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Syllabus for Social Media Practices

Syllabus for Fall 2014 version of Social Media Practices, a course I developed in 2012.

Some course materials now available here:

I'm teaching Social Media Practices for the 4th time this Fall. It's a work-in-progress because of the ever-evolving world of social and mobile media technology. I don't include a course calendar in the syllabus itself, although I do provide readings for each topic distribute those through a shared Google doc and and post the readings on the students' course website: I use that site to help each students how to use the basics of WordPress.

If you're interested in connecting on LinkedIn, hit me up: /shereem but please include a reference to how you found me, so I don't think you're a random stranger.

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Syllabus for Social Media Practices

  1. 1. JMC 380:01 Social Media Practices is about ... ...the STRATEGIC use of content + storytelling + social tools to build and maintain relationships. These are just a few of the social tools we’ll explore. Fall 2014
  2. 2. What You’ll Do In This Class Explore. [En]Vision. Analyze. Plan. Do. Research, discover and analyze effective social media practices for businesses, nonprofits and personal networking. Research and explore the many social Tools available for Telling Stories & building relationships. Get creative and imagine new ways to use social media to build relationships. Learn about social metrics and the tools available for evaluating the effectiveness of social business efforts. Share your findings via the class blog, class presentations and social media. Run a short-term social media campaign for a real client to gain practical understanding of tactics and metrics. Apply your ideas and insights by writing an in-depth content marketing + social media plan.
  3. 3. Instructor Info: Dr. Sheree Martin Email: Office: UCA 204 Office Phone: 726-2394 Office Hours, Fall 2014: MWF: 10:30 - 11:30 a.m. T/Th: 2:05 - 3:05 p.m. And By Appointment A few of my social links: Twitter: @RealSheree LinkedIn: Google+: Instagram: @Shinecast YouTube: Tech Stuff You’ll Need for Class --One of these (not all, but at least one) Mobile Wifi Device with these installed: Chrome or Firefox browser Kindle Reader You’ll also need to be willing to establish and maintain accounts with a bunch of social media networks and applications.
  4. 4. Required History + Context You can find what you need from The Cluetrain Manifesto free online: Recommended Context, Strategy Theory & Strategy Tactics & Best Practices You will be assigned readings, podcasts and videos on a regular basis. Due to the rapidly-changing nature of the social landscape, these are assigned and scheduled via in-class announcements.
  5. 5. Highly Recommended* Subscribe, follow, read. --At least weekly. *This is not a complete list.
  6. 6. Assignments & Grading Research & Case Studies (2 x 10% each = 20%) You will explore, research and present two case studies. Topics to be assigned in class. Social Profile (10%) You will create a personal background and profile summary for LinkedIn, an page, and Twitter biography. Podcast Project (10%) You will work with a partner to produce a 20-minute podcast episode on a topic that you define. Twitter Nuggets (10%) You must tweet 10 useful social media tips during the semester, using assigned hashtags & tag @RealSheree. In-Class Nuggets (Lighting Presentations) (10%) You must present 3 social media discoveries or tips over the course of the semester. You will sign up in class for your presentation dates and general topics. Content Marketing & Social Media Plan (20%) You will work with a team of three classmates to apply what you’ve learned. Together, you will produce a comprehensive content marketing and social media plan. Attendance & General Participation (10%) Includes possible pop quizzes based on assigned readings. Final Exam (10%) Wednesday, December 10, at 10:30 a.m. we will convene in UCA Room 108 for a final exam. You will describe in writing 10 things you’ve learned this semester in social media practices. Class Blog:
  7. 7. The Fine Print Letter grades for the course will be determined by total points earned in the categories above as a percentage of total possible points, using the following scale: A 93% - Above A- 90-92% B+ 87-89% B 83-86% B- 80-82% C+ 77-79% C 73-76% C- 70-72% D+ 67-69% D 63-66% D- 60-62% F 59% & Below Class Meeting Time & Room Assignment Our class is scheduled to meet in UCA 109 on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 10:30 - 11:35 a.m. Screen Names If you prefer to blog and/or tweet or otherwise use an anonymous screen name, that is permissible for this course. However, you must give the instructor your screen name for purposes of course grading and assessment and give permission for the instructor to add your Twitter account to a Twitter list that will be used during the semester. You are not required to USE the social bios you create, but you are required to create them. Attendance • Attendance is expected and required. Unexcused absences will result in a zero (no points) for any in-class exercise given that day. You will get out of this course what you put into it. • If you are absent for official university business (such as participation in Samford athletics, debate competition, etc.) this will qualify as an excused absence if you provide verification of your participation in such an event. • Consideration will be given for documented emergencies beyond your control—primarily medical— provided these emergencies are documented or verified. • Vacations, family trips, early departure/late return from holidays, and work schedules do not qualify as excused absences. • Punctuality and participation in class discussion are also critical. Frequent ate arrivals can (and likely will) affect the participation portion of your grade. Canceling Classes Inclement weather or other events beyond the control of Samford University, such as pandemic illness, may occasionally result in changes to normal university operations, including cancellation of classes or events or an adjustment to the schedule. It is the student’s responsibility to check for official university announcements that address such issues. Students With Disabilities If you are registered with Disability Resources (DR) and have your accommodation letter, please make an appointment with me as soon as possible to confidentially discuss accommodations that may be necessary. If you have a disability but have not contacted Disability Support Services, please call 726-2980/4078 or visit DR located within Career Development, Room 205 of the University Center. Academic Integrity As stated in the Samford University catalog, “students, upon enrollment, enter into voluntary association with Samford University. They must be willing to observe high standards of intellectual integrity; they must respect knowledge and practice academic honesty.” Unless specified otherwise, students are expected to do their own independent work, and to refrain from cheating, copying or plagiarizing the work of others. When drawing from various resources for assignments, students must provide citations, footnotes and bibliographic information. For more information on the new Academic Integrity Policy, visit: