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Myanmar Business Today is Myanmar’s first and the only bilingual (English-Myanmar) business newspaper, distributed in both Myanmar and Thailand. MBT covers a range of news encompassing local business stories, special reports and in-depth analysis focusing on Myanmar’s nascent economy, investment and finance, business opportunities, foreign trade, property and real estate, automobile, among others. MBT also provides detailed coverage of regional (ASEAN) and international business stories. For more information please visit
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Myanmar Business Today - Vol 2, Issue 13

  1. 1. March 27-April 2, 2014 Myanmar Business Today March 27-April 2, 2014 | Vol 2, Issue 13MYANMAR’S FIRST BILINGUAL BUSINESS JOURNAL Myanmar Summary Myanmar Summary Contd. P 22...Contd. P 6... Contd. P 6... Contd. P 22... ParliamentApprovesElectricity RateHikeRe-Proposal Kyaw Min Sherpa Hossainy Pact Talks with Myanmar The European Union (EU) seeks legal certainty and preferential access for its investors E uropean Union Commissioner for a move to provide legal late European investors Myanmar Business To- day European Trade Commissioner Karel De Gucht speaks during a news conference. EricVidal/Reuters vGefcJhonfh&ufowåywfu jynfaxmifpkvTwfawmfonftpdk;&{NyD v1&ufaeYrSpwifívQyfppf"mwftm;EIef;xm;rsm;tm;wdk;jr§ifhaumuf cHrItwGufjyefvnftqdkjyKavQmufxm;rItm;twnfjyKay;cJhaMumif; od&onf/ vGefcJhonfhESpf atmufwdkbmvwGif &efukefNrdKUawmfvQyfppf"mwftm; axmufyHhay;a&;bkwftzGJUrS vQyfppf"mwftm;c rsm;ukd 40 &mcdkifEIef; ausmfwdk;jr§ifhaumufcH&efqHk;jzwfcJhNyD;aemufvTwfawmfrSEdk0ifbmvwGif ,if;tpDtpOftm;,m,D&yfqdkif;rIjyKvkyfapcJhonf/vQyfppf"mwftm;c tD;,lukefoG,fa&;aumfr&Sifem jzpfaom Karel De Gucht onf vGefcJhonfh&ufowåywfu jrefrm EdkifiHESifh ESpfOD;ESpfzuf&if;ESD;jr§KyfESHrI qdkif&mtumtuG,foabmwlnD csufrsm;udk aqG;aEG;rIjyKvkyfcJhNyD; jrefrmEdkifiHwGif Oa&my&if;ESD;jr§KyfESH olrsm;tm;w&m;0iftumtuG,f rsm;&&Sdap&eftwGufjzpfaMumif; od&onf/ jrefrmEdkifiHwGif Oa&myrS&if;ESD; jr§KyfESHolrsm;udk ydkrdk&if;ESD;jr§KyfESHvm vdkygu ta&;BuD;onfh tcsuf rsm;tm; tcdkiftrmtumtuG,f &Sd&ef tmrcHcsufvdktyfaMumif; DeGucht u trsKd;om;pDrHudef; ESifhpD;yGm;a&;zGHUNzdK;wdk;wufrI0efBuD; a'gufwmuHaZmfESifhawGUqHkaqG; aEG;rIrsm;rjyKvkyfrD Myanmar Business Today odkYajymMum;cJh onf/ ukefoG,fa&;qufEG,frIrsm;rSm ,cktcg ydkYukefrsm;twGufom r[kwfbJ EdkifiHwpfEdkifiHwGif &if;ESD; Mum;cJhonf/&if;ESD;jr§KyfESHolrsm;tm;
  2. 2. March 27-April 2, 2014 Myanmar Business Today 2LOCAL BIZ MYANMAR’S FIRST BILINGUAL BUSINESS JOURNAL Board of Editors Editor-in-Chief - Sherpa Hossainy Email - Ph - 09 42 110 8150 Editor-in-Charge - Wai Linn Kyaw Email - Ph - 09 40 157 9090 Reporters &Writers Sherpa Hossainy, Kyaw Min, Wai Linn Kyaw, Shein Thu Aung, Phyu Thit Lwin, Daisuke Lon, Yasumasa Hisada, Zayar Phyo, Pann Nu, Nwe Zin Art & Design Zarni Min Naing (Circle) Email - Ph - 09 7310 5793 Ko Naing Email - Ph - 09 730 38114 DTP May Su Hlaing Translators Shein Thu Aung, Phyu Maung, Wai Linn Kyaw Advertising Seint Seint Aye, Moe Hsann Pann, Htet Wai Yan, Zin Wai Oo Advertising Hotline - 09 420 237 625, 09 4211 567 05, 09 31 450 345 Email - Managing Director Prasert Lekavanichkajorn 09421149720 Publisher U Myo Oo (04622) No. 1A-3, Myintha 11th Street, South Okkalapa Township, Yangon. Tel: 951-850 0763, Fax: 951-8603288 ext: 007 Shwe Naing Ngan Printing (04193) Printing Subscription & Circulation Aung Khin Sint - 09 20 435 59 Nilar Myint - 09 4210 855 11 Khaing Zaw Hnin - 09 4211 30133 Business News in Brief President says gifts worth more than 300,000 kyat are bribes Loihein, Asahi to invest $46m to produce soft drinks in Myanmar Over 600,000 cattle annually smuggled into Thailand, China 23 out of 40 state-owned enterprises are in the red man resources Rice exports to China up, but not viable Myanmar reviews $20-b China railway line deal Chinese association donates $170,000 to local NGOs Myanmar tries to include Inwa to World Her- itage list Myanmar Summary EdkifiHawmfor®wOD;odef;pdefuusyfaiGoHk;odef;(tar&duefa':vm 300) xufausmfvGefaom vufaqmifypönf;ylaZmfrIrsm;tm; vmbfxdk; rIrsm;tjzpf ,lqoGm;rnfjzpfaMumif; 0efBuD;Xmetm;vHk;udk rMumao;rD u w&m;0ifajymMum;cJhaMumif; od&onf/ tusifhysufjcpm;rIqefYusifwdkufzsufa&;qdkif&mOya'tm; jrefrmEdkifiH wGif jy|mef;xm;NyD;jzpfaomfvnf; oufqdkif&mpnf;rsOf;pnf;urf;rsm; udk aqmif&Guf&efvdktyfaeao;aMumif;vnf; od&onf/jrefrmEdkifiHrS vG,f[def;ukrÜPDonf *syefEdkifiHtazsmf,rumvkyfief;BuD;jzpfaom Asahi Group Holdings ESifh jrefrmEdkifiHwGif tcsKd&nfrsm;udk xkwfvkyfjzefYjzL;&eftwGuf tar&duefa':vm 46 oef;udk &if;ESD; jr§KyfESHoGm;rnfjzpfaMumif; od&onf/ EGm;ESifhuRJaygif; ajcmufodef;ausmf tm; tdrfeD;csif;EdkifiHrsm;jzpfaom xdkif;EdkifiHESifh w½kwfEdkifiHodkY ESpfpOf w&m;r0ifcdk;xkwfa&mif;csrIrsm;&SdaeonfhtwGuf pdkufysKd;a&;u@ wGif BuD;rm;vSaom qdk;usKd;oufa&mufrI&SdaeaMumif; od&onf/ vufrIv,f,mpepfrSonf pufrIv,f,mpepfodkY wjznf;jznf;csif; ajymif;vJaeaomfvnf; pdkufysKd;a&;u@taejzifh EGm;rsm;ESifhuRJrsm; tay: rSDcdkae&qJjzpfaMumif; od&onf/
  3. 3. March 27-April 2, 2014 Myanmar Business Today 3
  4. 4. March 27-April 2, 2014 Myanmar Business Today LOCAL BIZ 4 Myanmar Summary Fruit and Vegetable Exporters Fail to Make a Dent in International Markets Traders call for proper certification and advanced tech Myanmar Business Today international standards and insects or insecticides and so Kyaw Min customer for fruits and vegeta in international fruit festivals million from exports of fruits Oa&myEdkifiHtcsKdUESifhta&SUawmiftm&S EdkifiHtrsm;pku jrefrmhopfoD;0vHrsm;udk 0,f,l&ef urf;vSrf;vmrIrsm;&Sdaomf vnf;t&nftaoG;ESifhpdkufysKd;xkwfvkyfyHk enf;pepftm;enf;jcif;rsm;aMumifh EdkifiH wumaps;uGufodkY xdk;azmuf&efrSm cufcJ aeaMumif; jrefrmEdkifiHopfoD;0vHESifh [if;oD;[if;&GufxkwfvkyfwifydkYa&mif;cs olrsm;toif;rS twdkifyifcH a'gufwm a':oef;oef;pdefu ajymonf/ vwfwavmtaetxm;rsm;t& awmifudk&D;,m;EdkifiHtaejzifh jrefrmh opfoD;0vHrsm;udk trsm;tjym;0,f,lvdk aomfvnf; t&nftaoG;tm;enf;csuf rsm;aMumifhvuf&Sdtaetxm;wGif0,f,l &efrjzpfEdkifao;aMumif;? t"dutaejzifh Pratice) vdktyfaMumif;?tqdkygpepfrjzpf oa&GU jrefrmhopfoD;0vHESifh[if;oD;[if; &Gufrsm;udk EdkifiHwumaps;uGufodkY wifydkY &efrSm cufcJaeOD;rnfjzpfaMumif; ,if; u qufvufajymMum;onf/ ,cktcg jrefrmEdkifiHrS o&ufoD;? z&JoD;ESifhtjcm;&moDay:oD;ESHrsm;udk w ½kwf EdkifiHodkY t"duxm;NyD; wifydkYae&NyD; pifumylESifh xdkif;EdkifiHodkYvnf; tenf; i,fwifydkYa&mif;csae&aMumif; od&onf/ Myanmar Summary Myanmar,Finland InkMineral ResourcesDeal Mvelopment of mineral resources under a memorandum of un mental conservation in its plan Daisuke Lon A woman buys fruits at the Thiri Mingalar wholesale market in Yangon. UAung/Xinhua jrefrmEdkifiHESifh zifvefEdkifiHwdkYonf jrefrmEdkifiHowåKwGif;t&if;tjrpfrsm;tm; a&&SnfwnfwHhzGHUNzdK;&eftwGuf yl;aygif; aqmif&GufrIqdkif&m oabmwlnDrIwpfck udk jyKvkyfcJhaMumif; od&onf/ tqdkygyl;aygif;aqmif&GufrItm; jrefrm EdkifiHowåKwGif;0efBuD;XmeESifh zifvef EdkifiH blrdaA'OD;pD;XmewdkYrS em;vnfrI pmcRefvTmcsKyfqdkcJhNyD;vGefcJhonfhESpfrwf vwGifor®wOD;odef;pdefonfzifvefEdkif iHodkYoGm;a&mufcJhonfhtcsdefwGifzifvef EdkifiHor®w Sauli Niinisto u2014 ckESpfwGifjrefrmEdkifiHtm;taxmuftyHh tjzpf,l½dk 6 'or 5 oef;tultnDay; oGm;rnf[kuwdjyKcJhonf/
  5. 5. March 27-April 2, 2014 Myanmar Business Today LOCAL BIZ 5 Myanmar Summary Myanmar Summary Manila Water, Mitsubishi Strike Yangon Water Deal Zayar Phyo memorandum of under connections or inaccurate pines’ oldest and largest zdvpfydkiftBuD;qHk;pm&if;0if a&toHk;csrI Manila Water Co ESifh Mistubishi aumfydk a&;&Sif;onf jrefrmEdkifiHpD;yGm; a&;tcsuftcsmtusqHk;aom &efukefNrdKU a&,dkpdrfhrIavQmhcs&ef pDrHudef;wpfcktaumiftxnf azmfaqmif&Gufrnfjzpfonf/ tqdkygukrÜPDESpfckESifh &efukefNrdKU awmfpnfyifom,ma&;aumfrwD wdkYonf rMumao;rDu tcGefuif; vGwfcGifhESifha&avQmhcsa&;pDrHudef; Bean, Pulse Exports Rise in 2014 Phyu Thit Lwin M Indonesia and announced its plans to expand op twGuf em;vnfrIpmcRefvTmudk vufrSwfa&;xdk;cJhonf[kod&onf/ MWC ukrÜPDwdkYonf tif'dkeD;&Sm;EdkifiH wGif a&tajrmuftjrm;jzefYa0a&; pDrHudef;wpfckudkvkyfudkifcGifh&&SdcJhNyD; AD,uferfEdkifiHwGifvnf; vkyfief; rsm;wdk;csJUaqmif&Gufvsuf&SdaMumif; od&onf/ A woman and her daughter carry empty buckets to collect water at Yazarthingyan lake in Dala township, near Yangon. SoeZeyaTun/Reuters ,ckESpfZefe0g&DvESifhazazmf0g&Dvrsm;twGif;jrefrmEdkifiHyJtrsKd; rsKd;wifydkYrIonfrufx&pfwefcsdef 1 'or 17 oef;ausmf&SdcJhaMumif; pD;yGm;a&;ESifhul;oef;a&mif;0,fa&;0efBuD;XmerS xkwfjyefcsufrsm;t& od&onf/ 2012-2013 b@ma&;ESpfwGif jrefrmEdkifiHrS yJtrsKd;rsKd;wifydkYrIrSm rufx&pfwefcsdef 1 'or 5 oef;&SdcJhaMumif; od&onf/ ,ckuJhodkY wifydkYrIrsm;wdk;wufvmjcif;onfpdkufysKd;a&;xkwfukefrsm;wGifuefY owfcsufrsm;tm; ajzavQmhrIrsm; jyKvkyfay;cJhonfhtwGuf aumufyJ oD;ESHpdkufysKd;rIrsm;wdk;wufvmcJhjcif;aMumifhjzpfaMumif;pD;yGm;a&; ESifh ul; oef;a&mif;0,fa&;0efBuD;Xmjynfaxmifpk0efBuD;OD;0if;jrifhuajym Mum; cJhonf/ odkYaomfvnf;pD;yGm;a&;ESifhul;oef;a&mif;0,fa&;u@rSwm0ef&Sd olrsm;tm;aps;uGuftm;jc,fvS,frIudkrjyK&efowday;cJhNyD;ukefoG,frI wdk;wufap&eftwGufyl;aygif;aqmif&GufrIrSmaomhcsufwpfckyifjzpf aMumif; ajymMum;cJhonf/
  6. 6. March 27-April 2, 2014 Myanmar Business Today LOCAL BIZ 6 ic countries raise living vide opportunities for Eu current government’s po litical and economic re focussed on garments exports of precious stones ences in Yangon during ance for companies and cess of selecting proposals The pact important accelerator needed development for protection against expro vide guarantees to com need to protect investors an investment agreement Myanmar’s State-run English Daily to Go Private in Local JV M Phyu Thit Lwin million residents in rural areas stipulates press freedom and Myanmar Summary Widely seen as a government mouthpiece, the New Light of Myanmar, is going to go private soon. Reuters jrefrmEdkifiH EdkifiHydkift*Fvdyfbmom pum;jzifh jzefYcsdxkwfa0aom aeYpOfxkwf owif;pmjzpfonfh New Light of Myanmar onf vmrnfhvrsm;twGif; jrefrmEdkifiHrS yk*¾vdu&if;ESD;jr§KyfESHolwpfOD; ESifhtusKd;wlyl;aygif;í vkyfief;aqmif&Guf oGm;rnf[k tqdkygEdkifiHydkifowif;pmrS vGefcJhonfhtywfwGif aMunmcJhonf/ tqdkygyk*¾vdu&if;ESD;jr§KyfESHolrSm Global Direct Link Co [k od&Sdxm;&NyD; tusKd;wlyl;aygif;rIwGif &S,f,m 49 &mcdkif EIef;txdydkifqdkifoGm;rnfjzpfaMumif;od &onf/ ,HkMunfrI&Sdvmap&eftwGuf ta&;ygNyD; Oa&myvkyfief;rsm; taejzifh &if;ESD;jr§KyfEHS&eftwGuf a&G;cs,fp&mae&mtrsm;tjym;&Sd aeonfhtwGufjzpfaMumif;? &if;ESD; jr§KyfESHrIrsm;udkqGJaqmifEdkif&eftwGuf aumif;rGefaom oufaojycsuf rsm;udk zefwD;&rnf[k ukefoG,f a&;aumfr&Sifemjzpfol De Gucht u ajymMum;cJhonf/ ukefoG,fa&;u@ydkrdkzGHUNzdK;vmrI aMumifh vlaerItqifhtwef;udk vnf; ydkrdkwdk;wufvmapEdkifovdk jrefrmEdkifiH? AD,uferfEdkifiHESifh uarÇm'D;,m;aps;uGufrsm;rSm Oa&myrSydkYukefwifydkYolrsm;twGuf tcGifhtvrf;aumif;rsm;udk zefwD; ay;aeonfhtwGuf ESpfOD;ESpfzuf aumif;usKd;cHpm;&vmEdkifaMumif; De Gucht u ajymMum;cJhonf/ jrefrmEdkifiH vuf&Sdtpdk;&rS EdkifiHa&;ESifhpD;yGm;a&;jyKjyifajymif;vJ rIrsm;udk aqmif&GufcJhonfhtwGuf tD;,lrS vufeufukefoG,fa&;rS ty pD;yGm;a&;ydwfqdkYrIrsm;udk ajz avQmhay;cJhonf/
  7. 7. March 27-April 2, 2014 Myanmar Business Today 7LOCAL BIZ Myanmar Summary Contd. P 8... Contd. P 8... Powering Myanmar: The Tricky Tale of Natural Gas, Hydro, Protests and Foreign Investment (Part I) Kate Rosow Chrisman more democratic serving as a potential case percent of production desperate need of revenue mar is exported outside anmar government said population natural gas and to a lesser tpdk;&rS vQyf ppf"mwf tm; toHk;jyKcEIef;xm;rsm;tm;wdk;jr§ifh aumufcHoGm;rnfhtpDtpOfaMumifh &efukefwGif vGefcJhonfh Edk0ifbmv uqE´jyrIrsm;jzpfay:cJhonf/qE´jy olrsm;taejzifh tpdk;&cGifhjyKcsuf udk r&,lbJ w&m;r0ifqE´xkwf azmfcJhMujcif;jzpfNyD; tpdk;& vQyf ppf"mwftm;aps;EIef;rsm;udkwdk;jr§ifh rnfhtpDtpOfudk tjyif;txef uefYuGufcJhMujcif;yifjzpfonf/ vGefcJhonfhv u tpdk;&onf rEÅav;NrdKUjyifywGif obm0"m wfaiGUoHk;"mwftm;ay;puf½Hkwpfck udk wnfaxmif&ef twGuf wif'gzGifhcJhonf/EdkifiHa&;ESifhpD;yGm; a&;jyKjyifajymif;vJrIrsm; aMumifh tjynfjynfqdkif&mrS pD;yGm;a&;ydwf qdkYrIrsm;udk ajzavQmhay;cJhonfht wGuf tusKd;aus;Zl;rsm;pGm &&SdvmcJhonf/zavmf&D'gtajc pdkuf APR Energy rS wif'g vkyfief;pOfwGif yg0ifEdkifcJhNyD; vQyfppfpGrf;tm;axmufyHhrItwGuf Protesters hold candles during a demonstration to protest the electricity price increase in Yangon. UAung/Xinhua
  8. 8. March 27-April 2, 2014 Myanmar Business Today LOCAL BIZ 8 Myanmar Summary Myanmar Summary supplies come from despite domestic re a series in Breaking En- ergy on Myanmar’s pow- er sector. It was original- ly published in Breaking Energy’s website and has been republished with the publication’s permis- sion. The three-part se- ries aims to look at the power sector, what’s - eign investors are getting involved, and the chal- - ment. Myanmar Busi- ness Today will publish aemufxyfwpfvwGif tjcm;wif'g wpfck&v'frsm;xGuf&SdcJhNyD; urf; vGefa&eHESifhobm0"mwfaiGUwif'g ac:qdkrIwGifwif'gtEdkif&&Sdonfh vkyfief;rsm;tm; xkwfjyefay;jcif; jzpfonf/ tjynfjynfqdkif&mukrÜPDtrsm;pk taejzifhtqdkygvkyfuGufrsm;wGif vkyfudkifaqmif&GufcGifh&&eftwGuf BudK;yrf;cJhovdk jrefrmtpdk;&tae jzifh ,if;obm0"mwfaiGUvkyf uGufrsm;rS"mwfaiGUtcsKdUtm;jynf wGif;twGuf toHk;jyK&eftwGuf pDpOfcJhonf/jrefrmEdkifiHtaejzifh tcGifhtvrf;aumif;rsm;pGm&SdaeNyD; jrefrmhtem*wfzGHUNzdK;wdk;wufrI twGuf ta&;ygaomtcsufoHk;ck rSm vQyfppf"mwftm;aps;EIef;owf rSwfrIESifh vQyfppf"mwftm;&&SdrI? vGwfvyfaompGrf;tifaxmufyHh olrsm; rS pGrf;tifu@ tusKd;tjrwfrsm;udk &&Sd&efaqmif &GufvmEdkifa&;ESifha&eHESifhobm0 "mwfaiGUu@wdkYyifjzpfonf/ tpdk;& vQyfppf"mwftm;EIef; xm;rsm;tm; wdk;jr§ifhaumufcHrnfh tpDtpOftm; &yfwefY&eftwGuf qefYusifqE´jycJhMuaomfvnf; jrefrmEdkifiHtwGuf vQyfppf"mwf tm;axmufyHhrIwGif tpdk;&tae jzifh vQyfppf"mwfvkyfrIukefus p&dwfxufyif avsmhenf;í vQyf ppf"mwftm;a&mif;csrIudk jyKvkyf aejcif;yifjzpfonf/okH;pGJolrsm; taejzifh vQyfppf"mwftm;xkwf vkyfrItwGuf ukefusp&dwf 33 &mcdkifEIef;udkomtpdk;&odkYay;&jcif; jzpfonf/ jrefrmEdkifiH vQyfppf "mwftm;cEIef;xm;aumufcHrI onf urÇmay:&Sd EIef;xm;rsm;ESifh ,SOfvQif toufomqHk;EdkifiHrsm; pm&if;wGifyg0ifaMumif; od&onf/ Nine-Month Jade Exports Triple to $924 Million M Pann Nu State-run Central Statistical Organisation, total ruby production in the country were over 19 million kilograms in 2012-2013 SoeZeyaTun/Reuters “Natural-gas fired power plants aren’t much better; highly inefficient and aging, experts say 44 percent of this capacity is unavailable. Of the 3,495MW of installed capacity, the Asian Develop- ment Bank (ADB) says only 56 percent of this is 'firm capacity'.” Indian Engineering Exports Eye Huge Presence trade and investment relations Phyu Thit Lwin 2013-2014 b@ma&;ESpf yxr udk;vwmtwGif; jrefrmEdkifiHrS pkpkaygif; ausmufpdrf;wifydkYrIwefzdk;onf tar&d uefa':vm 924 oef; (jrefrmusyfaiG 887 oef;) txd wdk;wufvmcJhNyD; vGefcJhonfhb@ma&;ESpfu ausmufpdrf; wifydkYrIwefzdk;rSm tar&duefa':vm 297 oef;om&SdcJhaMumif; trsKd;om;pDrH udef;ESifhpD;yGm;a&;zGHUNzdK;wdk;wufrI0efBuD;Xme rS xkwfjyefaomw&m;0iftcsuftvuf rsm;t& od&onf/ w½kwf? a[mifaumif ESifh tdEd´,wdkYonf jrefrmEdkifiHausmufpdrf;rsm;udk ,cifu trsm;qHk;0,f,lolrsm;jzpfMuaomfvnf; ,ckESpfwGif *syefEdkifiHrS trsm;qHk;0,f,l xm;aMumif; od&onf/ BriceRichard BIMSTEC awGUqHkaqG;aEG;yGJodkY wuf a&muf&ef tdEd´,EdkifiH0efBuD;csKyfrefrdk [efqif;onf &efukefodkY rMumao;rDu a&muf&SdvmcJhNyD; tdEd´,pufrIenf; ynmvkyfief;rsm; jrefrmEdkifiHESifhukefoG,f a&;ESifh&if;ESD;jr§KyfESHrIqdkif&mqufEG,frIrsm; ydkrdkwdk;wufvmap&eftwGuf pufrIenf; ynmu@qdkif&mawGUqHkaqG;aEG;yGJBuD; wpf&yfudk jyKvkyfusif;ycJhonf/
  9. 9. March 27-April 2, 2014 Myanmar Business Today LOCAL BIZ 9 Myanmar Summary Authorities Start Building New Jetty on Yangon River Yasumasa Hisada Myanmar’s Log Export Ban to Hurt Businessmen But Help Forests Ban on exports of raw timber logs will hit profits; Move expected to push companies into other sectors, boost investment M formist government steps up ef largest remaining expanses of Jared Ferrie important income stream for &efukefjrpf 'vqdyfurf;bufwGifoabFmqdyfcHabmwHwm;opf wpfckudk*syefEdkifiHtultnDjzifh,ckvuf&SdqdyfcHwHwm;ae&m wGif tpm;xdk;wnf aqmufrIjyKaeNyDjzpfaMumif; od&onf/ ,ckvuf&Sd qdyfcHabmwHwm;onf ab;tEÅ&m,fuif;&Sif;rIwGif vdk tyfcsuf rsm;&SdaeNyD,if;qdyfurf;qdyfcHabmwHwm;onf 2008 ckESpfu em*pfqdkufuvkef;rkefwdkif;aMumifhxdcdkufysufpD;rIrsm;&SdcJhonf/ ,ckqdyfcHabmwHwm;wnfaqmufrIwGifoabFmrsm;qdkufuyfjcif;ESifh xGufcGmrIrsm;wGif c&D;onfrsm;tqifajyap&eftwGufwHwm;ESpfpif; vnf; yg0ifrnfjzpfovdk ukefwifukefcs&efae&m ESifh em;ae&efae&m vnf; yg0ifrnf[kjynfwGif;a&aMumif;ydkYaqmifa&;rSwm0ef&SdwpfOD; u ajymMum;cJhonf/aqmufvkyfrIrsm;tm;atmufwdkbmvwGiftNyD; owf aqmif&GufEdkif&ef arQmfrSef;xm;onf/ Myanmar Summary jrefrmEdkifiHonf {NyDv 1 &ufaeYrSpí opfvHk;rsm;tm; tvHk;vdkufwifydkYrIudk wm;jrpfoGm;rnfjzpfNyD;,cktpdk;&opf opfawmrsm;jyKef;wD;rIudk umuG,fxdef; odrf;&eftwGuf jyKjyifajymif;vJrIajcvSrf; opfwpf&yfyifjzpfonf/jrefrmEdkifiHonf tm&SwGif opfawmrsm;aygrsm;<u,f0 aomEdkifiHwpfEdkifiHjzpfaomfvnf;opfawm jyKef;wD;rIrsm;rSm tvGefjrefqefaecJhonf/ opfawmrsm;aygufa&mufrIrSm ig;yHkwpfyHk eD;yg;txd usqif;vmcJhNyD; 1990 ckESpf rsm;wGif ukef;ajr{&d,m 58 &mcdkif EIef;&SdcJh&mrS 2010 ckESpfwGif 47 &mcdkif EIef;txd usqif;vmaMumif; opfawm a&;&m0efBuD;XmerS tcsuftvufrsm; t& od&onf/ 2012-2013 b@ma&;ESpfwGif opfvHk; wifydkYrIrSm ukAwef 1 'or 24 oef; txd&SdcJhNyD; jrefrmEdkifiHtwGuf tqdkyg opfvHk;wifydkYrIrsm;rS 0ifaiGtjzpf tar&d uefa':vm1bDvD,Hausmf&&SdcJhaMumif; Logs at a sawmill in Yangon. PhyuThitLwin
  10. 10. March 27-April 2, 2014 Myanmar Business Today LOCAL BIZ 10 Myanmar Summary Myanmar Summary economic mismanagement and generals gave logging conces portant source of legal foreign Challenging the cronies ranging from mining to tour Thai Hoteliers Seek Cooperation in Myanmar’s Hotel, Tourism Industry Nwe Zin Myanmar,UAEto CooperateinDirectFlights Shein Thu Aung forest in a proposed national Reuters tpdk;&xkwfjyefaomtcsuftvufrsm; t& od&onf/t&yfom;tpdk;&rS 2011 ckESpfwGif tkyfcsKyfa&;wm0efrsm;udk ppf tpdk;&xHrS vufvTJ,lcJhNyD;aemuf opf wifydkYrIrSm 0ifaiG&&SdrI twGufta&;yg aomvrf;aMumif;wpf&yftjzpfusef&Sdae ao;aomfvnf; ,cifuESifhrwlbJ ajymif;vJrIrsm;&SdvmcJhNyDrSm {uefyifjzpf onf/ jrefrmEdkifiHpD;yGm;a&;ESifhEdkifiHa&;jyKjyif ajymif;vJrIrsm;udk todtrSwfjyKonfh twGuf tD;,l? tar&duefESifhtjcm;EdkifiH rsm;rS pD;yGm;a&;ydwfqdkYrIrsm;udkajzavQmh ay;cJhMuNyD; qufoG,fa&;u@uJhodkY u@rsm;wGif EdkifiHjcm;&if;ESD;jr§KyfESHrIrsm; cGifhjyKay;cJhMuonf/xdkjyKjyifajymif;vJrI rsm;onf,cktcgopfawma&;&mbufodkY a&muf&SdvmNyD; tpdk;&taejzifhopfawm rsm;tm; xdef;odrf;rIudk opfawmrsm;rS &&Sdaom0ifaiGxufydkrdktav;xm;aqmif &GufvmNyDudk awGUjrifEdkifNyDjzpfonf/ jrefrmEdkifiH[dkw,fESifhc&D;oGm;vm a&;u@wGif yl;aygif;vkyfaqmif&ef twGuf xdkif;[dkw,fvkyfief;&Sifrsm; taejzifh tcGifhtvrf;aumif;rsm;&SmazG aeaMumif; vGefcJhonfhtywfwGif jyKvkyf usif;ycJhaom owif;pm&Sif;vif;yGJwpfck wGif xdkif;[dkw,fESifhc&D;oGm;vkyfief;&Sif rsm;u ajymMum;cJhonf/ vGefcJhonfhtywfwGif Hotel Restaurant and Catering Business Matching tpDtpOftm; &efukefwGif jyKvkyfusif;y cJhNyD; xdkif;EdkifiHrS [dkw,fvkyfief;&Sifrsm; tm; jrefrmEdkifiHrS tao;pm;ESifh tvwf pm; [dkw,fESifhpm;aomufqdkif pGefYOD; wDxGifvkyfief;&Sifrsm;ESifhawGUqHkaqG;aEG; Edkif&eftwGuf tqdkygtpDtpOfudk jyKvkyf usif;ycJhjcif;jzpfonf/ vGefcJhonfh&ufowåywfu ,lattD; EdkifiHESifh jrefrmEdkifiHwdkYonf avaMumif; 0efaqmifrIvkyfief;rsm;wGif yl;aygif; aqmif&Guf&eftwGuf avaMumif;0ef aqmifrIrsm;qdkif&moabmwlnDcsuf udk vufrSwfa&;xdk;cJhaMumif; od&onf/ jrefrmEdkifiHESifh ,lattD;EdkifiHwdkYonf ESpfEdkifiHtMum; avaMumif;wdkuf½dkuf ajy;qGJrIrsm;udk jyKvkyfoGm;zG,f&SdNyD; ysHoef; ajy;qGJonfhBudrfEIef;ESifh av,mOftrsKd; tpm;tay:uefYowfcsufrsm;r&SdaMumif; vnf; od&onf/ A logging site in Ayearwaddy division. PhyuThitLwin
  11. 11. March 27-April 2, 2014 Myanmar Business Today 11
  12. 12. March 27-April 2, 2014 Myanmar Business Today LOCAL BIZ 12 Myanmar Summary Myanmar Still Deliberating on C to greater upstream oil and gas ades of political and economic participants indicated interests Cheang Chee Yew tional and independent oil and explore and produce oil and gas gas investments amounting to Files “The main issue is rising pressure from local business community and politicians against foreign business interests ... [the Myanmar government has to be] careful with elections coming ... not be seen as selling out ... it does not want to be criticised [and want to be seen to have] done all their homework ... It’s a political not just an business issue,” exploration and development operating percent interest and jrefrmEdkifiHtaejzifhpGrf;tifu@wGif ydkrdkzGHUNzdK;wdk;wufvmap&eftwGuftjynf jynfqdkif&mukrÜPDrsm;tm;urf;vGefa& eHESifhobm0"mwfaiGUvkyfuGufrsm;tm; wif'gac:qdk,lcJhNyD;a&eufydkif;vkyfuGuf 19 ckESifhurf;OD;a&wdrfydkif;vkyfuGuf 11 ckwdkYtwGufwif'g&v'frsm;udk rwfv ukef rwdkifcifaMunmoGm;zG,f&SdaMumif;od& onf/ ,ckuJhodkYwif'gac:,ljcif;onfjrefrm EdkifiHa&eHESifhobm0"mwfaiGUtcef; u@twGuftvm;tvmaumif;rsm; yifjzpfNyD;jrefrmEdkifiHonfta&SUawmif tm&SwGifpGrf;tift&if;tjrpf<u,f0 aomEdkifiHwpfEdkifiHvnf;jzpfonf/
  13. 13. March 27-April 2, 2014 Myanmar Business Today REGIONAL BIZ 13 Myanmar Summary Chinese Property Developer at Risk of Massive Loan Default-Sources Pete Sweeney and Umesh Desai services for executive recruit Reuters CarlosBarria/Reuters bPfrsm;ESifh wpfOD;csif;a<u;&Sifrsm;odkY ,GrfaiGbDvD,HESifhcsDíay;qyf&ef&Sdae aom w½kwfEdkifiHrS tdrfNcHajrvkyfief; wpfcktaejzifha<u;NrDrsm;tm; ausatmif jyefvnfay;qyfEdkifonfhtaetxm;wGif vnf; w&m;r0if&efyHkaiG&SmrIrsm;aMumifh xdef;odrf;cHxm;&aMumif; od&onf/ ta&SUydkif; Zhejiang jynfe,f Fenghua NrdKUtajcpdkuf tdrfNcHajrvkyfief;jzpfonfh Zhejiang Xingrun Real Estate Co onf jynfwGif;bPf 15 ckrS a<u;NrD yrmP ,GrfaiG 2 'or 4 bDvD,H (tar&duefa':vm 388 'or 5 oef;) ESifh wpfOD;csif;&if;ESD;jr§KyfESHolrsm;xHrSvnf; aemufxyf ,GrfaiG 1 'or 1 bDvD,H txdacs;,lxm;NyD; jyefvnfray;qyfEdkif onfhtwGuf a'0gvDcH&rnfhtaetxm; wGif&SdaeaMumif; od&onf/ tqdkygowif;rsm;aMumifh w½kwfEdkifiH tdrfNcHajrpmcsKyfaps;uGufESifh pawmh aps;EIef;rsm;udkxdcdkufepfemapcJhNyD; usqif; rIrsm;&SdcJhaMumif; od&onf/ Zhejiang jynfe,f&Sd tpdk;&b@ma&;½Hk;rS tvkyf orm;wpfOD;u ,if;ukrÜPDa<u;NrDrsm; aMumifhtcuftcJrsm;BuHKawGUae& onf/
  14. 14. March 27-April 2, 2014 Myanmar Business Today REGIONAL BIZ 14 Myanmar Summary Myanmar Summary Is India ‘Losing’ the Bay of Bengal? Is the Bay of Bengal the next strategic locus for Sino-Indian strategic competition? domestic turmoil and violent road infrastructure connecting gal and to assume a greater unease among regional states demonstrate its credentials as a its premier multilateral naval tive and multilateral nature of lateral naval demonstrations in The Interpreter Economists Trim Singapore 2014 GDP Forecasts Masayuki Kitano S state’s gross domestic product Reuters Chief of the Indian Naval Staff Admiral DK Joshi (L) talks with his Myanmar counterpart Thura Thet Swe before a meeting in New Delhi, India. ParthaSarkar/Xinhua pifumylEdkifiH pD;yGm;a&;onf 2014 ckESpfwGif vGefcJhaom oHk;vcefYu arQmf rSef;xm;onfhEIef;xm;xufavQmhíom zGHUNzdK;wdk;wufvmEdkifaMumif; od&onf/ aiGaMu;azmif;yGrIEIef;rSmvnf; ydkrdkjrifhrm; vmvdrfhrnf[k A[dkbPfrS pdppfcefYrSef; olrsm; ppfwrf;wpfckt& od&onf/ pD;yGm;a&;ynm&Sifaygif; 22 OD;rS cefYrSef; oHk;oyfxm;onfhppfwrf;wGif 2014 ckESpf ü pifumyl pkpkaygif;jynfwGif;xkwfukef onf 3 'or 8 &mcdkifEIef;&Sdvmrnf[k od&NyD; ,cif'DZifbmvü xkwfjyefcJhaom ppfwrf;wGif cefYrSef;xm;csufrSm 3 'or 9 &mcdkifEIef;jzpfaMumif; od&onf/ tdEd´,EdkifiHtaejzifh b*Fvm;yifv,f atmfwGif w½kwfEdkifiHESifhr,SOfEdkifbJ tcGifh tvrf;aumif;rsm;udk vufvTwfqHk;½HI;ae &aMumif; r[mAsL[mydkif;qdkif&m oHk;oyf xifjrifcsufrsm;udk ajymMum;olwpfOD;jzpf aom Raja Mohan rS ajymMum;cJh aMumif; od&onf/ jrefrmEdkifiHwGif b*Fvm;yifv,fatmf a'oqdkif&m awGUqHkaqG;aEG;yGJjzpfonfh BIMSTEC udk jyKvkyfcJhNyD; tdEd´,EdkifiH 0efBuD;csKyfjzpfonfh refrdk[efqif;vnf; wufa&mufcJhNyD; ,if;awGUqHkaqG;aEG;yGJ wGif Mohan u xdkodkY xkwfazmfajym Mum;cJhjcif;jzpfonf/Mohan ajym Mum;csuft& BIMSTEC rSm tdEd´, EdkifiHtwGuf vGefpGmBuD;rm;aom tcGifh tvrf;aumif;wpfckyifjzpfNyD; tdEd´,EdkifiH taejzifh xdktcGifhta&;udk zrf;qkyfudkif &eftwGuf ysufuGufcJhNyD; tdEd´, a'o qdkif&mtajccHtaqmufttHkrsm;tm; zGHUNzdK;wdk;wufaprIwGif tm;enf;csufrsm; u w½kwfEdkifiHtm; tcGifhtvrf;aumif; rsm;udk &&SdapaeaMumif; od&onf/ xdktcsufwGif jrefrmEdkifiHodkY obm0 "mwfaiGUESifha&eHydkufvdkif;rsm;oG,fqufrI? ukef;vrf;csdwfqufrIESifh xdkif;EdkifiHodkY qufoG,foGm;zG,f&Sdonfh tjrefrD;&xm; vrf;wdkYvnf; tygt0ifyifjzpfonf/ tdEd´,EdkifiHtaejzifhaqG;aEG;rIrsm;jyKvkyf aepOfwGif w½kwfEdkifiHrS ,if;csdwfqufrI rsm;udk taumiftxnfazmfaecJhaMumif; b*Fvm;a'h&Sf? jrefrm? xdkif;wkdY&Sd t"du ukefxkwfvkyfrI{&d,mrsm;odkY vrf;oG,f quf&eftwGuftpDtpOfrsm;udk aqG;aEG; aecJhonfrSm ESpfESifhyifcsDíMumcJhNyDjzpf aMumif;vnf; od&onf/
  15. 15. March 27-April 2, 2014 Myanmar Business Today REGIONAL BIZ 15 Myanmar Summary Myanmar Summary Japan Gov’t Remains Upbeat on Economy Despite Worries over Exports apan’s government up overall economic assessment pected drop in consumption af assessment on capital spending Reuters Prices Dip, Discounts Shrink C Ho Binh Minh Reuters vGefcJhonfh&ufowåywfu AD,uferf EdkifiHwGif aumfzDaps;EIef;rsm;usqif;cJhNyD; aumfzDpdkufysKd;olrsm; a&mif;csrIonf vnf; t&SdefavsmhoGm;aMumif; ukefonf rsm;u ajymMum;Muonf/ aumfzDpdkufysKd;rIwGif urÇmhxdyfwef; EdkifiHjzpfaom AD,uferfEdkifiHwGif vGefcJh onfh ESpfywfausmftwGif; Robusta aumfzDwpfuDvdk*&rfvQif a'gif 40000 txd aps;EIef;rsm;jrifhwufcJhjcif;aMumifh v,form;rsm;taejzifh a&mif;csrIrsm; udk t&Sdeftjr§ifhum aqmif&GufcJhMuonf/ pD;yGm;a&;wpfckvHk;tm; NcHKiHkavhvm qef;ppfrIwGif ajymif;vJwkd;wufrIrsm;r&Sd ao;aomfvnf; *syeftpdk;&taejzifh puf½Hkxkwfukefrsm; wdk;wufvmrnf[k ,lqaeMuonf/vGefcJhonfh &ufowå ywfu *syeftpdk;&onf vpOfppfwrf; wpfckudk xkwfjyefcJhNyD; tqdkygppfwrf; wGif *syefEdkifiHpD;yGm;a&;rSm tv,f tvwftqifhwGif jyefvnfaumif;rGef vmNyD; ,cifuvnf; *syefEdkifiHA[dk bPfu tvm;wl½IjrifrIrsKd;udk ajymMum; cJhonf/{NyDvwGifa&mif;cGefwdk;jr§ifhaumufcH oGm;rnfjzpfNyD; xdkumvrwdkifciftcsdef twGif; 0,fvdktm;jrifhwufrIrsm;&Sdaevdrfh rnf[kvnf; cefYrSef;oHk;oyf&onf/ odkYaomfvnf; taumufcGefwdk;jr§ifh aumufcHcJhNyD;vQif pm;oHk;rIusqif;jcif; rsm;&SdvmEdkifNyD; urÇmhpD;yGm;a&;wGifvnf; wdk;wufrIaES;auG;jcif;aMumifh ydkYukef wifydkYrIrsm;tay: zdtm;rsm;&SdEdkifonfh twGuf *syefEdkifiH vuf&Sdwdk;wufrIrSm apmifhMunfhoGm;&rnfhtaetxm;yifjzpf onf/ydkYukefwifydkYrItm;enf;jcif;rSm tpdk;& twGuf tav;teufxm;pOf;pm;&rnfh tcsufyifjzpfNyD; ,ckvuf&Sd a&mif;cGef ig;&mcdkifEIef;rS 8 &mcdkifEIef;odkY wdk;jr§ifh aumufcHrnfjzpfonfhtwGuf jynfwGif; a&mif;csrItydkif;wGif usqif;rIrsm;&SdEdkif NyD; ydkYukeftay: tav;xm;oGm;&rnfh tcsufyifjzpfonf/ world’s largest producer of the bitter beans used mainly for making soluble coffee, has prompted farmers to accelerate selling in the past two weeks. YTHaryono/Reuters A worker walks inside a container area at a port in Tokyo. Japan’s annual export growth in February was short of market ex- pectations and a Bank of Japan policymaker warned about the outlook as the world’s third-largest economy faces a sales tax hike next month that could dent economic activity. YuyaShino/Reuters
  16. 16. March 27-April 2, 2014 Myanmar Business Today INTERNATIONAL BIZ 16 Myanmar Summary Banking’s Back Room Risk Cops Step into Top Jobs Steve Slater nce modest of ries soaring as regulators tigations into alleged director as second in im cial services for executive Wide Remit and its parameters more Accountability Reuters VodafoneAgrees€7.2-bDealToBuySpain’sOno Kate Holton VSpain’s largest ca in one of its largest Euro creasing range of services ates a leading integrated communications pro vider in Spain and repre Reuters Myanmar Summary bPfvkyfief;ydkif;qdkif&mwGif bPfxdef;odrf;BuD;Muyfolrsm;u b@ma&;tzGJUtpnf;rsm;tm; t½Iyft&Sif;uif;&Sif;ap&eftwGuf BuHKawGUvm&Edkifonfh tcuftcJ pdefac:rIrsm;ESifhywfoufí uRrf; usifolrsm;taejzifh urÇmhb@m a&;avmuwGif jyefvnfacwfpm; tvGefjrifhrm;vmaMumif; od&onf/ aiGvJvS,frIEIef;udk BudK;udkifjc,f vS,fonfhaqmif&GufrIrsm;ESifhywf oufí bPfvkyfief;u@wGif pHkprf;ppfaq;rIrsm;udk jyKvkyfvm NyD; bPfrsm; trSwfwrJhtrSm; rsm;aMumifhb@ma&;y#dyu©tajc taeudk OD;wnfoGm;apEdkifonf/ ,ckqdkvQif bPfvkyfief;ydkif;qdkif &mapmifhMunfholrsm;ESifhA[dkbPf rsm;taejzifh tem*wfwGif bPf rsm; wm0ef,lrItydkif;ESifhywf oufí ydkrdk&Sif;vif;jywfom;pGm aqmif&GufvmvdkaponfhtwGuf pGefYpm;&ifqdkif&rnfhpdefac:rIrsm; u@wGif wm0ef,l&onfh trI aqmifcsKyfrsm;taejzifh vkyfief; wGif ydkrdkta&;ygt&ma&mufvm cJhNyDjzpfonf/,cktcg chief risk rsm;onf trI aqmift&m&SdcsKyfrsm;NyD;vQif'kwd, ae&mwGif ta&;tygqHk;yk*¾dKvfrsm; jzpfvmNyDjzpfonf/CRO tcef; u@onf ydkrdkus,fjyefYvmNyD; jrifhrm;vmovdk t&Sdeft0gvnf; ydkrdkBuD;rm;vmaMumif; Odgers Berndtson rS tBuD;tuJjzpfol Anne Murphy u ajymMum;cJh onf/ Vodafone Group Plc onf pydefEdkifiH Onotm;,l½dk 7 'or 2 bDvD,H (tar&duefa':vm 10 bDvD,H) jzifh0,f,l&efoabmwl nDcJhNyD;NAdwdoQvkyfief;BuD;Oa&my wGifvkyfief;aqmif&GufrIrsm;tm; broadband vkyfief;jzifhjyefvnf wnfaxmifrIvnf;jzpfonf/,ck oabmwlnDcsuft& rdkbdkif;ESifh ? pay- TV ESifh broadband wdkYtm; Oa&myaps;uGufrsm;rStBuD;qHk; aps;uGufwpfckwGif aqmif&Guf oGm;rnfjzpfaMumif; od&onf/ At Spain’s Santander the top risk executive Matias Rodriguez Inciarte was its second-highest paid direc- SusanaVera/Reuters
  17. 17. March 27-April 2, 2014 Myanmar Business Today INTERNATIONAL BIZ 17 S ome US doctors are Indian manufacturers fol percent of generic and gest supplier after Cana from data manipulation ing to get a lot of traction companies to recall prod Unease Grows Among US Doctors over Indian Drug Quality Toni Clarke and Bill Berkrot manufacturing violations group representing large If US doctors come manufacturing processes Generic drugs account India doctors hit back committees and sits on a greater role monitor Hard to keep up fare signed a statement of intent to cooperate to pre dia’s drug controller gen Reuters Myanmar Summary Major Plane Buyer Sees Boeing, Airbus Supply Chain Risk Bill Rigby Bfragile aerospace sup up plane production to unprecedented levels to aisle aircraft and smaller pressure of production acceleration could cause leasing conference in San Filling the size gap FredProuser/Reuters tar&duefEdkifiHrS q&m0eftcsKdU onf tdE´d,aq;0g;ukrÜPDrS axmufyHhay;aeaom aq;0g; trsKd;tpm;rsm; t&nftaoG; ESifhywfoufípdk;&drfrIrsm;&SdvmcJh aMumif; od&onf/ xkwfvkyfNyD;aq;0g;rsm;tm; jyefvnfodrf;qnf;rIESifh tpm; taomufESifhaq;0g;pDrHcefYcGJrIXme rSwifoGif;cGifhudkwm;jrpfcJhNyD;aemuf ,ckuJhodkY pdk;&drfzG,f&mrsm;jzpfvmcJh aMumif;od&onf/tdEd´,EdkifiHonf tar&duefEdkifiHtwGuf aq;0g; rsm;tm; 40 &mcdkifEIef;txd axmufyHhwifydkYay;aeNyD; uae'g NyD;vQif 'kwd,ajrmuftBuD;qHk; aq;0g;wifydkYoljzpfaMumif; od& onf/ rMumao;rDvrsm;twGif; tpm;taomufESifh aq;0g;pDrH cefYcGJrIXmerS aq;0g;rsm; t&nf taoG;tydkif;xdef;csKyfrIESifhpyfvsOf; í axmufjycJhNyD; Ranbaxy Laboratories Ltd ? Wockhardt LtdESifh SunPharmaceutical Industries Ltd wdkYrS aq;0g; xkwfukefrsm;wifoGif;rIudk wm;jrpf cJhonf/t&nftaoG;ydkif;xdef;csKyf EdkifrIwGif ratmifjrifrIrsm;aMumifh vGef cJhaom ig ; ESpf ausmfwGif Johnson & Johnson ukrÜPD onf aq;0g;xkwfukeftrsKd;tpm; 'gZifESifhcsDí jyefvnfodrf;qnf; rIjyKvkyfcJh&aMumif; od&onf/
  18. 18. March 27-April 2, 2014 Myanmar Business Today INVESTMENT & FINANCE 18 Myanmar Summary David Mayes E ducation is gener gest investments a good or a poor invest Viewing Education as An Investment ing altruistic professions itself often isn’t a good or as a good friend of mine more expensive private overall education since a more general course of going to continue to get more and more competi Myanmar Summary David Mayes MBA provides wealth man- agement services to ex- patriates throughout on UK Pension Trans- cusing in particular on as far out as transatlan Boeing 737 fuselages are delivered by train to a Boeing manufacturing site in Renton, Washington. JasonRedmond/Reuters Reuters Reuters pifumylEdkifiH pD;yGm;a&;onf 2014 ckESpfwGif vGefcJhaom oHk;v cefYu arQmfrSef;xm;onfhEIef;xm; xufavQmhíomzGHUNzdK;wdk;wufvm EdkifaMumif; od&onf/aiGaMu; azmif;yGrIEIef;rSmvnf; ydkrdkjrifhrm; vmvdrfhrnf[k A[dkbPfrS pdppf cefYrSef;olrsm;ppfwrf;wpfckt& od&onf/pD;yGm;a&;ynm&Sifaygif; 22 OD;rS cefYrSef;oHk;oyfxm;onfh ppfwrf;wGif2014 ckESpfü pifumyl pkpkaygif;jynfwGif;xkwfukefonf 3 'or 8 &mcdkifEIef;&Sdvmrnf[k od&NyD; ,cif'DZifbmvü xkwf jyefcJhaomppfwrf;wGif cefYrSef; xm;csufrSm 3 'or 9 &mcdkifEIef; jzpfaMumif; od&onf/ pifumyltpdk;&taejzifh ,ckESpf wGif pkpkaygif;jynfwGif;xkwfukef wefzdk;rSmESpf&mcdkifEIef;rSav;&m cdkifEIef;txd&Sdrnf[k od&onf/ com. Faramond UK is regulated by the FCA and provides advice on pen- sions and taxation. ynma&;qdkonfrSm a,bk,s tm;jzifh rdrdwdkYb0wGif tBuD;qHk; &if;ESD;jr§KyfESHrIrsm;xJrS &if;ESD;jr§KyfESH rIBuD;wpfckyifjzpfonf/odkYaomf oif,laeonfh y½dk*&rfrsm;onf trSefwu,faumif;rGefaom &if;ESD;jr§KyfESHrIwpfckavm? nHhzsif; aom&if;ESD;jr§KyfESHrIwpfckavm[lí cGJjcrf;pdwfjzm&ef tcsdef,lavhr&Sd Muay/rdrdwdkYuav;i,frsm;tm; ynma&;ü rSefuefaoma&G;cs,frI udkjyKvkyfNyD;tem*wfvrf;aMumif; ay:wGif taumif;qHk;&yfwnfEdkif &eftwGuf ynma&;tpDtpOfrsm; udkvnf; taotcsmcGJjcrf;pdwfjzm oHk;oyf&ef vdktyfonf/ ynma&;üaiGaMu;tajrmuf tjrm; &if;ESD;jr§KyfESHaomfvnf; aumif;usKd;jyefrcHpm;&onfh bGJU 'D*&Drsm;pm&if;wGifArt,sociology, education, religious studies , hospitality ESifh psychology wdkYyg0ifaeonf/tqdkygbmom&yf rsm;rSm udk,fusKd;pGefY&onfhtouf arG;0rf;ausmif;tvkyfyHkpHrsm;yif jzpfonf/ Forbes rS ynma&; ü &if;ESD;jr§KyfESHNyD; aumif;usKd;cHpm; &rIwGif tqdk;qHk;tajctaeü&Sd aeaom wuúodkvfrsm;pm&if;udk xkwfjyefcJhonf/ xdkYaMumifh udk,fusKd;pGefY&onfh toufarG;0rf;aMumif;tvkyfrsm; odkYr[kwf oifMum;rIwGif &v'f aumif;rsm;r&SdvmEdkifonfh wuú odkvfrsm;udk a&Smif&Sm;&ef vdktyf onf/
  19. 19. March 27-April 2, 2014 Myanmar Business Today INVESTMENT & FINANCE 19 Myanmar Summary Myanmar Summary Willis Groups Eyes Myanmar’s Insurance Industry Opens representative office in Yangon natural resources and a large Phyu Thit Lwin Gov’tPushesPrivateBanksforMoreActiveForexBusiness Nwe Zin to ensure development of application of complex Willis Group Holdings Plc rS jrefrm EdkifiHwGifudk,fpm;vS,f½Hk;cGJwpfckudk zGifhvSpf cJhNyDjzpfaMumif;od&onf/&efukef&Sd udk,fpm; Willis SoeZeyaTun/Reuters vS,f½Hk;cGJonf Willis &Sd EdkifiHwumESifh tm&SrS tajcjyKazmufonfrsm;twGuf 0efaqmifrIrsm;ay;oGm;rnfjzpfovdk jynfwGif;vkyfief;rsm;ESifh jrefrmEdkifiH&Sd tmrcHvkyfief;twGufvnf; point of contact jzifh aqmif&Gufay;oGm;rnfjzpf aMumif; Willis Group trIaqmif t&m&SdcsKyf Adam Garrard u ajym Mum;cJhonf/ rMumao;rDumvtwGif; jrefrmEdkifiH wGif EdkifiHa&;ESifhpD;yGm;a&;jyKjyifajymif;vJrI rsm;udk aqmif&GufcJhonfhtwGuf ukefpnf ESifh0efaqmifrIvkyfief;rsm;twGuf tmrcH vkyfief;rsm; vdktyfvmNyD; txl;ojzifh tajccHtaqmufttHku@? aqmufvkyf a&;u@? o,f,lydkYaqmifa&;u@? qufoG,fa&;ESihf pGrf;tifu@rsm;wGif jzpfaMumif; od&onf/ Adam Garrard u rdrdwdkYtaejzifh jrefrmEdkifiH zGHUNzdK;wdk;wufvmrIudk ½Ijrif cJh&NyD; ,cktcsdefonf &efukefü rdrdwdkY vkyfief;rsm;tm; wHcg;udk zGifhvsufaqmif &GufoGm;&rnfjzpfNyD;jrefrmEdkifiHonfo bm0o,HZmwrsm;ESifhi,f&G,faomvkyf om;tiftm;trsm;tjym;&SdaomEdkifiHwpf ck jzpfaMumif;ajymMum;cJhonf/ jrefrmEdkifiHaiGaMu;aps;uGuf ydkrdkzGHUNzdK;wdk;wufvmap&eftwGuf EdkifiHjcm;aiGvJvS,frIvkyfief;rsm; tm; ydkrdkaqmif&GufoGm;Mu&ef yk*¾vduydkifbPfrsm;tm; jrefrm EdkifiHawmfA[dkbPfrS wdkufwGef; vdkufaMumif; A[dkbPfwm0ef&Sd olwpfOD;u ajymMum;cJhonf/ EdkifiHjcm;aiGvJvS,f&eftwGuf w&m;0iftodtrSwfjyKvdkifpifrsm; &&Sdxm;onfh yk*¾vdubPfrsm; taejzifhEdkifiHjcm;aiGaMu;rsm;tm; Oya'pnf;rsOf;pnf;urf;rsm;ESifh tnD acs;aiGtjzpfaqmif&GufoGm; EdkifaMumif; A[dkbPf 'kwd, Ouú|jzpfol a':cifapmOD;u vTwf awmfü ajymMum;cJhonf/ xdkYtjyifa':cifapmOD;uyk*¾vdu bPfrsm;tm; EdkifiHjcm;aiGvJvS,f rIudk wdk;jr§ifhaqmif&GufoGm;&ef twGuf wdkufwGef;cJhonf/yk*¾vdu bPfrsm;tm; aiGaMu;aps;uGuf zGHUNzdK;wdk;wufrIudk aocsmap&ef twGuf bPfrsm;rS acs;aiGtjzpf EdkifiHjcm;aiGaMu;pkaqmif;rIudk jyKvkyf&efvnf; wdkufwGef;cJhonf/
  20. 20. March 27-April 2, 2014 Myanmar Business Today INVESTMENT & FINANCE 20 This Frontier Market May be The One to Watch mid increased in terest in frontier lated and still impover and economic institutions international sanctions on gas and natural re It’s also concerned listed conglomerate pre ing itself into a conglom nounced plans to develop ting up a premium local Leslie Shaffer portant aspect in our na cold storage and logistics for agriculture and logis as private sector deals in upcoming elections next progressive force over into listing on Singapore’s Myanmar Summary urÇmhEdkifiHrsm;ESifhtquftoG,f jywfawmufvsufoD;jcm;&yfwnf cJh&NyD; qif;&JEGrf;yg;rItajctae qdk;rsm;ESifhBuHKawGUcJh&aom jrefrm EdkifiHonf ,cktcg tvm;tvm aumif;ESifhtcGifhtvrf;aygif;rsm;pGm &SdaeNyD; &if;ESD;jr§KyfESHolrsm;ESifh vkyf ief;&Sifrsm;u vkyfief;rsm;aqmif &Guf&efpdwf0ifpm;aeMuNyDjzpfonf/ jyKjyifajymif;vJrIrsm;aMumifh jynfy vkyfief;rsm;taejzifh aps;uGuf tvm;tvmaumif;rsm;udkawGUjrif cJh&NyD;pdwf0ifpm;rIrsm;&SdvmcJhonf/ aps;uGuftcGifhtvrf;aumif;rsm; &Sdaeaomfvnf; tjynfht0tqif ajyacsmarGUrIawmhr&Sdao;ay/ vGefcJhaomESpftenf;i,ftwGif; jyKjyifajymif;vJrIrsm;udk taumif txnfazmfaqmif&GufcJhonfhtwGuf pD;yGm;a&;ydkrdkyGifhvif;vmNyD; tjynf jynfqkdif&mrS pD;yGm;a&;ydwfqdkYrIrsm; rSmvnf; wjznf;jznf;ESifhajzavQmh rIrsm;jyKvkyfvmcJhMuonf/rl0g'vrf; pOfa&;qGJolrsm;twGuf pdefac:rI wpf&yfrSmEdkifiH0ifaiGtm; obm0 "mwfaiGUESifh obm0o,HZmw t&if;tjrpfrsm;rS &&SdrItay: tvGeftrif;rSDcdkjcif;udkrjyKvkyfbJ u@toD;oD;rS 0ifaiG&&Sdvm&ef twGuf aqmif&GufoGm;&efyifjzpf onf/ bPfvkyfief;ydkif;wGifvnf; EdkifiH ydkifbPfrsm;taejzifh vTrf;rdk;xm; qJyifjzpfNyD; xda&mufta&;ygaom pnf;rsOf;pnf;urf;ESifh BuD;MuyfrI rsm;rSm vdktyfcsufrsm;&Sdaeao; aMumif; ANZ rS ajymMum;cJh onf/aiGaMu;ay:vpDtm; ydkrdk aumif;rGefpGmpDrHcefYcGJvmEdkif&efESifh aps;EIef;wnfNidrfrIrsm;&Sdvmap&ef twGuf xdef;odrf;aqmif&GufrIrsm; udk jyKvkyfEdkif&eftwGuf A[dkbPf tm; ydkrdkvGwfvyfpGm aqmif&Guf vmEdkif&eftwGuf BudK;yrf;rIrsm;rSm aESmifhaES;MuefYMumrIrsm;&Sdaeonf/ yk*¾vduu@onf ta&;ygvS NyD; Yoma Strategic tiftm;pk BuD;taejzifhvnf; ,cifu jrefrm EdkifiHwGif tdrfNcHajrvkyfief;rsm; udkom tm½Hkpdkufaqmif&GufcJhNyD; ,cktcg pdkufysKd;a&;u@? ynm a&;u@ESifhtat;cef;xdef;odrf; rIvkyfief;rsm;wGif vkyfief;rsm;tm; aqmif&Guf&eftwGufBudK;yrf;vm cJhNyDjzpfonf/ CNBC market in Yangon. Amid increased interest in frontier markets, once-isolated and still impoverished Myanmar is drawing interest as it pushes through reforms. SoeZeyaTun/Reuters
  21. 21. March 27-April 2, 2014 Myanmar Business Today INVESTMENT & FINANCE 21 ThaiInfrastructureFirm MullsMyanmarMove Myanmar Summary Myanmar Summary Daisuke Lon frastructure developers plant construction sectors vestment portfolio in its xdkif;EdkifiH xdyfwef;uefx½dkuf wmESifhtajccHtaqmufttHkzGHUNzdK; wdk;wufa&;vkyfief;rsm;teufrS wpfckjzpfonfh CH Karnchang onfjrefrmEdkifiHtajccHtaqmuf ttHku@zGHUNzdK;wdk;wufa&;ESifh "mwftm;ay;puf½Hkrsm;wnfaqmuf rIu@rsm;wGif vkyfief;aqmif&Guf &eftwGuf pDpOfaeaMumif; od& onf/ ,if;ukrÜPDonf jrefrmEdkifiHwGif 2014 ckESpf odkYr[kwf vmrnfhESpf wGifaps;uGuf0,fvdktm;tay:rlwnf í&if;ESD;jr§KyfESHrIrsm;udk jyKvkyfoGm; zG,f&SdaeaMumif; trIaqmift&m&Sd csKyfjzpfol Plew Trivisavavet u ajymMum;cJhonf/ Authorities Invite Foreign Investments in Housing Sector Phyu Thit Lwin to invite foreign ernment struggles to fund vide accommodation for Yangon’s residents are infrastructure summit in eign companies to invest gas and condensate in an attractive upstream percent operating interest ploration and production troleum provinces across petroleum acreage in participation from several Rigzone aqmufvkyfa&;0efBuD;Xmeonf jrefrmEdkifiH tdrf&mtcef;u@ twGuf EdkifiHjcm;&if;ESD;jr§KyfESHolrsm; udkzdwfac:&efjyifqifaeNyD; tpdk;& rS &efukefNrdKUwGif aexdkifolrsm; twGuf wefzdk;enf;tdrf&mrsm; tm; azmfaqmifay;oGm;Edkif&ef twGuf BudK;yrf;aqmif&GufaeNyD jzpfaMumif;vnf; wm0ef&SdolwpfOD; u ajymMum;cJhonf/ jrefrmEdkifiHaumif;rGefaom EdkifiHa&;ESifhpD;yGm;a&;jyKjyifajymif;vJ rIrsm;aMumifh EdkifiHjcm;vkyfief;rsm; taejzifh jrefrmEdkifiHpGrf;tif u@wGif 0ifa&mufvkyfaqmif vmEdkifjcif;yifjzpfonf/Edk0ifbmv wGif pGrf;tif0efBuD;XmeodkY wif'g avQmufxm;onfh vkyfief;aygif; 75 ckudk yPmrt&nftaoG; BudKwifppfaq;rIjyKvkyfcJhNyD; vkyfief; 61 ckudka&G;cs,fcJhonf/ tm&SrS a&eHvkyfief;rsm;ESifhtjcm; vkyfief;rsm;onfvnf; tqdkyg wif'gac:qdk,lrIwGifyg0ifcJhonf/ ,if;vkyfief;rsm;wGifvkyfief;aygif; 30 om urf;vGefa&eHvkyfuGuf 30 twGuf vkyfief;tqdkjyK avQmufxm;rIrsm;udkjyKvkyfcJhjcif; jzpfonf/ wif'g&v'frsm;udk 'DZifbmv aESmif;ydkif; odkYr[kwf Zefe0g&Dv tapmydkif;wGifxkwfjyefay;oGm; &ef arQmfrSef;cJhMuaomfvnf; tcsdef aESmifhaES;rIrsm;&SdcJhNyD; ,cktcg rwfvrukefcifxkwfjyefay;oGm; rnf[k ,lq&onf/ rwfvwGif xkwfjyefay;&efrSmvnf; pDrHcefYcGJ rItay:rlwnfvdrfhrnfjzpfaMumif; od&onf/tpdk;&xdyfwef;wm0ef &Sdolrsm;taejzifh wif'goHk;oyfrI rsm;udk jyKvkyfae&qJjzpfNyD; pGrf; tif0efBuD;Xmetaejzifh vkyfief; tqdkjyKavQmufxm;onfhukrÜPD rsm;rStoifhawmfqHk;vkyfief;rsm; tm;a&G;cs,f&eftwGuf cufcJ onfhtaetxm;wGif&SdaeNyD;tm &SESifhta&Sawmiftm&SrSpGrf;tif ukrÜPDrsm;onfvnf;jrefrmEdkif iHwGifvkyfief;aqmif&Guf&eft qdkjyKxm;onf/
  22. 22. March 27-April 2, 2014 Myanmar Business Today INVESTMENT & FINANCE 22 Myanmar Summary EU-Funded SMART Myanmar Sends Top-Level Myanmar Delegation to Germany government min and medium enterprises production of garments stronger economic and Nwe Zin tion turns into a lasting companies and institu as consumer demand for sultant at Confederation environmental sustain anmar garments manu facturers in Europe in among Small and Medi petitiveness of SMEs in production of garments aps;EIef;rsm;tm;wdk;jr§ifhaumufcHrnfhqHk;jzwfcsufaMumifhjynfolrsm;t aejzifhqefYusifqE´jyrIrsm;jyKvkyfcJhNyD;jynfwGif;rD'D,mrsm;uvnf;tpdk; &onfyk*¾vduydkifukrÜPDrsm;tusKd;pD;yGm;wpfckwnf;twGufom pOf; pm;aeaMumif; pGyfpGJcJhMuonf/ odkYaomfvnf; &efukefNrdKUawmfvQyfppf"mwftm;axmufyHhay;a&; bkwftzGJUrS ,ckuJhodkY aps;EIef;rsm;tm; wdk;jr§ifhrIrSm vQyfppf"mwftm; xkwfvkyfrIukefusp&dwfrsm;jrifhwufvmrIudk umrdap&eftwGufjzpf aMumif; ajymMum;cJhonf/ tqdkjyKavQmufxm;rIt&tdrfaxmifpkrsm;twGufvQyfppf"mwftm; aps;EIef;rsm;rSm100,lepftxdoHk;pGJrIwGiftajymif;tvJr&SdyJwpf,lepf wGifjrefrmusyfaiG35usyfomjzpfNyD;100,lepftxuftoHk;jyKrI taejzifh wpf,lepfvQif jrefrm usyfaiG 50 txdaumufcHoGm;rnfjzpf um ,cifu 100 ,lepftxuf toHk;jyK vQifaps;EIef;rSm jrefrmusyfaiG 35 usyf omjzpfaMumif; od&onf/ Files jrefrmEdkifiH tpdk;&0efBuD;Xme? tzGJUtpnf;rsm;ESifhpD;yGm;a&;vkyf ief;rsm;rS udk,fpm;vS,f 12 OD; wdkYonf vGefcJhonfhtywfwGif *smreDEdkifiHodkY xGufcGmoGm;cJhMuNyD; txnftvdyfvkyfief;wGif tao; pm;ESifh tvwfpm;vkyfief;rsm; a&&SnfwnfwHhzGHUNzdK;rIESifhxkwfvkyf rIrsm;wdk;wufvmrIwdkYtm; avhvm &eftwGufjzpfaMumif;od&onf/ ,ckc&D;pOfonftD;,lrSaxmufyHh rIjyKxm;onfh SMARTMyanmar y½dk*&rf ueOD;aqmif&Gufcsuf tpDtpOfrsm;jzpfNyD; jrefrmEdkifiH wGif tao;pm;ESifhtvwfpm;vkyf ief;rsm;rS a&&SnfwnfwHhaom txnftvdyfxkwfvkyfrIrsm;udk wdk;jr§ifhaqmif&GufvmEdkif&eftwGuf jzpfonf/tD;,lrSpD;yGm;a&;ydwfqdkY rIrsm;udkajzavQmhay;cJhNyD;qufqH a&;tajctaeaumif;wpf&yfudk jyefvnfxlaxmifcJhNyD;vufeuf ukefoG,frIrSvGJíusef&Sdaomukef oG,frIrsm;udkjyefvnfcGifhjyKay; cJhonf/
  23. 23. March 27-April 2, 2014 Myanmar Business Today PROPERTY & REAL ESTATE 23 Myanmar Summary Contd. P 24... Yoma Seeks Value Boost with Over $50m in Premium Education Facilities Ydevelop premium edu cational facilities close to its tion group to operate a private Pann Nu and additional educational and formalised plans to develop premium educational facilities Ltd onf vuf&Sdazmfaqmifaeaom pDrHudef;rsm;teD;wGif ynma&;ydkif;qdkif &mtxl;0efaqmifrIrsm;ay;Edkif&eftwGuf pDpOfaeNyD;tdrf,mrsm;wefzdk;udkwdk;wuf vmap&eftwGufjzpfaMumif; ½dk;rukrÜPD rS ajymMum;cJhonf/ ½dk;rukrÜPDonf oHvsifNrdKUe,f&Sd Mu,fpif tdrf&mpDrHudef;ESifhuyfvsufwGif tjynf jynfqdkif&m pmoifausmif;wpfckudk wnf axmifoGm;rnfjzpfNyD; &efukefNrdKU vdIifom ,mNrdKUe,f&Sd yef;vdIifa*gufuGif;tdrf&m wGifvnf; tvm;wlaqmif&GufoGm;rnf jzpfaMumif;½dk;rrS xkwfjyefaMunmcJhonf/ Thanlyin Estate Development ESifhoefvsifü2015 Mo*kwfv wGif pmoifausmif;wpfcktm; zGifhvSpf oGm;Edkif&eftwGuf vkyfief;oabmwlnD csufrsm;udk &&Sdxm;NyD;jzpfaMumif;vnf; od&onf/ pDrHudef;tm; Yoma Strategic ESifh Education Index Management wdkYrS vkyfaqmifoGm;rnfjzpfNyD; NAdwdeftajcpdkuf Dulwich College International rS vef'ef&Sd Dulwich College ESifhtwl ynma&;ydkif;qdkif&m tBuHay;tjzpf BuD;MuyfvkyfaqmifoGm; rnfjzpfaMumif; od&onf/ oefvsifNrdKUe,ftwGif; yk*¾vdujynf wGif;pmoifausmif;wpfckudk wnfaxmif Star City Development project in Thanlyin, Yangon, where Yoma's international and local schools will be built. PhyuThitLwin
  24. 24. March 27-April 2, 2014 Myanmar Business Today 24 Myanmar Summary PROPERTY & REAL ESTATE tels under construction in four Kyaw Min on preservation and manage Myanmar Halts Bagan Hotel Construction Govt aims to inscribe ancient city on UNESCO World Heritage list Myanmar Summary Schmidt-CurleyBreaksGroundonFirstMyanmarProject From left to right: Kyi Hla Han, Lee Schmidt and U Aung Win Khiang. I nternational golf course ar Shein Thu Aung jrefrmtpdk;&onf rEÅav;wdkif;a'o BuD;&Sd yk*Ha&S;a[mif;NrdKUwGif [dkw,ftopf rsm;aqmufvkyfrIudk cGifhjyKay;oGm;vdrfh rnfr[kwfaMumif; od&onf/ tpdk;&taejzifh a&S;a[mif;ordkif;0if NrdKUawmfjzpfaom yk*HwGif [dkw,fopfrsm; aqmufvkyfrIudk wm;jrpfoGm;rnfjzpfNyD; yk*Htm; ,leufpudk urÇmhordkif;0if,Of aus;rItarGtESpfae&mpm&if;wGif a&S; a[mif;NrdKUwpfcktjzpf todtrSwfjyK&ef twGufjzpfaMumif; od&onf/ ,ckvuf&Sdaqmif&Gufvsuf&SdaompDrH udef;rsm;udk qufvufvkyfaqmif&efcGifhjyK ay;oGm;rnfjzpfaMumif; od&onf/or®w ½Hk;0efBuD; OD;pdk;odef;u yk*HwGif [dkw,f opfaqmufvkyfrIrsm;udk cGifhjyKoGm;rnf r[kwfaMumif;? yk*HNrdKUtm; a&SUa[mif;NrdKU wpfcktjzpfxdef;odrf;oGm;&rnfjzpfaMumif; ESifh ,ciftpdk;&rScGifhjyKay;cJhaom [dkw,f aqmufvkyfcGifhoabmwlnDrsm;udkrl rzsuf odrf;EdkifaMumif; ajymMum;cJhonf/ ,ckvuf&SdwGif yk*HNrdKUa[mif;ESifh uyf vsuf&SdZkefav;ckwGif[dkw,faygif;17 vHk; udk aqmufvkyfvsuf&SdaMumif; od&onf/ vGefcJhaomq,fpkESpf ESpfpkausmftwGif; Aureum Palace Hotel ESifh Royal Watchtower wdkYuJhodkY [dkw,frsm;ESifh tjcm;taqmufttHkrsm;tm; a&S;a[mif; yk*HNrdKUawmfwGif wnfaqmufcGifhay;cJh aMumif; od&onf/ tjynfjynfqdkif&ma*gufuGif; wnf aqmufrIvkyfief;rsm;udk 0efaqmifrIay; aeonfh Schmidt-Curley onf jrefrm yxrqHk;pDrHudef;tjzpf rEÅav;NrdKUom a*gufuvyftm; rEÅav;NrdKUtaemuf awmifbufwGif wnfaqmufoGm;rnfjzpf aMumif; od&onf/ wnfaqmufrIvkyfief;rsm;tm; 2014 ckESpf ESpfv,fydkif;wGif aqmif&GufoGm;rnf jzpfNyD; a*gufuGif;tm; 2015 ckESpf aESmif; ydkif;wGifzGifhvSpfoGm;&ef&nf&G,fxm;aMumif; od&onf/a*gufuGif;udkacwfrDqef;jym; aom wDxGifrI'DZdkif;rsm;jzifh aqmufvkyfrI jyKoGm;rnfjzpfaMumif;vnf; Schmidt- Curley Design rS tBuD;tuJjzpfol Lee Schmidt u ajymMum;cJhonf/ Schmidt-Curley rS Adokumynm&Sif rsm;taejzifh a*gufuGif;topfyHkpHtm; ,ckvuf&SdwGif Asian Tour trI aqmifOuú|ESifh ,cifu jrefrmjynf emrnfBuD; ya&mfzuf&Sife,fa*gufoD; tm;upm;orm;jzpfaom MunfvS[ef ESifhtwl 'DZdkif;a&;qGJcJhaMumif; od&onf/ oGm;&eftwGufvnf; jynfwGif;ynma&; qdkif&mtzGJUtpnf;wpfckESifh aqG;aEG;rI rsm; jyKvkyfaeaMumif;vnf; ½dk;rrS ajym Mum;cJhonf/,ckvuf&SdtcsdefwGif tjynf jynfqdkif&mtqifhtwef;ESifhudkufnDaom pmoifausmif;ta&twGufrSm tuefY towfjzifhom&SdaeNyD; jrefrmEdkifiHodkY tjcm;EdkifiHrS ajymif;a&TUaexdkifMuolrsm; rsm;jym;vmrIESifhtwl jrefrmEdkifiHom;rsm; jrifhrm;onfhtjynfjynfqdkif&mynma&; pepfudk &&Sdap&eftwGuf yk*¾vduynm oifausmif;rsm;vdktyfrIjrifhwufvm aMumif;vnf; ½dk;rukrÜPDrS ajymMum; cJhonf/ jrefrmEdkifiHwGif ynmoifMum;Edkifonfh t&G,f&Sdaom uav; 8 'or 5 oef; &Sdaeaomfvnf; ausmif;om;aygif; 3200 om tqifhjrifhtjynfjynfqdkif&m pmoif ausmif;ig;ckwGif ausmif;tyfESHrI&Sdae aMumif; jynfwGif;aps;uGufokawoe vkyfief;wpfckjzpfonfh Thura Swiss ppfwrf;wpfckt& od&onf/ jrefrmEdkifiHqdkif&m NAdwdefoHtrwfjzpf ol Andrew Patrick u NAdwdefynm a&;pepfudk wpfurÇmvHk;wGif tvGef aumif;rGefonfhynma&;pepfwpfcktjzpf todtrSwfjyKMuNyD; ,cktcg NAdwdef av;pm;zG,f&mtaumif;qHk;ynma&; tzGJUtpnf;rsm;teufwpfckrS ,ckpDrH udef;twGuf taxmuftyHhjyKrnfjzpf onfhtwGuf 0rf;ajrmuf0rf;omjzpf& aMumif; ajymMum;cJhonf/ Temples are seen at the ancient city of Bagan in Mandalay region, Myanmar. Bagan, which stood as an ancient capital from 11th to 13th centuries and Buddhist center with about 10,000 pagodas and religious structures spreading more than 80 square-kilometers, now remains with over 2,000 ruins. UAung/Xinhua
  25. 25. March 27-April 2, 2014 Myanmar Business Today AUTOMOBILE 25 Myanmar Summary Myanmar Summary Auto Traders Demand Stable Gov’t Policy U director of Super Seven Stars tors and SsanngYong Motor Phyu Thit Lwin and plans of manufacturing its second service center in jrefrmEdkifiHum;aps;uGufrSm tus bufodkY OD;wnfaeaomfvnf; aps;EIef; twuftusrSm tpdk;& rl0g'csrSwfrI rsm;tay: rlwnfaeojzifh wnfNidrf onfhrl0g'rsm;jzifhom vkyfudkifvdkonf [k um;0,fa&mif;rsm;u qdkonf/ ]]tpdk;&&JUrl0g'awGu rNidrfbl;/tNrJ wrf;ajymif;aew,f/pD;yGm;a&;orm;uawmh 'Drl0g'udkvdkufNyD; tvkyfvkyf&rSmyJ/rl0g' NidrfoGm;rS vkyf&udkif&wm tqifajyr,f/ r[kwf&ifawmhtvkyfvkyf&wmcufw,f}} [k SSS ukrÜPDtkyfpk0if plygEdkif;pwm; ukrÜPD'g½dkufwm OD;ausmfoD[u ajym onf/ vuf&Sdum;aps;uGufrSm um;pD;Edkifonfh vlwef;pm;rsm;wGif 0,f,lNyD;jzpfojzifh aemufxyfvlwef;pm;wpf&yf um;ydkif&&Sd a&;twGuf aps;EIef;rsm; xyfrHavsmhcs &ef vdktyfvsuf&Sdonf/ ]]vlwdkif;um;rpD;EdkifwJhtajctae&Sdae ao;wmu CIF awG t&rf;jrifhaewJh twGufaMumifhyg/um;aps;twuftus u CIF owfrSwfxm;wJhEIef;tay:rSm aumufaewJhtcGefEIef;xm;tay: rlwnfaeawmh jynfolawGudk um;topf pD;apcsifwJhqE´&Sd&if tpdk;&taeeJY tcGef avQmhay;zdkYvdkygw,f}}[k rif;&JausmfpGm ,mOfa&mif;0,fa&;pcef;rS OD;jrifhodef;u qdkonf/ 2012 ckESpfrS pwifí jynfwGif;um; aps;uGufodkY Oa&myxkwfum;opfrsm;ESifh udk&D;,m;xkwfum;opfrsm; tNydKiftqdkif 0ifa&mufvmMuaomfvnf; um;topf rsm;tm; aumufcHonfh tcGefEIef;xm; udk avQmhcsay;rSom 0,f,lolrsm;twGuf um;topftmrcHcsufay;Edkifrnfhum; rsm;a&mif;csEdkifí armfawmf,mOf0,f,l vkdolrsm;twGuf tqifajyoGm;Edkifrnf jzpfum? tpdk;&twGufvnf; um;opf jzpfojzifh qDpm;oufomí rD;cdk;xGuf enf;onfhtwGuf avxknpfnrf;rIudk avQmhcsEdkifNyD; NrdKUawmfom,ma&;twGuf taxmuftuljzpfapEdkifrnfjzpfonf/ India’s Tata, China’s Cherry in Talks to Explore Tie-ups I Ketan Thakkar & Ashutosh R Shyam discussions for potential oppor ET Cars at a showroom on Kaba Aye Pagoda road in Yangon. KyawMinReuters tdEd´,EdkifiH Tata Motors ESifh w½kwfEdkifiHarmfawmfum;xkwfvkyfonfh vkyfief;jzpfaom Chery Automobile wdkYonf jzpfEdkifajc&Sdonfh yl;aygif;aqmif &GufrIrsm;udk aqG;aEG;rIrsm;jyKvkyfaeNyD; tqdkygaqG;aEG;rIrsm;wGif w½kwfaps; uGufwGif Tata Motors 0ifa&muf vmEdkifa&;? tdEd´,aps;uGufodkY Chery 0ifa&mufEdkifa&;wdkYvnf; yg0ifoGm;zG,f &Sdaeonf/ Chery ESifh aqG;aEG;rIrsm;onf ESpf twefMumjyKvkyfcJh&aMumif;vnf; od& onf/tqdkygawGUqHkaqG;aEG;rIrsm;rSm tvGefBuD;rm;us,fjyefYonfhtwGuf rnfonfht&mrS tao;pdwfwdwdusus owfrSwfrIrjyKEdkifao;aMumif; od& onf/
  26. 26. March 27-April 2, 2014 Myanmar Business Today 26 INTERNATIONALANDDOMESTICFLIGHTSCHEDULE Fligghhtss ffroom Yanggon (RGNN) to Bangkok ((BKK) Fligghhtss ffroom Banggkok (BKKK) to Yaangon (RGN) Flight No. DDayss From To ETD ETA Operated by: Flight No. DDayss From To ETD ETA Operated by: PG 706 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 RGN BKK 7:15 9:30 Bangkok Airways DD4230 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 DMK RGN 06:30 07:55 NOK Airlines DD4231 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 RGN DMK 8:00 9:45 NOK Airlines 8M336 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 BKK RGN 6:40 7:25 MAI FD2752 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 RGN DMK 8:30 10:15 Thai AirAsia FD2751 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 DMK RGN 7:15 8:00 Thai AirAsia 8M335 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 RGN BKK 8:40 10:25 MAI TG303 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 BKK RGN 8:00 8:45 Thai Airways TG304 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 RGN BKK 9:50 11:45 Thai Airways PG701 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 BKK RGN 8:50 9:40 Bangkok Airways PG702 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 RGN BKK 10:45 12:40 Bangkok Airways FD2755 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 DMK RGN 11:35 12:20 Thai AirAsia Y5-237 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 RGN BKK 18:05 19:50 Golden Myanmar Airlines PG707 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 BKK RGN 13:40 14:30 Bangkok Airways TG302 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 RGN BKK 14:45 16:40 Thai Airways Y5-238 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 BKK RGN 21:10 21:55 Golden Myanmar Airlines PG703 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 RGN BKK 15:20 17:15 Bangkok Airways FD2753 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 DMK RGN 16:35 17:20 Thai AirAsia 8M331 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 RGN BKK 16:30 18:15 MAI PG703 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 BKK RGN 16:45 17:35 Bangkok Airways FD2754 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 RGN DMK 17:50 19:35 Thai AirAsia TG305 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 BKK RGN 17:55 18:40 Thai Airways PG704 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 RGN BKK 18:25 20:20 Bangkok Airways DD4238 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 BKK RGN 19:30 20:15 NOK Airlines TG306 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 RGN BKK 19:40 21:35 Thai Airways 8M332 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 BKK RGN 19:20 20:05 MAI DD4239 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 RGN DMK 21:00 22:45 NOK Airlines PG705 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 BKK RGN 20:00 21:15 Bangkok Airways FFligghhtss ffroomm Yangoon (RGN)) to Chiaang Maii (CNX) FFligghhtss ffroomm Chiangg Mai (CCNX) to YYangon (RGN) W9-9607 4 7 RGN CNX 14:50 16:20 Air Bagan W9-9608 4 7 CNX RGN 17:20 17:50 Air Bagan Flligghtss ffroom Yanggon (RGNN) to Sinngapore (SIN) Flligghtss ffroom Singaapore (SIN) to Yangon ((RGN) Y5-233 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 RGN SIN 10:10 14:40 Golden Myanmar Airlines Y5-234 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 SIN RGN 15:35 17:05 Golden Myanmar Airlines MI509 1 6 RGN SIN 0:25 5;00 SilkAir SQ998 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 SIN RGN 7:55 9:20 Singapore Airline 8M231 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 RGN SIN 8:30 13:00 MAI 8M6231/3K585 1 3 4 5 6 SIN RGN 9:10 10:40 Jetstar Asia SQ997 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 RGN SIN 10:25 14:45 Singapore Airline 8M232 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 SIN RGN 14:10 15:40 MAI 8M6232/3K586 1 3 4 5 6 RGN SIN 11:30 16:05 Jetstar Asia MI518 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 SIN RGN 14:20 15:45 SilkAir 8M233 5 6 7 RGN SIN 13:45 18:15 MAI 8M235 5 6 7 SIN RGN 19:15 20:45 MAI TR2827 1 6 7 RGN SIN 15:10 19:35 TigerAir TR2826 1 6 7 SIN RGN 13:00 14:30 TigerAir TR2827 2 3 4 5 RGN SIN 17:10 21:35 TigerAir TR2826 2 3 4 5 SIN RGN 15:00 16:30 TigerAir MI517 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 RGN SIN 16:40 21:15 SilkAir MI520 5 7 SIN RGN 22:10 23:35 SilkAir FFliightts frromm Yangonn (RGN) tto Kualaa Lumpuur (KUL) Fligghtts frroomm Kuala LLumpur (KUL)too Yangonn (RGN) AK1427 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 RGN KUL 8:30 12:50 AirAsia AK1426 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 KUL RGN 6:55 8:00 AirAsia 8M501 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 RGN KUL 8:55 12:55 MAI MH740 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 KUL RGN 10:05 11:15 Malaysia Airlines MH741 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 RGN KUL 12:15 16:30 Malaysia Airlines 8M502 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 KUL RGN 14:00 15:00 MAI Fligghtts frrom Yanngon (RGGN) to HHanoi (HHAN) Fligghtts frrom Hannoi (HANN) to Yanngon (RRGN) VN956 1 3 5 6 7 RGN HAN 19:10 21:30 Vietnam Airlines VN957 1 3 5 6 7 HAN RGN 16:35 18:10 Vietnam Airlines Flligghhtss ffroomm Yangon (RGN) to Ho CChi Minhh (SGN) Flligghhtss ffroomm Ho Chii Minh (SSGN) to Yangonn (RGN) VN942 2 4 7 RGN SGN 14:25 17:10 Vietnam Airlines VN943 2 4 7 SGN RGN 11:40 13:25 Vietnam Airlines Flligghtss ffrom Yanngon (RGGN) to TTaipei (TTPE) Flligghtss ffrom Taipei (TPEE) to Yanngon (RGN) CI7916 1 2 3 4 5 6 RGN TPE 10:50 16:10 China Airline CI7915 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 TPE RGN 7:15 10:05 China Airline BR288 2 5 6 RGN TPE 11:35 17:20 EVA Air BR287 2 5 6 TPE RGN 7:30 10:35 EVA Air Flligghhtss ffroom Yanggon (RGNN) to Kunming(KMG) Flligghhtss ffroom Kunmming(KMMG) to Yangon ((RGN) CA906 2 3 4 6 7 RGN KMG 14:15 17:35 Air China CA905 2 3 4 6 7 KMG RGN 12:40 13:15 Air China MU2032 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 RGN KMG 14:40 17:55 China Eastern MU2031 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 KMG RGN 13:30 14:00 China Eastern MU2012 3 6 RGN KMG 12:20 18:10 China Eastern (via NNG) MU2011 3 6 KMG RGN 8:25 11:30 China Eastern (via NNG) Flligghtss from Yanngon (RGGN) to BBeijing (BJS) Flligghtss from Beijjing (BJSS) to Yanngon (RRGN) CA906 2 3 4 6 7 RGN BJS 14:15 21:55 Air China (via KMG) CA905 2 3 4 6 7 BJS RGN 8:05 13:15 Air China (via KMG) Fligghhtss ffroom Yanggon (RGNN) to Naanning (NNG) Fligghhtss ffroom Nannning (NNNG) to Yaangon ((RGN) Flight No. DDayss From To ETD ETA Operated by: Flight No. DDayss From To ETD ETA Operated by: MU2012 3 6 RGN NNG 12:20 16:25 China Eastern MU2011 3 6 NNG RGN 10:15 11:30 China Eastern FFligghhtss ffroomm Yangoon (RGN)) to Honng Kong (HKG) HHonngg KKoong (HKG) Flights from Yaangon ((RGN) KA251 1 2 4 6 RGN HKG 1:10 5:35 Dragon Air KA250 1 3 5 7 HKG RGN 21:50 23:45 Dragon Air *PPleaasee noote thee dday change for the deparrture time too Hong Kongg. Flligghhtss ffroomm Yangon (RGN) to Guanng Zhouu (CAN) Flligghhtss ffroomm Guang Zhou (CCAN) to Yangonn (RGN) 8M711 2 4 7 RGN CAN 8:40 13:15 MAI CZ3055 3 6 CAN RGN 8:40 10:30 China Southern Airlines CZ3056 3 6 RGN CAN 11:20 15:50 China Southern Airline 8M712 2 4 7 CAN RGN 14:15 15:45 MAI CZ3056 1 5 RGN CAN 17:40 22:15 China Southern Airline CZ3055 1 5 CAN RGN 14:45 16:35 China Southern Airlines FFlighhts ffroom Yanggon (RGN) to Koolkata (CCCU) FFlighhts ffroom Kolkkata (CCUU) to Yaangon (RRGN) Flight No. DDayss From To ETD ETA Operated by: Flight No. DDayss From To ETD ETA Operated by: AI228 5 RGN CCU 18:45 19:45 Air India AI227 1 5 CCU RGN 10:35 13:20 Air India AI234 1 5 RGN CCU 13:40 16:55 Air India (via GAY) AI233 5 CCU RGN 13:30 18:00 Air India (via GAY) Fligghhtss ffrom Yanngon (RGGN) to GGaya (GAAY) Fligghhtss ffrom Gayya (GAY) to Yanngon (RGGN) 8M 601 1 3 5 6 RGN GAY 10:30 11:50 MAI 8M 602 1 3 5 6 GAY RGN 12:50 16:00 MAI AI234 1 5 RGN GAY 13:40 15:00 Air India AI233 5 GAY RGN 15:00 18:00 Air India Fligghtts frrom Yanngon (RGGN) to TTokyo (NNRT) FFliightts frrom Tokkyo (NRTT) to Yaangon (RRGN) NH914 1 3 6 RGN NRT 22:00 06:40+1 ALL NIPPON Airways NH913 1 3 6 NRT RGN 11:10 17:05 ALL NIPPON Airways FFligghhtss ffrom Yanngon (RGGN) to SSeoul (ICCN) FFligghhtss ffrom Seooul (ICN)) to Yanngon (RGGN) KE472 1 3 5 7 RGN ICN 0:05 8:00 Korean Air KE471 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 ICN RGN 18:40 22:55 Korean Air OZ7463 4 7 RGN ICN 0:50 8:50 Asiana OZ4753 3 6 ICN RGN 19:30 23:40 Asiana Flligghtss ffrom Yanngon (RGGN) to DDoha (DOOH) Flightts frrom Dohha (DOH) to Yangon (RRGN) QR619 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 RGN DOH 8:00 11:45 Qatar Airways QR618 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 DOH RGN 21:05 06:29+1 Qatar Airways Flligghhtss ffroomm Yangon (RGN) to Nay Pyi Taww (NYT) Flligghhtss ffroomm Nay Pyyi Taw (NNYT) to Yangonn (RGN) Flight No. DDayss From To ETD ETA Operated by: Flight No. DDayss From To ETD ETA Operated by: FMI-A1 1 2 3 4 5 RGN NYT 7:30 8:30 FMI Air Charter FMI-A2 1 2 3 4 5 NYT RGN 8:50 9:50 FMI Air Charter FMI-B1 1 2 3 4 5 RGN NYT 11:30 12:30 FMI Air Charter FMI-B2 1 2 3 4 5 NYT RGN 13:00 14:00 FMI Air Charter FMI-C1 1 2 3 4 5 RGN NYT 16:30 17:30 FMI Air Charter FMI-C2 1 2 3 4 5 NYT RGN 18:00 19:00 FMI Air Charter FMI-A1 6 RGN NYT 8:00 9:00 FMI Air Charter FMI-A2 6 NYT RGN 10:00 11:00 FMI Air Charter FMI-A1 7 RGN NYT 15:30 16:30 FMI Air Charter FMI-A2 7 NYT RGN 17:00 18:00 FMI Air Charter FFliightts frrom Yangoon (RGN) to Manndalay ((MDY) FFliightts frrom Manddalay (MDDY) to YYangon (RGN) Y5-234 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 RGN MDY 6:15 7:30 Golden Myanmar Airlines Y5-233 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 MDY RGN 8:10 9:25 Golden Myanmar Airlines YH 909 2 4 6 7 RGN MDY 6:30 8:10 Yangon Airways YH 910 1 3 MDY RGN 7:40 10:30 Yangon Airways YH 917 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 RGN MDY 6:10 8:30 Yangon Airways YH 918 1 2 3 4 6 7 MDY RGN 8:30 10:25 Yangon Airways YH 727 1 5 RGN MDY 11:15 13:25 Yangon Airways YH 728 1 5 MDY RGN 9:10 11:05 Yangon Airways YH 731 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 RGN MDY 15:00 17:10 Yangon Airways YH 732 1 2 3 4 5 6 MDY RGN 17:10 19:15 Yangon Airways W9 501 1 2 3 4 RGN MDY 6:00 7:25 Air Bagan W9 502 1 2 3 4 MDY RGN 16:10 18:15 Air Bagan K7 222 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 RGN MDY 6:30 8:40 Air KBZ K7 223 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 MDY RGN 9:00 11:05 Air KBZ YJ 201 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 RGN MDY 11:30 12:55 Asian Wings YJ 202 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 MDY RGN 16:00 17:25 Asian Wings Days - (1) Monday (2) TTueesdaay (33) WWeddnessdaay (4) Thursdayy (5) Friday (6) SSaturday (7) Suunday Days - (1) Monday (2) TTueesdaay (33) WWeddnessdaay (4) Thursdayy (5) Friday (6) SSaturday (7) Suunday
  27. 27. March 27-April 2, 2014 Myanmar Business Today AUTOMOBILE 27 Myanmar Summary Myanmar Summary Myanmar Summary Viriyah Seeks Myanmar Partner to Insure Transporting Vehicles surance is planning to claims to its clients in case of more premiums from commer premiums from motor insur Shein Thu Aung xdkif;EdkifiHtmrcHvkyfief;jzpfaom Viriyah onf ,ckESpfukefwGif jrefrm EdkifiHü xdkif;EdkifiHrS xkwfukefrsm;tm; armfawmfum;jzifh o,f,lydkYaqmifa&; u@wGif tmrcH0efaqmifrIrsm;udk wdk;csJU vkyfaqmifoGm;&efpDpOfaeaMumif; od& onf/ xdkYtjyif ,if;vkyfief;rS rav;&Sm;ESifh uarÇm'D;,m;odkY ukefpnfrsm;wifaqmif onfharmfawmfum;rsm;twGufvnf; tvm;wltmrcH0efaqmifrIrsm;tm; wdk;csJUvkyf aqmifay;oGm;&ef &nf&G,f xm;aMumif;xdkif;rD'D,mrsm; owif;azmfjycsufrsm; t& od&onf/ Viriyah 'kwd,refae*sif;'g½dkuf wmjzpfol Arnon Opaspimoltum u jrefrmEdkifiH? rav;&Sm;EdkifiHESifh uarÇm'D; ,m;EdkifiHrsm;wGif tusKd;wlyl;aygif;vkyf aqmifrnfholrsm;udk &SmazGaeaMumif; ajymMum;cJhonf/Viriyah onf rMum ao;rDu vmtdkEdkifiHrS vkyfief;wpfckESifh tusKd;wlyl;aygif;onfhoabmwlnDcsuf wpfckudk&&SdcJhaMumif; od&onf/jynfwGif; vkyfief;wpfckESifhtusKd;wlyl;aygif;vkyf aqmifjcif;jzifh vkyfief;ydkrdkwdk;wufvm EdkifaMumif; Arnon Opaspimoltum u ajymMum;cJhonf/ Myanmar to Cut Tax Rate on Imported Cars M Kyaw Min In its continued measures to Imported cars at Thiri Mingalar car market in Yangon. OliverSlow EU Fines Producers of Key Automobile Parts companies from engaging in Agencies dorsement of regional or state ,cifu armfawmfum;wifoGif;rIrsm; udkuefYowfwm;jrpfcJhonfhtwGuf um; aps;EIef;rsm;rSmtqrwefjrifhrm;cJhonf/ ,cktcg armfawmfum;wifoGif;rIwGif ajzavQmhrIrsm;jyKvkyfcJhonfhtwGuf um; wifoGif;rIrSm tpD;a& 250000 ausmf vmcJhNyD; xdkodkY um;tpD;ta&trsm;tjym; wifoGif;vmrIaMumifh vlOD;a&xlxyfonfh &efukefNrdKUwGif um;vrf;ydwfqdkYrIrsm;jzpf vmcJh&onf/ c&D;onfwifbwfpfum;rsm;twGuf 1996 ckESpfESifh 2006 ckESpftMum; xkwfvkyfcJhaom armfawmfum;rsm;tm; bwfpfum;a[mif;rsm;jzifhvJvS,fcGifhudk jyKvkyfay;cJhonf/ tD;,lonf *syefukrÜPDav;ckESifh Oa&my ukrÜPDESpfcktm; ,l½dkwpfbDvD,H (tar &duefa':vm 1 'or 4 bDvD,H) txd 'PfaiG½dkufcJhNyD; um;rsm;ESifhx&yf um;rsm; t"duum;tpdwftydkif;rsm; wGif aps;uGufBudK;udkifjc,fvS,frIrsm;udk jyKvkyfcJhonfhtwGuf ,ckuJhodkY 'PfaiG wyfcJhjcif;jzpfonf/ tD;,l Antitrust Commissioner jzpfol Joaquin Almunia u aps;uGufBudK;udkifjc,fvS,f rIudk tD;,lrS awGU&SdcJhNyD; armfawmfum; vkyfief;wGif aemufxyfpHkprf;ppfaq;rI rsm;udkvnf; jyKvkyfaeaMumif; od&onf/ Reuters
  28. 28. March 27-April 2, 2014 Myanmar Business Today 28IT & TELECOM Myanmar Summary Myanmar Summary Young Coders “Astound” Judges at Myanmar’s First-ever “Hackathon” Winning team develops sophisticated app to notify farmers of nearby pests and diseases M easier for farmers to optimise executive of Information Ma Nwe Zin signed for election monitoring teams to report on irregularities innovative apps and digital ser nications is going to accelerate LGRampsupMyanmarDrivewithSalesCampaign Sproduct sales campaign Wai Linn Kyaw TMW Enterprise Ltd u wifoGif; a&mif;csaeonfh LG vQyfppfypönf; ta&mif;jyyGJtm; azazmf0g&Dv 28 &ufrS {NyDv 11 &ufaeYtxd usif;y jyKvkyfoGm;rnf[k od&onf/ ,if;jyyGJwGifusyfESpfodef;zdk;txuf0,f ,lyguWarrantyCard jzifhuHprf;rJrsm; zGifhvSpfay;NyD; LG y&dowfrsm;udk aus;Zl;wHkYjyefoGm;rnf[k od&onf/ tqdkygjyyGJwGif LG vQyfppfypönf;rsm; wGif tygt0ifjzpfonfh Consumer Electric ypönf;rsm;?tdrfoHk;vQyfppfypönf; rsm;0,f,lyguvufaqmifrsm;ay;rnfh tjyifwdkuf½dkuf0,f,lonfholrsm;twGuf 10&mckdifEIef;aps;avQmhcsay;oGm;rnf[k od&onf/ Code for Change Myanmar rS pDpOfjyKvkyfcJhonfh jrefrmEdkifiHyxrOD; qHk;aom hackathon y½dk*&rfonf vGefcJh onfhtywfwGif NyD;qHk;cJhNyD; jynfwGif;rS 'DZdkifemrsm;? pGefYOD;wDxGifolrsm;ESifh zGHUNzdK; wdk;wufa&;aqmif&Gufol 76 OD;txd yg0ifcJhaMumif; od&onf/ rwfv 14 &uf aeY nae 6 em&D wGif y½dk*&rftm; pwifcJhNyD; tpdk;&r[kwf aomtzGJUtpnf;ajcmufckrSBuHKawGU&aom jyóem&SpfckudkwifjycJhMuNyD; trsKd;orD; rsm; om;qufjcm;usef;rma&;rSonf v,form;rsm;twGuf ydkrdktqifajy acsmarGUaprnfh a&oGif;pdkufysKd;rIudpö&yf rsm;yg yg0ifcJhaMumif; od&onf/ yg0if olrsm;tm; toif; 17 oif;zGJUay;cJhum tqdkygjyóemrsm;tm; enf;ynmtajcjyK ajz&Sif;csufrsm;jzifh csOf;uyfajz&Sif;rIrsm; jyKvkyfEdkif&ef pDpOfcJhNyD; toif;trsm;pkrSm 48 em&Dtxd r&yfrem;bJ tvkyfvkyf udkifcJhMuaMumif; pDpOfolrsm;u ajymMum; cJhMuonf/ rwfv 16 &ufaeYwGif toif;wpfckcsif; application odkYr[kwf 0ufbfqdkufESifhoufqdkifonfh o½kyfjytpDtpOftm;tuJjzwf&eftwGuf oHk;rdepfpD wifjycJhMuonf/ tuJjzwfol rsm; ajymMum;csuft& wifjyrIESifh aqmif&GufcJhrIrsm;rSm tqifhtwef;tvGef jrifhrm;aMumif; od&onf/ OoredooMyanmar Reuters
  29. 29. March 27-April 2, 2014 Myanmar Business Today IT & TELECOM 29 Myanmar Summary Myanmar Summary Myanmar to Host Telecommunications Infrastructure and Mobile Technology Event in November U and is expected to attract more Zayar Phyo infrastructure development on NAdwdeftajcpdkufukefpnfjyyGJrsm;pDpOfol jzpfonfh Allworld ExhibitionsAlliance onf ,ckESpftwGif; jrefrmEdkifiHü quf oG,fa&;qdkif&m tajccHtaqmufttHk rsm;ESifh rdkbdkif;enf;ynmukefpnfjyyGJudk {nfhcHusif;yoGm;rnfjzpfaMumif; od&onf/ jrefrmEdkifiH qufoG,fa&;aps;uGuf tay: pdwf0ifpm;rIrsm;jym;vmNyD; t"du atmfya&wmBuD;rsm;uGef&ufaqmif &GufrItpDtpOfrsm;tm; axmufyHhay;Edkif &eftwGuf&nf&G,fí ,ckuJhodkY pDpOf jyKvkyf&jcif;jzpfaMumif; ukrÜPDrS ajym Mum;cJhonf/CommuniCast Myanmar 2014 tpDtpOftm; jrefrmuGefAif;&Sif; pifwmwGif Edk0ifbmv 18 &ufaeYrS 20 &ufaeYtxd jyKvkyfusif;yoGm;rnf jzpfNyD; jyyGJwifol 80 ausmftxdudk qGJaqmifoGm;Edkif&ef arQmfrSef;xm;aMumif; od&onf/ jrefrmEdkifiHwGif qufoG,fa&;vkyfief; rsm;zGHUNzdK;wdk;wufatmif tifwdkuftm; wdkufBudK;yrf;aqmif&GufaecsdefwGif ,ck uJhodkY tpDtpOftm; aqmif&GufoGm;rnf jzpfonfhtwGuf tvGefpdwfvIyf&Sm;0rf; ajrmufrdaMumif;jyyGJ'g&dkufwm Rupert Owen u ajymMum;cJhonf/ With Cars, Drivers, Google Revs up Home Delivery asters of last decade’s dotcom Alexei Oreskovic so it can expand and improve and is considering moving into of cities and across lots of prod tor of product management for Google is also experimenting Reuters Daniel Lander stands next to his Google vehicle in Palo Alto, California. Google started testing a free same-day shopping de- livery service with blue and white Priuses in San Francisco September 2013. As e-commerce grows, Google wants at least to get its hands on data about online shoppers, so it can expand and improve its main business, search advertising. After more than a year of testing, and hiccups such as on packaging, Google is preparing to expand its delivery service, Google Shopping Express. RobertGalbraith/Reuters vGefcJhonfhESpfwGif *l*JvfrS qefz&ef ppöudkwGif 0,f,lxm;onfh ukefypönf; rsm;tm; tcrJhydkYaqmifay;onfh0efaqmif rIpepftm; usifhoHk;onfhtcg vkyfief;ydkif; qdkif&m tuJjzwfolrsm;u ukrÜPD aqmif&GufrIrsm;udktHhtm;oifhcJhMuonf/ oGm;wdkufaq;ESifh qdk'gwpfbl;uJhodkY tenf;i,frQaomxkwfukefrSm,lrIrsm; twGuf tdrfwdkif&ma&muf ydkYaqmifay; onfh0efaqmifrIrsm;ESifhywfoufí tcsKdU rSmtHhMobeef;jzpfcJhMuonf/*l*Jvf0ufbf qdkuftaejzifh tGefvdkif;tajcjyK aps; 0,frIrsm;twGuf taumif;qHk;aom 0efaqmifrIrsm;udk ay;&eftwGuf tNrJ arQmfrSef;cJhonf/
  30. 30. March 27-April 2, 2014 Myanmar Business Today SOCIAL SCENES 30 Myanmar's First Hackathon by Code for Change Participants at the hackathon. Ooredoo Myanmar Participants solve a problem. Ooredoo Myanmar Participants at the hackathon. Ooredoo Myanmar A participant at the hackathon. Ooredoo Myamar Myanmar's first-ever hackathon. Ooredoo Myanmar AFreudite Flames Night Setup at Belmond Governor's Residence FerrovitWalkathon inYangon The opening ceremony. Ferrovit The opening ceremony. FerrovitParticipants at the walkathon. Ferrovit Participants make their mark. Ferrovit Winners of the walkathon. Ferrovit
  31. 31. March 27-April 2, 2014 Myanmar Business Today CLASSIFIEDS 31
  32. 32. March 27-April 2, 2014 Myanmar Business Today 32ENTERTAINMENT Governor’s Residence to Bring “AFreudite Flames Night” in Yangon Wai Linn Kyaw B Tiger prawn & Eggplant Escabeche Lobster-Cinnamon Cappuccino Passion Fruit Sherbet Surf & Turf Sea Scallops and Tenderloin Chocolate Banana Cake Girl’s Day, Dal Shabet, TINT to Perform at Myanmar’s First K-Pop Concert Pann Nu M GIRL'SDAY DALSHABET TINT