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Why do small businesses need to be on social media?


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In a world where the Internet and technology continue to evolve and influence the way we buy and sell, there are still far too many small businesses without an online presence.

This slideshow exposes Canadian consumer habits and reveals why the Internet and social media are a valuable part of business. Though consumer habits presented are from Canada, they do closely resemble habits in the United States.

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Why do small businesses need to be on social media?

  1. 1. @SuitYourTarget #SYTTips Why do small businesses need to be on Social Media? And building a consistent online presence
  2. 2. @SuitYourTarget #SYTTips First, Consumer habits Canadians: • Take the lead in social network use • Are early adopters of the Internet - in the top 3 • Rank highest in consuming online videos • Rely on the Internet to help make buying decisions
  3. 3. @SuitYourTarget #SYTTips Canadians: • Visit 3500 to 4000 webpages per month • Use social media multiple times per day • Are influenced 70% by online reviews • Make most buying decisions before ever approaching a business
  4. 4. @SuitYourTarget #SYTTips Did you Know? 75% of Canadian small businesses currently experience a negative hit to their bottom line, and many don’t even realize it! • Less than half of Canadian small businesses are online • Of those businesses that are online, only half are consistently active
  5. 5. @SuitYourTarget #SYTTips Why small businesses need Social Media • Social media platforms come up first in Google search results • 75% of consumers engage on social media and search the Internet before making a buying decision • To build influence that nurtures future buying decisions • To manage their brand and reputation online before someone else does • Respond to online reviews, questions and concerns • Be the go-to Subject Matter Expert for their niche • Positively impact the bottom line and future business growth
  6. 6. @SuitYourTarget #SYTTips So What is Social Media? It’s a major part of the marketing toolkit that builds exposure, attracts customers, shapes relationships, and develops trust. KNOW – LIKE - TRUST It can consist of: • Websites and blogs • Social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram • Multimedia tools like mobile marketing, live video streaming and podcasts • Shared content like text, images, memes, and videos
  7. 7. @SuitYourTarget #SYTTips What are the Benefits of Social Media? For Businesses • Increased brand awareness • Boosted brand authority • Improved brand loyalty • Insight into target market & competition • Inexpensive marketing & promotion • Brand message control For Consumers • Build product/service understanding • Influence buying decision from the comfort of home • See broader buying options - globally • Find retailer information, unique selling position, offers, prices, etc.
  8. 8. @SuitYourTarget #SYTTips It’s not just about sales and spewing ‘stuff’ Relationship marketing is vital in our continually evolving marketplace • People are turned off by pitchy and pushy sales tactics • Consumers reject and ignore traditional advertising • People buy from people they know, like and trust • Consumers want to know that they and their money are appreciated
  9. 9. @SuitYourTarget #SYTTips Are you Apprehensive about getting online? Consider: • Your competition already is, which means they’re getting the business you’re losing. • Potential losses to your business are significant, and they will continue as long as people can’t find you in online searches. • The Internet is not going away. Technology and social media will continue to shape the way we buy and sell.
  10. 10. @SuitYourTarget #SYTTips Internet, social media, and relationship marketing are awesome tools to introduce you, your products and services, and establish your business as the best option for your target audience. The sooner you activate them consistently, the sooner you engage buyers and reap what you sow. For help contact Sheri Bambrough at Suit Your Target.