Oct 2010 Portfolio


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Sheri Pociluyko Portfolio

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Oct 2010 Portfolio

  1. 1. sheripociluyko snp 265 21st street san diego, ca 92102 pociluykos@gmail.com 804.916.9776
  2. 2. sheripociluyko 26521ststreet (804)916-9776 sandiego,cs92102 pociluykos@gmail.comemail fallingwater.carbonmade.comwebsite objective to work in a creative design environment, achieving common goals with other designers and accomplishing exceptional solutions for clients. working closely with clients while establishing a long term relationship to create design work that inspires people and evokes emotion. work experience meridian design richmond, va 08-10 interior designer, drafting support combining artistry and interior design in a unique way to give the client the functionality of their needs and providing customized spaces. using finishes, colors, lighting, and space to work together to meet the needs of the client and create an innovative environment. responsibilities include; drafting plans, exterior/interior elevations, and technical drawings, client presentations, and ff&e. salon vivace’ richmond, va 06-08 esthetician specialize in taking care of the skin, both facial and body. competitive drive and entrepreneurial confidence to succeed in a commission-based environment. responsibilities include; to for perform a variety of skin care services including facials, body massages and other full body treatments, waxing (hair removal), blemish control, makeup lessons and makeup application. moseley architects richmond, va 05-06 intern/administrative assistant selecting and filing finishes from material lab. creating phenominal material boards for client presentations. responsibilities include; faxing and mailing correspondence to clients.
  3. 3. work experience dillard’s richmond, va 03-04 clinique makeup artist interpreting makeup requirements of clients to produce both a creative and technically accurate visual representation. consistently gained trend and product knowledge to act as an expert for the customer. worked as a team player to ensure each customer received the best service possible. built and maintained strong relationships to maximize business results. responsibilities include; makeup applications, set and achieve sales goals, demonstrated ability to develop relationships with customers and coworkers education american spirit institute williamsburg, va june 03 esthetician certificate virginia commonwealth university richmond, va may 10 bfa, interior design keller graduate school of management san diego, ca may 13 mba, marketing computer software skills adobe indesign revit architecture adobe photoshop autocad architecture adobe illustrator microsoft office microsoft word google sketch up organizations and achievements 09-10 american institute of architects, richmond, va chapter 09-10 adg art and design group, founder and president 08-10 iida student 09 habitat for humanities volunteer 09 cathedral of sacred hearts volunteer 09 roger baugh scholarship sheripociluyko 26521ststreet (804)916-9776 sandiego,cs92102 pociluykos@gmail.comemail fallingwater.carbonmade.comwebsite
  4. 4. snp portfolio
  5. 5. “Trashed” Life Size Self Portrait Beer Cans and Bottles sculpture
  6. 6. ombudsman station concept: tree limbs project created for an ombudsman station. the inspiration for the project derived from the courtyard outside of the existing building. this echoes the outside uncontrolled environment to the interior controlled environment.
  7. 7. webb residence the hand drafted exterior elevations were created for a client from meridian design company. the design was a collaboration between myself and jim pociluyko, aia.
  8. 8. webb residence
  9. 9. exposure boutique the concept was inspired from a peacock. the opening and closing of the birds feathers exposed its beauty in the same way of the display systems for the designer hand bags.
  10. 10. exposure boutique
  11. 11. apple software office the apple software office had many demands in the program. all of the components were equally important and needed certain characteristics for the space. consideration of light, circulation, and noise were put into the adjacencies of the project. research about knowledge workers and other offices made an impact on the design. then now
  12. 12. apple software office inspiration a clean crisp feel from the moment you walk into the strucutre. the apple wall, shared by a huddle space has a dry erase board to provoke innovative ideas and empower knowledge workers.
  13. 13. apple software office circulation is provided by a race track along the middle of the floor plan, allowing access to all spaces efficiently.
  14. 14. revit architecture photoshop apple software office a huddle space surrounded by curtains gives a feeling of privacy creating an informal atmousphere. orange leather textile blanket the erogonmic chairs enhancing a comfortable and contemporary meeting space.
  15. 15. 2911 east broad st richmond, va this residence is located in a historical area in richmond. material selection was inspired from the early late 1800’s accented by interior architectural details and lighting contributes to the historical restoration. the project was a collaboration with jim pociluyko, aia with meridian design.
  16. 16. 2911 east broad st richmond, va before after
  17. 17. 2911 east broad st richmond, va before after arches and recessed lighting frames the walk ways with a charming and elegant countenance.
  18. 18. 2911 east broad st richmond, va before after solid cherry cabinets with granite-topped island for casual dining and entertainment replaced the former vynal cbinates and prosaic arrangement.
  19. 19. paintings the paintings are about color and balance. interior design gave me inspiration for these paintings, approach to the project launched from collages created from numerous textures and colors.
  20. 20. paintings
  21. 21. community center the community center strucutre on the waterfront in florida, was an existing building left from the hurricane katrina. the windows, seating and covered walkways were added to accommodate for community gatherings. material delicatley swagged over the gathering space allows for an effective and enchanting gathering space.
  22. 22. community center
  23. 23. main st. book store and residence concept: balance the inspiration was from a painting i previously created. the building has long vertical arched windows, to create balance, the opposing side has oversized back lit bookcases accented by vertical light tubes.
  24. 24. main st. book store and residence endulge yourself at the stretch patina cafe or snuggle up in a plush lounge chair with your favorite book. enjoy readings from talented authors in a marvelous relaxing space.
  25. 25. main st. book store and residence
  26. 26. main st. book store and residence
  27. 27. main st. book store and residence natural lighting illuminates the store. the back lit bookshelves and lighting tubes delicatly float over the book fixtures, gives a pleasurable glow.
  28. 28. main st. book store and residence top left: ease your mind and body in a appeasing carved out space. the curved wall illuminated by oled lighting covered with woven metal creates an amusing place to hang out or read. bottom left: a magazine publisher occupies the second floor, the office has open desk, natural lighting, and cozy chairs for long hours of working.
  29. 29. kayak museum center the kayak museum center has a backdrop of unpretentious beauty in richmond, va. take pleasure in walking through the museum, learning how to kayak or sit and enjoy a delicious cup of tea while watching the alluring fish in the aquarium.
  30. 30. kayak museum center the building has several parts to its program: 1. office and repair room 2. front desk with gift shop 3. museum exhibit 4. locker rooms 5. pool 7. cafe 8. kayak rental 9. aquarium
  31. 31. kayak museum center the concept started to take shape with the flowing bridge element jetting down the exhibit; giving the vistors a ride with surrounding facinating views.
  32. 32. kayak museum center the exhibits bridge takes on its deminsions and correlating views with the structures windows and garage doors. whether walking on top or walking beneath, enticing glimpses enteract the viewer with the exhibit.
  33. 33. kayak museum center
  34. 34. the main element in the exhibit takes a charactor of a bridge; as you climb to the top gaze out of the windows, look down at the kayaks beneath your feet or look up at the kayaks attached to the water channels above your head present an exhilerating experience. the pool is surrounded by a wall with enclosed cascading water, creating visual stimulation enhanced with a hint of natures calming melody.
  35. 35. kayak museum center top: the cafe is enviting with an elegant feel, encompassed by tear drop pendant lighting, aqurium and outdoor seating. bottom: the front desk has brushed metal counters accompanied by water like marble floors and columns.
  36. 36. kayak museum center water flowing above and illuminating displays of kayaks orchestrate the space around the wonderful fluid bridge. each part of the carefully designed bridge has distinctive views constructing an euphoric adventure.
  37. 37. thank you