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Move over men, women investors are here to win.


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Wives, mothers, sisters, and daughters are now placing themselves proudly in the professional world of real estate as brokers, even as investors, and they are winning. Sherman Bridge Lending is proud to bring you the resources you need to succeed in your investment. With our eBook, you'll have the key to unlock your potential.

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Move over men, women investors are here to win.

  1. 1. SHERMAN BRIDGE LENDING Move over men, women investors are here to win.
  2. 2. TAKE CHARGE OF YOUR OWN FINANCIAL FUTURE. ∙Did you know that just barely 30% of the real estate investors in America are women? Did you know that women own less than 5% of the world’s real estate? Did you know that of that small percentage, women outperform men on their investment return 2:1?
  3. 3. ∙When it comes to saving, a personal investment study showed that females typically saved 8.3% of their income, while men only save 7.9%. ∙Even though men invest with more frequency than women, men still earned a whole percentage point less return than women. ∙The reason? Women just seem to save more, and invest their money sparingly. It’s no surprise their caution is earning more in the long run. LADIES, GET IN IT TO WIN IT.
  4. 4. STAY STRONG, DON’T BACK DOWN ∙Today, there exist only a few industries that have not experienced a shift in gender equality; however women professionals still suffer restraints of underestimation and sexism. Even though women are making giant strides in the professional world, there are hurdles that we face every day simply because of our gender.
  5. 5. YOU HAVE THE POWER, THE POTENTIAL. PROVE IT. ∙There is a gender gap, but just imagine what could happen when it disappears? ∙A whole world of opportunity is out there for professional women everywhere! The potential to build a retirement fund, savings, or outstanding portfolio is at our doorstep. ∙If men can do it, why can’t we?
  6. 6. WE WILL BE YOUR GUIDE. ARE YOU READY? ∙We know that when it comes to taking charge of their destiny, there is no one better than a savvy, confident and prepared woman. ∙Get the right tools in your arsenal, and let Sherman Bridge be your guide. ∙Download your free eBook today, and let’s get started on your tomorrow!