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Provider licensing and Accreditation Services

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Mayhac Promotional Pp

  1. 1. Maynard Health Care Access & Consulting Policy and Procedure for Accreditation, Certification, and ComplianceSpecialists in the area of Home health, Pediatrics, Medicaid & Medicare
  2. 2. When Only True Professionalism Will Do• MayHAC has been providing compliance support to health care organizations for several years and our success rate stands at 100%• We provide you with the policies, training, and support you need to get and maintain your license.• We also provide access and guidance regarding legal services, accreditation, and marketing.
  3. 3. Policy & ProcedureUnlike cookie-cutter firms, MayHAC develops policy and procedure manuals with the individual provider in mind. Our starter-interview packet ensures individual attention and client-specific design.Policy manuals are compliant with all state guidelines and include options for upgrading and review.
  4. 4. Training• MayHAC offers a standard training package with all orders.• Optional extensive training is available for those providers who want to ensure business and regulatory success.• On-going training is available monthly for drop-in or streaming convenience.• Our training offers a more in-dept analysis than most state training.
  5. 5. • Product Accuracy Your Silent Partner • Cross-checking toMayHAC is with youthroughout the ensure adherence to allcredentialing process. state & federalWe offer:•Free policy updates, regulationsshould your state’sregulations change • Continuous support; weduring the surveyprocess. don’t impose our•Fax-on-demand for any standards, we help youadditional policychanges you’d like to develop your own to bemake.•A real-time phone compliant andconsult on the day ofyour survey, should you successful.need us.
  6. 6. PRICINGProduct/Service Other on-line MayHAC productsInitial Investment $10,000.00 $7000.00Pol. & Procedure $2000.00 $1700.00PackageComplete Agency $4000.00 $3000.00OperationspackageCHAPS Self Study $3500.00 $2500.00ACHC Accreditation $6950 Free of ChargeStandardsIndividual policies $400-$800.00 $399.00 flat rateTotal $26,850.00 $14,599.00
  7. 7. About MayHACEveryday, providers all over the U.S. rely on MayHAC Corporations consulting services to provide guidance and support with todays many challenges to health care. MayHAC not only finds solutions, we seize opportunities for the growing provider. We develop policies that will get you your license. We follow that up with training and support to ensure your future success. Unique approaches to a changing field allow MayHAC consultants the flexibility of designing a compliance strategy that is sustainable for the new as well as the veteran provider. Consultants keep two goals in mind for the providers we serve; growth and compliance. We take all the guess work out of licensing. To ensure continued success, we train every member of the providers team. Here is where you start learning how to maintain standards, profitability, and growth. If youre considering applying as a Private Duty or Medicaid provider, don’t go it alone . . GET MAYHAC.
  8. 8. Contact usWeb: http://mayhac.comPh: