzpfygw,f}}[k ajymonf/ tqdygpepft& pwiftaumiftxnfazmfrnfhNrdKUe,frsm; k ESifh odkavSmif½HkwnfaqmufrI tygt0if qefpyg;tyfEcrsm; HS ponfhtaMumif;t&mrsm;udk urÇmhukvor*¾pm;eyf&du©mESifh pdkufysKd;a&;tzGJUrSuRrf;usifolrsm;rS wm0ef&Sdolrsm;ESifh wdkifyif aeaMumif; od&onf/ through Yao said. He said international operations would be boosted by the new in neighbouring Cola International. drawing board. Myanmar Summary zdvpfydkifEdkifiHwGif RC Cola tm; rl ydki xwfvkyf j zef Yc sd onf h f k vkyfief;taejzifh ,ckESpfwGif jrefrmEdkifiHESifh xdkif;EdkifiHrsm;wGif puf½rsm;wnfaxmifom;rnfjzpf kH G NyD; ta&S Uawmiftm&SwGif vkyf ief;wdk;csJUaqmif&Guf&eftwGuf tcGitvrf;aumif;rsm;udk &SmazG hf aeaMumif;vnf; od&onf/ xdi;f EdiiEifh jrefrmEdiiwif ,ck k k f HS k f H G ESptwGi;f puf½wnfaxmifrrsm; f kH I udk aqmif&uom;&ef jyifqifae G f G aMumif; Asiawide Refreshments Corp (ARC) Ouú| Alfredo M Yao u owif;axmufr sm; tm; ajymMum;cJhonf/ tqdygpuf½rsm;rS uexwvyf k kH k f k f k rIonf wpfEpvQif 25 rDv,H S f D txd&SdrnfjzpfaMumif; Yao u ajymMum;cJNh y;D tdre;D csi;f Ediirsm; f k f H wGif ukefxkwfvkyfrIrsm;udk pDpOf aqmif&GufaepOftwGif; tjynf jynfqdkif&mvkyfief;aqmif&GufrI rsm;udvnf ; puf½Hk opf r sm;rS k u quf vuf ajymMum;cJh onf/ 2015 wGif tmqD,HpD;yGma&; todutNrKH ukd taumiftxnf k f azmf a qmif & G u f o G m ;rnf j zpf N yD ; RC Cola taejzifh ,if;tcsdef ESifhwajy;nD vkyfief;,SOfNydKifEdkif pGrf;&Sdvm&eftwGuf wdk;csJUaqmif &GufrI r sm ;udk jyKvky f j cif ;yifj zpf onf/
  10. 10. LOCAL BIZ 10 Myanmar Business Today January 30-February 5, 2014 What Myanmar’s Story of Generosity Means to The World - Philippines, to name a few. An the high numbers of people who report helping a stranger … in aid-giving nations, however, - - Lean Alfred Santos I mmediately after the United able to nurture this tradition of formal engagement in giving - Charity index The annual index measures “[The index] estimates that this next potential generation of Aid Foundation, a Londonpeople help a stranger, donate money and volunteer their time of money donated. billion if they gave just 0.4 perity — the same as people in the land. This opens up a whole new believe that developing nations - CAF tries and just emerging from - Future of charitable giving Grinham said developing shaped by norms and religious beliefs forms part of the way ers. high proportion of people fol- opening up the potential of de– that giving is more than just wealth – to new heights. esting. The wider point about Grinham added these steps - the past 12 months. The former military state also ranked fourth in volunteer- forms of giving and builds trust helping a stranger with 46 per- - also believe that governments Australia CEO Lisa Grinham told Devex. ham. Australia stumbles peak of the index, Australia, menistan, on the other hand, led in volunteer time with 57 years, slid down to 7th from the top just over a year ago see higher levels of donations and generosity is not wealthmoney to give. However, we should not kid ourselves that lay devotees support the lifestyle of devout monks through - Myanmar Summary 2013 ckESpfwGif tar&duefEdkifiHNyD; vQif urÇm'w,ay;urf;ulnaomEdiiH h k d D k f rSm MopaMw;vsr[kwfovdk ? ,lauESifh *syefvnf;r[kwcbJ urÇmzUHG NzKd ;wd;k wuf f hJ h rItenf;qHk;EdkifiHrsm;xJrS wpfEdkifiHjzpf NyD; q,fpkESpfaygif;rsm;pGm urÇmhEdkifiHrsm; ESifh tquftoG,fjywfawmufv suf oD;jcm;&yfwnfcJh&NyD; vl rsKd;a&;y#dyu© rsm;? vlUtcGifhta&;csKd;azmufrIjyóem rsm;? qif;&JEGrf;yg;rItajctaersm;udk &ifqdkifcJh&aom jrefrmEdkifiHyifjzpfonf/ vef'eftajcpdkuf tpdk;&r[kwfaom tzGJUtpnf;jzpfonfh Charities Aid Foundation rS rMumao;rDu xkwf jyefcJaom World Giving Index wGif h tar&duefonf yxrae&mwGif&SdaeNyD; tar&duefaemuf 'kwd,ae&mwGif jrefrmEdkifiHtm; owfrSwfcJhaMumif; od&
  11. 11. LOCAL BIZ 11 Myanmar Business Today January 30-February 5, 2014 Pact Launches Local Partnership Initiative Aye Myat year, was listed by FATF as one - that began in June last year. velopment program that fosters gress. Parliament speaker Thura U and water, sanitation and hymunity-based organisations has prioritised the passage of these two bills to avoid possiliamentarians that not having these laws “has been an embar- - ety in rural areas through part- - Pact their formal engagement in the LPI, the NGO said in a statement. The total grant amount for Shae Thot project. needs in the southeastern part rently served by other INGOs or Myanmar Summary - sion from the government to ex- Foundation. - investment. The anti-terrorism law was written with the help of he added. - U terrorism and money launder- NGO says the LPI will deepen tar&dueftajcpdkuf tpdk;&r[kwf onfhtzGJUtpnf;jzpfaom tao;pm; aiGacs;vkyfief; Pact onf jynfwGif; vkyief;rsm;ESiy;l aygif;í 5 ESpwm zGUH NzKd ; f hf f wd;k wufrvyief;tpDtpOfrsm;udkaqmif I k f &Guom;awmhrnfjzpfaMumif; od&onf/ f G jynfwGif;rS tpdk;&r[kwfaomtzGJU tpnf;aygif; 7 ckESpfESifh vlxktajcjyK tzGUJ tpnf;rsm;onf w&m;0iftaxmuf tyH h q d k i f & moabmwl n D c suf r sm;ud k Pact ESifh vGeconftywfwif vufrwf f hJ h G S a&;xd;k cJNh y;D a&S Uoprue;f twGuf Local kY d D H d Partner Initiative (LPI) udk pwif aqmif&GufcJhNyDjzpfaMumif; od&onf/ LPI twGuf pkpkaygif; axmufyHhay; onfh aiGaMu;yrmPrSm tar&duef a':vm 1.72 rDvD,HjzpfaMumif; Pact rS ajyma&;qdkcGifh&SdolwpfOD;u ajymMum; cJhonf/ Myanmar Summary jrefrmEdkifiHtaejzifh tMurf;zufrI qefYusifa&;Oya'ESifh aiGrnf;c0gcsrI Oya'rsm;tm; azazmf0g&Dv yxr tywfwGif jy|mef;rIrjyKvkyfoGm;Edkifygu b@ma&;ESifh pD;yGm;a&;ydwfqdkYrIrsm;udk BuHKawGUvm&EdkifaMumif; jrefrmEdkifiH or®w OD;ode;f pdeu vTwawmfwif ajym f f G Mum;cJhonf/ rMumrDtcsdeftwGif; yJ&pfwGif FATF (Financial Action Task Force) awGUqHkyGJvnf;&SdaeaMumif; od&onf/
  12. 12. LOCAL BIZ 12 Myanmar Business Today January 30-February 5, 2014 Myanmar to Host International Visa-Free Travel to Myanmar for Conference on Oil and Gas ably in the oil and gas industry Aye Myat yanmar is going to host an international industry is set for further expansion and growth in onshore 2014, organised by Vietnam- Yangon from 24 to 27 February. mar Oil and Gas Enterprises ganise the show. improving international and 27 February. - below the mid-table range of the top 20 list. Australia ranked Mimi Hudoyo and it opened its door to invite laborations. B y the end of this year, - Indonesia and Brunei should be Myanmar Summary jrefrmEdkifiHonf vmrnfhvwGif a&eH ESi f h obm0"mwf a iG U vky f i ef ; qdkif&m awGUqHkyGJwpfckukd {nfhcHusif;yoGm;rnf jzpfNyD; ta&S Uawmiftm&StzGJU0ifEdkifiH wpfEdkifiHjzpfaom jrefrmEdkifiH a&eHESifh obm0"mwfaiGUvkyief;onf uke;f wGi;f f ESifh urf;vGefa&eH&SmazGrIrsm;wGif csJUxGif wdk;csUJ vkyaqmif&eftwGuvnf; jyifqif f f aejcif;jzpfonf/ Myanmar Oil & Gas Week 2014 tm; AD,uferftajcpdkuf Minh Vi Exhibition and Advertisement Service Co Ltd (VEAS), ECMI ITE Asia Sdn Bhd ESifh ITE Group kY Plc wdrS pDpOfNyD; azazmf0g&Dv 24 &uf aeYrS 27 &ufaeYtxd &efueNf rKd U ukeonf k f BuD;rsm;[dkw,fwGif jyKvkyfusif;yoGm; rnfjzpfonf/ jrefrmhpGrf;tif0efBuD;Xme ESifh jrefrmha&eHESifhobm0"mwfaiGUwdkYrS ,ckawGUqHkaqG;aEG;yGJtm; yl;aygif;pDpOf aqmif&GufoGm;rnfvnf;jzpfonf/ the need for visas. U Htay Aung, union minhave been doing it step by step. rangements with Cambodia, Vi- nationals travelling within the region, with the aim of extending a single visa to foreign tourists. the rest of the world), but there is still a lot of homework to be tionals). “There was an evaluation (during the meeting) and (the results) tion between other government - Bilateral agreements with the also determine how seamless would be hammered out by this year, he added. of the issues raised during the “Tourism ministers need to have a forum with the ministers of transportation, immigration - Elka Pangestu. full implementation of a visa- Myanmar Summary ,ckESpfukefwGif pifumyl? rav;&Sm;? xdkif;? tif'dkeD;&Sm;ESifh b½lEdkif;EdkifiHwdkYrS c&D;oGm;rsm;taejzifh jrefrmEdiiokdY ADZm k f H rvdkbJ vma&mufEdkifzG,f&SdaMumif; od& onf/ [dkw,fESifh c&D;oGm;vma&;0efBuD;Xme jynfaxmifpk0efBuD; OD;aX;atmifu rdrd wdkYtaejzifh wpfqifhcsif;aqmif&Gufae aMumif; ? uarÇm'D;,m;? 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Lean Alfred Santos is a Dethe development community in A woman offers food to a Buddhist monk early in the morning in Yangon. players such as the Asian Development Bank and AusAID. Prior to joining Devex, he covered Philippine and international business and economic news, sports and politics. Lean is based in Manila. The article CAF and has been republished with the publication’s permission. onf/ ,ckppfwrf;onf tjcm;olrsm;tm; taxmuf tul r sm;ay;rI ukd ppf w rf ; aumuf,ljcif;yifjzpfonf/ jrefrmEdkifiH taejzifh ,ckuJhodkY urÇmh'kwd,trsm; qHk;ay;urf;ulnDaomEdkifiHjzpfvmonf rSm pdwf0ifpm;zG,faumif;NyD; zGHUNzdK;qJ EdkifiHrsm; ay;urf;ulnDrIrsm;tm; ydkrdk aqG;aEG;oGm;vdkaMumif;vnf; CAF Australia rS pDtD;tdk Lisa Grinham u ajymMum;cJhonf/ a,bk,stm;jzifh ydkrdkcsrf;om<u,f0 aomEdkifiHrsm;rSm ay;urf;ulnDrIr sm; vSL'gef;rIrsm;udk ydkrdkjyKvkyfMuaomfvnf; jrefrmEdkifiHtm; ,ckuJhodkY awGUjrifvm &onftcg ydrcsr;f om<u,f0rSom ay; h k kd urf;ulnDrIjyKvkyfEdkifjcif;r[kwfaMumif; ñTef;ajymMum;cJhonf/ zGUH Nzd K;qJ Ed k i f i H tawmf rsm ; rsm; onf ay;urf;ulnrr sm;wGif ae&mawmfawmf D I ,lxm;um yg0ifunaeMuonf/ qif;&J l D aomEdkifiHr sm;taejzifh pD;yGm;a&;t& zGUH NzKd ;wdk;wufvmonfhtcg tpdk;&rsm; taejzifh EdkifiHom;rsm; ay;urf;ulnD wwfaom"avhuk d ysK;d axmifNyD; vlUtzGUJ tpnf;twGuf tusKd;jzpfxGef;aponfh taxmuftyHhtultnDaumif;rsm;jzpf vmap&eftwGuf aqmif&GufoGm;&rnf vnf;jzpfonf/ ay;urf;ulnDrIppfwrf; ñTef;udef;wGif vlrsm; ay;urf;ulnD aom aqmif&Gufcsufrsm;ESifh rdrdrod&Sd aomolwpfOD;OD;tm; rnfrQulnDonf ? aiGaMu;rnfrQvSL'gef;onfESifh vkyfief; tm;tjzpf yg0ifunaqmif&urIponfh l D G f tcsursm;yg0ifNy;D vSL'gef;onfaiGaMu; f h yrmPwpf ckw nf ; tay:wG i f rl w nf qH;k jzwfjcif;r[kwaMumif; od&onf/ f aiGaMu;vSL'gef;rIwGif jrefrmEdkifiHonf ppfwrf;ñTef;udef; yxrae&mwGif &Saeonf/ ,cifppftpd;k &vufxufwif d G vnf; jrefrmEdkifiHonf 43 &mcdkifEIef; ESifh vkytm;ay;vkyief;rsm; aqmif&urI f f G f wGif tqifh? olpdrf;ol&Hrsm;tm; ulnDrI wGif 46 &mcdkifEIef;ESifh tqifh 71 wGif &Sconf/ d hJ
  13. 13. REGIONAL BIZ 13 Myanmar Business Today January 30-February 5, 2014 South Koreans Seethe, Sue as Credit Card Details Swiped Joyce Lee T he theft of personal information from more than - ers believed to originate from to have been an inside job. - President Park Geun-hye and nited a storm of anger and liti- Kim Hong-Ji/Reuters loaded details of 105.8 million of the banks hit by the theft to ensure their money was safe, Card Co Ltd, Lotte Card Co Ltd and NH Nonghyup Card onto a portable hard drive. The man then sold the information to at least two people The theft of personal information from more than 100 million South Korean credit cards and accounts, reportedly including of multiple litigations. - one might know when I pay person have been arrested. my phone number and where I live. I might as well keep all my sation for emotional injury. ed to 451 trillion won ($424.01 Victims sue, demand answers - added. The stolen information in- - rea has further highlighted the formation after tens of millions - payments industry, said in its stolen from retailer Target Corp during the holiday shopping season. numbers. passwords were not stolen, al- failure. nature – without the need for lion in 2012, from just under $10 billion the year before. Reuters Myanmar Summary developed world. - estimates, by far the largest in - senting them. - tributed to one of the highest levels of personal debt relative as investigators probed how nature. Cho Yeon-haeng, president of - - awmifudk&D;,m;rS c&uf'pfuwfrsm; ESifh taumifhrsm; 100 rDvD,HausmfrS yk*¾dKvfa&;&mowif;tcsuftvufr sm; cd;k ,lc&rIaMumifh vltrsm;tjym;rS tqkyg H d jzpf&yftay: a'goxGufaeMuovdk c&uf'pfvkyfief;rsm;tm; trIzGifhum w&m;pGJqdkrIrsm;&SdvmaMumif; od&onf/ ,if;udptay:pd;k &draeMuaom ud&;D ö f k ,m;EdkifiHom;rsm;taejzifhvnf; bPf rsm;vHNk cKH pwcsrtay:wGivnf; pd;k &drf d f I f rIrsm;&SdaeNyD; Oya'tusKd;aqmifr sm; ajymMum;csuft& vlaygif; 130 OD; jyKvkyfay;onfh vkyfief;rsm;tm; w&m;pGJ qdkrIrsm;jyKvkyf&eftwGuf aqmif&GufcJh aMumif; od&onf/ c &uf 'pf uwf t oHk ; jyK ol wpfOD;u owif;tcsutvufrsm;cdk;,lc&rItay: f H wpfpHkwpfa,mufu rdrd yk*¾dKvfa&; tcsutvufrsm;udk o&xm;onftwGuf f d dS h rdrd ydkufqHrsm;udk rdrdESifhteD;qHk;ae&m wGif xm;&awmhrnfjzpfaMumif; ajym Mum;cJhonf/ ysrf;rQtm;jzifh awmifudk&D;,m;EdkifiH om;rsm;onfc&uf'pfuwfav;ckausmf udktoHk;jyKavh&SdMuaMumif;vnf; od& onf/
  14. 14. REGIONAL BIZ 14 Myanmar Business Today January 30-February 5, 2014 Sullen in Singapore: Its Workers Are the Unhappiest in Asia employers and professionals Brian Leonal orkers - in wealthy happiest in Asia and nearly two-thirds would like to quit their jobs in the next year, - the main reasons to stay with a last week. a 2012 survey. foreign workers. leave their jobs in the next 12 months. The top reasons for dissatisand being asked to do more with less. Indian workers were the happiest in Asia, with about 70 ing to the survey by the Neth- WMC motivated and that their skills working options was average or ity of employers also said that ous ages was one of the biggest reer development opportunities readily available is a great pore, said in a statement. reans were motivated by know- ernment, its popular vote hit in Myanmar Summary csrf;om<u,f0aom pifumylEdkifiHwGif tvkyfvkyfudkifaeMuaom tvkyform; rsm;onftm&SwGifraysmf&TifrItrsm;qHk; jzpfaeMuolr sm;jzpfum pifumylwGif tvkyfvkyfudkifaeMuaom tvkyform; rsm; oHk;yHkESpfyHkeD;yg;onf vmrnfhESpf and tighten the labour market for foreigners. minimum salary for foreigners seeking an employment pass to were also important. About 59 and obliging employers to adporeans for 14 days before an year. jyKvkyfoGm;zG,f&SdaMumif; Randstad Group rS aumuf,laom tvkyform; qdkif&mppfwrf;wpfckt& od&onf/ bPfvkyfief;ESifh ukefoG,frIpifwm Reuters wpfckjzpfaom pifumylEdkifiHonf urÇmh tqifhrD vlrIaexdkifrIESifh wpfOD;csif; 0ifaiGjrifhrm;rIr sm;&Sdaomfvnf; rMum ao;rDESpfrsm;twGif; aexdkifrIp&dwfr sm; jrifhwufvmrIESifh jynfyvkyfom;rsm; ,S O f N yd K if r I r sm ; jrif h wuf vmrI a Mumif h trsm;jynfolr sm; tvdkrusrIr sm; jzpf ay:vmcJ&onf/ vkyfom;rsm;pdwfraus h reyfjzpfrIrsm;twGuf t"dutaMumif; jycsursm;rSmudkufnDrIr&Sdaom ,Ofaus; f rIr sm;?wif;MuyfvGef;aomvkyfief;&Sifrsm; ESifh vlenf;enf;ESifh tvkyfrsm;rsm;cdkif; aprIrsm;aMumifjh zpfaMumif; od&onf/ after Online Furore - Elaine Lies J On Tuesday last week, a spokeswoman said the ad would Nippon Airways said last week it was pulling a TV advertisement featuring a Japa- with versions on other media, she added. overtones. with Japanese subtitles, proThe Independent more tourists amid a sharp rise in visitors over the last year, brassy blond wig, in line with Japanese stereotypes about Eu- some people saying they had In another version of the ad, - ing on Jan 18, two men in ANA however, said they liked the The ad unleashed a torrent wears a large fake nose and a woman said. “Our intention - nose were intended to show nate against anybody. “There were people who took it that way, so we are paying at- was simply strange, rather than ANA apologised for the ad on - The ad aired only in Japan, but also spread on Internet video sharing sites. Reuters Myanmar Summary *syefEii tBu;D qH;k avaMumif;vdi;f kd f H k wpfckjzpfaom All Nippon Airways onf wDADaMumfjimwpfckaMumifh tjiif; yGm;zG,f&mrsm;jzpfyGm;cJhNyD;aemuf ,if; wDADaMumfjimtm; &yfwefYvdkufNyDjzpf aMumif; od&onf/ xdkaMumfjimwGif vlrsKd;a&;cGJjcm;onfh oabmoufa&mufcJhonfhtwGuf ,ck uJhodkY wDADaMumfjimtm; xkwfvTifh&ef twGuf &yfqdkif;cJhjcif;jzpfonf/ tqdkyg aMumfjimtm; t*Fvdyf? *syef bmom ESpfrsKd;jzifh aMumfjimcJhjcif;jzpfNyD; wdkusdK Haneda avqdyfrS tjynfjynf qdi f&mavaMumif ; ajy;qG J rIrsm;tm; k ANA rS aqmif&Gufjcif;tm; ydkrdk atmifjrifvmap&eftwGuf aMumfjimjcif; jzpfonf/ *syefEdkifiHonf 2020 ckESpf tdkvHypf tm;upm;yGJawmfudk {nfhcHusif;yoGm;& rnfjzpfNyD; c&D;oGm;rsm;ydkrdkwdk;wufvm ap&eftwGuf qGaqmifvsu&SNd y;D txl; J f ojzifh tm&SrS c&D;oGm;rsm; *syefEdkifiHodkY ydrka&muf&Sdvm&eftwGuf BuKd ;yrf;aqmif k d &Guaejcif;vnf;jzpfonf/ f
  15. 15. 15 REGIONAL BIZ Myanmar Business Today January 30-February 5, 2014 China Calls on Manila to Meet It Halfway on Fishing Rules mar, the Philippines foreign minister said the new rules, and as saying China would build 20 new patrol vessels this year. Reuters Myanmar Summary “Clearly, in addition to uni- w½kwfEdkifiHrS tjiif;yGm;zG,f&mrsm;jzpf aeaom awmifw½kwyifv,f&dS e,fajr f tjiif;yGm;rIrsm;udk ajyvnfap&eftwGuf BudK;yrf;vmaMumif; od&onf/ w½kwfEdkifiHtaejzifh ,ckESpftpwGif ig;zrf;pnf;rsOf;pnf;urf;rsm;udk jyKvkyfcJh NyD; EdkifiHjcm;ig;zrf;oabFmrsm;taejzifh tqdkyga&ydkifeufodkY r0ifa&mufrDcGifhjyK csufudk &,l&ef vdktyfcJhaMumif; od& onf/ pGrf;tif<u,f0aom awmifw½kwf yifv,fwif w½kwEii vTr;f rdk;rIyrkd G f kd f H kd jrifhwufvmrIu AD,uferfEdkifiHtjyif tar&duefEdkifiH r[mrdwfEdkifiHr sm; jzpfaom zdvpfydkif? b½lEdkif;? xdkif0rfESifh rav;&Sm;EdiiwEivnf; y#dyu©jzpfap k f H Ykd S hf rnfhtoGif&SdaeNyD; ta&S Uw½kwfyifv,f wGifvnf; w½kwfEdkifiHonf *syefEdkifiH ESifh uRef;qG,ftjiif;yGm;rI&Saeonf/ d zdvpfydkifEdkifiHuvnf; w½kwfEdkifiH ig;zrf;vkyfief;ydkif;qdkif&m pnf;rsOf;pnf; urf;opfr sm;udk jyif;jyif;xefxefjiif;qef vdrfhrnfjzpfNyD; vdktyfc sufrsm;taejzifh a&wyfr sm;onf ig;zrf;oabFmrsm; vHkNcHKa&;twGuf NcH&HvdkufygEdkifaMumif; zdvpfyiEii umuG,a&;tBu;D tuJ kd f kd f H f wpfOD;u ajymMum;cJhonf/ status quo and threats to the stability of the region, these latest developments violate the other states under international - Romeo Ranoco/Reuters told the gathering. - disputed waters in the South China Sea. are holding four days of meet- Michael Martina C pines to meet it halfway ippines. Brunei, Taiwan and - waters and China has a separate dispute with Japan in the East tions from the beginning of The Philippines will defy the new Chinese rules and the navy - sovereignty. territorial sovereignty and integrity is unwavering. At the same time, we always put forth - meet China halfway on the rel- vessels to obtain approval before entering the waters. - powerful China over most of - tations Vietnamese between tmPmtm;cdkifNrJap&ef BudK;yrf;aecsdef wGif,if;jyóemajyvnfrI&&Sd&ef t wGufvnf; aqG;aEG; n§dEdIif;rIr smjyKvkyf oGm;rnfjzpfaMumif; od&onf/ ships. Administration whose ships Pakistan Again Halts Gold Imports to Stem Smuggling into India Import curbs in India trigger rise in smuggling from neighbours Siddesh Mayenkar P akistan has temporarily banned gold imports six months as it tries to stem try there has been a surge in its the amount smuggled into InPakistan usually imports tiny to a statement on the ministry website. though imports surged last year days and exports, mostly jewmonth before the previous ban – amounted to $514 million. Pakistan said the ban would Pakistan last banned imports virtually dried up legal imports the six months to November as - of 2012. Jayanta Shaw/Reuters biggest bullion buyer, spurring a surge in smuggling and remand. “Credible reports have indi- sive non-essential import and -
  16. 16. REGIONAL BIZ 16 Myanmar Business Today January 30-February 5, 2014 Thai Farmers Add to Government Woes With Rice Scheme Protests running into funding problems. - Apornrath Phoonphongphiphat delegation would visit lawyers soon. If there was no way to get sides and join protesters trying to topple the government if they do not get paid for their would join the anti-government protests, he said. northeast. The latter two are Puea Thai strongholds, a worry - Her brother Thaksin is still - the latest instalment of Thai- The protests in Bangkok pit tablishment against the mainly poorer supporters of Prime Reuters based on the rural vote. Anti-government protests, now in their third month, have and loans for businesses in the villages, and he is seen as the ernment. ile in Dubai rather than serve IMF Raises Philippine GDP and her brother, ex-premier power handed down in 2008. toppled by the military in 2006. November were sparked by a $600 million investment, and drags on. Rural vote The rural vote brought Yin- ers are guaranteed an above- power in 2011 with a sweeping populist platform. - formed part of it meant that out of the global market. It left waiting three or four months to be paid. unsold grain and the govern- nesty that would have allowed him to return home a free man. Although the protests have - Karen Lema T - last week it had raised its - ens of people were wounded, some seriously, when grenades were thrown at anti-governtre last weekend. Reuters rebuilding. the Philippines, told reporters. - Athit Perawongmetha/Reuters down $20 billion from earlier estimates. That has prompted the gov- month. Myanmar Summary xdi;f Edii v,form;rsm;onf tpdk;& k k f H aiGaMu;axmufyrrsm;rjyKvyvQif qE´jy hH I k f rIr sm; aemufxyfyrjkd zpfym;Edionftae kd G k f h txm;wGif&SdaeNyD; 0efBuD;csKyf&ifvwf &Sifem0yftpdk;&twGufvnf; pdk;&drf& onfhtajctaeyifjzpfonf/ tpdk;&qefY usiqE´jyrIrsm;onf ,cktcg oHk;v f ajrmufokYd a&muf&vmNyD; Ediia&;y#dyu© Sd k f H rsm;aMumifh xdkif;EdkifiH pD;yGm;a&;ESifh &if;ESD;jr§KyfESHrIrsm;rSmvnf; xdcdkufvmEdkif onf/ ,ckuJhodkY tpdk;&tm; qefYusifqE´jyrI rsm;aMumifh Toyota Motor Corp xdkif;EdkifiHrS armfawmfum;vkyfief; onfvnf; tar&duefa':vm 600 rDv,&if;ES;D jrK§ yErnfuptm; jyefvnf D H f HS h d ö pOf;pm;oHk;oyfoGm;zG,f&SdaMumif; ajym Mum;cJovdk qE´jyrIr sm;qufvufjzpfym; h G aeygu armfawmfum;xkwfvkyfrIr sm;udk avQmhcsoGm;rnfjzpfaMumif;vnf; od& onf/ v,f o rm;rsm; qef p yg;rsm;tm; aps;uGuaygufaps;xuf yday;í0,f,rI f k l onf tpdk;& tpDtpOfwpf&yfjzpfcJh aomfvnf; b@ma&;tusyftwnf; ESifh &ifqdkifvm&aom xkdif;EdkifiHonf ,if;axmufyhH0,f,lrIrsm;udk qufvuf jyKvkyf&eftwGuf cufcJvmNyD; tcsKdU v,form;rsm;uvnf; axmufy0,f,l Hh aMu;rsm;&&Sd&eftwGuf oHk;v av;v apmifqi;f &onftwGuf a0zefrr sm;&SchJ h kd h I d aMumif; od&onf/ Suphan Buri jynfe,frS v,form; tzGJ U OD ; aqmif ol wpf OD; jzpf aom Prom Boonmachoey u udk,fpm; vS,tzGUJ taejzifh Oya'trIaqmifr sm; f ESifh awGUqHkoGm;zG,f&SdNyD; epfemaMu;ay; aqmifrI&SdrvmcJhygu aemufxyftpdk;& qef Y u sif qE´ j yol OD; a&axmif a ygif; rsm;pGmwdk;yGm;vmvdrfhrnf[k ajymMum;cJh onf/ tival season in full swing, demand remains strong, keeping isting jewellery to meet demand and also boosted smuggling. Reuters Myanmar Summary ygupöwefonf ajcmufvwmtwGif; 'kwd,tBudrfajrmuf a&TwifoGif;rIudk ,m,Dwm;jrpfcsufxkwfjyefcJhNyD; tdEd´, odkY a&TarSmifcdkukeful;rIrsm;udk [efYwm; &eftwGuf BudK;yrf;csuwpfcjk zpfaMumif; f vnf; od&onf/ year. Reuters Myanmar Summary tjynfjynfqi&maiGaMu;&efyaiGtzGUJ rS kd f kH vGeconftywfwif ajymMum;csut& f hJ h G f tqdkygtzGJUtpnf;BuD;rS zdvpfydkifEdkifiH pD;yGm;a&;wdk;wufrIEIef;tm; ,cifu 6.0 &mcdiEe;f [k wGucsucefref;cJ&mrS k f I f f Y S h ,cktcg 6. &mcdiEe;f [k wdk;jr§icefre;f 3 k f I hf Y S vdkufaMumif; od&onf/ 2015 ckESpfwGif zdvpfydkifEdkifiHonf 6.6 &mcdkifEIef;txd wdk;wufvmrnf[k vnf; tjynfjynfqi&maiGaMu;&efyaiG kd f kH tzGJUrS cefYrSef;cJhaMumif; tjynfjynfqdkif &maiGaMu;&efyHkaiGtzGJUrS zdvpfydkifEdkifiH qdi f &m t BuD ; t uJ wpf O D; jzpf onf h k Shanaka Jayanath Peiris u owif; axmufrsm;tm; ajymMum;cJonf/ h tdEd´, oGif;ukeftaumufcGefr sm; rSmvnf; 10 &mcdkifEIef;txd jrifhwuf vmcJhNyD; w&m;0ifoGif;ukefrsm;tjzpf aqmif&GufvmEdkifa&;twGuf wif;Muyf onfh pnf ; rsOf ; pnf ; urf ; rsm;udkvnf; owfrSwfcJhum urÇmha&T0,f,lrItBuD; rm;qH;k EdiijH zpfonfh tdE,Ediitaejzif h k f ´d k f H w&m;0ifoi;f ukea&;&mudk ydrtav;xm; G f k kd aqmif&Gufvmovdk a&TarSmifcdkukeful; rIrsm; jrifhwufvmonfhtwGufvnf; ,if; ud pö & yf tm; ajz&S if; &ef t wG u f BudK;yrf;vmjcif;yifjzpfonf/ ygupöwef b@ma&;0efBuD;u w&m;r0ifarSmifckd ukeful;oef;a&mif;0,frIr sm; jrifhwuf vmrIrsm;jzpfay:aeaom tdre;D csi;f EdiiH f k f jzpfonfh tdE,wGif a&Twifoi;f rItay: d´ G taumufcew;kd jr§iaumufcrukd jyKvyf G f hf H I k aeNyjD zpfaMumif; ajymMum;cJonf/ ,m,D h ydwfqdkYwm;jrpfrIrSm &uf 30 cefY&SdEdkifNyD; wifydkYukefrsm;udk uefYowfwm;jrpfom; G zG,fr&SdaMumif;vnf; od&onf/ {NyDvrS pufwifbmvtwGif;w&m; r0ifa&TarSmifcdkukeful;oef;a&mif;0,frI wGif zrf ;qD;&rIr sm;rSm2012wpfESpfv H k ; ES i f h Ed I i f ; ,S O f v Qif E S p f q rQ yd k r d k j rif h w uf vmaMumif; od&onf/
  17. 17. INTERNATIONAL BIZ 17 Myanmar Business Today January 30-February 5, 2014 IEA Sees Oil Use Rising As Global Growth Picks Up Rapid rise in US crude oil production to continue Lin Noueihed & Christopher Johnson G rels disappeared from the mar- lobal oil demand will inreversing four months of de- The International and the United Arab Emirates Energy a modest rise and Iraq was the only member to post a fall. this year, 50,000 bpd higher ity gained momentum. the IEA said in its monthly report. shifts was the relentless rise in have by now largely exited the 990,000 bpd growth, one of the Reuters “Global oil demand growth appears to have gradually gained momentum in the last 18 - in the energy-intensive manu- said. However, the IEA said the energy industry had absorbed the Myanmar Summary pD; yGm;a&;wdk; wuf r I r sm; ydkrdk t &Sdef t[kejf rifrm;vmrIaMumifh ,ckEptwGi;f h S f urÇmvHk;qdkif&m a&eH0,fvdktm; ydkrdk wdk;wufvmrnfjzpfaMumif;vnf; od& onf/ tar&duefEdkifiHrS shale oil xkwf vkyfrIr sm;onf rS w f w rf ; wpf c k t xd a&muf&Sonftxd xkwvyvmEdicvQif d f k f k f hJ vnf; 0,fvdktm;u ydkrdkomvGefaeqJ jzpfvdrfhrnf[k pGrf;tifvkyfief;ydkif;qdkif &m apmifhMunfhavhvmolrsm;u vGefcJh onfhtywfwGif ajymMum;cJhonf/ tjynfjynfqdkif&m pGrf;tifat*sifpD (IEA) rS ajymMum;csuft& urÇmha&eH oHk;pGJrIonf ,ckESpfwGif wpfaeYvQif a&eHpnfaygif; 1.3 rDv,H ydrw;kd wuf D k kd vmrnfjzpfNyD; vGefcJhonfhESpfxuf wpf and pipeline expansions and elsewhere, notably Libya and from Libya and Iran has helped rise by 780,000 bpd this year, troleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) will also have to pump mand. - limited rises. Demand over the last few months has depleted oil inven- $108.70 a barrel last year, it said. on Tuesday last week traded around $107. plummeted in November by OPEC oil this year by 200,000 bpd to 29.4 million bpd. fastest absolute annual supply Reuters to a plunge in Libyan exports, at aeYvQif pnfaygif; 50000 txd oHk;pGJ rI ydkrdkjrifhrm;vmEdkifaMumif; cefYrSef;ajym Mum;cJhonf/ zGHUNzdK;NyD;EdkifiHr sm; pD;yGm;a&;tajc taejyef v nf a umif; rG e f v mrI a Mumif h vGefcJhonfh 18 vumvtwGif; urÇmh a&eH0,fvtm;rSm jyefvnfwk;d wufvm kd cJaMumif; IEA h wGif azmfjycJhonf/zGHUNzdK;NyD;EdkifiHr sm;tae jzifh pD;yGm;a&;usqif;rItcdkuftwefYudk vGefajrmufvmNyD; ,cktcg pD;yGm;a&; jyefvnfaumif;rGevmonftjyif tcsKUd f h EdkifiHr sm;wGif pGrf;tiftajcjyKukefxkwf vkyfrIvkyfief;rsm;ESifh a&eH"mwkvkyfief; rsm;ü wdk;wufrIcdkifrmvmjcif;aMumifh ,ckESpftwGif; a&eH0,fvdktm;jrifhwuf vmapzG,f&SdonfhtaMumif;&if;rsm;yif jzpfonf/ Found in S.African Mine A mond, one of the rarest Other of tens of millions of dollars, has - notable diamonds million, and a diamond found $9.49 million. palm of a hand, was unearthed at the Cullinan mine near Pretoria. Philip Mostert Cullinan Diamond was found in - The blue diamond found at the Cullinan mine. “By some margin ... this is Contd. P 26... Myanmar Summary t&Sm;yg;qHk;ESifh urÇmwGif vlBudKuf tvGersm;um cefre;f ajc&Saom aps;EIe;f f Y S d rSmvnf; tar&duefa':vmrDv,aygif; D H rsm;pGmwefzdk;&Sonfh 29.6 um&uf&Sd d aom blue diamond pdeftrsKd;tpm; wpfcukd awmiftmz&du&S d owåKwi;f ü k G Petra Diamonds rS awGU&SdcJhaMumif; od&onf/ ,if;owåKwi;f vkyief;rS ajymMum;csuf G f t& tqdkygpdefonf 0ufopfc soD; t&G,&um Pretoria teD;&Sd Cullinan f Sd owåKwi;f rS awGU&ScaMumif; od&onf/ xdk G d Jh Contd. P 26...
  18. 18. INTERNATIONAL BIZ 18 Myanmar Business Today January 30-February 5, 2014 Lenovo Restarts Talks to Buy IBM Server Unit IBM server unit value likely $2.5-$3 billion: analysts in a $25 billion deal last year, - reports as a potential suitor for the business. A Beijing-based think it will be one hundred Reuters Myanmar Summary Eager Seller, Flush Buyer Thinkpad PC business in 2005 springboard for its leap to the top of global PC maker rankings. Reuters be worth between $2.5 billion C has resumed talks to buy International Business novo doubling the server business margins is a good deal for between $4 billion to $6 billion for the unit, while Lenovo was $2.5 billion. Analysts now estimate the diversify beyond a shrinking PC market. would make it the biggest ever attempts to remould itself as a and data storage servers. It also last year. hardware towards software and likely more eager now to do a deal than last year after several quarters of weak earnings. But any deal would also likely mittee on Foreign Investment - PC maker, said last week it was in preliminary talks about an and phones, he added. the seller but said it was making the statement in response to resition of a server business. It added that it had not enment and that no material terms had been agreed to. added. servers, the deal is worth $2.5 - - w½kwfEdkifiH Lenovo Group Ltd onf International Business Machines Corp (IBM) vkyfief;wpfcktm; 0,f , l & ef t wGuf jyef vnf aqG ; aEG; rI rsm; jyKvkyfaeaMumif; od&onf/ IBM x86 server rsm;tm; 0,f,&eftwGuf aqG;aEG;rIr sm;udk jyef l vnfjyKvyaejcif;jzpfNy;D Lenovo k f rdkbdkif;xkwfukefypönf;rsm;ESifh owif; tcsuf t vuf q mAmvk y f i ef ; rsm;wG i f ydkrdkwdk;wufvmvdkonfh BudK;yrf;rIwpfck vnf;jzpfonf/ IBM taejzifh [mh'f0Jvkyfief; rsm;tm; qufvufraqmif&Gufvdkawmh bJ aqmhzf0JESifh0efaqmifrIr sm;udk jyKvkyf vdrtwGuvnf; taxmuftuljzpfvm k I f aprnfjzpfonf/ tqdkygukrÜPD 2 ck taejzifh vGefcJhonfhESpfü aps;EIef; owfrSwfrIwGif oabmxm;rudkufnDrI aMumifh oabmwlnDrIr&&SdcJhay/ rD'D,m rsm; azmfjycsufr sm;t& IBM tae jzifh tar&duefa':vm 4 bDvD,HrS 6 bDvD,HMum;txd&&Sd&ef arQmfrSef; aomfvnf; Lenovo rS tar&duef a':vm 2. bDvD,Hjzifhom urf;vSrf; 5 &ef qE´&SdcJhaMumif; od&onf/ Emerging Markets Rebound Lifts Unilever Results And Shares in the fourth quarter, up from Martinne Geller A man. “Importantly, sales in the emerging markets have seen a quarter. markets - results and sent its shares higher on Tuesday morning as investors greeted the news with relief. Unilever generates more than half of its sales in developing and emerging markets. It was hit hard in the third quarter emerging markets, despite last Maintained Goals pointed out that growth there remained well above that in developed markets. “The good news ... is that a big proportion is just good volume the group stood by his goals in emerging China and Indonesia notable growth ahead of its broader markets and improvements in Mansi Thapliyal/Reuters He noted however that devel- the devaluation of a handful of ian real and the Indian rupee – ters in an interview. Reuters - demand. “Investors Dove soap, said sales in emerg- appear to be - Myanmar Summary zGHUNzdK;qJaps;uGufrsm;wGif pwkw¬oHk;v ywfumvtwGi;f a&mif;csrrsm; jyefvnf I aumif;rGefvmrIaMumifh pm;oHk;olxkwf ukefrsm;udk xkwfvkyfonfh Unilever 2013 ckESpf&v'frsm;udk taxmuf tyHhjzpfapcJhovdk &S,f,maps;EIef;rsm;udk vnf; ydrjkd rifrm;vmapcJonf/ Unilever k h h wpf0uftm; zGHUNzdK;qJaps;uGufrsm;wGif jyKvkyfEdkifcJhonf/ tif'dkeD;&Sm;EdkifiHuJhodkY EdkifiHr sm;wGif pD;yGm;a&;zGUH NzKd ;wd;k wufrEe;f t&Seavsmus I I d f h rIESifh b&mZD;ESifh tdEd´,aiGaMu;rsm; aiGaMu;wefzdk;rsm;avQmhcsrIaMumifh pm; oHk;olxwuer sm;tay:wGif oufa&muf k f k f rIrsm;&SdcJhonf/
  19. 19. INVESTMENT & FINANCE 19 Myanmar Business Today January 30-February 5, 2014 New Option for UK Pension Transfers option of transferring to the sey. It will be interesting to see if - tion agreement between the two Euro members would be very this move for free. ple opt for somewhere like the ment side of things out of, but the main point is that there are plenty of options. - C they may bring to the industry pened in Guernsey when vari- David Mayes - David Mayes MBA provides wealth management services to expatriates throughout Southeast Asia, focusing on UK Pension Transfers. He can be reached at Faramond UK is regulated by the FCA and provides advice on pensions and taxation. options available for transferbefore these options disappear. pension transfer market with - for free between any of the ju- been the market leader in the example, if you were to be based Myanmar Summary simultaneously removed this is not likely to last forever. all - ket many in the industry are wondering if they will be able to Guernsey tajcpdkuf Concept Group onf ,lau yifpifvpm vTajymif;ay;a&;aps;uGuokdY Gibraltar J f legally move their pensions into - entering the market is that there is now another option run by a are not taxed on foreign pen- - ideal to transfer from Gibraltar - - opportunity for all of those who to legally save a fortune in taxrate, meaning those in the high- pension to Gibraltar also avoids death tax, meaning your loved here but intending to retire outLuke MacGregor/Reuters tajcjyKvkyfief;tpDtpOf 2 ckESifhtwl jyefvnf0ifa&mufvmNyDjzpfonf/ QROPS aps;uGufwif Concept onf aps;uGuf G OD;aqmifolwpfOD ; vnf ; jzpfcJh onf / QROPS onf qualifying recognised overseas pensions schemes yifjzpf NyD; ,lau&Sd yifpifuprsm;ESifhywfoufí d ö trSefwu,ftusKd;&Sdvmap&eftwGuf tcGitvrf;aumif;rsm;udk axmufyay; hf hH aeaomvkyfief;wpfckvnf;jzpfonf/ ,lauonf taumufcejf rifrm;onfh G h twGuf yifpifvpmrsm;tm; jynfyrS wpfqifh vufvTJ,l&eftwGuf tcGifh tvrf ; wpfck rm t a&; yg ae onf / S Gibraltar wGif yifpiftwGuf taumuf cGefrSm 2. &mcdkifEIef;&SdNyD; jynfybPf 5 rsm;odkY yifpifvpmrsm;tm; vTJajymif; EdirjI zifh tom;wifyifpif0ifaiGrS ESpq kf f eD;yg;rQ ydkrdktusKd;&SdvmEdkifaprnfjzpf onf / ,l a uwG i f yif pif v pmtm; taumufceaumufc,lronf 40 &mcdif Gf H I k EIe;f jzpfrnfqvQif jynfyrSwpfqifh yifpif kd vpmtm; vTJajymif;jcif;jzifh tcGefEIef; xm;jrifrm;rIukd a&Smif&m;Edionf/ urÇm h S k f ay:wGif tcGeEe;f xm; vGepm oufom f I f G aom Offshore bPfrsm;&SdaeNyD; xdk bPfrsm;odYk yifpif0ifaiGrsm;tm;vTajymif; J Edkifonf/ Gibraltar odkY yifpifvpm tm; vTJajymif;jcif;jzifh HMRC rS death tax twGuf taumufcGef 55 &mcdiEe;f aumufc,ruvnf; a&Smif&m; k f I H l I kd S Edkifrnfjzpfonf/ Mori Hamada Set to Become Second Japanese Law Firm in Myanmar Su Su lowing regulatory approval Hamada & Matsumoto (MHM) ents abroad. – on April 1. - - 2012, while Nagashima Ohno alternative dispute resolution - - and November last year, re- Yangon by several other attorin demand for legal support - Myanmar Summary - *syefEdkifiH tBuD;qHk; Oya'vkyfief; Mori av;ckxJrS wpfckjzpfaom onf jrefrmEdkifiHwGif 'kwd,ajrmufvkyf ief;aqmif&Gufvmonfh *syefEdkifiHrS Oya'vkyfief;wpfckjzpfNyD; vGefcJhonfh ESpf arvwGif Nishimura & Asahi rS &efukefwGif ½Hk;wpfckudk zGifhvSpfcJhNyD;jzpf onf/ jrefrmEdiiwif w&m;0ifOya'vkyief; k f H G f a&;&m0efaqmifrr sm;udk axmufyay;&ef I hH twGuf awmif;qdkrIr sm; jrifhwufvm onfhtwGuf ,ckuJhodkY jrefrmEdkifiHwGif 'k w d , ajrmuf * syef O ya'vk y f i ef ; ud k aqmif&Gufjcif;jzpfNyD; jrefrmEdkifiHwGif pD;yGm;a&;wd;k csUJ aqmif&uvmonfh *syef G f ukrPrsm;aMumifvnf;jzpfaMumif; od& Ü D h onf/
  20. 20. INVESTMENT & FINANCE 20 Myanmar Business Today January 30-February 5, 2014 Malaysia Airlines, MAI Sign Code Share Deal travel. Shein Thu Aung yanmar Airways Interna- - 10. The deal also allows 60 destinations worldwide and a further 800 destinations in more than world partners. pore, Langkawi, Bangkok Airlines in a bid to in- Myanmar Summary Myanmar Airways International (MAI) onf Malaysia Airlines ESifh code share oabmwlnDcsufwpfckudk Forging a partnership laysia Airlines in prepara- Reuters 19. vufrSwfa&;xdk;cJhNyD; &efukefodkY ity markets overseas for In a statement last week, - with booking for the ser- is also our initiative to- sive return fares to Yangon starting from $140 avaMumif ; ajy;qG J r I r sm;ud k wdk; jr§i fh j yKvk y f o G m ;&ef jzpf um vuf&SdwGif wpfywfv Qif 14 Budrfy sHoef;ajy;qGJrItm;19 Budrf txdwdk;jr§ifhoGm;rnfjzpfaMumif; od&onf/ tqdkygoabmwlnDcsuftm; vufrSwfa&;xdk;jcif;jzifh MAI uGmvmvrfyl-&efuef-uGmvm k vrfyl avaMumif;0efaqmifrI rsm;wGif Malaysia Airlines code jzif h aqmif&uvmEdif G f k rnfjzpfonf/
  21. 21. 21 Myanmar Business Today INVESTMENT & FINANCE January 30-February 5, 2014 Inside: Banking Reform in Myanmar Myanmar is changing for the better, at a fast clip, and the US banks need to recognise these positive changes inghouse established by the as with the four banks listed in GL19, provided that the undertions regulations. have started to be routinely is- Eric Rose & Dr Andrew Lian the weakest links in the former pariah state, is exest growth rates in Asia after it allows foreign banks to begin operations in early 2014. The the medium term, and rising, Treasury Department needs to stantially delay sending even - foreign banks have taken ad- wholly-owned subsidiary types of unwarranted denials or eign banks to engage in limited draft of the new banking law is - mar under the same terms and - anmar has four state-owned banks and nineteen privatelyheld banks, no foreign banks have been allowed to operate its - - - Will the US banks adapt to this new marketplace? unlimited potential at this time. Eric Rose is the Lead Director of Herzfeld Rubin Meyer in Myanmar. He focuses on the global aspects of business cluding mergers, acquisitions, privatisations, technology transfers, compliance counselling, and international commercial transactions. His experience in Myanmar spans over twenty years. Dr Andrew Lian, who is leading the Herzfeld Rubin Meyer have had an extremely low pen60 million. This means there is tremendous growth potential that is just beginning to government has undertaken a number of reforms designed to - trol (OFAC). On July 11, 2012, OFAC issued Burma General tation and re-exportation of Burma. OFAC followed GL 16 with GL 19, issued on February Bank has stated that the setdependent Central Bank, as needs to address this rather rent position of the Department appears to be that the marketproposition. In the short run, 2014 ck E Spf t apmyd kif ; umvwGif jref rmEdk ifi H rS Edkif iH j cm;bPf rsm;tm; bPfvkyfief;rsm;tm; aqmif&GufrIudk cGijhf yKay;cJNh y;D aemuf ppftpd;k &vufxuf wGif tcsdeftawmfMumMum tm;tenf; qHk;u@wpfckjzpfonfh bPfvkyfief; u@onf tm&SwGif zGHUNzdK;wdk;wufrI tjrifhrm;qHk;EIef;xm;wpfcktjzpf&Sdvm zG,f&SdaMumif; od&onf/ jref r mEd k i f i H wdk ; wuf rI Eef; xm;rSm I urÇm hbPf rS tcsuf tvuf r sm;t& 6.9 &mcdiEe;f &SaeNy;D tdraxmifp0ifaiG k f I d f k rsm; wdk;wufvmjcif;ESifh EdkifiHjcm;wdkuf ½dkuf&if;ESD;jr§KyfESHrIrmvnf; 50 &mcdkifEIef; S txd wdk;wufvmcJhonf/ xdkYtjyif jrefrmEdkifiHonf ydkYukefwifydkY rIyrmPESifh ydkYukefaps;EIef;rsm;rSmvnf; wd;k wufvmcJNh y;D vlo;kH ukeypön;f rsm;ESihf f pufrxwuer sm;ESpcv;kH wGif wk;d wuf I k f k f f k vmjcif;jzpfonf/ jrefrmEdii jynfwi;f k f H G bPf0efaqmifrIrsm;rSm tvGeftm;enf; cJNh yD; vlO;D a& oef;ajcmufq,fwif bPf G 0efaqmifrIrsm;udk &,lolrSm tvGef enf;yg;cJhonf/ urÇmhbPfrS tcsuftvufrsm;t& vGefcJhonfhESpfwGif jynfwGif;bPfrsm;rS aiGacs;rIrsm;onf 50 &mcdiEe;f wd;k wuf k f I vmcJaMumif; od&onf/,ckvuf&tpdk;& h Sd taejzif h jyKjyif a jymif ; vJ rI r sm;pGmudk taumif t xnf a zmf a qmif & G u f c J h N yD ; aiGaMu;vJvS,frIEIef;ESifh aiGaMu;pepf wnfNidrfrIr sm;twGufvnf; BudK;yrf;cJh onf/ 2012 ckESpfwGif pepftm; usifhoHk;NyD; A[dkbPfuk dvnf; ydkrdkvGwfvyfpm aqmif&GufvmEdkifapcJh G onf/ xdkYtjyif bPfopfrsm;udkvnf; vdipifrsm; jyKvyay;cJNh y;D bPfvyief;cGJ k f k f k f rsm; csJUxGifrIrsm;udk cGifhjyKay;cJhonf/ Nationals list (two state-owned banks, and two private banks). In other words, to quote OFAC, al export goods, and doubling among its mandates, ensures - Practice, is one of Presidents Thein Sein’s advisers on ethnic opment. He is a member of a number of Presidential Commissions, and advises the Myanmar government on issues concerning minorities, as well legislative changes in the country’s investment laws. The article was originally published on InsideCounsel. com and has been republished with the authors’ and publication’s permission. Myanmar Summary ent relationships with any nona result of GL 19, also with the - ment Bank, Ayeyarwady Bank, - Rapid consumer banking growth Despite this regulatory openness, it appears that many - - Soe Zeya Tun/Reuters been installed, as well as over - read, or understood, the OFAC rules and interpretative guid-
  22. 22. INVESTMENT & FINANCE 22 Myanmar Business Today January 30-February 5, 2014 Enabling Sustainable Value Chains in Asia’s Apparel Frontier Part I: Grasping the Opportunity a huge potential market with an estimated 19 million mempotentially tripling spending lion; and abundant natural Maximilian Martin Series Summary try is booming. It earned more than $917 million in exports in more than 100,000 people by 2015. Garments are already the - ral gas, and hydropower, and an ambitious reform program land and water pollution, and similar regulation around enviing industrial waste water and Steve McCurry hotspots in the textile and garment industry. National labour industry following the lifting But there is an important twist to this story. The growth global textile and garment in- reports, and provides an evily boasts the lowest minimum garment wages in Asia, averes are higher and stand at $85time and other bonuses. ing how growth and the ability textiles, apparel and luxury goods, and it has long had both development and industrialisation while also being a persistent repository of poor labour mental pollution. The advent of fast fashion has added further - To sort through the wide in neighbouring Bangladesh in tions for sustainable apparel ment industry. The report outthat would enable the industry to leapfrog others in terms of stakeholder responses; solutions exist that are working ditions and environmental tivity is rising; fast fashion and tainable growth model for the an industry-wide solution have thereby avoiding the slow path of trial and error that many lowed. Series Breakdown Part I: Grasping the Opportunity. apparel industry with our enPart II: Building Human Capital and Improving Working Conditions. Part II of this buyer-led initiatives to improve - far failed to add up to indushas released a new report titled to simply treating symptoms does not yet exist. - The report is based on an in- enable progress toward sustainability. Part III: Riding the Power of Total Resource Productivity. Part III of a new series on - ing China and India (among others) and about 500 million people living in relative proximity; a youthful population age of 18 (thereby leading to an additional10 million people “The apparel industry has the exhilarating potential to be an important catalyst, enabling Myanmar’s graduation to the group of middle-income countries” world gradually heading toward Part IV: Getting the Job Done. Part IV of this series on Contd. P 23... Myanmar Summary jrefrmEdiionf tm&S zGUH NzKd ;wd;k wuf k f H vmaom e,f y ,f o pf w pf & yf j zpf N yD ; tcGifhtvrf;aumif;rsm;ESifh pdefac:rI rsm; a&m>yef;aeonfhae&mwpfckvnf; jzpfonf/ zGUH NzKd ;qJEiirsm;onf v,f,m kd f H pdkufysKd ; a&;rS pufr I v G e f p D ; yG m ;a&;odkY q,fpkESpftenf;i,ftwGif; ajymif;vJ EdkifNyD; pD;yGm;a&;ESifh &if;ESD;jr§KyfESHrItcGifh tvrf; aumif ; rsm;udkvnf ; jzpf x G e f ; vmapEdkifonf/ jrefrmEdkifiHwGif tifwmeuftoHk;jyKrI rSm vlOD;a& 1 &mcdkifEIef;eD;yg;om&SdNyD; rdkbdkif;zkef;toHk;jyKrIrmvnf; vlOD;a& S 10 &mcdiEe;f om&Sonf/ Ediiom;wpfO;D k f I d k f H csif;0ifaiGonf ,cktcg wpfESpfvQif tar&duefa':vm 1300 om&Sd&mrS 2030 ckESpfwGif tar&duefa':vm 5100 txd jrifwufvmzG,&Saeonf/ h f d xdkYjyif jrefrmEdkifiH vlvwfwef;pm; OD;a&rSmvnf; ydkrdkwdk;wufvmrnfjzpf onfhtwGuf tcGifhtvrf;aumif;rsm; rSm jrefrmEdii tem*wfwif apmifBh udK k f H G aeonf/ txnftvdyvyief;rSmvnf; f k f ta&;ygaomtcef;u@wpfcjk zpfonf/ txnftvdyfvkyfief;onf urÇmhouf wrf;t&SnMf umqH;k vkyief;rsm;xJrS wpfck f jzpf onf / vlO D ; a&wdk; yGm;vmrI Eif h twl S t&if;tjrpfrsm;&Sm;yg;vmaomurÇmBu;D wGif pm;oHk;olrsm; odrIa&csefvnf; d jrifwufvmNy;D ? tajccHusaom yGivif; h fh jrifomrIEif h enf;ynmydki;f qdi&m vsijf ref S k f pGm wdk;wufvmrIrsm;&SdaeNyD; txnf tvdyfvkyfief;taejzifh ,ck&ifqdkifae &onfhjyóemrSm a&&SnfwnfwHhzGHUNzdK; onfh a&mif;csrIvkyfief;pOftwGuf rnf onft&mrsm; vdtyfonfukd qHk;jzwf&ef h k yifjzpfonf/ txnftvdyfvkyfief;rSm zGHUNzdK;vm Contd. P 23...
  23. 23. 23 Myanmar Business Today INVESTMENT & FINANCE January 30-February 5, 2014 - environmental - requirements. - to address as it seeks to realise of - intermediaries; and the marketing networks at the retail level. Upstream and supporting industries remain underdevel- ing and daunting. Developing - sity of St Gallen. He previously served as founding global head and managing director of UBS Philanthropy Services, head of research at the Schwab Foundation, senior consultant with McKinsey & Company, instructor at Harvard’s Economics Department, and fellow at the Center for Public Leadership, Harvard Kennedy School. - As the industry grows, how yanmar is one agrarian to the post-industrial and investment opportunities. mar stands today at around 1 worker safety; and the environ- import all raw materials and most other supporting inputs, itself. mar aims to upgrade its pro- sustainability on a long-term - mobile phone penetration at 10 - - and the tastes and aspirations stream and downstream industries are helpful for enabling the ters. Contract Manufacturing is the Norm will need to be supported by an adapted legislative framework; estimates for export potential are about $5-6 billion even upgrading. pay, and worker health and the exhilarating potential to be able textile and garment value tries – just like in many other trial revolution 250 years ago. oldest industries but has often turned a blind eye toward its able vision for the industry is - greater detail in my next post. - for sustainable industry transformation. An Incomplete Domestic Upstream Supply Chain in textile and garments and is ship. A traditional Burmese proverb from the times when every household had a handloom and women were weaving longyis for the family them- Assembly is a form of indus- The Solution Path toward Higher Value Added yond $6 billion in garment exports if it manages to routinely its textile and garment value grading options for generating more value added. These op- garment sewing plants, most population growth, awakening mine what needs to happen to – where humane working, entions are the norm rather than - “Key problems in the industry - include working conditions, pay, move to higher value-added fashion goods. and worker health and safety.” plays a key role in many emergBangladesh has over 5,600 and is home to almost 160 million people, with apparel now - are long gone, but women still - export earnings and over 4 milries, Vietnam with about 2,000, - provided with imported inputs - more highly skilled workers to - - upstream textile and garment - ties along the textile and gar- nology. sition to sustainable apparel supplier and buyer are separate neighbours Cambodia and Laos The Role of Sustainability in Developing Myanmar’s Apparel Cluster Original brand name manu- internationally oriented Asian sale of their own brand prod- About the Author Dr Maximilian Martin is the Founder and Global Managing Director of Impact Economy. He also serves as Founding Faculty in Residence at Ashoka U and Lecturer in Social Entrepreneurship at the Univer- aomEdkifiHrsm;wGif t"dutcef;u@ tjzpf wnf&Sdaeonf/ tdrfeD;csif;EdkifiH jzpfonfh b*Fvm;a'h&SfEdkifiHwGif toifh csKyf t 0wf t pm;rsm; xk wf vk yf onfh puf½Hkaygif; 5600 ausmf&Sdaeonf/ ,cktcg tqdkygvkyfief;rS EdkifiH pkpk aygif;jynfwGif;xkwfukefwGif 20 &mcdkif EIef;txd yg0ifvmNyD; pkpkaygif;ydkYukef wifydkYrIwGif&&Sdaom0ifaiG 80 &mcdkif EIe;f ESifh tvkytudiaygif; 4 oef;ausmf f k f udk zefwD;ay;xm;Edkifonf/ tif'dkeD;&Sm; EdkifiHuJhodkY tjcm;ta&SUawmiftm&StzGJU 0ifEdkifiHwGifvnf; txnftvdyfpuf½Hk aygif; 2450 eD;yg;&SaeNy;D AD,uferfwif d G puf½Hkaygif; 2000 eD;yg;&Sdonf/ uarÇm 'D;,m;ESif h vmtdkwdkYrSmvnf; txufyg EdkifiHrsm;enf;wl vlrIa&;ESifh obm0ywf 0ef;usifqdkif&mpdefac:rIrsm;ESifh BuHKawGU ae&onf/ jrefrmEdkifiH txnftvdyf vkyfief;taejzifhvnf; tvm;tvm aumif;rsm;udkzrf;qkyfudkifEdkif&eftwGuf pdefac:rIrsm;udk udkifwG,fajz&Sif;oGm;& rnfyifjzpfonf/ txnftvdyfvkyfief; wdk;wufvmonfhtwGuf vlrIa&;ESifh obm0ywf0ef;usifpdefac:csursm;udk f rnf okdY wkH Y j yef a jz&Si f ; oG m ;rnf e nf ; [l onfhtcsufonfvnf; ta&;ygvmNyD; vkyfom;rsm; tvkyfvkyfudkif&onfh t a j c t a e ES i fh u a v ; ol i,f rsm;? ajymif;a&TUvkyfom;rsm;? twif;tMuyf cdkif;aprIrsm;? ab;tEÅ&m,fuif;&Sif;a&; tp&Sonftcsursm;rSmvnf; xnfoi;f d h f h G pOf ; pm;&rnfh t csufr sm;jzpf vmonf / urÇmvHk;qdkif&m &if;ESD;jr§KyfESHrIESifh enf; AsL[myd k i f ; qd k i f &mvk y f i ef ; jzpf a om Impact Economy rS xkwfjyefcJhaom Creating Sustainable Apparel Value Chains ppfwrf;onf a&&Snf wnfwHhzGHUNzdK;onfhvkyfief;tjzpf wnf&Sd vm&eftwGuf t"duvdtyfaomtcsuf k rsm;vnf; yg0ifcJhonf/ jrefrmEdiitaejzifh csnrQiEifh txnf k f H f f S tvdyfvkyfief;udk [dk;,cifuwnf;u vkyfudkifaqmif&GufcJhNyD; vufrIynmrSm vnf; vGefpGmaumif;rGefaomEdkifiHwpf EdkifiHyifjzpfonf/ a&S;pum;yHkwpfckwGif pmrzwf E d k i f a om a,musf m ;rsm;onf tuef;rsm;ESiwNl y;D ,ufuef;rcwfwwf hf aom rdef;rrsm;onf roefrpGrf;rsm; ouJokYdjzpfonf[í ajymprSwjf yK&onf h l txd csnfr QifESifh txnftvdyfvkyfief; rSm ta&;ygcJhonf/ ,cktcsdeftxd jrefrmEdii&dS trsKd;orD;rsm;onf txnf k f H tvdyfvkyfom;rsm; 80 &mcdkifEIef; txdudkyif ae&m,lxm;NyD; tvkyfvkyf udiae&onftajctaerSmvnf; qd;k &Gm; k f h vSonfhtaetxm;wGif &Sdaeonf/
  24. 24. 24 Myanmar Business Today January 30-February 5, 2014 INTERNATIONAL AND DOMESTIC FLIGHT SCHEDULE Flights from Yangon (RGN) to Bangkok (BKK) g s o g N Flight No. PG 706 DD4231 FD2752 8M335 TG304 PG702 Y5-237 TG302 PG703 8M331 FD2754 PG704 TG306 DD4239 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 Days s 3 4 5 3 4 5 3 4 5 3 4 5 3 4 5 3 4 5 3 4 5 3 4 5 3 4 5 3 4 5 3 4 5 3 4 5 3 4 5 3 4 5 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 From RGN RGN RGN RGN RGN RGN RGN RGN RGN RGN RGN RGN RGN RGN To BKK DMK DMK BKK BKK BKK BKK BKK BKK BKK DMK BKK BKK DMK ETD 7:15 8:00 8:30 8:40 9:50 10:45 18:05 14:45 15:20 16:30 17:50 18:25 19:40 21:00 ETA 9:30 9:45 10:15 10:25 11:45 12:40 19:50 16:40 17:15 18:15 19:35 20:20 21:35 22:45 Flights from Bangkok (BKK) to Yangon (RGN) g s o g K a Operated by: Bangkok Airways NOK Airlines Thai AirAsia MAI Thai Airways Bangkok Airways Golden Myanmar Airlines Thai Airways Bangkok Airways MAI Thai AirAsia Bangkok Airways Thai Airways NOK Airlines Flight No. DD4230 8M336 FD2751 TG303 PG701 FD2755 PG707 Y5-238 FD2753 PG703 TG305 DD4238 8M332 PG705 Flights from Yangon (RGN) to Chiang Mai (CNX) g s o o ) a i W9-9607 4 7 RGN CNX 14:50 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 3 4 5 1 1 2 3 4 5 1 2 3 4 5 1 3 4 5 5 1 2 3 4 5 1 2 3 4 5 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 7 7 7 7 7 6 7 RGN RGN RGN RGN RGN RGN RGN RGN RGN SIN SIN SIN SIN SIN SIN SIN SIN SIN 10:10 0:25 8:30 10:25 11:30 13:45 15:10 17:10 16:40 14:40 5;00 13:00 14:45 16:05 18:15 19:35 21:35 21:15 Air Bagan W9-9608 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 VN956 1 RGN RGN RGN KUL KUL KUL 8:30 8:55 12:15 Golden Myanmar Airlines SilkAir MAI Singapore Airline Jetstar Asia MAI TigerAir TigerAir SilkAir 12:50 12:55 16:30 5 6 7 RGN HAN 19:10 Y5-234 SQ998 8M6231/3K585 8M232 MI518 8M235 TR2826 TR2826 MI520 2 4 7 RGN SGN 14:25 1 1 1 1 1 2 3 4 2 3 4 3 4 2 3 4 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 5 6 2 5 6 RGN RGN TPE TPE 10:50 11:35 2 3 4 6 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 3 6 RGN RGN RGN KMG KMG KMG 14:15 14:40 12:20 2 3 4 6 7 RGN BJS 14:15 Days s 3 From RGN 6 To NNG ETD 12:20 1 2 4 6 RGN HKG 1:10 2 4 7 3 6 1 5 RGN RGN RGN CAN CAN CAN 8:40 11:20 17:40 VN957 1 17:10 Days s 1 8M 601 AI234 1 1 NH914 1 From RGN RGN 5 5 To CCU CCU ETD 18:45 13:40 VN943 3 2 China Airline EVA Air CI7915 BR287 5 6 5 RGN RGN GAY GAY 10:30 13:40 Air China China Eastern China Eastern (via NNG) CA905 MU2031 MU2011 6 RGN NRT 22:00 21:55 1 3 4 5 7 7 QR619 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 RGN RGN ICN ICN 0:05 0:50 DOH 8:00 ETA 16:25 Operated by: China Eastern Days s 1 2 3 4 5 1 2 3 4 5 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 From RGN RGN RGN RGN RGN To NYT NYT NYT NYT NYT ETD 7:30 11:30 16:30 8:00 15:30 5:35 17:20 17:50 Air Bagan SIN SIN SIN SIN SIN SIN SIN SIN SIN RGN RGN RGN RGN RGN RGN RGN RGN RGN 15:35 7:55 9:10 14:10 14:20 19:15 13:00 15:00 22:10 17:05 9:20 10:40 15:40 15:45 20:45 14:30 16:30 23:35 Golden Myanmar Airlines Singapore Airline Jetstar Asia MAI SilkAir MAI TigerAir TigerAir SilkAir KUL KUL KUL RGN RGN RGN 6:55 10:05 14:00 8:00 11:15 15:00 AirAsia Malaysia Airlines MAI HAN RGN 16:35 18:10 Vietnam Airlines SGN RGN 11:40 13:25 Vietnam Airlines TPE TPE RGN RGN 7:15 7:30 10:05 10:35 China Airline EVA Air KMG KMG KMG RGN RGN RGN 12:40 13:30 8:25 13:15 14:00 11:30 Air China China Eastern China Eastern (via NNG) 6 7 BJS RGN 8:05 13:15 Air China (via KMG) Days s 3 From NNG 6 To RGN ETD 10:15 ETA 11:30 Operated by: China Eastern KA250 1 3 5 7 HKG RGN 21:50 23:45 Dragon Air Flights from Guang Zhou (CAN) to Yangon (RGN) lg s o C n MAI China Southern Airline China Southern Airline CZ3055 8M712 CZ3055 3 2 6 4 1 7 5 CAN CAN CAN RGN RGN RGN 8:40 14:15 14:45 10:30 15:45 16:35 China Southern Airlines MAI China Southern Airlines Flights from Kolkata (CCU) to Yangon (RGN) h o k U a R Operated by: Air India Air India (via GAY) Flight No. AI227 AI233 MAI Air India 8M 602 AI233 1 Days s ALL NIPPON Airways NH913 1 1 From CCU CCU 5 5 To RGN RGN ETD 10:35 13:30 ETA 13:20 18:00 Operated by: Air India Air India (via GAY) Flights from Gaya (GAY) to Yangon (RGN) g s y n G 11:50 15:00 3 5 6 5 GAY GAY RGN RGN 12:50 15:00 16:00 18:00 MAI Air India Flights from Tokyo (NRT) to Yangon (RGN) i t r k T a R 3 6 NRT RGN 11:10 17:05 ALL NIPPON Airways Flights from Seoul (ICN) to Yangon (RGN) g s o ) n G 8:00 8:50 Korean Air Asiana KE471 OZ4753 Qatar Airways QR618 1 23 4 5 6 7 3 6 ICN ICN RGN RGN 18:40 19:30 22:55 23:40 Korean Air Asiana Flights from Doha (DOH) to Yangon (RGN) t r h R 11:45 Operated by: FMI Air Charter FMI Air Charter FMI Air Charter FMI Air Charter FMI Air Charter Flights from Yangon (RGN) to Mandalay (MDY) i t r o n Y5-234 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 RGN MDY 6:15 7:30 YH 909 2 4 6 7 RGN MDY 6:30 8:10 YH 917 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 RGN MDY 6:10 8:30 YH 727 1 5 RGN MDY 11:15 13:25 YH 731 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 RGN MDY 15:00 17:10 W9 501 1 2 3 4 RGN MDY 6:00 7:25 K7 222 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 RGN MDY 6:30 8:40 YJ 201 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 RGN MDY 11:30 12:55 Days - (1) Monday (2) Tuesday (3) Wednesday (4) Thursday (5) Friday (6) Saturday (7) Sunday e a 3 d s a y u RGN Hong Kong (HKG) Flights from Yangon (RGN) n a Dragon Air ETA 19:45 16:55 ETA 8:30 12:30 17:30 9:00 16:30 7 2 3 4 Flight No. MU2011 Flights from Yangon (RGN) to Nay Pyi Taw (NYT) lg s o w Flight No. FMI-A1 FMI-B1 FMI-C1 FMI-A1 FMI-A1 CNX Flights from Nanning (NNG) to Yangon (RGN) g s o n N a Flights from Yangon (RGN) to Doha (DOH) lg s n G O RGN 4 2 3 4 6 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 3 6 CA905 Flights from Yangon (RGN) to Seoul (ICN) g s n G C KE472 OZ7463 Operated by: NOK Airlines MAI Thai AirAsia Thai Airways Bangkok Airways Thai AirAsia Bangkok Airways Golden Myanmar Airlines Thai AirAsia Bangkok Airways Thai Airways NOK Airlines MAI Bangkok Airways Flights from Beijing (BJS) to Yangon (RGN) lg s j S n R Air China (via KMG) 06:40+1 ETA 07:55 7:25 8:00 8:45 9:40 12:20 14:30 21:55 17:20 17:35 18:40 20:15 20:05 21:15 Flights from Kunming(KMG) to Yangon (RGN) lg s o m M Flights from Yangon (RGN) to Tokyo (NRT) g t r n G N 3 5 6 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 2 5 6 Flights from Yangon (RGN) to Gaya (GAY) g s n G A 3 ETD 06:30 6:40 7:15 8:00 8:50 11:35 13:40 21:10 16:35 16:45 17:55 19:30 19:20 20:00 Flights from Taipei (TPE) to Yangon (RGN) lg s E n 16:10 17:20 13:15 15:50 22:15 To RGN RGN RGN RGN RGN RGN RGN RGN RGN RGN RGN RGN RGN RGN Flights from Ho Chi Minh (SGN) to Yangon (RGN) lg s o i S n Vietnam Airlines 17:35 17:55 18:10 From DMK BKK DMK BKK BKK DMK BKK BKK DMK BKK BKK BKK BKK BKK Flights from Hanoi (HAN) to Yangon (RGN) g t r n N n R Flights from Yangon (RGN) to Kolkata (CCU) h o g o C Flight No. AI228 AI234 7 Vietnam Airlines 21:30 Flights from Yangon (RGN) to Guang Zhou (CAN) lg s o n u 8M711 CZ3056 CZ3056 7 7 7 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Flights from Yangon (RGN) to Hong Kong (HKG) g s o o ) n KA251 7 7 AK1426 MH740 8M502 Flights from Yangon (RGN) to Nanning (NNG) g s o g N a Flight No. MU2012 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 AirAsia MAI Malaysia Airlines Flights from Yangon (RGN) to Beijing (BJS) lg s n G CA906 5 5 5 5 5 5 2 3 4 5 5 Flights from Yangon (RGN) to Kunming(KMG) lg s o g N CA906 MU2032 MU2012 7 1 Flights from Yangon (RGN) to Taipei (TPE) lg s n G T CI7916 BR288 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 Flights from Kuala Lumpur (KUL)to Yangon (RGN) g t r o n Flights from Yangon (RGN) to Ho Chi Minh (SGN) lg s o h VN942 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 4 Flights from Yangon (RGN) to Hanoi (HAN) g t r n G H 3 Days s 4 5 4 5 4 5 4 5 4 5 4 5 4 5 4 5 4 5 4 5 4 5 4 5 4 5 4 5 Flights from Singapore (SIN) to Yangon (RGN) lg s o a Flights from Yangon (RGN) to Kuala Lumpur (KUL) i t r m n a u AK1427 8M501 MH741 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 Flights from Chiang Mai (CNX) to Yangon (RGN) g s o g C 16:20 Flights from Yangon (RGN) to Singapore (SIN) lg s o g N n Y5-233 MI509 8M231 SQ997 8M6232/3K586 8M233 TR2827 TR2827 MI517 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 Golden Myanmar Airlines Yangon Airways Yangon Airways Yangon Airways Yangon Airways Air Bagan Air KBZ Asian Wings 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 DOH RGN 21:05 06:29+1 Qatar Airways Flights from Nay Pyi Taw (NYT) to Yangon (RGN) lg s o y N n Flight No. FMI-A2 FMI-B2 FMI-C2 FMI-A2 FMI-A2 Days s 1 2 3 4 5 1 2 3 4 5 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 From NYT NYT NYT NYT NYT To RGN RGN RGN RGN RGN ETD 8:50 13:00 18:00 10:00 17:00 ETA 9:50 14:00 19:00 11:00 18:00 Operated by: FMI Air Charter FMI Air Charter FMI Air Charter FMI Air Charter FMI Air Charter Flights from Mandalay (MDY) to Yangon (RGN) i t r d D Y5-233 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 MDY RGN 8:10 9:25 YH 910 1 3 MDY RGN 7:40 10:30 YH 918 1 2 3 4 6 7 MDY RGN 8:30 10:25 YH 728 1 5 MDY RGN 9:10 11:05 YH 732 1 2 3 4 5 6 MDY RGN 17:10 19:15 W9 502 1 2 3 4 MDY RGN 16:10 18:15 K7 223 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 MDY RGN 9:00 11:05 YJ 202 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 MDY RGN 16:00 17:25 Days - (1) Monday (2) Tuesday (3) Wednesday (4) Thursday (5) Friday (6) Saturday (7) Sunday e a 3 d s a y u Golden Myanmar Airlines Yangon Airways Yangon Airways Yangon Airways Yangon Airways Air Bagan Air KBZ Asian Wings
  25. 25. PROPERTY & REAL ESTATE 25 Myanmar Business Today January 30-February 5, 2014 Hotel and Tourism Sector Bags $2b Foreign Investment Tanintharyi region are seeing However, the number of appliMyanmar Summary In a bid to boost its tourism four entry and exit gates on the - - to the ministry. Taw now has 50 hotels with - Sherpa Hossainy gyi and Inle Lake has 70 hotels Tourism has granted opera- A hotel construction site in Yangon. investors alike. Htet Aung 2011. The number of tourist arriv- in foreign investments in the $150 million in investments. interest from international in- as many foreign visitors are to AN summits to be hosted by said. - - growth over the last two years more than $880 million, more near future. allowed more investment in the ism industry that is grappling - Chairmanship in 2014. over 2 million tourists, of whom 1.14 million entered through border gates and 885,476 through airports, with Thai and Chinese tourists leading the way. Popular tourist destinations - tourist arrivals this year in the Nay Pyi Taw Hotels “More Paige Lee Pei Qi A Forum (ATF) will - Pyi Taw, in 2015 and the ism thought leaders and trade players from the region and beyond, said Tin - Pyi Taw today and the loso many events within this short period of time fully hosted more than 10,000 guests during rum on East Asia just last He believes that ATF - events as having im- ism and event “hardware Federation. 8,000 hotel rooms in Nay years, Tin Aung Lynn Contd. P 26... panies. It has also issued 196 tourismTo meet the growing demand for hotels, the ministry has approved the establishment of 11 Visa-on-arrival for visitors mar has also planned to intro- ,ckvuf&Sd 2013-2014 b@ma&; ESpfwGif jrefrmEdkifiH [dkw,fESifhc&D; oGm;vkyfief;u@rS EdkifiHjcm;&if;ESD;jr§KyfESH rIyrmP tar&duefa':vm 1.92 bDvD,Htxd&&SdcJhaMumif; [dkw,fESifh c&D;oGm;vma&;0efBuD;XmerS ajymMum; csuft& od&onf/ jrefrmh&if;ES;D jrK§ yEraumfr&SirS [dkw,f f HS I f ESifhc&D;oGm;vma&;u@wGif pkpkaygif; pDrHudef;aygif; 39 ckudk cGifhjyKay;cJhNyD; pifumyl&if;ESD;jr§KyfESHolrsm;rSm tqdkyg u@wGif trsm;qHk;&if;ESD;jr§KyfESHcJhNyD; tar&duefa':vm 880 rDvD,Hausmf (odkYr[kwf) pkpkaygif;&if;ESD;jr§KyfESHrIyrm 40 &mcdiEe;f ausmuyif &if;ES;D jrK§ yEHS k f I f kd f cJonf/rMumao;rDu Ediia&;ESifh p;D yGm; h k f H a&;jyKjyifajymif;vJrIrsm;aMumifh zGHUNzdK; wdk;wufvmaom jrefrmEdkifiH [dkw,f ESifh c&D;oGm;vma&;vkyfief;onf c&D; oGm;rsm; trsm;tjym;a&muf&SdvmrIESifh &if;ESD;jr§KyfESHolrsm; a&muf&SdvmrIaMumifh wdk;wufvmcJhonf/ xdkif;EdkifiHonf 'kwd,trsm;qHk;&if;ESD; jr§KyfESHxm;oltjzpf&yfwnfaeNyD; tar &duefa':vm 235 rDvD,H &if;ESD;jr§KyfESH cJ h o nf / *syef E S ihf a[mif a umif w d k Y r S m wwd,ESifh pwkw¬trsm;qHk;&if;ESD;jr§KyfESH cJhMuNy;D *syefrS tar&duefa':vm 183 rDvD,HESifh a[mifaumifrS tar&duef a':vm 150 rDvD,H&if;ESD;jr§KyfESHcJhonf/ jrefrmEdkifiH [dkw,fESifhc&D;oGm;vm a&;vkyfief;wGif &if;ESD;jr§KyfESH&eftwGuf tjynfjynfqdkif&m &if;ESD;jr§KyfESHolrsm; pdwf0ifpm;rI ydkrdkjrifhwufvmNyD; txl; ojzifh tm&SESifh Oa&myrS &if;ESD;jr§KyfESHol rsm;yifjzpfonf/
  26. 26. PROPERTY & REAL ESTATE 26 Myanmar Business Today January 30-February 5, 2014 Hong Kong Ranks World’s No.1 for “Most For the fourth consecutive year, the city is ranked world’s No.1 for unaffordable housing - Yvonne Liu the past few years have are still out of the budget of orthe world for the fourth straight said he did not think property The survey reported that year. “The housing demand from end-users remains strong, while the interest rates are low. And million, while the annual me- Demographia rated housing Bobby Yip/Reuters “It is impossible for the salary the survey. Demographia said if housing professor Eddie Hui Chi-man. A woman walks up the stairs as luxurious high rise residential buildings, built on reclaimed land, are seen at Hong Kong’s West Kowloon district. surged sharply while the gov- Myanmar Summary issues that needed to be ad- it was suspended for nine years. ing. Hui believes the housing problem will remain serious over the next two years as new times above the gross annual “Despite the government vG e f c J h a omES p f t enf ; i,f t wG i f ; td r f N cH a jraps;EI e f ; rsm; jrif h w uf v mrI aMumifh a[mifaumifonf urÇmay: wGif tdrf&m0,f,l&eftwGuf aps;EIef; tjrifhrm;qHk;ae&mwpfck av;ESpfquf wdkufjzpfvmaMumif; tar&dueftajc pduf twd k i f y if c H v k y f i ef ; jzpf onfh k Demographia rS ppfwrf;aumuf,lrI t& od&onf/ ,if ; ppf w rf ; t& a[mif a umif ysrf ; rQtd r f a ps;EI e f ; rSm a[mif a umif a':vm 4.02 rDvD,Hausmf&SdNyD; a[mifaumif ysr;f rQtraxmifp0ifaiG d f k rSm a[mifaumifa':vm 270000 jzpfNyD; tdrfaps;EIef; 15 yHk 1 yHkom &SdaMumif; od&onf/ tdrf0,f,l&eftwGuf &&Sdonfhvpm 0ifaiGjzifh 0,f,l&efrjzpfEdkifaMumif; Polytechnic University rStdrfNcHajr vkyfief;ydkif;qdkif&m uRrf;usifynm&Sif Eddie Hui Chi-man u ajymMum; cJhonf/ tdrfNcHajraps;EIef;rsm;rSm tvGef “The stones in the last year or so are selling well above $2 by 2015. He revealed that hotels for the statement. Analyst Cailey Barker at brokers Numis thought the dia- International air links into Nay Pyi Taw have also im- - kok Airways and Thai AirAsia tmqD,Hc&D;oGm;vkyfief;rsm;zdk&rftm; 2015 ckESpfwGif jrefrmEdkifiH NrdKUawmf jzpfaom aejynfawmfwGif usif;yjyKvkyf oGm;rnfjzpfNy;D jrefrmEdiitaejzifvnf; k f H h tBuD ; tuJ r sm;ES if h uk e f o nf r sm ;tm; BuKd q&eftwGuf tqifoiftaetxm; kd h wGif&SdaeNyDjzpfaMumif; jrefrmEdkifiHc&D; oGm;vkyfief;tzGJUtpnf;rS trIaqmif csKyf OD;wifatmifvif;u ajymMum;cJh onf/ ,cktcg aejynfawmfwGif [dkw,f Sherpa Hossainy Myanmar Summary tion. Diamonds from both the Petra, have been displayed at A hotel under construction in Nay Pyi Taw. tcef;aygif; 8000 ausmf&SdaeNyD; jynf wGif;a'ocHr sm;taejzifhvnf; EdkifiHjcm; rSvma&mufrnfholr sm;tm; &if;ESD;ysLiSm pGm {nfhcH&eftwGufvnf; tqifoifh xdkYtjyif aejynfawmfonf qD;*drf; tm;upm;yGawmfumvtwGi;f {nfonf J h aygif; 10000 ausmfudk {nfhcHay;EdkifcJhNyD; ,cktcg tmqD,Hc&D;oGm;vkyfief;rsm; zdk&rftm; usif;yjyKvkyf&eftwGufvnf; toif h t aetxm;wG i f &Sda eaMumif ; rMumao;rDESpfrsm;twGif; jrefrmEdkifiH taejzifh urÇmhEdkifiHr sm;ESifh qufqHa&; udk jyefvnfxlaxmifí zGHUNzdK;wdk;wufrI vrf;aMumif;ay: a&muf&SdvmcsdefrSpí jrefrmEdkifiHwGif {nfhcHusif;yjyKvkyfaom tpDtpOfrsm;vnf; wd;k wufvmcJaMumif; h OD;wifatmifvif;u ajymMum;cJhonf/ and are regarded as among the rarest and most valuable in the world. The 1905 Cullinan Diamond Jewels held in the Tower of London. Reuters owåKwGif;tm; 2008 ckESpfuwnf;rS tqrwefjrifhwufvmcJhNyD; tpdk;&rS tdrf&mrsm;wnfaxmif&eftwGuf ajr azmfaqmifrIrsm;udk wdk;jr§ifhraqmif&Guf cJhaMumif; od&onf/ 2012 ckESpfwGif tdrfNcHajraps;EIef;rsm; rSm 20 &mcdkifEIef;ausmf ckefwufvmcJh onf/ tdrf&mjyóemrSm vmrnfh 2 ESpf wmtwGif; tvGefcufcJaomjyóem wpfckjzpfvmrnfjzpfNyD; 2016 rwdkifcif txd tdr&mopfaxmufyrrsm;udk jyKvyf f hH I k oGm;rnfr[kwfonfhtwGufjzpfaMumif; od&onf/ ydkifqdkifcJhNyD; Cullinan Diamond udk vnf; 1905 ckESpfwGif ,if;owåKwGif;rS awGU&ScNhJ y;D urÇmtBu;D qH;k pdetMurf;wH;k d h f &SmazGawGU&SdcJhrIjzpfcJhovdk tav;csefrm d S 3106 um&uf&SdaMumif; od&onf/ tjcm;xif&Sm;aompdeftrsKd;tpm;rsm; udkvnf; ,if;owåKwGif;rS awGU&SdcJhNyD; 2013 ckESpfwGif 25.5 um&uf&Sdonfh Cullinan blue diamond udkvnf; awGU&SdcJhNyD; tar&duefa':vm 16.9 rDv,jH zifh a&mif;csc&onf/2008 ckEpf D Jh S wGif Star of Josephine [k vlodrsm; onfh pdetrsKd;tpm;wpfcuvnf; awGU&Sd f k kd cJhum tar&duefa':vm 9. rDvD,H 49 jzifh a&mif;csEdkifcJhonf/ ,ckaemufqHk; blue diamond &SmazGawGU&SdrIonf ,cif &Sm azG a wG U &Sd rI r sm;xuf wef z d k ; omvGefom;EdkifaMumif; trIaqmifc sKyf G Johan Dippenaar u ½dkufwmowif; XmeodkY ajymMum;cJhonf/ ,ckpdeftrsKd;tpm;onf tvGefwefzdk; jrifhrm;onfh pdeftrsKd;tpm;wpfckjzpf ,if;pdefonf tar&duefa':vm 15 rDvD,HrS tar&duefa':vm 20 rDvD,H txd avvHyGJwGif a&muf&Sdonf[k xifjrifaMumif; ynm&SifwpfOD;u ajym Mum;cJhonf/
  27. 27. 27 IT & TELECOM Myanmar Business Today January 30-February 5, 2014 Viom Networks Eyes Myanmar’s Telecom Infrastructure looking at Bangladesh, where Viom is unable Htet Aung I towers nationwide and pany Viom Networks tially address tower management opportunities in the areas of interest. Our its listed rival in India, to expand its pan-India tower network and re- growth would be largely standalone towers with a donesia and Bangladesh, tions, with an immediate Potentially, a lot of these Viom Networks. be the largest independ- $5.47 billion. sharing model or the Inis seeking a valuation of Myanmar Summary ny by more than half, with also diluting a part of its holding. WMC ents in overseas markets, Viettel Plans Investments in Myanmar, Tanzania Aye Myat V market in the near future. Viettel is trying to tap three new markets every year, said. Viettel will raise the total number of its foreign markets to eight, the other seven being Timor Leste, Peru, CamMyanmar Summary AD,uferfEdkifiH tpdk;&ydkifqufoG,fa&;vkyfief;jzpfaom Viettel onfwefZefeD;,m;ESifhjrefrmEdkifiHwGif&if;ESD;jrK§ yErtcGitvrf;aumif; f HS I hf rsm;udk &SmazGaeNyD;jynfyvkyfief;rsm;rS0ifaiG&&Sd&eftwGufBudK;yrf;ae jcif;jzpfaMumif;xdyfwef;trIaqmifwpfOD;ajymMum;cJhonf/ wefZefe;D ,m;wGifrdkbdkif;0efaqmifrItwGuf vdipiftm; Viettel rSavQmufxm;cJh k f f G f onf/ vmrnftcsewtwGi;f üvnf; Viettel taejzifh aps;uGuwip;D h d f kd yGm;a&;vdipifwpfcu&&Som;zG,&aMumif;od&onf/ k f k kd d G f dS tdEd´,tajcpdkuf qufoG,f a&;vkyfief;ydkif;qdkif&mtajccH taqmufttHku@rsm;udkvkyf aqmifaom Viom Networks onf jrefrmEdkifiH qufoG,f a&;vkyfief;ydkif;qdkif&mtajccH taqmufttHkvkyfief;rsm;wGif vkyfief;csJUxGifaqmif&GufrIrsm; udk jyKvkyfoGm;&ef rsufpdusae aMumif; od&onf/ pifumyltajcpdkuf jynfyvkyf ief;cGjJ zpfonfh Viom Networks Singapore rS qufoG,fa&; wm0gpDrHcefYcGJrItcGifhtvrf;rsm; udk jrefrmEdkifiHwGif aqmif&GufEdkif &eftwGuf ueOD;aqmif&Guf oGm;rnfjzpfNyD; rav;&Sm;? tif'dk eD;&Sm;ESifh b*Fvm;a'h&SfwdkYuJhodkY tvm;wlaps;uGufr sm;wGifvnf; vk y f i ef ; aqmif & G u f o G m ;Ed k i f & ef twGuf aps;uGufavhvmpHkprf;rI rsm;udk jyKvkyfoGm;rnfjzpfaMumif; xd y f w ef ; trI a qmif w pf O D ; u ajymMum;cJhonf/ ,ckvuf&Sd tm½Hkpdkufxm;onfh aps;uGufrSm jrefrmEdkifiHjzpfNyD; b*Fvm;a'h&SfwGifvnf; vkyfief; aqmif&GufrIrsm; jyKvkyf&eftcGifh tvrf;&SmazGaeNyD; b*Fvm;a'h&Sf EdkifiHwGif EdkifiHjcm;wm0gukrÜPD rsm;tm; vkyfief;aqmif&GufcGifh tm; cGifhrjyKonfh Oya'aMumifh csufcsif;aqmif&Guf&eftwGuf rjzpfEdkifao;aMumif;'kwd,Ouú| ESif h refae*sif;'g½dkufwmjzpfo l Sunil Kanoria uajymMum;cJ h onf/Syed Safawi u,if;vkyf ief;taejzifhjynfyaps;uGufr sm; wG i f 0 ef a qmif r I r sm ;ay;&ef t wGuftcGifhtvrf;aumif;rsm;&Sm azGaeNyD;txl;ojzifhjrefrmEdkifiH wGijf zpfaMumif;ajymMum;cJonf/ h
  28. 28. IT & TELECOM 28 Myanmar Business Today January 30-February 5, 2014 Smartphones, US Asks Hua-Who? Paul Carsten C Myanmar Summary w½kwEii Huawei Technologies f kd f H gies Co Ltd, known more Co Ltd qufoG,fa&;uGef&ufr sm;aMumifh ydkrdk vlodrsm;xif&Sm;NyD; t"du tar&duef aps;uGufrSm raocsmra&&mrIrsm;&Sdae smartphones, is starting to see third-biggest smartphone manto a fast-growing Chinese marnetwork equipment spending, miss its revenue growth target last year. Edgar Su/Reuters help Huawei buy some time before 4G network upgrades in China lead to more orders for Models present the Huawei Ascend P6 Android-based smartphone during their launch at the CommunicAsia communication and information technology exhibition in Singapore. sets in emerging markets. es in internal management and gain a foothold in the high-end segment of developed markets man said. growth rate “was not as pretty as the two other groups, but the Huawei will release audited ny, where the European Comitive behaviour by Chinese pro- But analysts say 4G deploy- said. smartphone market, where law- “The handset business is quite from the network rollout des- Smartphones share of the global smartphone “Huawei in an ideal world nology analyst with Nomura. Huawei targeted smartphone shipments of 60 million units year. “For 4G, they have a delay on be seen as eyeing up the market “Deployment was slower than “Huawei had some ambivaNetworking business than other areas but and is known for aggressively gaining sales by edging out ri- all revenue last year, up from 22 for businesses and institutions, mens Networks. billion yuan to 240 billion yuan Unaudited revenue grew 8 pionage, and has only a smattering of low-key tie-ups with build fourth-generation mobile networks. of reports say Huawei equipment has more vulnerability or rose to 28.6 billion yuan to 29.4 it is linked to the Chinese government – allegations it denies. Reuters a&mepfvyief;rSm atmifjrifr&&SEionfh k f I d kd f taetxm;wGif &Sdaeonf/ Huawei onf vGefcJhonfhESpfwGif urÇmhwwd, tBuD;qHk;prwfzkef;xkwfvkyfoljzpfvmcJh NyD; w½kwfaps;uGufwGif vsifjrefpGmzGHUNzdK; wd;k wufvmonft"dutcsuaMumifyif h f h jzpfonf/ xdktcsufu urÇmhqufoG,f a&;toHk;taqmifypön;f rsm;0,f,o;kH pGrI l J usqif;jcif;tay:wGif tcktcHwpfck jzpfapaMumif; od&onf/ qufo,a&;toHk;taqmifypön;f rsm; G f 0,f,loHk;pGJrIusqif;jcif;aMumifh ukrÜPD arQmfrSef;0ifaiGyrmPESifh vGefcJhonfh ESpwif vGacsmcaMumif;vnf; od&onf/ f G J f hJ Huawei jynfwGif;NydKifbufrsm; jzpfonfh ZTE Corp ESifh Lenovo Group Ltd wdkYrmvnf; zGHUNzdK;qJaps; S uGufrsm;ü tv,ftvwfaps;EIef;ESifh aps;EIef;oufomonfh[ef;qufr sm;udk &nfre;f csuBf uD;BuD;rm;rm;xm;í a&mif;cs S Edkif&ef tm½HkpdkufcJhMuonf/ ukrÜPDrsm; taejzifh tar&duefuoYkd zGUH NzKd ;NyD;aps; hJ uGur sm;wGif ae&maumif;aumif;,lxm; f Edkifjcif;r&Sdao;aMumif;vnf;od&onf/ urÇmh'kwd,tBuD;qHk; prwfzkef;aps; uGufjzpfonfh tar&duefEdkifiHwGif Huawei rSm vlodrsm;xif&Sm;rIr&SdbJ tar&duefrS Oya'jyKolr sm;taejzifh w½kwEii qufo,a&;xkwuersm; f kd f H G f f k f tm; vHkNcHKa&;ydkif;wGif tEÅ&m,f&Sdaom xk w f u k e f r sm ;tjzpf owf rSwfxm;Mu aMumif;vnf; od&onf/ pm;oHk;olueypön;f rsm;rSm vGeconfh k f f hJ ESpwif Huawei rS &&Sconfh 0ifaiGwif f G d hJ G 23 &mcdiEe;f txd yg0ifcNJh y;D 2012 ckEpf k f I S wGif 22 &mcdkifEIef; yg0ifcJhaMumif; od& onf/ ,ckuokYd wdk;wufraMumihf pm&if; hJ I rppf&ao;onfh0ifaiG ,Grf 238 bDvD,HrS 240 bDvD,Htxd wdk;wuf vmapaMumif ; vnf ; b@ma&;trI aqmifcsKyf Cathy Meng u rMum ao;rDu ajymMum;cJhonf/ pm&if;rppf&ao;onfh 0ifaiGrm 8 &mcdif S k EI e f ; wdk;wuf vmcJh NyD; vmrnf h ig;ESpf twGif; 10 &mcdkifEIef;txd wdk;wuf vm&efvnf; arQmfrSef;xm;aMumif; od& onf/ ukrÜPDtaejzifh vkyfief;wGif; pDrH cefYcGJrIrsm;udk ajymif;vJcJhovdk vkyfief; aqmif&GufrIqdkif&mukefusp&dwfrsm;udk vnf; avQmcscaMumif; od&onf/ rwfv h hJ odYr[kwf {NyvwGif pm&if;ppfNy;D &v'f k D rsm;udk xkwfjyefoGm;rnfjzpfaMumif; vnf; od&onf/