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Patent Wars


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Patent Wars

  1. 1. Patent WarsWhy tech titans are fighting over intellectual property
  2. 2. Recent “wars”...• Yahoo! sued Facebook in January, claiming 10 patents related to advertising privacy controls, photo tagging and more• Facebook has countersued Yahoo! for its “shortsighted decision to prioritize litigation over innovation• Tech giant Oracle sued Google in 2010, charging that its Android mobile OS infringed Oracle’s Java-related patents• Apple has sued both Motorola and Samsung over dozens of Android patents
  3. 3. ... And pacts• Microsoft paid $1.1 billion to AOL for 800 patents related to advertising, search, mapping and multimedia• Apple and other firms shelled out $4.5 billion for Nortel’s 6000 patents, which cover mobile design, wireless, data networking and more• Google ponied up $12.5 billion for Motorola Mobility and its 17000 patents, including some for mobile devices, wireless networking and security
  4. 4. Question at Issue• Tech companies are spending large amounts of money to purchase patents and software• E.g. Facebook’s purchase of Instagram for $1 billion
  5. 5. Purpose• Companies want to grow economically and pinpoint successful ventures in order to earn the revenue generated by these ventures• Companies observe similarities in software, design and operation and want to make their products more exclusive to its consumers by eliminating their competitors
  6. 6. Implications and• Domination of tech markets by large companies with stable economies• “Innovations” steered towards catering to a particular company’s demands instead of customer welfare• Tech market becoming more political• Stock prices of tech giants increasing while those of small companies lose value (increased margin in market value)
  7. 7. P.O.V.• Point of view presented • Tech-savvy consumers • Economic observers and investors• Interest group represented • Teenagers and adults interested in technology • Stock market investors
  8. 8. My Point of View point of view• Tech giants purchasing companies and software may be a good thing as opportunities are provided for companies to develop better software with more funding• Even after the purchase, a company should not interfere excessively in the development of software, as this may lead to loss of innovation
  9. 9. Thank You!References: Time Magazine April 2012 Issue