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Myanmar Business Today is Myanmar’s first and the only bilingual (English-Myanmar) business newspaper, distributed in both Myanmar and Thailand. MBT covers a range of news encompassing local business stories, special reports and in-depth analysis focusing on Myanmar’s nascent economy, investment and finance, business opportunities, foreign trade, property and real estate, automobile, among others. MBT also provides detailed coverage of regional (ASEAN) and international business stories. For more information please visit
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Myanmar Business Today - Vol 2, Issue 21

  1. 1. May 29-June 4, 2014 Myanmar Business Today May 29-June 4, 2014| Vol 2, Issue 21MYANMAR’S FIRST BILINGUAL BUSINESS JOURNAL Myanmar Summary Inside MBT preneurship Can Help Take SMEs Not Ready to Survive AEC May Soe San & Wai Linn Kyaw T he small and me- dium enterprises Economic Community industry insiders say. labour and capital across gional bloc gets closer to and Malaysia are eyeing anmar are still struggling trepreneurs say. anmar Rubber Plantation and Producers Associa- Myanmar Busi- ness Today. are trying hard to operate our neighbouring coun- ers agreed to establish ed numerous economic added. Entrepreneurs blamed the current state-run There are still many numerous complex stages and Medium Enterprises Promotion Patima Jeera- prises in Thailand. They the country’s total em- ployment. million) in loans in the 2015 ckESpfwGif pwifusifhoHk; rnfh tmqD,HpD;yGm;a&;todkuf t0ef; AEC tm; pwifusifhoHk; onfhtcsdefwGifjrefrmEdkifiHrStao; pm;ESifhtvwfpm;pufrIvkyfief; rsm;taejzifh tmqD,HEdkifiHrsm;rS vkyfief;rsm;ESifh,SOfNydKif&eftvGef trif;tm;enf;aeao;onf[k uRrf;usifolrsm;ESifh ynm&Sifrsm; u oHk;oyfvsuf&Sdonf/ tmqD,HpD;yGm;a&;todkuft0ef; AECpwifusifhoHk;awmhrnfhtcsdef wGifjynfwGif;SMEsvkyfief;rsm; onfudk,fhenf;udk,fh[efjzifhvnf ywf vsuf&Sdonf/ Women work at a lotus silk weaving factory on Inle Lake in Shan state. Myanmar's small and medium enterprises are still too weak to compete against their formidable rivals from bigger Southeast Asian economies, say businesspeople and industry experts. JessicaMudditt
  2. 2. May 29-June 4, 2014 Myanmar Business Today 2LOCAL BIZ Business News in Brief MYANMAR’S FIRST BILINGUAL BUSINESS JOURNAL Board of Editors Editor-in-Chief - Sherpa Hossainy Email - Ph - 09 42 110 8150 Editor-in-Charge - Wai Linn Kyaw Email - Ph - 09 40 157 9090 Reporters & Contributors Htun Htun Minn, May Soe San, Phyu Thit Lwin, Kyaw Min, Aye Myat, David Mayes, Kyaw Myo Htoon, Wai Linn Kyaw, Sherpa Hossainy, Jonathan Harvey, Stephen Seng Art & Design Zarni Min Naing (Circle) Email - Ph - 09 7310 5793 Ko Naing Email - Ph - 09 730 38114 DTP May Su Hlaing Translators Wai Linn Kyaw, Phyu Maung, Bone Pyae Sone Advertising Seint Seint Aye, Moe Hsann Pann, Htet Wai Yan, Zin Wai Oo Advertising Hotline - 09 420 237 625, 09 4211 567 05, 09 31 450 345 Email - Managing Director Prasert Lekavanichkajorn 09421149720 Publisher U Myo Oo (04622) No. 1A-3, Myintha 11th Street, South Okkalapa Township, Yangon. Tel: 951-850 0763, Fax: 951-8603288 ext: 007 Shwe Naing Ngan Printing (04193) Printing Subscription & Circulation Aung Khin Sint - 09 20 435 59 Nilar Myint - 09 4210 855 11 Khaing Zaw Hnin - 09 4211 30133 lion land. More border checkpoints are expected to be open according to Myanma Posts and Telecommunications (MECTel). its embassy in Yangon. Yangon airport’s upgrade approved Myanmar Summary tpdk;&ydkif jrefrmhpD;yGm;a&;bPftaejzifh {NyDv 1 &ufrSpwifum pdkufysKd;a&;acs;aiG usyf 983 'or58 bDvD,H (tar&duefa':vm 1 'or 02 bDvD,H) xkwfacs;rnfjzpfaMumif; od&onf/ tqdkyg bPftaejzifh ,cifESpfu usyf 1156 'or 1 bDvD,Hxkwfacs;cJh jcif;jzpfNyD; ,cifu jrefrmhpdkufysKd;a&;zGHUNzdK;wdk;wufrIbPfrS wm0ef,l acs;ay;jcif;jzpfonf/ tpdk;&ydkif jrefrmhavaMumif;vdkif;taejzifh ATR 72-600 trsKd; tpm; av,mOfajcmufpD;0,f,l&efESifh&efukeftjynfjynfqdkif&mavqdyf wGif av,mOfjyKjyifa&;tvkyf½Hkwnfaqmufa&;twGuf em;vnfrI pmcTsefvTmvufrSwfa&;xdk;cJhaMumif; od&onf/ or0g,r0efBuD; OD;ausmfqef;taejzifh jynfolrsm;tm; tao;pm; acs;aiGrsm; axmufyHhay;Edkif&eftwGuftwGuf 0efBuD;Xmetaejzifh w½kwfEdkifiH Export-Import Bank rS tar&duefa':vm oef; 700 &,lrnfjzpfaMumif; tpdk;&owif;pmwGifazmfjyxm;onf/
  3. 3. May 29-June 4, 2014 Myanmar Business Today 3LOCAL BIZ Gov’ttoPrivatiseJetFuelDistributionSystem T he Myanma Pe- troleum Products Enterprise (MPPE) said. products under the Min- nouncement. The applicants must least three international ment said. customers in the importa- anmar’s airports and to May Soe San MPPE are seeking an ex- said. The MPPE is currently al Airport. Mingalardon Airport try to expand our part- Myan- mar Business Today. MPPE said the purpose company is to “operate MPPE said. panies can submit the endorsed by Myanmar embassy in the respec- years. The application has to be Myanma Petroleum Prod- Myanmar Summary SoeZeyaTun/Reuters jrefrmha&eHxkwfvkyfa&;vkyfief; MPPE taejzifh EdkifiHjcm;ukrÜPD a&;vkyfief;tm;jr§ifhwif&eftwGuf wif'gac:,lxm;aMumif; aMunm cJhonf/ pGrf;tif0efBuD;Xmevufatmuf&Sd a&eHESifh"mwfaiGUvufvD?vufum; vkyfief;taejzifh av,mOfqDrsm; Expression of Interest (EoI) tm; tpdk;&ydkifowif;pmrsm;rS wpfqifh wif'gac:,lcJhjcif;jzpf onf/ MPPE taejzifh vuf&SdwGif av,mOfqD vDwm 127 oef; tm; aejynfawmf?rEÅav;?&efukef tygt0ifjrefrmEdkifiHwpf0Srf;vkH; wif'gonf &efukeftjynfjynf qdkif&mavqdyftwGufomjzpf aMumif; od&onf/ MPPE said. Engineers work on a plane in a hangar at Yangon International airport in Yangon. The Myanma Petro-
  4. 4. May 29-June 4, 2014 Myanmar Business Today LOCAL BIZ 4 Myanmar Summary RiceMillersSeekHi-techAssistancefromGov’t E - - - He told Myanmar Business Today to buy rice polishers and colour - slim. - - - ernment prioritises rice export - pend their operations due to a the higher price the rice can Tann Myint) rice produced in Myanmar are Ae Ma Hta) - they usually don’t get high price in the global market as they are not polished during the milling process. to stop operating their rice mills - es. May Soe San they can’t operate the mills electricity price hike has also hit increased the electricity price sorters and dryer machines are - Myanmar Business Today that - ers in Myanmar may be small Millers said the cost to pro- operations. Tann My- int - panies are planning to build Rice Millers Association. Myan- mar Agribusiness Public Corp (MAPCO) is currently carrying - - the companies exported a sec- - - - gion. rsm;wGif tajccHvdktyfaomtultnDrsm; udk tpdk;&bufrS yHhydk;rItm;enf;aejcif; aMumifhjzpfaMumif; {&m0wDwdkif;a'o BuD; av;rsufESmNrdKUe,fqefpufvkyfief; toif;Ouú| OD;0if;cdkifpdk;u ajymonf/ qefpufrsm;wGif vdktyfaeonfh tajccH tcsufrsm;rSm Wash Polisher, Colour Soda pufrsm; ajymif;vJwyfqif&ef odef;&mESifhcsDukefusp&dwfrsm;&SdaomaMumifh tpdk;&xHrS tultnDrsm;udk arQmfvifh taxmuftyHh&&SdrItm;enf;aeaMumif; ]]{&m0wDwdkif;wpfwdkif;vHk;rSm wef; rsufESmNrdKUe,frSmawmif trSefwu,f vnfywfEdkifwJh qefpufi,ftvHk;a& 90 rS tvHk; 20 avmufyJ vnfywf Edkifawmhw,f/ bmaMumifhvJqdkawmh v,form;pufydkifawGjzpfwJhtwGuf pyg;aps;us&if vkyfief;raumif;&if wdkuf½dkufxdcdkufcH&wJhtwGuf rvnfywf EdkifMuawmhbl;/uRefawmfhOuú|oufwrf; wpfavQmuf tpdk;&u yHhydk;ay;wmvnf; r&Sdbl;/qefpufvnfywfonfjzpfap? rvnfywfonfjzpfap tcGefxrf;aqmif ayr,fhvnf; yHhydk;rIr&Sdbl;}}[k qefpuf vkyfief;&Siftoif;Ouú| OD;0if;cdkifpdk;u ajymonf/ rDwm&&SdrIonfvnf; tcuftcJwpfck jzpfaeaMumif;? ,ckESpf {NyD 1 &ufrS pwif írDwmcrsm; wdk;jr§ifhaumufcHjcif;aMumifh qefBudwfcGJrnfhawmifolrsm;rSm ,cif u pyg;wpfwif;vQif aiGusyf 100 &SdcJh a&muf&SdvmNyD; ukefusp&dwfrsm; jrifhwuf a&mufrIr&SdawmhbJ BuHKovdkaqmif&Guf ae&onf[k awmifolv,form;jzpfol udkpdk;cdkifu ajymonf/ trsm;ydkifaumfydka&;&Sif; Mapco ESifh*syef A boy works at a local mill in Kyaiklat town. Myanmar government is not doing enough to provide hi-tech assistance to small, private rice millers, millers said. DamirSagolj/Reuters
  5. 5. May 29-June 4, 2014 Myanmar Business Today LOCAL BIZ 5 Myanmar Summary Thilawa Leasehold Rights Go on Sale T sortium said. The Japanese consorti- Public Ltd in January to establish Myanmar Japan (MJTD). Kyaw Min Thilawa is touted as a key location, not only for export processing bases, but also for production bases targeting domestic demand. UAung/Xinhua in a statement. The Class A Area is located approximately bases targeting domestic demand. The three companies structure and utility ser- said. Myanmar. ment has committed to ment around the Class A through yen loans. vkyfief;rsm;vnfywfa&;twGuf ajrtiSm;csxm;jcif;tm; ,cif tywfu wif'gac:,lcJhaMumif; *syefukrÜPDrsm;tkyfpkrS ajymMum; vdkufonf/ Mitsubishi Corp? Marubeni Corp ESifh Sumitomo Corp iSm;&rf;rnfjzpfNyD; pmcsKyfoufwrf; jynfhoGm;ygu aemufxyf 25 ESpf xyfrHcsKyfqdkEdkifrnfjzpfonf/ World Bank ief;rsm;aqmif&GuftwGuftar&duefa':vmoef;80xkwfacs;cJh aMumif; tqdkyg bPfrS xkwfjyefcJhonf/ tar&duefa':vm 86.3 oef;wef pDrHudef;tm; csif;jynfe,f vuf&Sd aqmif&Gufaeonf/ tqdkyg*syefukrÜPDtkyfpk onf jrefrmoDv0gtxl;pD;yGm;a&;Zkef trsm;ydkifvdrdwuf (MTSH) ESifh Zefe0g&DvwGif tusKd;wlyl;aygif; aqmif&Gufa&;pmcsKyfcsKyfqdkum jrefrm-*syefoDv0gzGHUNzdK;wdk;wuf a&;vDrdwuf (MJTD) tm; zGJUpnf;cJhonf/ MJTD onf 2015 ckESpf ESpfv,fwGif pwifzGifhvSpfrnfh tqdkygtxl;pD;yGm;a&;ZkeftwGif; “Class A Area” taejzifh [ufwmaygif; 396 [ufwm &&Sdrnfjzpfonf/ tqdkygwif'gtwGuf MJTD rS *syefukrÜPD okH;ckteuf rnf onfhwpfckudkrqdk tqdkygajruGuf ESifhtjcm;odvdkonfrsm;tm;ar;jref; EdkifaMumif; xkwfjyefxm;onf/ tqdkyg Class A Area ae&m awmifbuf uDvdkrDwm 20 tuGm wGifwnf&SdNyD; txl;pD;yGm;a&;Zkef tm; qGJaqmifonfhae&mrsm;jzpf twGufomrujynfwGif;aps;uGuf 0,fvdktm;twGufvnf;xkwfvkyf rIrsm;twGuf t"duae&mwpfck jzpfvmrnfjzpfonf/ WorldBankGrants$80mfor CommunityDevelopment W and Kyunsu in Taninthayi region. based lender said. build or upgrade. Phyu Thit Lwin Myanmar Summary
  6. 6. May 29-June 4, 2014 Myanmar Business Today LOCAL BIZ 6 Myanmar Summary Myanmar Summary Aid comes after 25-year break G aid to Myanmar to encourage - The German Federal Minis- marks a historic moment in our - - tant goal. The programme that - The programme is aimed - - - - May Soe San tries leads us to expect that the - in a statement. - - mote small and medium enter- - Club Agreement. - - Agency also recently assisted ThilawaSEZHoldingstoOpenShareExchangeCountersinAugust MPublic Ltd in August - upcoming special economic aim to open the counters in Au- Myanmar Business Today. sale in March in a bid to raise Htun Htun Minn hub Yangon. - shares in the company estab- - - ment’s Management Commit- - ers to explain the company’s - ment. - - and the Japanese side the rest. - - companies. Myanmar Summary Thilawa SEZ Share 0,f,lxm;ol rsm;taejzifh wpfqifhjyefvnfa&mif;cs Edkifrnfhaumifwmrsm;udk 2014 Mo*kwfv wGif zGifhvSpfoGm;rnfjzpfaMumif; MTSH ukrÜPDOuú| OD;0if;atmifu MBT ajymonf/ a&mif;cscJhaomtpk&S,f,mrsm;udkwpfqifh jyefvnfa&mif;csvdkolrsm;twGuf Open Counter udk zGifhvSpfrnfjzpfaMumif; ]]vkyfief;ñTef;wrf;t& Mo*kwfvrSm zGifhvSpf&ef &nf&G,fxm;ygw,f/ 'Dxuf onf/ tpk&S,f,m0,f,lxm;olrsm;taejzifh tpk&S,f,mrsm;rS enf;vrf;ESpfrsKd;rS tcGifhtvrf;&rnfjzpfNyD; ukrÜPDrS tusKd; cGJa0jcif;ESifh rdrdydkiftpk&S,f,mwefzdk; rdrdydkif&S,f,ma0pkrsm;udkrvdkcsifía&mif;cs olrsm;?tjrwfvdkía&mif;csolrsm;twGuf tvG,fwul0,fa&mif;jyKvkyfEdkifrnfh aumifwmrsm;zGifhvSpfoGm;rSmjzpfonf[k OD;0if;atmifu ajymonf/ trsm;ydkifukrÜPDwpfcktaejzifh &S,f,m 0,f,lxm;olrsm;tqifajyap&eftwGuf &S,f,mrsm; a&mif;csNyD; oHk;vtwGif; Open Counter rsm; zGifhvSpfay;&ef EdkifiH awmfrS csrSwfay;aom vkyfief;vrf;ñTef wGif xnfhoGif;a&;qGJcJhaMumif; Thilawa SEZ Ouú| OD;qufatmifu ajymonf/ *smreDtpdk;&ydkifzGHUNzdK;a&;bPfjzpf onfh KFW taejzifh jrefrmEdkifiH&Sd a0;vHa'orsm;wGif&SdaompD;yGm;a&; vkyfief;rsm; wdk;wuf&eftwGuf aiGom; ,l½dk 7 oef; (tar&duefa':vm 9 'or 59 oef;) axmufyHhay;rnfjzpf aMumif;tqdkygbPfrSxkwfjyefaMunm xm;onf/ tqdkygtaxmuftyHhtm;aejynfawmf wGifNyD;cJhonfhtywfuvufrSwfa&;xkd; cJhjcif;jzpfNyD;&Srf;jynfe,fawmifydkif; a0;vH aqmufa&;twGuftokH;jyKrnfjzpfonf/ Phyu Thit Lwin M alaysian chemical products distributor - - lation. bankers and companies there to Malaysian media reported. a leading industrial chemical Asian region. - - ing economy. Myanmar is also told reporters. - The company started opera- tions in Cambodia early this SamchemTargetsExpansion intoMyanmarMarket rav;&Sm;"mwkaA'ypönf;xkwfvkyf Samchem Holdings Bhd jyifqifaeaMumif; od&onf/ tqdkygukrÜPDOuú| Ng Thin Poh rS ukrÜPDtaejzifh tajccHvkyfaqmif csuftcsKdUtm; vkyfudkifvsuf&SdNyD; bPf vkyfief;rsm; vkyfudkifEdkif&eftwGuf aqG; aEG;vsuf&SdaMumif;rav;&Sm;owif;rsm; t& od&onf/ ukrÜPDtaejzifh ta&SUawmiftm&S a'owGif xdyfwef;pufrI"mwkxkwfvkyf a&;vkyfief;wpfckjzpfvm&ef &nfrSef; jrefrmEdkifiHtwGuf aqG;aEG;aewm[m tcktcsdefrSm tawmfc&D;a&mufaeygjyD/ jrefrmEdkifiH[m vlOD;a&rsm;jym;ByD; pD;yGm; a&; zGHUNzdK;aeqJEdkifiHwpfckjzpfygw,f/ 'ghtjyif jrefrmEdkifiH[m EkdifiHa&;wnf NidrfwJh EdkifiHwpfEkdifiHvnf; jzpfygw,f}} [k owif;axmufrsm;tm; ajymqdkcJh onf/ Samchem onf vuf&SdwGif tif'dkeD; &Sm;? AD,uferfESifh pifumylEdkifiHrsm;wGif vkyfudkifvsuf&SdNyD; 2018 wGif jynfy vkyfief;rsm;tm; vuf&Sd 34 &mcdkifEIef;rS 50 &mcdkifEIef; wdk;jr§ifhoGm;Ekdif&ef &nfrSef; xm;onf/ The KfW loan aims to build rural infrastructure in Shan state. Reuters Thilawa port in Yangon. UAung/Xinhua
  7. 7. May 29-June 4, 2014 Myanmar Business Today 7LOCAL BIZ Myanmar Summary Contd. P 12... Contd. P 12... Expat Experiences in Yangon: The Wild, Wild East F - - triate community has ballooned - Their stories and experiences - markable insight into a nation - ment. - - - - - - gon’s expats extremely reclu- one might describe as a legal - - lematic. That did not perturb Whether one is expanding on - despite the nation possessing Jonathan Harvey - process. - - - - gras to organic cleaning prod- - - Myanmar may no longer boast the second strongest economy per capita. - mar’s economic hub and home city has undoubtedly embarked - - translate their menus into Eng- - this lead and are committed to on the city. - sprung up attempting to plug - - - - ceremony. Although internet - - - - - gon’s expats and locals alike. - - - - - - ing his operations “running at a his customers thirsty. - - gon are innumerable and too - ties and recurring themes that cropped up among my inter- - - - - ries. - ing problems. A common issue - ing the right locale. Florence and Partners claimed “there - standards she had become used - er operations in Vietnam. Sule Pagoda in downtown Yangon. Despite Myanmar’s annoyances and quirks, to many expats working and living in Myanmar KyawMin “ In recent years the city has undoubt- edly embarked on the first forays of reintegration with the interna- tional community. Hotels have been spruced up, some of the notorious holes in the pavements are covered, and many res- taurants have valiantly attempted to trans- late their menus into English – “Nazi fried rice” anyone?” vGwfvyfa&;&NyD;onfESifh EdkifiHjcm; om;rsm;xGufcGmoGm;Muaomfvnf;rMumrD todkuft0ef;onf &m*Pef;rS aomif; *Pef;txd wdk;wufvmaMumif; awGU&Sd& tMuHKrsm;onf ,cifNrdKUawmfBuD;tm; ESifh trSwf&zG,ftjzpftysufrsm;tm; jyefvnfxkwfazmfjyovsuf&Sdonf/ ]]uRefawmfu ppcsif; c&D;oGm;wpf ywf ESpfywfavmufaeNyD;wJhtcgusawmh 'DrSm EdkifiHjcm;c&D;oGm;awGtwGuf tcsdef w,f/ tJh'gaMumifh igawmh 'gudk ulnD wmyg}}[k EdkifiHjcm;om;rsm;twGuf tGefvdkif;vrf;ñTefwpfckjzpfonfh Yangonite wnfaxmifolrS ajymjyonf/ MopaMw;vsEdkifiHom; Greg Klemm, onf [Gef'l;&yfpfrS ,lu&def;wdkifatmif vSnfhvnfzl;onfh EdkifiHjcm;c&D;oGm;wpfOD; aexdkif&m tdrftopf? vkyfief;ae&m topfjzpfvmNyDjzpfonf/ pGmavhvmEdkif&eftwGuf rdrdtaejzifh rsm;tm; avhvmjcif;jzifh jrefrmEdkifiH
  8. 8. May 29-June 4, 2014 Myanmar Business Today LOCAL BIZ 8 Myanmar Summary Myanmar Summary Garlic Chives. Myanmar Plans Large Scale Exports of Garlic Chives Tto start exporting garlic commercial scale by collaborat- Allium tu- berosum - “We are planning to start - shop in Myanmar in March to on a commercial basis. - der and then export the prod- uct. We already ran some tests Win Myint said. - said. a commercial scale. There are support they can boost their May Soe San Myanmar Organic Agriculture Group (MOAG). and the process has to start be- - - jrefrmEdkifiH &Srf;jynfe,fwGif trsm;qHk; wdkif;&if;aq;oHk;taejzifh pD;yGm;jzpfxkwf pD;yGm;a&;ESifhul;oef;a&mif;0,fa&;0efBuD; XmerS od&onf/ twGuf udk&D;,m;EdkifiHrS aq;0g;xkwf rwfvtwGif;ü jrefrmEdkifiHwGif udk&D; ,m;EdkifiHrS tvkyf½HkaqG;aEG;yJGwpfckudk jyKvkyfcJhaMumif; od&onf/ aqG;aEG;yGJNyD;wJhaemufrSm prf;oyfNyD; aps;uGufvnf;&Smaew,f}}[k tqdkyg Market information & Research Team (MIRT) rS Director U Win Myint wGif ajymonf/ pdkufysKd;NyD; ,cktcg udk&D;,m;aps;uGuf prf;oyfpdkufysKd;rIrsm;jyKvkyfxm;aMumif; Workers at the construction site of a luxury hotel and apartment complex invested by Vietnam’s Hoang Anh Gia Lai Group in Yangon. SoeZeyaTun/Reuters Vietnam,MyanmarTalkSteelManufacturing Eye garment, textiles and SME cooperation V ietnam and Myanmar are looking to set up a - - Vietnamese businesses in gar- ment and textiles. - agricultural machinery. - - operate in Myanmar in time to come. to set up a commercial bank Aye Myat - - the plan. - nology application besides ex- - said. - bilateral cooperation and tech- nological support in Myanmar later in May. According to the Vietnamese - licensed to operate in Myan- mar. Vietnam to Myanmar are also oHrPdxkwfvkyfa&;wGif yl;aygif;aqmif &GufEdkif&ef vkyfaqmifvsuf&SdaMumif; jrefrmpufrI0efBuD;u aMunmcJhonf/ jrefrmEdkifiHtaejzifh AD,uferfEdkifiHESifh oHrPdxkwfvkyfa&;wGifyl;aygif;aqmif &GufrIrsm;vkyfaqmifvdkaMumif;ESifh AD,uferfvkyfief;rsm;tm; csnfrQifESifh txnfcsKyfvkyfief;rsm;wGif vma&muf &if;ESD;jr§KyfESH&ef zdwfac:cJhonf/ AD,uferfpufrIESifhukefoG,fa&;0efBuD; VuHuyHoang EdkifiHukefoG,frIjrSifhwif&eftwGuf "mwkaA'? "mwfajrMoZm? oHrPdESifh pdkufysKd;a&;pufypönf;rsm;twGuf yl;aygif; vdkolrsm; vma&muf&SmazGjcif;jzpf aMumif; ajymMum;cJhonf/ jrefrmEdkifiHtaejzifh AD,uferf"mwf twGuf tajctaeaumif;rsm; zefwD; ay;rnfjzpfaMumif;udkvnf; 0efBuD;rS ajym Mum;cJhonf/ AD,uferf&if;ESD;jr§KyfESHrIESifhzGHUNzdK;a&;bPf (BIDV) Tran Bac Ha? jrefrmEdkifiHtao;pm;ESifhtvwfpm; pufrIvkyfief;zGHUjzdK;a&;bPf (SMIDB) wGif; BIDV onf jrefrmEdkifiHwGifvm a&mufvkyfudkifcGifh&&SdrnfhyxrqkH;bPf rsm;xJrSwpfckjzpfvmEdkifaMumif; ajym xHrS cGifhjyKcsuf&&SdonfESifh jrefrmEdkifiH wGif pD;yGm;a&;bPfwpfck zGifhvSpfrnfjzpf NyD; vuf&SdwGif BIDV taejzifh pwk&ef; rDwm 3000 tus,f&Sd ½kH;cef;tm; &ef ukefNrdKUwGifiSm;&rf;xm;onf/
  9. 9. May 29-June 4, 2014 Myanmar Business Today LOCAL BIZ 9 Myanmar Summary Myanmar Summary Ball Corp to Build Beverage Can Plant in Myanmar all Corp plans to build - aging and aerospace company’s contract to supply Coca-Cola Pin- and multi-national customers. - - - - - in this high-potential market - Phyu Thit Lwin complement its existing op- global sustainability practices “Thanks to long-standing re- - tar&duefxkyfydk;rIESifhavaMumif;ukrÜPD wpfckjzpfonfh Ball Corp taejzifh jrefrmEdkifiHwGif tcsKd&nfpuf½Hkwpfck wnf aqmuf&ef pDpOfvsuf&SdaMumif; od&onf/ tqdkygpuf½kHonf &efukefNrdKUwGif wnf aqmufrnfjzpfNyD; Coca-Cola Pinya Beverages ESifh ESpf&SnfpmcsKyfcsKyfqdk vkyfudkifrnfhtjyif tjcm;jynfwGif;? a'o tqdkygpuf½kHtm; 2015 ESpfvnfydkif; ukrÜPDrS xkwfjyefxm;onf/tqdkyg ukrÜPDonf urÇmwpf0Srf;wGif tvkyf orm;aygif; 14ç500 &Sdum 2013 wGif tar&duefa':vm 8 'or 5 oef; a&mif;csEdkifcJhaMumif; od&onf/ BradZweerink/DailyRepublic Myanmar Inks Air Deal with the Philippines M yanmar has has signed updating an earlier pact that - seat allocations in a bid to boost - - director Carmelo Arcilla said - in Myanmar. three international airports. Arcilla said both countries all points in Myanmar. - - - Kyaw Min Arcilla said. Philippine Airlines and Cebu interest in mounting direct Three other air agreements - - - WMC - - jrefrmtaejzifh zdvpfydkifEdkifiHESifh 1979 ckESpfwGifa&;xdk;xm;onfhavaMumif;qdkif &mpmcsKyftm; av,mOfBudrfEIef;ESifh a&mif;0,fa&;ESifh &if;ESD;jr§KyfESHrIrsm;tm; jrSifhwif&eftwGuf topfxyfrHcsKyfqdk vdkufaMumif; od&onf/ tqdkygavaMumif;0efaqmifrIqdkif&m oabmwlnDcsufpmcTsefvTmtm;,cift
  10. 10. May 29-June 4, 2014 Myanmar Business Today LOCAL BIZ 10 Myanmar Summary Myanmar Summary Kidnapped Chinese Contractors Freed Aye Myat T - - Letpadaung copper mine pro- - - pany said. - The Letpadaung mine in Mo- The incident is the latest in China sentiment that has been in Myanmar in recent years. Lo- - - lice raided camps set up by later renegotiated the original - Myanmar Economic Holdings - - them to a primary school in the - the local administration and the The kidnapping saga comes as - Myanmar Summary T he Yangon Electric- uninterrupted electricity supply in Yangon’s indus- - - GDP and electricity is es- Myanmar Business Today. - Htun Htun Minn & Kyaw Min carries out maintenance has already expanded constant electricity to the - cently hiked the electric- a bid to curb the rising generation despite huge public outcry. about the electricity price - - - added. Last year industrial - Myat Thin Aung said. able to distribute about summer. The authorities said - - tricity to the households pufrIZkefrsm;udk vQyfppf"mwf tm;tjynfht0ay;oGm;rnf[k aMunmxm;aomfvnf;vQyfppf "mwftm;jywfawmufrIrSm ykdrkd rsm;jym;vmaMumif; vIdifom,m pufrIZkefOuú|OD;jrwfoif;atmif u ajymonf/ ,ck&ufykdif;twGif; &efukefNrdKU wGifrkd;oufavjyif;rsm;usa&muf rIaMumifhopfukdif;rsm; usKd;yJhjcif;? "mwftm;vkdif;rsm;vJvS,f&jcif; awmufrIrsm;jzpfay:cJhaomfvnf; ,cktcgjyefvnfaumif;rGefoGm;NyD jzpfaMumif;&efukefNrdKUawmfvQyfppf "mwftm;ay;a&;tzGJUrSOD;atmif cdkifuajymonf/ jrefrmEdkifiHtaemufawmifydkif;&Sd tjiif; yGm;zG,f&mvufyHawmif;aMu;eDpDrHudef; a'owGif Wanbao ukrÜPDrS w½kwf EdkifiHom;owåKwl;azmfa&;vkyfom;ESpfOD; NyD; rMumrDwGif jyefvTwfay;cJhaMumif; tqdkygukrÜPDrS xkwfjyefaMunmcJhonf/ tqdkygw½kwfEdkifiHom;ESpfOD;taejzifh vufyHawmif;aMu;eDpDrHudef;onf e,fwGifwnf&SdNyD;tqdkygowåKwl;azmf axmifaygif;rsm;pGmw&m;r0ifodrf;,lcH& aMumif;tqdkyga'o&Sda'ocHrsm;rS ajymMum;xm;onf/ puFmylavaMumif;vdkif;taejzifhjyD;cJh SQ998 onf &efukef tjynfjynfqdkif&m acsmfoGm;cJhaMumif;jyD;cJhonfhMumoyaw; “av,mOfqif;wJhtcsdefrSmajy;vrf;u aeeJeJacsmfoGm;wmyg/acsmfacsmfcsif;yJajy; &SdatmifvkyfEdkifcJhygw,f” [ktqdkygav aMumif;vkdif;wm0ef&SdolajymMum;csuftm; Straits Times owif;pmwGifazmfjyxm; onf/ RunwayinYangon,NoInjuries Wai Linn Kyaw ingapore Airlines con- - national Airport. - - - man as saying. - and all passengers disembarked - - - - The airlines also said it had Yangon to operate the return Bloomberg Myanmar pro-democracy Leader Aung San Suu Kyi comforts a woman at Monywa village, where the Chinese-backed copper mine Letpadaung is located. Two con- SoeZeyaTun/Reuters A plastic bottle making factory in an industrial zone in Yangon. The authorities said it will ensure round the clock electricity for the industrial zones around Yangon. OliverSlow
  11. 11. May 29-June 4, 2014 Myanmar Business Today LOCAL BIZ 11 Myanmar Summary Contd. P 12...Contd. P 12... Investing in Myanmar: Balancing Risk and Reward (Part I) With the relaxation of legal impediments to doing business in Myanmar, the investor should consider the prevailing risks… and how to overcome them C - in emerging markets can - - tural risk assumed. Going one - minimise the related risks. With a population that ex- - - east Asia and is rich in impor- and agricultural. The country is experienced a substantial rise in - Assets Control (OFAC) opened Eric Rose & Nina Dunn - relating principally to human rights risks and money launder- - under the Patriot Act’s section diligence. - - any person blocked under the - nancial institutions to conduct - impediments to doing busi- - in certain emerging markets a - - - recourse through international arbitration. - tor in Myanmar has options (and potential options). For - - - cilities are extended to the My- - - be relaxed. - - - - rency earnings. - action in Myanmar resembles must be incorporated into the - understood and adhered to. vlOD;a& oef; 60 ausmf&Sdonfh jrefrm EdkifiHonf urÇmay:wGif vlOD;a&todyf onf;rIt&SdqkH; 24 EdkifiHajrmufEdkifiH jzpfonf/ ta&SUawmiftm&SwGif pmwwf ajrmufrIEIef;tjrifhrm;qkH;jzpfjyD; owåK ESifh pdkufysKd;a&;tygt0if o,HZmwrsm; <uG,f0onfh EdkifiHvnf;jzpfonf/ EdkifiH ,SOfygu tdrfaxmifpkifaiGESifh EdkifiHjcm; om;wdkuf½dkuf&if;ESD;jr§KyfESHrIEIef;rsm;onf ESpfpOf 50 &mcdkifEIef; wdk;wufvsuf yrmPESifhaps;EIef;jrifhwufvmrIESifh ukefxkwfvkyfa&;yrmPwdk;wufvmrI udkvnf; vuf&SdcHpm;ae&onf/ jr§KyfESHrIrsm;tm; jrefrmEdkifiHwGif 0ifa&muf Department of the Treasury’s (OFAC) rS jrefrmEdkifiHtm; tar&duef A true frontier market, such as Myanmar, can offer the opportunity for even greater rewards, provided that the investor un- derstands the local landscape and learns how to minimise the related risks. Bloomberg
  12. 12. May 29-June 4, 2014 Myanmar Business Today LOCAL BIZ 12 - - ent and seldom likely to stand - - - so broad and singular that it is - ers need to “respect and under- is Myanmar’s culture. Though - - - - - Myanmar. Trinh added that one - something that should be noted - - had any real regrets about com- - - - With elections coming next year that could herald the big- gest change to the country Though the path it may take is - - - Jonathan Harvey is from London and he has been in- terning at Consult Myanmar in Yangon since February. Export Administration Regu- - - pliance program should incor- porate both the general and - - Enterprise. These annual reports - - Myanmar operations and sup- - - - - mitigation practices. - than succumbing to the some- - - - - - - - social responsibility policies. - and continuously updated list - - sons include those obstructing - direct or indirect relationships - - in the nation’s business. For - business associates. The recent - sible blocked persons. Records - - Eric Rose is the Lead Direc- tor of Herzfeld Rubin Meyer in Myanmar. He focuses on the global aspects of business - cluding mergers, acquisitions, privatisations, technology transfers, compliance counsel- ling, and international com- mercial transactions. His expe- rience in Myanmar spans over - viser to Herzfeld Rubin Meyer - ternational trade and invest- ment, securities and defence and national security matters. international corporations corporate issues, achieving fa- vourable results from govern- ment agencies, including the discuss the “on-the-ground” investment considerations in - ulations, banking, and other aspects of investment. The ar- on and has - thors’ and publication’s per- mission. People sit at a tea stall in downtown Yangon. One must make the most of the Burmese culture by “working within it instead KyawMin US President Barack Obama listens to a speech while President U Thein Sein is seen in the background. The US State Depart- themselves responsibly in the former-pariah state. SaulLoeb/GettyImages tm; ueOD;jyifqif usefaeqJjzpfNyD; OFAC taejzifh atmufygvdkifpifrsm;tm;cGifhjyKay;vsuf &Sdonf/ taxGaxGvdkifpiftrSwf (16) onf onf/ ta&;MuD;onfu Patriot Act tydk'f 311 onf t& vkyfaqmifonfh vkyfief;rsm;tm; yvyfxm;onf/ taejzifhvnf; tar&duefaiGaMu;tzGJU tpnf;rsm;tm; Patriot Act 312t&vkyfaqmifcsufrsm;tay:wGif vkyfaqmifcGifhr&Sdacs/ tm; pkHprf;ppfa&;&ef vkyfaqmifawmh onf/ &v'fonfum; tHhMop&myif? &efukefwGif aexkdifol EdkifiHjcm;om; tjzpf awGU&Sd&onf/ EdkifiHjcm;om;OD;a& ausmfESifhom tqifajyonf/ rdrdtae jzifh eufeufeJeJvkyfudkifonfhtcgwGif rdrdtaejzifhpdwf0ifpm;zG,favhvm wufzG,f&mar;cGef;rsm;rSwpfqifhod&Sd cJh&avonf/
  13. 13. May 29-June 4, 2014 Myanmar Business Today REGIONAL BIZ 13 Myanmar Summary Myanmar Summary Thai Economy Shrinks More Than Expected Orathai Sriring T hailand’s economy shrank more than ex- sliding into recession. Gross domestic product - percent smaller than a year ear- percent on the year. The planning agency chopped - - - - - - pore. see another technical recession on the central bank to cut in- - about indebted households and - - pore. sentiment amid an uncertain only limited support that mon- public spending has slumped. - - - The political turmoil is also hurting Thailand’s big auto sec- - lost his year. - terly loss recently and expects more red ink in the second and - said. - - - - percent in the same period last year. - has been largely contained to - - - Reuters Japan Court Rules Against Nuclear Restart for First Time Wai Linn Kyaw A Japanese court ruled - - - - - actors at its Ohi nuclear plant. - - tory. - er Co’s Fukushima Daiichi plant The court ruling is likely to be guidelines. rsm;pGmMumjrifhonfh EdkifiHa&;rwnfNidrf um? jynfwGif;pm;okH;rIrsm;vnf; usqif;rI xm;onfxuf rsm;pGmusqif;vsuf&Sdum pD;yGm;a&;tusyftwnf;ESifh BuHKawGU&ef pdk;&drfzG,fjzpfvmaMumif; od&onf/ GDP taejzifh Zefe0g&DrS rwfvtwGif; ,ckokH;ESpfatmuf 2 'or 1 &mcdkifEIef; usqif;um ,cifESpfxuf okn'or 6 &mcdkifEIef;enf;yg;vm aMumif; tpdk;&pDrHudef;at*sifpD NESDB Reuters rS rwfvtwGif; GDP rSm 1 'or 6 &mcdkifEIef;usqif;NyD; ,ckESpftwGif; okn 'or 1 &mcdkifEIef; wdk;wufvm&ef xdkif;EdkifiHtaejzifh tpdk;&tkyfcsKyfa&; r&SdonfrSm NyD;cJhonfh'DZifbmvuwnf; ujzpfNyD; NESDB 2013 pwkw¬ av;vywfwdk;wufrItm; ,cifESpf av;vywfESifhEIdif;,SOfum okn 'or 1 &mcdkifEIef;rS okn'or 6 Members of the media and Tokyo Electric Power Co. (Tepco) employees wearing protective suits and masks walk past storage tanks for radioactive water in the H4 area at the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant in Okuma, Fukushima Prefec- ture, Japan. TomohiroOhsumi/Bloomberg A tourist asks for directions from a Royal Thai Army soldier in central Bangkok. Thailand’s army chief imposed martial law on from a year earlier to 8.62 million, according to the Thai Department of Tourism. DarioPignatelli/Bloomberg *syefEdkifiHw&m;½kH;rS wdkusKdNrdKUtaemuf puf½kH jyefvnfpwif&ef cGifhjyKcsuftm; ½kwfodrf;vdkufaMumif; NHK owif; q,fpkESpfav;cktwGif; EdkifiHtwGif; qkH;tBudrf w&m;pGJqdkrI atmifjrifjcif; jzpfaMumif; od&onf/ w&m;vdkrsm;taejzifh tqdkygw&m; &ifqdkifrIatmifjrifjcif;twGufatmif yGJcHaeykHudkvnf;tqdkyg½kyfoHvdkif;rSjy ocJhonf/
  14. 14. May 29-June 4, 2014 Myanmar Business Today REGIONAL BIZ 14 POSCO CEO Says May Consider Stake Sale in Daewoo International Hyunjoo Jin outh Korean steelmaker - sider selling a stake in its - - nances. - - celorMittal and ThyssenKrupp in the industry as global de- - an analysts meeting. - added. - - Global steel producers are - - - - den that has more than doubled the domestic bourse. The company has more than possibilities regarding Dae- - billion) on a consolidated basis - riod. - - - rities. Reuters Myanmar Summary Myanmar Summary Fathiyah Dahrul & Eveline Danubrata P - - The company is also targeting - - - other countries that cannot be - nesia that are not being released - - - - - Deals announced in the past - - tamina said it is planning to buy to help raise its output. - rusahaan Gas Negara said re- - cent participating interest in - maker in Myanmar. Reuters awmifudk&D;,m;pwD;vfxkwfvkyfa&; POSCO rItwGuf jyefvnfjyifqifrnfhtpDtpOf wpfckjzpfonfh Daewoo International Corp aMumif; ajymMum;cJhonf/ POSCO taejzifhokH;ESpfqufwkduf ESifh BuHKawGUae&NyD; EdkifiHjcm;ukrÜPDrsm;jzpf aom ArcelorMittal? ThyssenKrupp a&mif;tm;usqif;rItm; usm;uefEdkif &ef vkkyfaqmifvsuf&Sdonf/ urÇmhyÍörtBuD;qkH;pwD;vfxkwfvkyfa&; aiG okH;ykHESpfykHtm; avQmhcsrnfjzpfNyD; EBITA tm; jr§ifhwifum tqdkygESpfwGif tjrwftpGef;&&Sd&ef vkyfaqmifrnfjzpf aMumif; od&onf/ Daewoo International onf udk&D; wpfckjzpfNyD; t&if;tjrpfzGHUNzdK;wdk;wuf a&;tygt0if pD;yGm;a&;vkyfief;rsm;vkyf udkifvsuf&Sdonf/Daewoo onf jrefrm EdkifiHwGifvnf; obm0"mwfaiGUvkyfief; rsm; vkyfudkifvsuf&SdNyD; ,ckESpf yxr okH;vywftwGif; vkyfief;tjrwfonf 54 &mcdkifEIef;wdk;wufcJhaMumif; od&onf/ xkwfvkyfa&;vkkyfief; PT Indofood Sukses Makmur taejzifh w½kwf [if;oD;[if;&Gufxkwfvkyfa&;vkyfief; China Minzhong ,ckESpftwGif; tjrwf 10 &mcdkifEIef;rS 20 &mcdkifEIef;&&Sd&ef arQmfrSef;xm;aMumif; od&onf/ tm; ,cifESpfxuf tq 60 wdk;jr§ifhum ½lyD; 9 'or 6 x&DvD,H (tar&duef a':vm 838 'or 8 oef;) okH;pGJum tm&SwGif puf½kHrsm; wdk;jr§ifhwnfaqmif t&m&Sdrsm;u ajymMum;cJhonf/ Posco’s steel mill in Pohang, South Korea. SeongJoonCho/Bloomberg LamYikFei/Bloomberg
  15. 15. May 29-June 4, 2014 Myanmar Business Today REGIONAL BIZ 15 Myanmar Summary India’sModiTheNewHopeforGold,ButMayDisappoint Clyde Russell Gone thing to the next in - The reasoning appears solid enough. Modi’s pro-business - shipped in must be re-exported bulls had largely dismissed as - Council (WGC). - consumer to China. One thing the gold bulls may - - - - port duty or relax the re-export - ministration. He’s also likely to be reluctant - At the current spot gold price - - cit. Assuming Modi does relax restrictions on bullion and the - gold. - minent. - - either direction. The gold market appears Bharatiya Janata Party is likely to roll back some of the tough measures taken by the former government to curtail gold im- MansiThapliyal/Reuters probably not enough to spark Clyde Russell is a Reuters col- tdEd´,wGif Narendra Modi a&G;aumufyGJtEdkif&vmonfhtay:wGif a&Ta&mif;0,frItaejzifh tajymif;tvJ jzpfvm&eftwGuf arQmfvifhcsufrsm; jrifhwufvsuf&Sdonf/ tqdkygajz&Sif;csufrSm cdkifrmvsuf&Sd onf/Modi Bharatiya Janata Party rItm; xdef;csKyfxm;onfhtay:wGif ajymif;vJrIrsm;vkyfaqmifjcif;tm;jzifh vkyfaqmifrnf[k arQmfvifhxm;Muonf/ owfrSwfxm;onf/ tqdkygpnf;urf;csufrsm;aMumifh a&T csufESifh vdkufavsmnDaxGrIr&SdawmhbJ wwd,okH;vywfrSpwifum ododom omavsmhusvmcJhonf/urÇmha&TaumifpD (WGC) a&Taps;uGufawmif;qdkrIonf 2014 ckESpf yxrokH;vywftwGif; ,cifESpfxuf 26 &mcdkifEIef; 190 'or 3 wef avsmhusoGm;aMumif; awGU&Sd&onf/ 16 &mcdkifEIef; usqif;cJhNyD; ,cifESpf wwd,okH;vywfxuf 32 &mcdkifEIef; usqif;cJhonfhtwGuf tdEd´,taejzifh
  16. 16. May 29-June 4, 2014 Myanmar Business Today INTERNATIONAL BIZ 16 Australia’sConservativeGovernmentBatteredoverAusterityBudget Consumer confidence figures expected to take hit; 48 percent of voters say budget bad for Australia ian Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s con- budget that has embold- elections. leased a contentious tralia’s biggest cities at the sions that they say outstrip elections last year. Matt Siegel Greens Party deputy lead- ters. “The polls suggest that only so long an already unpopular prime minister Nielsen and the other by cipitous drop in the popu- Liberal-National coalition he leads. that it has stumbled badly polls say is seen as both disproportionately pun- ishing the poor and bad the Australian National Labor and mining mag- about. Abbott had raised re- bott told the Australian tion. The budget is likely to Myanmar Summary MiTA Myanmar Investment, Trade and Technology Conference, Workshop & Exhibition ONLINE REGISTRATION is now open for Delegates, Exhibitors & Sponsors: http://myanmar–conferences–exhibitions– To organize and manage this conference, MiTA is drawing on its experience and network in providing investment advisory, management consulting and engineering services in Myanmar since 2009. Each of these events will be unique and different. Main Conference @ UMFCCI Building, Level – 2, Main Hall, Yangon, Myanmar on 21st June, 2014 Program for Accompanying Persons: 21st June, 2014 (Yangon City Tour); Golf: 22nd June, 2014 Business Match Making: 23rd June, 2014 & Workshops: 23rd June, 2014 Why Participate in MiTA Myanmar Investment, Trade and Technology Conference? This conference is unique and different from any other conferences. Since 2009, MiTA - the Conference Organizer - is providing consulting services for Investments in Myanmar. MiTA is uniquely well placed to assist and support foreign organizations in following up on Myanmar tenders, investment and business opportunities that will ensue from these conferences. Networking & One-to-One Business Matchmaking – The Key Differentiators Almost equal mix of Myanmar & foreign delegates Based on the requests of Delegates / Sponsors / Exhibitors a select list of Myanmar companies will be invited to participate in this Myanmar Investment, Trade and Technology Conference. On requests, one-to-one private business meetings will be organized to help find: Distributors / Agents, Local Myanmar Partner for JV investment in Myanmar; and vendors, suppliers, etc. Follow-up on your prospective business in Myanmar – Partner on the ground On mutual agreement, MiTA Myanmar @ ISBC can follow-up on the business & investment opportunities that may ensue from this conference, workshop & exhibition. Key Discussions Points – Learn from Experts on Myanmar Market Investment Laws & Regulations: Doing Business in Myanmar – Is there any Black Boxes? Due Diligence: Risk – Opportunity Analysis, Security Issues and Evaluating JV Partners. Environmental Management, Reputation & Brand Management – IEE, EIA, EMP, SIA and CSR. Managing Finances, Banking and Repatriation of Profit while doing business in Myanmar. Analysis of Business Opportunities – 9 Business Sectors: (1) Education & Training, (2) Environmental Management (3) Medical & Health Care, (4) Oil & Gas and Energy, (5) Infrastructure Development & SEZs, (6) Investment in Real Estate & Property Development, (7) Banking, Finance & Insurance, (8) Telecommunication, IT & IT Enabled Services (ITES), and (9) Agriculture & Irrigation. THE CONFIRMED LIST OF SPEAKERS INCLUDES (Visit website for complete List): 1. H.E. Ms. Ann Ollestad, Ambassador, The Royal Norwegian Embassy, Myanmar 2. H.E. Maj. Gen. (Retd.) Anup K Chakma, Bangladesh Ambassador to Myanmar 3. U Aung Kyaw Htoo, Deputy Director, EPD, Ministry of Energy, Myanmar 4. U Aung Naing Oo, Director General, DICA, Myanmar 5. Daw Aye Aye Hla, Director, Transport Planning Dept. / International Relation, Railway 6. Mr. Boon Intiratana, Minister Counselor (Commercial), Royal Thai Embassy, Myanmar 7. H.E. Mr. Gautam Mukhopadhaya, Ambassador, Indian Ambassador to Myanmar 8. Dr. George Soe Win, Senior Consultant, Banking & Investment, Myanmar 9. U Hla Maung Thein, Deputy Director General, Environmental Conservation Department 10. Dr. Htin Paw, CEO of Sakura Hospital, VP of Myanmar Private Hospital Association 11. Dr. Junichi Yamada, Sr. Special Advisor, Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) 12. Prof. Kyaw Myint Naing, Ex. Chairman of Myanmar Medical Council & MMA 13. Mr. Liew Chee Seng, Deputy Managing Director, CB Bank, Myanmar 14. Dr. Maung Maung Lay, Vice President, UMFCCI, Yangon, Myanmar 15. Prof. Myint Han, Director General, Department of Food and Drug Administration (FDA) 16. Dr. Rai Mra, President, Myanmar Medical Association (MMA) 17. H.E. Mr. Roland Kobia, Ambassador, Delegation of the European Union in Myanmar 18. U San Thein, Leading Professional, Financial Sector Development, Myanmar 19. Dr. Than Htut, General Manager, Health Channel, Shwe Than Lwin Media Co. Ltd. 20. U Than Maung, Principal Legal Manager (Kelvin Chia), Member of the "Commission for Assessment of Legal Affairs and Special Issues" - Pyithu Hluttaw (Myanmar Parliament) 21. U Thein Lwin, Member of Parliament (Pyithu Hluttaw), Government of Myanmar 22. U Win Khaing, Chairman of UE, Member of Myanmar Investment Commission (MIC) 23. H.E. U Wynn Lwin, Ambassador (retired), Government of Myanmar 24. Dr. Zaw Win - Director General, Department of Technical and Vocational Education Contact Phone Numbers: Myanmar: +95 9420 110 451, +95 9420 110 666 Singapore: +65 6866 1430 Email: said. “The drag on consumer Reuters A dog walks past a poster for Opposition Leader Tony Abbott outside a polling station in Sydney. “Within a very short period of time he has effectively turned around to the people who voted for him and said BrendonThorne/Bloomberg uGefqmaA;wpftpdk;&taejzifh csKd;NcHa>cwma&;bwf*sufxkwf jyefrItNyD;wGif axmufcHrIrsm; usqif;vsuf&SdNyD; a&G;aumufyGJ apmpD;pGmac:,lay;&efyifawmif;qdk jcif;cHae&onf/ tpdk;&taejzifhpnf;rsOf;rsm;ajz avQmhrI? tcGefEIef;xm;topfESifh okH;pGJp&dwfjzwfawmufrIrsm; yg0ifonfh tjiif;yGm;zG,f bwf *suftm; xdef;csKyfrxm;Edkifonfh vdkaiG MopaMw;vs a':vm 60 bDvD,H (tar&duefa':vm 56 bDvD,H) tm; vmrnfhav;ESpf twGif; jynfhrDEdkif&ef xkwfjyefcJh onf/
  17. 17. May 29-June 4, 2014 Myanmar Business Today INTERNATIONAL BIZ 17 Myanmar Summary Myanmar Summary in Corruption Scandal Marty Graham A to conspiracy to commit bribery Dan Layug admitted accepting luxury hotel stays in exchange Matt Siegel E expected to produce more than nation’s history. ExxonMobil is relying on torn apart a country that is seen burning LNG is shipped to Ja- cal holdup that has raised the the education system and back up and running there is a risk A copper mine once operated by Rio Tinto became a central issue in a bloody secessionist man rights abuses. noise Petroleum and Energy Minis- ter Nixon Duban could not be tion earlier this month that he mas. per year until early next decade. expected to boost the econo- ExxonMobil and its partners Japan’s Nippon Oil Corp and source the additional gas. ExxonMobil PNG Ltd Man- aging Director Peter Graham there aren’t many resource pro- sanguine about its prospects. the most isolated locales on tled to compensation is a hugely complicated task made more so by competing land claims and ership. plorer. km PNG LNG pipeline is mostly ability to sabotage. Reuters dal. gadgets including iPhones and a Wii game set. guilty plea holds him account- laysian businessman Leonard The complaints against Fran- cis allege that he directed a personnel during their port stay. subcontractors. commit bribery. Commander Jose Luis since pleaded guilty. Reuters CelineRouzet/ThePulitzerCentre ygyl&me,l;*DeD&SSd ExxonMobil rS uefa':vm 19 bDvD,Hwef obm0 "mwfaiGU&nfpDrHudef;onf tm&Sypdzdwf jzpfonfh tqdkygEdkifiHtm; aumif;rGefpGm ajymif;vJaeaMumif; od&onf/ tqdkygobm0"mwfaiGU&nfvkyfief; qdkif&m yl;aygif;aqmif&GufrIonf ESpf 30 twGif; "mwfaiGUukAay 9 x&DvD,H ausmfxGuf&SdEdkifrnfjzpfonfhtwGuf awmif ypdzdwfa'o&Sd tqdkygEdkifiHordkif;wGif tBuD;rm;qkH;aom yk*¾vdu&if;ESD;jr§KyfESHrI wpfckjzpfonf/ tar&duefa&wyfwyfom;wpfOD;tae jzifh u,fvDzdk;eD;,m;zuf'&,fw&m;½kH; wGif w&m;pGJqdkxm;onfh pifumyltajc rIwGifyg0ifonfhtwGuf pkHprf;ppfaq; jcif;cHae&NyD; ta&;,lcH&awmhrnf[k od&onf/ a&wyft&m&Sd Dan Layug taejzifh Glenn Defense Marine Asia Z,m;rsm;ay;&eftwGufaiGom;vufaqmif rsm;? tDvufxa&mepfpufypönf;rsm;ESifh ZdrfcH[dkw,fwGif aexdkifcGifhrsm; vufcH cJhaMumif; 0efcHxm;onf/
  18. 18. May 29-June 4, 2014 Myanmar Business Today INVESTMENT & FINANCE 18 Myanmar Summary Myanmar Summary Myanmar Summary Are Entrepreneurs Really The Happiest People on Earth? Jane Park O“Are you happy all the time because you’re an entre- - - actualised bliss. More times - - - neurialism is more like a mental - thinking about your idea and supposed to be clearing your - less like a leap and more like a direction. Wiser entrepreneurs be impending pain and heart- (or push) to start something - - - tion only until an expert in the you. You also end up reporting - ganisations and keeping track best solutions. - about being an entrepreneur is - - better ideas. Entrepreneurial- - time. - - - “Are you happy because you’re uRefrrMumcPar;avh&SdwJh ar;cGef; onfhtwGuf tcsdefwdkif;aysmf&Tif&JUvm;}} '@m&DawGt&awmh pGrf;tm;BuD;rm;yg pnf;urf;awGowfrSwfNyD;udk,fydkifqkH;jzwf csufawG csrSwfvkyfaqmif&ygr,f/vkHNcHK pdwfcsrIqdkwmuae ckefxGufNyD; yl;aygif; ae&wJhb0[m tcuftcJawG trsm; BuD;&SdNyD; vufcHEdkifpGrf;uawmh udk,fwdkif vkyfaqmifatmifjrifwJholtwGufawmh rdrdudk,fudk trSwfwu,fauseyfwJh cHpm; rIyJjzpfygvdrfhr,f/trsKd;om;awG? trsdK; orD;? BuD;BuD;i,fi,fawmfawmfrsm;rsm; uawmh uRefrudk ]]udk,fwdkifolaX;jzpf wm odyfaumif;wmyJ? 'geifhtdyfrufawG yJr[kwfvm;}}qdkwmrsKd;udk tBudrfaygif; ra&rwGufEdkifavmufatmifudkyJ acsmif ydwfar;Muygw,f/tJvdktcgrsKd;us&if uRefrawmhudk,fhudk,fudkr&,frdatmifudk owdxm;xdef;csKyfNyD; ,Of,Ofaus;aus; udk wnfaxmifxm;wJh b,folrqdk em;vnf ygyJ/uRefr&JUudk,fydkiftawGUtBuHK? uRefr olwpfa,muf b,fvdkcHpm;&w,fqdkwm uawmh ajymjycsifygw,f/ care, cosmetics and perfume products. Its newest product was crowdfunded by customers and fans. CassieRedstone Lafarge Explores Cement Markets in Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh - Jane Park is a contributor at and leads Julep. The article Wai Linn Kyaw F rench cement and con- Malaysian subsidiary is considering exploring cement Mauritius and other countries - like to emphasise on Peninsular Malaysia as the company has a commitment to the Malaysian supply. “We must not export and the company’s annual general reported. other cement exporters as cur- - - million) this year in the cement business. Japan to Provide HR Development Aid to Myanmar Phyu Thit Lwin T - - study Masters courses in Japa- nese higher educational institu- tion in English. Training (DEPT) and the Ja- The Japanese scholarship tar- gets young and highly capable - expected to contribute to the through engagement in imple- menting social and economic *syeftpdk;&taejzifhjrefrmEdkifiH&Sd xl;cRef pmoifom;rsm;tm; Japanese higher educational institution wGif t*Fvdyf bmomjzifh *kPfxl;wef;wufa&muf&ef *syef;,ef; 468 oef; (tar&duef a':vm 4 'or 68 oef;) ay;tyf oGm;rnfjzpfaMumif; od&onf/ tqdkygoabmwlnDcsuftm;ynm a&; pDrHudef; ESifhoifMum;rIOD;pD;XmerS*sy eftjynfjynf qdkif&myl;aygif;aqmif&Guf a&;at*sifpD(JICA) jcif;jzpfonf/ jyifopfbdvyfajrESifhuGefu&pfxkwfvkyf a&; Lafarge atmufcHukrÜPDtaejzifh jrefrm? oD&d vuFm? b*Fvm;a'h&Sf? armfv'dkufESifh &ef aps;uGufrsm; &SmazGvsuf&SdaMumif; od&onf/ csKyfjzpfol Bradley Mulroney rS Lafarge taejzifh bdvyfajrrsm;tm; uRef;qG,ftm; tav;xm;onfhtae jzifh ukrÜPDtaejzifh rav;&Sm;tpdk;& tm; bdvyfajrjywfvyfjcif;r&Sdap&ef uwdjyKxm;cJhonf/
  19. 19. May 29-June 4, 2014 Myanmar Business Today INVESTMENT & FINANCE 19 Myanmar Summary David Mayes Wthe stock mar- ket goes up and - actual cash generating the said business are los- - markets as a place to pick appreciation game. Yet term in order to gain a - ting in early on companies the markets. This change has essentially made mar- kets more akin to a ca- - panies and share in their companies continue to - InvestingforDividends - - - erate an income stream - - - panies in industries that - results or gyrations in the markets. The key is to yield in percentage terms. - Think about companies and rank them according need to ignore the ups - - up again in due course. As long as you continue - assets that you do not in- tend to sell. companies and sectors is extremely important - can suddenly decide to do - - ously dump it. The larger - policy. until the next crisis or - percentage terms as the price drops (you get more shares per dollar and thus a larger income stream). - like to generate that in- - - David Mayes MBA - agement services to ex- patriates throughout - fers. He can be reached at david.m@faramond. regulated by the FCA and provides advice on pen- sions and taxation. DimasArdian/Bloomberg tjrifhESifh rsm;jym;vSonfhtñTef; udef;rsm;tm; Munfhjcif;tm;jzifh FTSE xkwfvkyfEdkifonfhpD;yGm;a&;vkyfief; qkH;½IH;aeonf[kqdkonfhwdkifatmif) onf tvG,fwularhazsmufxm; Edkifonf/vGefcJhonfhESpftenf; i,ftwGif; &if;ESD;jr§KyfESHolrsm; taejzifh aiG&if;upm;yGJwGif tBuD;us,fqkH;atmifEdkifolrsm; jzpfEdkifrnfqdkonfhtawG;rsm;jzifh aps;uGufrsm;tm; Munfh½Ia&G;cs,f vmMuonf/rlvtm;jzifh pawmh rsm;onf aiGaMu;rsm;tm; ESpf&Snf tm;jzifh vkHNcHKpdwfcspGm 0ifaiG&&Sd Edkifonfhae&mrsm;jzpfonf/ rsm;wGif apmpD;pGm0ifa&mufjcif; tjzpftysufrsm;u tjcm;olrsm; tm; aps;uGuftwGif; aiGaMu; &SmazGrItwGuftjrifrsm;ajymif;vJ aps;uGufrsm;tm; a&S;½dk;pGJ &if;ESD; jr§KyfESHolrsm;taejzifh cdkifrmonfh toD;tyGifhrsm;tjzpf owfrSwf jrifvmMuNyDjzpfonf/ tjrwf&&Sd vnfcGJa0ay;jcif;tm;jzifhqGJaqmif Edkifonfhae&mtjzpf vkyfaqmif vmMuaMumif;awGU&onf/ Shinhwa Eyes Myanmar Opportunities Aye Myat outh Korea-based - tional Co Ltd is eye- ing potential businesses - in Myanmar. - - - media reports. The company is also re- portedly discussing possi- - Airport. Shinhwa Shong Jun-Seok rSarmfvNrdKif a'owGif ausmufrD;aoG;okH; 300 r*¾g0yfxkwfvkyfEkdifaom "mwf tm;ay;puf½kHwnfaqmuf&ef twGuf vQyfppfpGrf;tif0efBuD; Xme 'kwd,0efBuD;ESifh rMumrDu awGUqkHcJhonf/ Myanmar Summary
  20. 20. May 29-June 4, 2014 Myanmar Business Today INVESTMENT & FINANCE 20 InvestorsNeedtoRethinkTheirStrategiesinMyanmar Stephen Seng T - tors coming to Myanmar is the access to standard accommoda- - ing business opportunities in Myanmar and many multina- last emerging market eyeing ex- it became clear that the reality - mercial operations in cities like Yangon and Mandalay. Ac- - - ply. This poses an incredible - prices are expected to increase and international experts on enacting a solid property and - nesses expect speedy results. - business models and sustain- The economy in Myanmar is and the sector badly needs - that the country needs to tackle - a globally-connected economy. These roadmaps are crucial ele- - - - - higher luxury goods but able to consume re-engineered prod- - ble electronics and health care. - reach out to this segment com- business models and execute populated cities like Yangon and Mandalay. More than sixty in Myanmar needs better agri- culturally-related businesses production. A prime example - - - production training and is cre- - - such as English learning cen- education sector in Myanmar has a real business potential - multinational education com- panies remodel their strategies - ket. - - - - - - eas. - cial use through a proper legal - cient in rural areas rather than like Yangon or Mandalay. Any entrepreneurs or expatriates - markets such as House (house. and Myanmar Hous- - - tionals strategise and startups - - ternational management) stu- - rently based in Berlin, Ger- many, and can be reached at Myanmar Summary vmonfh &if;ESD;jr§KyfESHolrsm;? tvkyfvkyf udkifolrsm; BuHKawGUae&onfh tBuD;rm; qkH; pdefac:rIrsm;rSm tdrfNcHajraps;EIef; BuD;jrifhrIESifh tqifhtwef;&Sd aexdkifa&; &&SdEdkifrIrsm;jzpfonf/2010 wGif tpdk;& rSjyKjyifajymif;vJa&;rsm; pwifvkyfaqmifcJh NyD;aemuf EdkifiHjcm;om;&if;ESD;jr§KyfESHol rsm;taejzifh jrefrmEdkifiHwGif pD;yGm;a&; tcGifhtvrf;rsm; vma&mufMunfh&Ijcif;? tjcm;EdkifiHBuD;rsm;uvnf; ta&SUawmif ESifhtjrifvGJrSm;aeaMumif; odomvmawmh onf/ jrefrmEdkifiHwGifvma&mufvkyfudkifonfh aps;EIef;rsm;txl;ojzifhpD;yGm;a&;NrdKUawmf aps;EIef;rsm;taMumif;tm; aumif;rGefpGm od&SdMuNyD;jzpfonf/Consult Myanmar uGufaps;onf wpfpwk&ef;ayvQif usyf 2 odef; 4 aomif; (tar&duef 249 a':vm) rS usyf 2 odef; 5 aomif; ( tar&duef 259 a':vmtxd&SdNyD; pwk&ef;ay 1000 vQif tar&duef ½kH;cef;iSm;crsm;rSmvnf; wpfpwk&ef;rDwm vQif tar&duef 78 a':vmjzpfonfh twGuf Manhattan NrdKUv,f&Sdwpfpwk&ef; rDwm tar&duef 49 a':vmxufyif rsm;vsuf&SdaMumif;tdrfNcHajravhvma&; tzGJUjzpfonfh Colliers International jrifhwufrIrSm aps;upm;rIrsm;aMumifhjzpf rsm;jzifh 0ifa&mufvmonfh &if;ESD;jr§KyfESH olrsm;twGuf rxifrSwfzG,f&m twm; tqD;wpfckjzpfvsuf&Sdonf/owif;qdk; zG,f&Sdjcif;jzpfonf/ tpdk;&t&m&SdBuD;rsm;tMum;? pD;yGm; a&;0ef;usifESifhtjynfjynfqdkif&mynm &Sifrsm;tMum; tdrfNcHajrESifh pD;yGm;a&; qdkif&m iSm;&rf;rIOya'twGuf xdyfwef; aqG;aEG;rIrsm;onf EdkifiHjcm;om;rsm; twGuf arQmfvifhcsufwpfckjzpfonf/ udkif&eftwGuf tcsdef,l&rnfjzpfNyD; pD;yGm;a&;&v'frsm;rSmvnf; jrifhwuf vmaernfjzpfonf/ “ Despite the country’s literacy rate of 92.7 percent there is still a need for quality educational services such as English learning centres or even prep schools. The education sector in My- anmar has a real business potential and it would surely contribute to the overall de- velopment of the economy.” Yangon skyline. Today, one of the toughest challenges facing many expatriates and investors coming to Myanmar is the mounting price of property and access to standard accommodation. WaiLinnKyaw
  21. 21. May 29-June 4, 2014 Myanmar Business Today INVESTMENT & FINANCE 21 Myanmar Summary Impact Investing and Entrepreneurship Can Help Take Myanmar to The Next Level Maximilian Martin M - as encourage its leading local companies to internationalise. - its strategic location bordering - - abundant natural resources - - - - - that companies operating in the - ternational standards on trans- parency. Key to unlocking the - - - ergy illustrates the stakes per- - - - liable electricity. People at the each year to meet their cook- and income generation needs. are not limited to solar photo- yearly progress continuing to be made in decreasing the energy - the countryside. The electricity the electricity produced is lost. - - households in the entire region - - - - - - local rice mills to procure rice - - - ing a point-to-point system that connects each household and station. Households pre-pay - cial enterprises pay an addi- - plant are rolled into unscented sold to channel partners in the technology-agnostic and also - as solar energy. - impact and returns. According- are in process) should seek to increase agricultural produc- - neurship and impact-oriented - - - - - - can be stimulated to contribute - - - nesses through Hybrid Financ- - tion. - ardised solution to rural Indian villages mainly in the eastern state of Bihar, which contains approximately 500 households mini-grid, at no fee to the villages it services. Myanmar’s electricity-starved rural areas could adopt such innovative technolo- gies to light up villages in remote off-grid areas. “ Myanmar is also facing a massive need to upgrade the country’s en- ergy infrastructure, and to reach out where people actually live: three quarters of Myanmar’s population live in the countryside. The electricity access rate is a mere 13 percent, and as much as one quarter of the electricity produced is lost.” jyKjyifajymif;vJ&eftwGuf &if;ESD;jr§KyfESH rIrsm;tm; qGJaqmifvsuf&SdNyD; jynfwGif; OD;aqmifukrÜPDrsm;tm; tjynfjynfqdkif udkifvsuf&Sdonf/ EdkifiHtaejzifh vuf&Sd wGif;wGif vlOD;a& oef; 500 eD;yg; &SdaerI? vli,fvlOD;a&? a&eH? opf? ausmuf rsuf? obm0"mwfaiGU? a&tm;vQyfppf ponfh obm0o,HZmwrsm;ESifh tpdk;& EdkifiHwumrS pdwf0ifpm;rItm; cHae& onf/ vkyfaqmifrIrsm;twGuf tcGifhtvrf; tm; &,l&eftwGufudkrl pdefac:rIrsm; tm; ausmfjzwf&rnfjzpfonf/ NAdwdef tajcpdkuf vlUtcGifhta&;tzGJUjzpfonfh Business & Human Rights Resource Centre (BHRRC) rS rMum ao;rDu EdkifiHtwGif; vkyfudkifaeonfh tjynfjynfqdkif&mpHñTef;rsm;tm; vdkufem &ef ysufuGufaerItay: wdkufwGef;cJh t0vkyfudkifEdkif&efESifh tem*wfwGif 0ifaiGtv,fvwf&SdonfhEdkifiHjzpfvm pnf;rsOf;rsm;tm; ajzavsmhapEdkifrnf wDxGifpdwfrsm;onfvnf; EdkifiHtm; jzpfonf/ aus;vufa'owGifvQyfppf&&SdrIyrmP &Sdonf/urÇmwpf0Srf;wGif vlOD;a& 1 'or 2 bDvD,Honf vQyfppfr&&SdEdkifao;ay/ aus;vufaejynfolrsm;jzpfMuonf/ urÇmhwpf0Srf;vkH; vQyfppf"mwftm;&&Sd &eftwGuf 2030 rwdkifrDwGif ESpfpOf tar&duefa':vm 36 bDvD,H &if;ESD; jr§KyfESH&ef vdktyfrnfjzpfonf/ yd&rpfykHpH jcif;? rD;xGef;jcif;? qufoG,fa&;ESifh 0ifaiG&&Sd&eftwGufvkdtyfonfhpGrf;tif twGuf ESpfpOftar&duefa':vm 433 oef; okH;pGJaeMu&onf/
  22. 22. May 29-June 4, 2014 Myanmar Business Today INVESTMENT & FINANCE 22 Myanmar Summary Myanmar Summary EIRIS Launches Service for Investors to Manage Wai Linn Kyaw - - nies are managing the risks re- lated to doing business in con- - - - recently. - - - country by particular compa- The organisation said the ser- reports submitted under the - mar. - pacts. - - - - spect to Myanmar continues. - tinuing the national emergency - - - responsibly in the country and - - - - cisions but also to conduct en- hanced due diligence regarding - - Myanmar’s Oil Sector Attracts Investment Florence Tan & Aung Hla Tun T - - - tors to build oil storage tanks and a terminal to meet rising consumption. Here are some details on the country’s oil sector. Fuel demand rose more than - Myanmar relies on oil im- - among the biggest local import- - putting seaborne diesel imports - - rochemical Enterprise operates - - - Oil Pcl is proposing building - - tuary to reach the Yangon and - Gasoline is shipped in - - tribution. Typically it takes a day to unload a cargo due to - banks. storage and Angolan state oil company - minal and storage tanks in a tie- - Companies planning to lease - - according to industry sources. A soldier from the Kachin Independence Army (KIA) puts on his shoes as he and his comrade cross a stream towards the front line in Laiza, Kachin state. DavidJohnson/Reuters NAdwdeftajcpdkuf Network rS pD;yGm;a&;vma&mufvkyf udkifrnfh &if;ESD;jr§KyfESHolrsm;tm; ukrÜPD onfhae&mrsm;wGif vkyfief;rsm;vkyfudkif &ef tEÅ&m,frsm;tm; ajz&Sif;Edkif&ef twGuf 0efaqmifrItopfwpfck pwif vdkufonf/ tqdkygvkyfief;taejzifh ywf0ef;usif? vlrIESifhtpdk;&aqmif&Gufcsufrsm;tm; okawoejyKvkyfaqmifrnfjzpfNyD; &m tpD&ifcHpmvdktyfcsufrsm; yxrESpf ywfvnfESifhyl;wGJum “Investment Watch: Burma/Myanmar” tm; xkwfjyeftpD&ifcHrnfjzpfonf/ tqdkyg0efaqmifrItaejzifh jrefrm EdkifiHwGif&if;ESD;jr§KyfESHjcif;ESifh&if;ESD;jr§KyfESH&ef &if;ESD;jr§KyfESHrIESifhywfoufonfhtEÅ&m,f rsm;tm; azmfxkwftpD&ifcHrnfjzpf aMumif; EIRIS rS ajymMum;xm;onf/ jrefrmEdkifiHtaejzifh q,fpkESpfrsm;pGm txD;usefae&mrS pD;yGm;a&;wHcg;zGifhvSpf vdkufonfESifhwpfNydKifeuf pufokH;qD vdktyfcsufjrifhwufvmum jynfwGif;ESifh jynfy&if;ESD;jr§KyfESHolrsm;tm; pufokH;qD odkavSmifuefESifhokH;pGJrIjrifhwufvmonfh pufokH;qDrsm;twGuf *dwfrsm;wnf aqmuf&ef qGJaqmifvsuf&Sdonf/ rwfvwGifNyD;qkH;cJhonfh ,cifb@m a&;ESpftwGif;pufokH;qDokH;pGJrItaejzifh wpf&ufvQif pnf 40ç700 vkH;? 5 &mcdkif EIef; jrifhwufcJhaMumif; pGrf;tif0efBuD; ukefonfrsm;rSpm&if;oGif;&efr&Edkifonfh pufokH;qDpD;qif;rI? xdkif;EdkifiHrS w&m; Muonf/ Reuters
  23. 23. May 29-June 4, 2014 Myanmar Business Today PROPERTY & REAL ESTATE 23 Myanmar Summary YangonHotelMarketSetforAnotherRecordYear:ReportHuge opportunity awaits hotel investors in Myanmar as tourism continues to boom; Midscale hotel segment remains untapped: JLL T he hotel market in Yangon is set to continue its record - year increase in interna- - - anmar are expected to main airport and con- - said JLL’s update. - - Myanmar embarked on - ment in hotel market per- - tinues to outpace supply. - existing international air- expect any let up in the international standard - - national standard. - port said there are signs that the imbalance is be- rooms expected to enter - doubling the supply in Yangon. The report said there is huge opportunity present looking at the market as and luxury segments in- Phyu Thit Lwin - slated to open later in the - able per room) is also dramatically increas- metric in the hotel indus- room count and the num- being measured. occupancy is set to re- - rental income per paid time period. - that most unbranded apartments are running Min by Accor is expected - apartment in Yangon. Other properties to open in Yangon include Dae- - ties JLL said opportunities the upscale and luxury - ture supply concentrated - occupancy rates are ex- pected to stabilise as an - lysts said. hotel market and oppor- &efukef[dkw,faps;uGufonf 2014 ckESpftwGif; pHcsdefwifjrifh wufvsuf&SdNyD; tjynfjynfqdkif&m c&D;oGm;0ifa&mufrIrSm2013 ckESpf xuf 46 &mcdkifEIef; jrifhwufcJh aMumif; aps;uGufavhvma&; vkyfief; Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL) t& od&onf/ JLLrS EdkifiHjcm;c&D;oGm;0ifa&muf rIEIef;onf yifravqdyfcsJUxGifrI ESifh [Hom0wDtjynfjynfqdkif&m twl ,ckEIef;xm;twdkif; quf xm;onf/xdkif;? *syef? w½kwfESifh awmifudk&D;,m;rS c&D;oGm;rsm; ydkrdk0ifa&mufvmaejcif;utjynf jynfqdkif&mpHcsdefpHñTef;rD wnf;cdk rItwGuf cdkifrmonfh aps;uGuf awmif;qdkrIwpfckjzpfNyD;vuf&SdwGif &efukef&Sdtcef;aygif; 9163 cef; teuf okH;ykHwpfykHxufenf;onfh &mcdkifEIef;uom tjynfjynfqdkif &m pHcsdefpHñTef;rsm;ESifh udkufnDae onf/
  24. 24. May 29-June 4, 2014 Myanmar Business Today 24 Myanmar Summary Myanmar Summary Myanmar Summary PROPERTY & REAL ESTATE Moody’s Cuts Outlook for China’s Property Industry to Negative Mproperty industry to - - months. - bond issues and solid demand - ties. - - sustained campaign to clamp - ment and easy credit gained traction. An abrupt correction in the Ian Chua & Clare Jim risks to the banking system and the already-cooling economy. China’s central bank has asked commercial banks to speed up to set mortgage rates at reason- - ters. - dent Franco Leung told a roundtable that Moody’s ex- pects China’s property sales - to remain stable due to their - they’re booking their record - large scale and high demand - - turn. Reuters A man rides a bicycle past residential buildings in Shanghai. Moody’s lowered its outlook for China’s property industry to - ing liquidity over the next 12 months. TomohiroOhsumi/Bloomberg Moody tdrfNcHajrvkyfief;tay:avhvmrIonf vGefcJhonfh 12 vtwGif; a&mif;tm; usqif;rI?wnfNidrfrIrsm;rSmtEkwfvu©Pm aqmifae&mrSjyefvnfwnfNidrfvmNyDjzpf aMumif; okH;oyfvdkufonf/ tdrfNcHajrwnfaqmufa&;vkyfief;rsm; taejzifh aiGaMu;pD;qif;rIESifh &if;ESD; tdrfNcHajraps;uGufrsm;rStusKd;tjrwf&&Sd aMumif; ajymMum;xm;onf/ ,cifESpftwGif; *Pef;ESpfvkH;EIef; ajraps;uGufonf 2013 aESmif;ydkif;wGif ESpfpOfwdk;wufEIef;onf {NyDvwGif 11v ajrmuf usqif;cJhonf/ ½kwfjcnf;ajymif;vJrIonf b@mpepf ESifh wnfNidrfpjyKaeonfh pD;yGm;a&;tm; xdcdkufEdkifonf/ w½kwfA[dkbPftae jzifh tjcm;ukefoG,fa&;bPfrsm;tm; tdrfacs;aiGay;rIrsm;tm; jr§ifhwifNyD; twdk;EIef;rsm;tm;oifhwifhonfhyrmP Reuter rS wifjyxm;onf/ T - said that it pays a “steep - Myanmar’s economic hub. - - - the market rate. We tried to get Phyu Thit Lwin - - bled in the past three years. one year’s notice by the Minis- note said. The rate the Trader’s - - - - - complete buildings or held po- - - - pay considerably more than our - the international sanctions in place until recently had been “Although allegations against - military regime - Myanmar,Singapore toCooperatein ConstructionSector T he Myanmar Construction Entrepreneurs Association - - - ing and engineering construction technology in the country. - tion technologies at the annual Xinhua reported. A three-day construction exhi- - - ing Co Ltd and MCEA. Kyaw Min charges or international sanc- a large complex housing the World Health Organisation. United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) ½kH;cef;twGuf wpfvvQif tar&duef a':vm87ç000ay;aqmifae&aMumif; ajymMum;vdkufjcif;tm;jzifh wpfvvQif tar&duefa':vm 90ç000 eD;yg;ay; aqmifae&onfqdkonfhowif;tm; twnfjyKvdkufonf/ tapmydkif;wGif{&m0wDowif;Xmeonf xuf pdkufysKd;a&;0efBuD;a[mif;? AdkvfcsKyf pwk&ef;ay 33000 tus,ft0ef;tm; ½kH;cef;tjzpfiSm;&rf;cJhaMumif; xkwfazmf a&;om;xm;onf/ Bertrand Bainvel rS AFP rrSefuefaMumif; ajymMum;cJhNyD; ½kH;cef;iSm;c trSefudk xkwfazmfajymMum;&efudkvnf; jiif;qefcJhonf/ jrefrmEdkifiHaqmufvkyfa&;vkyfief;&Sif rsm;toif; (MCEA) ESifh Singapore Institute of Building Limited (SIBL) vkyfa&;vkyfief;ESifh tif*sifeD,menf; ynmrsm;tm;jr§ifhwif&efyl;aygif;cJhaMumif; od&onf/
  25. 25. May 29-June 4, 2014 Myanmar Business Today AUTOMOBILE 25 Myanmar Summary Ditching Clunkers, Car Imports Drive Myanmar Oil Demand Traders target new market at a time Asia awash with fuel M yanmar businessman Lay has doubled the - - - cles and boosting demand and - demand in top buyers China meaning the country relies on imports. Myanmar has attracted a host obscure oil traders to global - Leong. Fuel demand is also being trucks. - ture to buyers being particular - ten sold in glass bottles next to - companies are planning to - Florence Tan and Aung Hla Tun - - streets. - - Fuel demand rose more than - - said. The energy ministry de- clined to comment on smuggled oil. - placing decades-old cars that - ing reconditioned numerous countries. - Oil imports into Myanmar Nargis disrupted supplies in - - leading position. Thai Oil and Malaysia’s Petro- against rushing into a market - - year. Hin Leong is the largest sup- - ers operated by shipping arm - - There are currently no oil pipelines in Myanmar. - - based trader said. “They can go jrefrmpD;yGm;a&;vkyfief;&Sif Lay tae pm;okH;olokH;pGJrIajzavsmhay;vdkufonf ESifh okH;ESpftwGif; um;ydkifqdkifrI ESpfq wdk;um ajcmufpD;ydkifqdkifvmonf/ ppftkyfcsKyfa&;tm;avQmhcsNyD; q,f pkESpfrsm;pGm txD;usefjzpfaerItm; tqkH; owfjcif;tm;jzifh pD;yGm;a&;wHcg;zGifhvSpf jcif;aMumifh *syefwpfywf&pfum;rsm;onf NAdwdoQacwf,mOfta[mif;rsm;ae&mwGif tpm;xkd;umae&m,lvmMuNyDjzpfonf/ pufokH;qDvdktyfrIrSmvnf;,cif wufvsuf&SdNyD;tBuD;qkH;0,fvufrsm;jzpf rIrsm; aMumifh qDa&mif;0,folrsm;twGuf aps;uGufopfwpfckjzpfvmaeonf/ oHk;ckteufESpfckrSmcsKdU,Gif;aeonfh t wGufEdkifiHonfoGif;ukeftay:wGif rsm; pGmrSDckdae&onf/ jrefrmEdkifiHonf ,cktcgwGif tao; pm;pufokH;qDxkwfvkyfa&;vkyfief;rsm; rSonf urÇmhukrÜPDBuD;rsm;jzpfonfh Chinaoil, PetroChina ukrÜPDBuD;rsm;jzpfonfh ? Vitol ESifh pifumylrS Hin Leong vdktyfcsufonf puf½kHrsm;? owåKwl;azmf 'DZ,fvdktyfcsufrsm;t& jrifhwufvsuf &Sdonf/ loosening of military rule ending decades of isolation, has meant a surge in ownership of second-hand Japanese cars that are replacing rusting, reconditioned British-era vehicles and boosting demand and imports of fuel. KyawMin “ The Southeast Asian nation remains, however, a tough market to crack given obstacles ranging from poor infrastructure to buyers being particu- lar about the colour of fuel they receive, traders say. Fuel is often sold in glass bot- tles next to the road and may be rejected by drivers unless it is clear, irrespective of performance.”
  26. 26. May 29-June 4, 2014 Myanmar Business Today 26 Myanmar Summary Myanmar Summary AUTOMOBILE Thai Unrest Spurs Honda Unit to Cut Output And Delay New Plant Honda’s Thai unit production cut to 60pc of capacity; Start of new plant to be delayed by up to 1 year TMotor Co has cut produc- tion at its Ayutthaya plant - - - - - ers this year and slashed pro- - The Japanese carmaker has also decided to delay by be- - - mobile (Thailand) Co. - Pisit Changplayngam A Honda Motor Co. employee carries a front grille for the Honda City on the production line at the company’s assembly plant DarioPignatelli/Bloomberg nomic and the political situa- The Ayutthaya plant has an - - der construction in Prachinburi - Pitak said Honda’s sales in Thailand may miss a target - hicles. Domestic auto sales in April Reuters T oyota Motor Corp has de- - the automaker to install the hy- - cles. and auto parts maker Denso semiconductor using a silicon and carbon compound that lim- - Toyota’s push in semiconduc- tied to electronics rather than to traditional mechanical engi- neering. electric hybrid technology near- Yoko Kubota compound is already used in computer chips in trains and air Toyota said. - - ing that can aid the combustion the car is running and charges braking. electric current. The silicon carbide chip re- - issue. The silicon carbide chip - - - - to start installing the chips in - Reuters Bloomberg Toyota Motor Corp taejzifh hybrid um;rsm; chip rsm; zefwD;vsuf&SdNyD; hybrid pepftm; aMumif; od&onf/ Prius hybrids xkwfvkyfolESifh um; ypönf;xkwfvkyfoljzpfonfh Denso Corp taejzifh tqdkyg chip rsm;tm; um; ESifh hybrid pepftao;pm;zefwD;Edkif&ef twGufqDvDuGefESifhumbGeftokH;jyKEdkif &efyl;aygif;vkyfaqmifoGm;rnfjzpfaMumif;? um;xkwfvkyfolrsm;ESifhtDvufxa&mepf chiprsm;xkwfvkyf wyfqifjcif;tm;jzifhor½dk;uspufokH; tif*sifeD,mrSuGJxGufumxkwfvkyfzef wD;um jyo vsuf&Sdonf/ Honda Motor Co taejzifhjynfwGif;0,fvdktm;avsmhusvm rIESifh EdkifiHa&;rwnfNidrfrIaMumifh a&mif; tm;usqif;vmonfhtwGuf t,k'¨, tm; avQmhcsawmhrnfjzpfonf/ xdkif;EdkifiH um;xkwfvkyfa&;vkyfief; wGif xdkif;ppfwyftBuD;tuJ General PrayuthChan-ocha tmPmodrf;vdkuf onfhjy½kyfwpfckjzpfonf/ xkwfvkyfa&;vkyfief;wGif tvkyftukdif aygif; oHk;aomif; avQmhcsxm;NyD; xkwf vkyfrIrsm;tm; a&mif;tm;usqif;rIESifh xm;onf/ tqdkyg*syefum;xkwfvkyfoltaejzifh ,cif 2015 {NyDwGif wnfaqmuf&ef &nfrSef;xm;onfh tar&duefa':vm oef; 530 wef puf½HkwnfaqmufrItm; ajcmufvrS wpfESpf aemufqkwfxm; rnfjzpfaMumif; Honda Automobile (Thailand) Co Pitak Pruittisarikorn rS ajymMum;xm;onf/
  27. 27. May 29-June 4, 2014 Myanmar Business Today IT & TELECOM 27 Myanmar Summary Myanmar Summary Revenue rises 14.3pc to $38.7 billion; Smartphone shipments reach record of more than 50 million units C as strong smartphone sales China. in its once-mainstay personal computers (PC) as consumers extent that it agreed in January to buy the Motorola Mobility Paul Carsten - also in January agreed to buy - scrutiny. statement. - a surge in the company’s mo- smartphone business. statement. Analysts see tough times they say. - - in the Americas. The mobile - - ings. Reuters Hit by Network Investment next year’s earnings - - ing to tough market conditions. - - - imposed price cuts and con- The latest charge takes the to- - Kate Holton stepped up spending on its net- - and the need to rebuild. - - markets and said it had been - - - - across its emerging market op- erations in a bid to get ahead - high-speed internet and TV to - - - rope has lagged regions like the - - changing point in the compa- ny’s history as customers using it tend to use more data and spend more. Reuters SimonDawson/Bloomberg urÇmhpwkw¬tBuD;qkH; prwfzkef;xkwf Lenovo Group Ltd rS rwfvwGif NyD;qkH;cJhonfh ,cifb@ma&;ESpftwGif; tom;wif tjrwf 29 &mcdkifEIef; wdk;wufcJhaMumif; aMunmcJhNyD;cdkifrmonfhprwfzkef;a&mif;tm; usm;uefEdkifcJhonf/ Lenovo okH;pGJolrsm;tm; Google Inc wpfckjzpfonfh Motorola Mobility tm; tar&duefa':vm 2 'or 9 bDvD,Hjzifh 0,f,l&ef Zefe0g&DwGif oabmwlnDrI&,ljcif;jzifh qGJaqmifcJh onf/ International Business Machines Corp (IBM) wm,lepftm; 0,f,lum 2005 ckESpf wGif urÇmhtodtrSwfjyKtrSwfwHqdyf wpfckjzpfonfh tqdkygukrÜPDtaejzifh Zefe0g&DvtwGif; IBM tm; tar&duefa':vm 2 'or 9 bDvD,Hjzifh0,f,l&efZefe0g&DvtwGif; oabmwlnDrI&,lum wpfudk,fa&okH; &ef vkyfaqmifcJhonf/ trIaqmifcsKyf Yang Yuanqing rS tqdkyg&if;ESD;jr§KyfESHrIrsm;onf rMumrD wGifaiGaMu;0efydrIjzpfvmEdkifaMumif; ajym Mum;cJhonf/ Bloomberg Vodafone taejzifh Oa&mypD;yGm;a&;vkyfief;rsm; wGif ,l½dk 6 'or 6 bDvD,Haps;EIef;rsm; usqif;rIESifhxyfrHBuHKawGU&onfhtwGuf uGef&ufwGif r&Sdrjzpf &if;ESD;jr§KyfESHrIESifh BuKHawGUEdkifzG,f&SdaMumif; ajymMum;cJhonf/ pawmhaps;uGufwGif &S,f,m 4 'or 3 &mcdkifEIef; usqif;cJhNyD; Vodafone aps;uGufwefzdk;rSmvnf; 18 vtwGif; tqdk;qkH;tjzpf ,l½dkESpfbDvD,H usqif; cJhonf/
  28. 28. May 29-June 4, 2014 Myanmar Business Today 28 INTERNATIONALANDDOMESTICFLIGHTSCHEDULE Fligghhtss ffroom Yanggon (RGNN) to Bangkok ((BKK) Fligghhtss ffroom Banggkok (BKKK) to Yaangon (RGN) Flight No. DDayss From To ETD ETA Operated by: Flight No. DDayss From To ETD ETA Operated by: PG 706 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 RGN BKK 7:15 9:30 Bangkok Airways DD4230 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 DMK RGN 06:30 07:55 NOK Airlines DD4231 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 RGN DMK 8:00 9:45 NOK Airlines 8M336 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 BKK RGN 6:40 7:25 MAI FD2752 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 RGN DMK 8:30 10:15 Thai AirAsia FD2751 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 DMK RGN 7:15 8:00 Thai AirAsia 8M335 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 RGN BKK 8:40 10:25 MAI TG303 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 BKK RGN 8:00 8:45 Thai Airways TG304 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 RGN BKK 9:50 11:45 Thai Airways PG701 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 BKK RGN 8:50 9:40 Bangkok Airways PG702 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 RGN BKK 10:45 12:40 Bangkok Airways FD2755 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 DMK RGN 11:35 12:20 Thai AirAsia Y5-237 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 RGN BKK 18:05 19:50 Golden Myanmar Airlines PG707 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 BKK RGN 13:40 14:30 Bangkok Airways TG302 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 RGN BKK 14:45 16:40 Thai Airways Y5-238 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 BKK RGN 21:10 21:55 Golden Myanmar Airlines PG703 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 RGN BKK 15:20 17:15 Bangkok Airways FD2753 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 DMK RGN 16:35 17:20 Thai AirAsia 8M331 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 RGN BKK 16:30 18:15 MAI PG703 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 BKK RGN 16:45 17:35 Bangkok Airways FD2754 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 RGN DMK 17:50 19:35 Thai AirAsia TG305 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 BKK RGN 17:55 18:40 Thai Airways PG704 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 RGN BKK 18:25 20:20 Bangkok Airways DD4238 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 BKK RGN 19:30 20:15 NOK Airlines TG306 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 RGN BKK 19:40 21:35 Thai Airways 8M332 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 BKK RGN 19:20 20:05 MAI DD4239 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 RGN DMK 21:00 22:45 NOK Airlines PG705 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 BKK RGN 20:00 21:15 Bangkok Airways FFligghhtss ffroomm Yangoon (RGN)) to Chiaang Maii (CNX) FFligghhtss ffroomm Chiangg Mai (CCNX) to YYangon (RGN) W9-9607 4 7 RGN CNX 14:50 16:20 Air Bagan W9-9608 4 7 CNX RGN 17:20 17:50 Air Bagan Flligghtss ffroom Yanggon (RGNN) to Sinngapore (SIN) Flligghtss ffroom Singaapore (SIN) to Yangon ((RGN) Y5-233 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 RGN SIN 10:10 14:40 Golden Myanmar Airlines Y5-234 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 SIN RGN 15:35 17:05 Golden Myanmar Airlines MI509 1 6 RGN SIN 0:25 5;00 SilkAir SQ998 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 SIN RGN 7:55 9:20 Singapore Airline 8M231 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 RGN SIN 8:30 13:00 MAI 8M6231/3K585 1 3 4 5 6 SIN RGN 9:10 10:40 Jetstar Asia SQ997 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 RGN SIN 10:25 14:45 Singapore Airline 8M232 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 SIN RGN 14:10 15:40 MAI 8M6232/3K586 1 3 4 5 6 RGN SIN 11:30 16:05 Jetstar Asia MI518 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 SIN RGN 14:20 15:45 SilkAir 8M233 5 6 7 RGN SIN 13:45 18:15 MAI 8M235 5 6 7 SIN RGN 19:15 20:45 MAI TR2827 1 6 7 RGN SIN 15:10 19:35 TigerAir TR2826 1 6 7 SIN RGN 13:00 14:30 TigerAir TR2827 2 3 4 5 RGN SIN 17:10 21:35 TigerAir TR2826 2 3 4 5 SIN RGN 15:00 16:30 TigerAir MI517 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 RGN SIN 16:40 21:15 SilkAir MI520 5 7 SIN RGN 22:10 23:35 SilkAir FFliightts frromm Yangonn (RGN) tto Kualaa Lumpuur (KUL) Fligghtts frroomm Kuala LLumpur (KUL)too Yangonn (RGN) AK1427 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 RGN KUL 8:30 12:50 AirAsia AK1426 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 KUL RGN 6:55 8:00 AirAsia 8M501 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 RGN KUL 8:55 12:55 MAI MH740 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 KUL RGN 10:05 11:15 Malaysia Airlines MH741 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 RGN KUL 12:15 16:30 Malaysia Airlines 8M502 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 KUL RGN 14:00 15:00 MAI Fligghtts frrom Yanngon (RGGN) to HHanoi (HHAN) Fligghtts frrom Hannoi (HANN) to Yanngon (RRGN) VN956 1 3 5 6 7 RGN HAN 19:10 21:30 Vietnam Airlines VN957 1 3 5 6 7 HAN RGN 16:35 18:10 Vietnam Airlines Flligghhtss ffroomm Yangon (RGN) to Ho CChi Minhh (SGN) Flligghhtss ffroomm Ho Chii Minh (SSGN) to Yangonn (RGN) VN942 2 4 7 RGN SGN 14:25 17:10 Vietnam Airlines VN943 2 4 7 SGN RGN 11:40 13:25 Vietnam Airlines Flligghtss ffrom Yanngon (RGGN) to TTaipei (TTPE) Flligghtss ffrom Taipei (TPEE) to Yanngon (RGN) CI7916 1 2 3 4 5 6 RGN TPE 10:50 16:10 China Airline CI7915 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 TPE RGN 7:15 10:05 China Airline BR288 2 5 6 RGN TPE 11:35 17:20 EVA Air BR287 2 5 6 TPE RGN 7:30 10:35 EVA Air Flligghhtss ffroom Yanggon (RGNN) to Kunming(KMG) Flligghhtss ffroom Kunmming(KMMG) to Yangon ((RGN) CA906 2 3 4 6 7 RGN KMG 14:15 17:35 Air China CA905 2 3 4 6 7 KMG RGN 12:40 13:15 Air China MU2032 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 RGN KMG 14:40 17:55 China Eastern MU2031 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 KMG RGN 13:30 14:00 China Eastern MU2012 3 6 RGN KMG 12:20 18:10 China Eastern (via NNG) MU2011 3 6 KMG RGN 8:25 11:30 China Eastern (via NNG) Flligghtss from Yanngon (RGGN) to BBeijing (BJS) Flligghtss from Beijjing (BJSS) to Yanngon (RRGN) CA906 2 3 4 6 7 RGN BJS 14:15 21:55 Air China (via KMG) CA905 2 3 4 6 7 BJS RGN 8:05 13:15 Air China (via KMG) Fligghhtss ffroom Yanggon (RGNN) to Naanning (NNG) Fligghhtss ffroom Nannning (NNNG) to Yaangon ((RGN) Flight No. DDayss From To ETD ETA Operated by: Flight No. DDayss From To ETD ETA Operated by: MU2012 3 6 RGN NNG 12:20 16:25 China Eastern MU2011 3 6 NNG RGN 10:15 11:30 China Eastern FFligghhtss ffroomm Yangoon (RGN)) to Honng Kong (HKG) HHonngg KKoong (HKG) Flights from Yaangon ((RGN) KA251 1 2 4 6 RGN HKG 1:10 5:35 Dragon Air KA250 1 3 5 7 HKG RGN 21:50 23:45 Dragon Air *PPleaasee noote thee dday change for the deparrture time too Hong Kongg. Flligghhtss ffroomm Yangon (RGN) to Guanng Zhouu (CAN) Flligghhtss ffroomm Guang Zhou (CCAN) to Yangonn (RGN) 8M711 2 4 7 RGN CAN 8:40 13:15 MAI CZ3055 3 6 CAN RGN 8:40 10:30 China Southern Airlines CZ3056 3 6 RGN CAN 11:20 15:50 China Southern Airline 8M712 2 4 7 CAN RGN 14:15 15:45 MAI CZ3056 1 5 RGN CAN 17:40 22:15 China Southern Airline CZ3055 1 5 CAN RGN 14:45 16:35 China Southern Airlines FFlighhts ffroom Yanggon (RGN) to Koolkata (CCCU) FFlighhts ffroom Kolkkata (CCUU) to Yaangon (RRGN) Flight No. DDayss From To ETD ETA Operated by: Flight No. DDayss From To ETD ETA Operated by: AI228 5 RGN CCU 18:45 19:45 Air India AI227 1 5 CCU RGN 10:35 13:20 Air India AI234 1 5 RGN CCU 13:40 16:55 Air India (via GAY) AI233 5 CCU RGN 13:30 18:00 Air India (via GAY) Fligghhtss ffrom Yanngon (RGGN) to GGaya (GAAY) Fligghhtss ffrom Gayya (GAY) to Yanngon (RGGN) 8M 601 1 3 5 6 RGN GAY 10:30 11:50 MAI 8M 602 1 3 5 6 GAY RGN 12:50 16:00 MAI AI234 1 5 RGN GAY 13:40 15:00 Air India AI233 5 GAY RGN 15:00 18:00 Air India Fligghtts frrom Yanngon (RGGN) to TTokyo (NNRT) FFliightts frrom Tokkyo (NRTT) to Yaangon (RRGN) NH914 1 3 6 RGN NRT 22:00 06:40+1 ALL NIPPON Airways NH913 1 3 6 NRT RGN 11:10 17:05 ALL NIPPON Airways FFligghhtss ffrom Yanngon (RGGN) to SSeoul (ICCN) FFligghhtss ffrom Seooul (ICN)) to Yanngon (RGGN) KE472 1 3 5 7 RGN ICN 0:05 8:00 Korean Air KE471 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 ICN RGN 18:40 22:55 Korean Air OZ7463 4 7 RGN ICN 0:50 8:50 Asiana OZ4753 3 6 ICN RGN 19:30 23:40 Asiana Flligghtss ffrom Yanngon (RGGN) to DDoha (DOOH) Flightts frrom Dohha (DOH) to Yangon (RRGN) QR619 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 RGN DOH 8:00 11:45 Qatar Airways QR618 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 DOH RGN 21:05 06:29+1 Qatar Airways Flligghhtss ffroomm Yangon (RGN) to Nay Pyi Taww (NYT) Flligghhtss ffroomm Nay Pyyi Taw (NNYT) to Yangonn (RGN) Flight No. DDayss From To ETD ETA Operated by: Flight No. DDayss From To ETD ETA Operated by: FMI-A1 1 2 3 4 5 RGN NYT 7:30 8:30 FMI Air Charter FMI-A2 1 2 3 4 5 NYT RGN 8:50 9:50 FMI Air Charter FMI-B1 1 2 3 4 5 RGN NYT 11:30 12:30 FMI Air Charter FMI-B2 1 2 3 4 5 NYT RGN 13:00 14:00 FMI Air Charter FMI-C1 1 2 3 4 5 RGN NYT 16:30 17:30 FMI Air Charter FMI-C2 1 2 3 4 5 NYT RGN 18:00 19:00 FMI Air Charter FMI-A1 6 RGN NYT 8:00 9:00 FMI Air Charter FMI-A2 6 NYT RGN 10:00 11:00 FMI Air Charter FMI-A1 7 RGN NYT 15:30 16:30 FMI Air Charter FMI-A2 7 NYT RGN 17:00 18:00 FMI Air Charter FFliightts frrom Yangoon (RGN) to Manndalay ((MDY) FFliightts frrom Manddalay (MDDY) to YYangon (RGN) Y5-234 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 RGN MDY 6:15 7:30 Golden Myanmar Airlines Y5-233 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 MDY RGN 8:10 9:25 Golden Myanmar Airlines YH 909 2 4 6 7 RGN MDY 6:30 8:10 Yangon Airways YH 910 1 3 MDY RGN 7:40 10:30 Yangon Airways YH 917 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 RGN MDY 6:10 8:30 Yangon Airways YH 918 1 2 3 4 6 7 MDY RGN 8:30 10:25 Yangon Airways YH 727 1 5 RGN MDY 11:15 13:25 Yangon Airways YH 728 1 5 MDY RGN 9:10 11:05 Yangon Airways YH 731 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 RGN MDY 15:00 17:10 Yangon Airways YH 732 1 2 3 4 5 6 MDY RGN 17:10 19:15 Yangon Airways W9 501 1 2 3 4 RGN MDY 6:00 7:25 Air Bagan W9 502 1 2 3 4 MDY RGN 16:10 18:15 Air Bagan K7 222 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 RGN MDY 6:30 8:40 Air KBZ K7 223 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 MDY RGN 9:00 11:05 Air KBZ YJ 201 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 RGN MDY 11:30 12:55 Asian Wings YJ 202 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 MDY RGN 16:00 17:25 Asian Wings Days - (1) Monday (2) TTueesdaay (33) WWeddnessdaay (4) Thursdayy (5) Friday (6) SSaturday (7) Suunday Days - (1) Monday (2) TTueesdaay (33) WWeddnessdaay (4) Thursdayy (5) Friday (6) SSaturday (7) Suunday
  29. 29. May 29-June 4, 2014 Myanmar Business Today IT & TELECOM 29 Myanmar Summary Myanmar Summary Myanmar Summary Samsung Introduces Curved UHD TV in Myanmar amsung Electronics has - TV in Myanmar. produce close to natural picture - customers. Electronics. - Kyaw Min KyawMin Ooredoo Joins MIT Media Lab for ICT Innovation New Collaboration supports cutting-edge research and development of “Innovation Ecosystem” in Southeast Asia, telecoms firm says O oredoo has announced a - said. Lab as a Consortium Lab Mem- Lab has pioneered some uncon- sector. - - - tomers in emerging markets are - - ers. Phyu Thit Lwin - cilitating and supporting the - Asia. AndrewThomasRyan - - - to share intellectual property added. - - the potential to impact millions - ered compact base stations and money and mobile health - - - Every Student Nationwide Microsoft Thailand and Office of the Basic Education Commission sign five-year agreement. T - sic Education Commis- - - - cation. - - - sector globally. - - Learning Anek Ratpiyapaporn. - - - in Learning is a global Micro- Wai Linn Kyaw - education to help students and - imise their potential. - - derscores our long-term com- mitment to Thailand and our - - - - - - - Khoobchandani said. - - skills globally. The study also - - porting. - - - Ooredoo jrefrmonf acwfa&SUajy; ICT ausmf MIT Media Lab ESifhyl;aygif; aqmif&GufoGm;rnf[k od&onf/ MIT Media Lab onf 1985 ckESpfrSpí ICT enf;ynmavmuwGif xl;jcm;onfh jzpfonf/ Ooredoo csKyf Ross Cormack [m ICT enf;ynm&JU vsifvsifjrefjref wdk;wufvmrIawGaMumifh xGef;opfp aps;uGufawGrSm&SdwJh oHk;pGJolawG[m ICT udk toHk;csvmaeMuwmawGU&ygw,f/'gaMumifh MIT Media Lab cJhwmyg}}[k ajymcJhonf/ - Samsung Electronic onf ta&SU ESihfteD;pyfqHk;&oopfudk cHpm;Edkifonfh Curved UHD TV rdwfqufyGJtcrf; Sule Shangrila Hotel wGif usif;ycJhonf/ Samsung [m ta&SUawmiftm&S twGuf UHV TV teD;pyfqHk;azmfjyay;EkdifwJht&nftaoG; opfudk aqmifMuOf;ay;NyD; ½kyfjrifoHMum; toHpepfawG[m rdom;pkawGtwGuf azsmfajza&;tawGUtBuHKudk aemufwpf qifhjr§ihfay;EdkifrSmtrSefygyJ}}[k Samsung Electronic Mr. Nam Sik Ahn u ajymMum;cJh onf/ Education Commission (OBEC) ESifh Microsoft (Thailand) Limited tm; tm; ynma&;twGuf tcrJhtokH;jyKcGifhay;&ef csKyfqdkcJhaMumif; od&onf/ tqdkygoabmwlnDcsufwGifoifMum; rIoif,lrIwGif yl;aygif;aqmif&GufrIrsm; tm; 2019 ckESpftxd wdk;jr§ifhoGm;&ef yg0ifNyD; Microsoft ynma&;wGif cloud service xnfhoGif;rI taejzifh BuD;rm;onfh vkyfaqmifcsuf wpfckjzpfonf/ ]]OBEC eJU Microsoft EdkifiHtem*wftwGuf oifMum;rIoif,l rIyl;aygif;aqmif&Gufa&;acgif;pOfatmuf rSm 10 ESpfyl;aygif;vkyfaqmifMurSmjzpf ygw,f}}[k Anek Ratpiyapaporn rS ajymMum;onf/
  30. 30. May 29-June 4, 2014 Myanmar Business Today SOCIAL SCENES 30 Nokia Siemens Network’s Briefing on Mobile Telecommunication Regulatory Update and Market Developments in the Region U Khin Maung Thet, director general of Post and Tel- ecommunications, gives a speech at the event. Wai Linn Kyaw Raman Vattumalai, NSN Country Head of Myanmar, speaks at the event. Wai Linn Kyaw Wolfgang Becker, CTO Network solution makes a Presenta- tion at the event. Wai Linn Kyaw Saiful Md Ehsan gives a presentation at the event. Wai Linn Kyaw Mike Smathers makes a presentation at the event. Wai Linn Kyaw Brian Cho makes a presentation at the event. Wai Linn Kyaw Delegates pose for a photo at the event. Wai Linn Kyaw Raman Vattumalai (L) gives present to U Khin Maung Thet (R) . Wai Linn Kyaw Staff pose for photo at the event. Wai Linn Kyaw Guests at the event. Wai Linn Kyaw Introduction Event of Samsung’s Curved and Ultra High-Definition (UHD) TV Nam Sik Ahn, managing director of Samsung Electronics Myanmar. Kyaw Min Donation ceremonary at YCDC. Mileage CommunicationKaythre Aye Than speaks at the event. Kyaw MinSamsung delegates at the event. Kyaw Min Models pose for a photo with Samsung curved TV. Kyaw Min Myanmar Chungho Donate Clean Water Machine to YCDC
  31. 31. May 29-June 4, 2014 Myanmar Business Today CLASSIFIEDS 31
  32. 32. May 29-June 4, 2014 Myanmar Business Today 32ENTERTAINMENT Myanmar’sIslandsAreAsia’sHottestNewDestination–ButThey’reStillDeserted Marty Silk T he thing about Myan- mar’s Myeik (Mergui) Archipelago is there are no tourists. on selected tour groups. Keen to escape the daily catamaran sailing through this As the southern Myanmar ing boat or some sea gypsies paradise are mostly deserted. ghy to try to get lunch. trade but Hein disagrees. is a culinary genius. He pro- in his tiny galley. Only once or Children on Myanmar’s Lampi Island. Looking across the Andaman Sea to Myanmar’s Myeik (Mer- gui) Archipelago. Moken boats of the Myeik (Mergui). One of the many deserted beaches found throughout the ar- chipelago. serted island called Lampi. nant creek looks like it could retreat. snack. and deep purple through the cean peak hour. out seeing anyone else. trious deckhand Mr Win scales the bottom and lob them on a beach. on a steam engine. crunchy tangy salads and coco- nut rice. to music through a portable “There’s no other people on crackling embers and smile contentedly. He seems unconcerned that days. Perhaps it understands the ty that makes this place special. cult to get to the Myeik (Mer- The nine-day trip ex-Phuket includes six nights on board meals included. leading onto the main deck. kayaks and paddleboards. As AAP Aeysea/Flickr Vitch/Flickr JamesKirk/Flickr JamesKirk/Flickr