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Promoting Positive Lifestyles Mar 2012 - Positive Public Image

  1. 1. Promoting Positive People & Positive Living Positive Public Image, Inc.
  2. 2. Test…………….As editorial and promotional photojournalists, our mission is to publicly champion individuals, businesses, sponsors, communityorganizations and events that demonstrate positive values and lifestyles. We hope you will choose to do business with us! Positive Public Image, Inc.
  3. 3. Do We Eat to Survive, or Feed Our Self Image? Aug 10, 2011 “A squirrel in the wild eats to survive, and so dopeople. But in our quest to control our home andwork environments, we sometimes find ourselveseating to feed our self images. So, how do you see yourself today?Since our eating behavior is guided by how we trulysee ourselves, and we want to change or ingrain aneating habit, why not first try changing our selfimage? That way, when we are free to makemarginal food decisions (i.e., What should I eatnow, or Shall I have another piece of my favoritecake?), instinctively and automatically we cansubliminally "check in" with the self image wecreated that works best for us..... Many Southern U.S. states successfully nurtureobesity, as compared to other U.S.regions, depicted on CDC map……. Just a little food for thought: Its good to "eatlike a healthy animal", but first you may want tofigure out "which animal you want to be", thentake it to heart, and eat to your hearts content." you see, its all up to you, you could be betterthan you could be swinging on a star...."(J Burke and B Crosby) Positive Public Image, Inc.
  4. 4. Another Birthday…Who’s Counting? Nov 7, 2011 “There is nothing like having anotherbirthday to raise philosophical thoughts ofmortality--or positively speaking, thepossibility of “immortality”. The case is stillout as to whether human immortality iseven achievable; at themoment, immortality can only beattributed to the Turritopsisnutricula[i], otherwise known as the“immortal jellyfish”. This jellyfish revertsback to a juvenile form after becomingsexually mature, so in its continuing cycle oflife stages, its exact age isuntraceable…hence, immortal.“…….We heard the other day that the firstperson who will live to be 150 is alreadyalive.[iii] Fifty years ago, a statement likethat belonged in a science fiction novel, buttoday our reaction is simply, “I wonder whoit is!........................(cont’d)” Positive Public Image, Inc.
  5. 5. Another Birthday…Who’s Counting? Nov 7, 2011 “(cont’d) ……. Probably the first thing to come our way will be affordable “anti-aging” breakthroughs. And the result? We may not live a whole lot longer, but we will look pretty darn good all the way until the end! Ok, we won’t pretend that this doesn’t intrigue us, because we just don’t feel very old! …….When you are as happy with life as we are, we view even our age as a positive thing in our life— “healthy aging” we call it. And the idea that living beyond what is considered to be the normal “limits” is a target we have already identified as one that we want to achieve!………….(cont’d) Positive Public Image, Inc.
  6. 6. Another Birthday…Who’s Counting? Nov 7, 2011 “(cont’d) …….In many ways I feel younger now than I did in my mid-thirties, when the responsibilities of raising kids was always at the forefront of my decisions and choices. Now with kids grown, and grandkids growing, I have finally figured out how to be a better partner and have been blessed with a terrific partner that feels the same way I do. Living things move, and we keep moving! We both spend our days working and playing, learning new things, going new places, surrounding ourselves with positive family and friends, keeping us internally younger than our years”…………(cont’d) Positive Public Image, Inc.
  7. 7. Another Birthday…Who’s Counting? Nov 7, 2011 “ (cont’d) ……..As baby boomers, we have experienced back to back decades of amazing technological breakthroughs, and have both grown up believing that most things are achievable, when just enough “elbow grease” is applied. The “elbow grease” we currently use is our mutual encouragement to learn new things, fueled by our passion to experience more life adventures together. Most of our days end wishing there were a few more hours left—we still have so much stuff left to do! Perhaps the real “Fountain of Youth” is simply this spirit of youth, keeping us younger than our years. That being the case, we definitely expect to “live long and prosper”!” Positive Public Image, Inc.
  8. 8. Positive Prescription for Healthy Aging “Most of us over 50 share the desire to both“feel” Nov 21, 2011and “look” good, and hopefully we also look youngerthan we really are! As we noted in our article“Another Birthday…Who’s Counting?” it does notseem likely that immortality will be an option forpeople during our lifetime. Since we both like tohave as much control of our lifestyle as possible, thepositive thing to do was load up the car and “RoadTrip here we come”! So we set off last week for the Anti-Aging &Healthy Living Expo in Melbourne, Florida. Ourtarget: to find more positive solutions for our ownhealthy aging, and then promote them to our fans….. We left the Expo, and walked outside of thehotel. Our ears perked up and our steps quickenedas we heard live music drifting our way through thebreezy November sea air. We quickly found ourpositive balance, and taking our own healthy agingprescription and advice to heart, we dancedtogether on the beach as the sun wassetting. Ahhhh.....the spirit of youth: we feelyounger already!” Positive Public Image, Inc.
  9. 9. Christmas and Family: God Bless Us Everyone Dec 25, 2011 “During this time of miracles, it’spretty amazing that large families within-laws and outlaws can come togetherpeacefully from multiple directions, tomeet in one place for a few hours.Husbands have their immediatefamilies, and wives have theirs. Childrenfrom previous marriages with two setsof households create a wishboneeffect. If the children have children, getout the abacus! And, if a familymember just got engaged, thisChristmas they received invitationsfrom at least two households. The three kings came from afar, butthey were not southern fireman! Somefamilies come from afar, but not talkingabout geography here either. Thing is,in our large family, the greater the agedisparity, the further apart we are inlifestyle, expectations, obligations, orwhat is considered cool……..(cont’d)” Positive Public Image, Inc.
  10. 10. Christmas and Family: God Bless Us Everyone “ (cont’d)……..It mostly works out though. Dec 25, 2011Maybe its the hunger for good food and semi-witty banter. Maybe its the exchange of presentsin a carnival but thankful atmosphere. Maybe itsthe family ping pong championship, and thesatisfaction of beating up on someone bigger thanyou. Maybe its the ensuing popcorn fight, orchasing around with suction dart guns (not justthe children either). There are Secret Santa andDirty Santa gift exchanges to contend with, wheresomeone always ends up with re-gifted last yearsfruitcake, or a 10lb bag of birdseed. Some thingsyou can count on. Maybe thats the point. With technology changing weekly (excuseme, daily), kids growing up faster than a speedingbullet, and the passing of friends while thebirthing of others... maybe we all unknowinglyappreciate a positive constant on which we candepend.Whether you believe in Christmas, orHanukkah, change of seasons, or sanctity offamily, we wish for you special strength and hopethat comes from your belief, and that it works as aconstant for you and your family!” Positive Public Image, Inc.
  11. 11. "To Resolve or Not to Resolve?” That is the Question! Dec 20, 2011 “The month of January is named after Janus, themythical Roman king (153 B.C.). King Janus had twofaces: he could look backward to past events andlook forward into the future. So January became atime for resolutions. Hmmm...wonder if othermonths should have two faces as well! Anyway, January 1st is just around the corner, andpeople tend to make resolutions and plans whenthey have something to look forward to, careabout, or feel passionate about. So heres our plan ofattack. After diligent on-line chatting and surfing, welearned last years top 5 resolutions:• Stop smoking• Drink less• Get more exercise• Go on a diet• Not to make resolutions at all--dont even try…that sucks!………………….(cont’d)” Positive Public Image, Inc.
  12. 12. "To Resolve or Not to Resolve?” That is the Question! Dec 20, 2011 “(cont’d) ……So what do youlook forward to; what are youpassionate about? What do youwant to make happen this nextyear? After all, we believe you can"Make Life What You Want": If abeautiful castle can be made ofsand, what can you make of yourlife when you truly believe you can"Make Life What You Want"? For us, the best resolution thiscoming year is simple! “Choose tobe POSITIVE”. We plan to fill ourcups and happily exhaust ourselveswith positive things. Then we won’thave room, time, or energy for thebad stuff… Work Smart, PlayOften, and Encourage Others…” Positive Public Image, Inc.
  13. 13. "Booming" Through Winter with a Positive View Jan 5, 2012 “Have to be honest here: Winter is not our favorite season. Both of us separately lived in cold (very cold!) snow country in previous years . We have paid our dues to what a “real winter” feels like, and last winter we even shared had a bit of fun during the brief Atlanta snowstorm. So you would think that this milder winter climate of Atlanta would go almost unnoticed to us…not!……………..(cont’d)” Positive Public Image, Inc.
  14. 14. "Booming" Through Winter with a Positive View “ (contd)……… A little internet research Jan 5, 2012 this morning surfaced an article on the “Science of the Cold” where we discovered that being cold is NOT a sign of us Boomers having bad circulation, or of premature aging. In fact, we are essentially (a little fanfare please!) “Tropical Animals”. Yes—now that’s what we’re talking about! “Humans are essentially tropical animals and are not equipped to deal with even mild cold. That we can live in cold climates is a result of behavioral adaptations such as wearing appropriate clothing and building shelters….” And, we might add, by overcoming common sense! Bodies hunched to keep warm, numb faces, slurred words from frozen lips, zero color coordination and so many layers you forgot what you put on 3 layers ago!”…………….(cont’d) Positive Public Image, Inc.
  15. 15. "Booming" Through Winter with a Positive View Jan 5, 2012 “(cont’d)……We positively loveSpring in Atlanta!The mid-day warm spring sunencourages us that Summer is justaround the corner. Piedmont Park onour bikes and picture taking atBotanical Gardens are both part of oureditorial calendar and a must for theseason.Summer sends long daylight hours ourway, giving us more time to play.The 4thof July finds us sidestepping allthe discarded paper cups during as wewalk-run the course of the PeachtreeRoad Race; and summer just wouldn’tbe summer without a family trip towatch the Stone Mountain LaserShow...(cont’d)” Positive Public Image, Inc.
  16. 16. "Booming" Through Winter with a Positive View ( Cont’d)………“Fall days often give us a lingeringwarmth, reminding us of our summer pleasures. Jan 5, 2012 All this enjoyment culminates in the wonderfulholiday season with family and friends, ending just asWinter sets in--what to do until our beloved Springarrives? So here’s the Plan. This Winter we have alreadyplaced positive targets along our path, carrots tomotivate us and spur us on through this Winter’sjourney: We joined a gym just around thecorner, Planet Fitness, where we make dates witheach other to work out; we joined a Winter Tennisteam, generating enough physical activity to keepour blood flowing even on the coldest day; wescheduled a trip to Arizona to visit Dad in a fewweeks; and we will be celebrating Bill’s 65th birthdaywith family and friends in mid-February. Top this off with a 3 day weekend at the beach inMarch, with warm breezes, seagulls and rhythmicwaves to surround us. Oh yeah, and just sharing thiswith all our readers is pretty good winter medicineas well. Spring here we come!” Positive Public Image, Inc.
  17. 17. Mix Work With Play – How’s Your Yin-Yang? Feb 26, 2012 “Work is serious “sh**! It is thatfocused, rigid, goal-directedresponsibility, accomplished by mature, disciplinedadults. On the other hand, Play isfrivolous, flirtatious, and fun, performed byimmature, silly, whimsical children…right? Is thiswhat “getting older” for us Boomers is allabout? Hope Not! .........Do you catch yourself at the end of each workweek saying, "Thank God its Friday", or getting alltingly over the rebel shout, "Road Trip!!” And try this shoe on: Could we contribute to"Whirled Peas" (check out our previous blog), if wemade "play" just as much part of our daily lifestyleas work is, no matter what our age? Wikipidiadefines Yin-Yang as “complementary opposites thatinteract within a greater whole, as part of a dynamicsystem…” We’ve found that mixing work and playtogether keeps us positive, balanced, young andhappy…simply put, we got Yin-Yang out theWazoo!……..(cont’d)” Positive Public Image, Inc.
  18. 18. Mix Work With Play – How’s Your Yin-Yang? Feb 26, 2012 “ (cont’d)……So who says we have to work now and play later? In our blog “Booming Through Winter with a Positive View” we mentioned our plans for a visit out west to see family and friends--a little rejuvenation and play, a little time to smell the roses-- or should we say cactus? Talk about an adult playground: what better place to play than…Viva Las Vegas, Baby! And you just never know where a client may turn up--ever try networking with Elvis and Big Bird (check out our video)?!……(cont’d)” Positive Public Image, Inc.
  19. 19. Mix Work With Play – How’s Your Yin-Yang? Feb 26, 2012 “ (con’td) ………..Another stop in the Mohave Desert to meet “Joshua” further convinced us that the spirit of youth is alive and well. Joshua (tree) manages to survive in the desert for thousands of years, and since Joshua lacks annual growth rings, you can’t even tell if Joshua is 10, 100 or 1,000! We think this is what mixing work and play does for us: it eliminates all those worry lines (growth rings) that we get that instantly age us-- that “frayed around the edges” look we all get when we are "all work and no play!.......(cont’d) "Positive Public Image, Inc.
  20. 20. Mix Work With Play – How’s Your Yin-Yang? “ (cont’d) …..Now for a rejuvenating Feb 26, 2012 stop to visit Dad, who, just like Joshua, doesn’t show any “growth rings”. He will be 89 in a couple of weeks and he is still going strong. His overall appearance is one of a man much younger in years. In fact you have to look really hard to find any wrinkles at all on his face! His positive daily routine mixes work with play. He fully takes care of himself and home, and offers assistance to many neighbors, friends, and girlfriend Nancy. And yes he plays: cards, books, socializing, clever, semi witty conversations, outings, and his favorite: the casinos! He seems to have found his positive balance of work and play. So, tell us: Have you found that positive mix of work and play that nurtures your spirit of youth--what’s in your Yin-Yang?” Positive Public Image, Inc.
  21. 21. Just Turned 65…So What? “It is the year 2012. I like walking hand in hand on Feb 15, 2012the beach at sunset; but not pina coladas. I like longslow wet kisses that last for three days, the themesong from Rocky, and the sound of a well strucktennis ball. Im happily married with 3 kids and 4 grandkids;and Im being truthful about the happily marriedpart--not just because my wife is reading this, butbecause we both know how to keep smiles on eachothers faces……………”“…….Today is my 65th birthday, and I have lots ofcompany. Did you know that for the next 17 yearsboomers will continue to turn 65 at a rate of 8,000per day, and today 13% of the US population is 65 orolder. By 2030, people 65 and over will make upnearly 20% of the US population... almost one in fiveof us. And heres one I like: The first person to live to be150 has likely already been born! We will transformthe institution of retirement, as we have transformedother aspects of American life…..(cont’d) ” Positive Public Image, Inc.
  22. 22. Just Turned 65…So What? Feb 15, 2012 “ (cont’d) ………How will thistransformation affect you? Todayseconomy is showing faint signs ofrecovery, but the worlds recessionarytsunami already damaged the land. Ourretirement nest eggs are cracked, andits "Hi ho, Hi Ho", back to workBoomers go…………” Half of us expect to work at leastpart-time when we "retire". Well haveoffices in our homes, high speedinternet, computers, and smart phones.Well buy homes at beaches, mountainsand college towns, where physical andintellectual action is the place to be. Wehave a renewed interest in health andfitness, because we have to keep upwith our realigned passions and goals.We not only retire FROM something;we retire TO something!.....(cont’d)” Positive Public Image, Inc.
  23. 23. Just Turned 65…So What? Feb 15, 2012 “ (cont’d) …….all of my running and all of my cunning, ledme to a couple of positive light bulb moments: Work smart, play often, and encourage others. Create value for yourself and others. It feels good. Surround yourself with positive people, events and places. They help make life worth living, and they are fun to watch. Make your healthy decisions a lifestyle; not just the beginning of a diet or fad. Laugh at stuff... yourself mostly. All living things move. Shake your booty, and keep moving. Maintain your spirit of youth. Remember what it was like when you first saw the ocean, or accidently stepped bare footed onto a bee? Tell her you love her, and hang on for the ride of your life. Keep learning! Do new things, and get better at something; even if its playing the guitar. Eat and drink things that boost your lifestyle; not weigh it down. Smile, and people smile back. Walk with a "feel good" posture, and youll feel better. "Things are literally looking up." Above all, never try to light 65 candles at one time!” Positive Public Image, Inc.
  24. 24. “Younger Than Spring Time" - Boomers in Bloom Mar 15, 2012 “Its Spring, a light- hearted, lyrical time for Snoopys Spring Dance to celebrate life! Spring is hope, natures rejuvenation right before our eyes. What lyrics put Spring in your step? How about, "Its a lusty time of year when everyone goes blissfully astray." Get ready: theres more…. (cont’d)” Positive Public Image, Inc.
  25. 25. “Younger Than Spring Time" - Boomers in Bloom Mar 15, 2012 “(cont’d) ………Walk outside and enjoy this "brief shining moment". Buds pop out on hardwoods, and flowers birth themselves from "far beneath the bitter snow". Just remember, "In the Spring becomes the rose." Tears of joy even well to the eyes of Rogers and Hammerstein, Buffett and the Beatles. No denying, we Baby Boomers are infatuated by rejuvenation, and in love with our music; hence, the spectrum between searching for the Holy Grail, and gyrating to upbeat rhythms and motivational lyrics…..(cont’d)” Positive Public Image, Inc.
  26. 26. “Younger Than Spring Time" - Boomers in Bloom Mar 15, 2012 “ (cont’d) ……….Boomers, a positive lot, believe that with "high apple pie, in the sky hopes" we can go "beyond where no man has gone". We just combine available knowledge, common sense, and "a little bit of luck", to bloom into a life embracing, rejuvenated giant bean stalk, and live happily ever after. You know... eat right, exercise and enjoy life…….(cont’d) ” Positive Public Image, Inc.
  27. 27. “Younger Than Spring Time" - Boomers in Bloom “ (cont’d) ………We choose to work Mar 15, 2012smart, play often, encourage others, laughat ourselves, look both ways beforecrossing the street, drink lots ofDehydrogen Oxide, keep a song in ourheart, and surround ourselves withpositive, active people. Find yourself a friend, "somebody tolove", or better yet a friend with benefits.Play "all along the waterfall"...Enjoy theSpring…Rejuvenate! Dance andgiggle. Laugh and squirm. "Turn it allabout". "Twist and Shout". "Feel it in yourfingers, and feel it in your toes". "Its awonderful day"! If there is a song called, "Health-E forLife", and we can dance to it, Im sure it willsoon be a number one Baby Boomer hit.What songs make you feel like Spring is inthe air, and put "Locomotion" in yourstep? What song makes you feel “Youngerthan Springtime"?” Positive Public Image, Inc.
  28. 28. Active Positive People Flock Together - But Where? Mar 26, 2012 “Surround yourself with ActivePositive People (APP)! "Birds of afeather flock together." "Survival ofthe fittest." Sounds a little violent,but picture this: crossbreed theseclassic “one liners,” and what do youget? An optimistic, physically andmentally fit, friendly bird, with apositive electrode hooked to its tail,possessing advanced skills tosurvive. So, what kind of bird are you?Are you a unique species, withcolorful plumage? Animal,vegetable, or perhaps like us, youare a Baby Boomer…or even better,are you an Active PositivePerson?...........” Positive Public Image, Inc.
  29. 29. Active Positive People Flock Together - But Where? Mar 26, 2012 “ (cont’d) …..We often identify ourselvesas “Boomers,” since we fit the age criteria,born between 1945 and 1964. But we alsostrive to be Active Positive People…henceour search for other APP with whom to“flock”. We started our search with our proudbunch of fellow Boomer hooligans. Butalas, we only found some of our Boomerpeers to be positively motivated, whileothers were content to “sit down, settledown and slow down.” So we keptlooking...(cont’d)” Positive Public Image, Inc.
  30. 30. Active Positive People Flock Together - But Where? Mar 26, 2012 “ (cont’d)……. It finally hit us inthe face that chronology in itselfdoes not account for a positiveview on life. Anyone can bepositive and active, withopportunities to embrace,challenges to surmount, history toinfluence, and people love. Yes,some of these folks definitely arefellow Baby Boomers, but we havefound many APP of all differentages. "Rich” in life experiences, why not take advantage of years of accumulated knowledge, apply it to something about which you are passionate, challenge yourself to learn something new, conquer a fear; or fill your plate with more things than there are hours in each day? Aging is inevitable, but the rate of aging is not! “Do not go gentle into that good night”…….(cont’d) ” Positive Public Image, Inc.
  31. 31. Active Positive People Flock Together - But Where? Mar 26, 2012 “ (cont’d)…..Try this definition onfor size: Active Positive People aresocial beings, with positive attitudesand passions, creating value forthemselves and others. ActivePositive People make life decisionsthat better themselves, andencourage others to do the same; adefinition that alludes to what youare today, where you are going andthe type of influencer you choose tobe. Today’s world needs to havemore active positive people, don’tyou agree? They are fun to watchand they encourage us all! Webelieve that soaring with APP is agood flight plan and survivalstrategy. Maybe you do too. Tell usabout Active Positive People in yourin your life, and lets encourage allof our “fine feathered friends”! Positive Public Image, Inc.
  32. 32. Positive Public Image, Inc.