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CV - Shelton Smith


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CV - Shelton Smith

  1. 1. Shelton Smith Curriculum Vitae 50 Walton Road, Clacton-On-Sea, Essex, CO15 6EB 07580672319 Personal Statement. I am a trustworthy and hardworking individual, who is looking for a permanent position, I am always dedicated to finishing tasks, I have a strong interest in ICT and computing, alongside ICT skills I have an interest for problem solving and learning languages, I currently am learning German and Korean in my spare time. I also have a high interest in the web element of Computing, in my spare time I run a YouTube channel which involves communicating with the audience of the videos in the comments section, editing the video, scripting the narration for the video and using Search Engine Optimisation in the Meta Data, running a YouTube channel requires a substantial amount of effort and skills, to list a few, the hobby requires computing skills with software such as Photoshop and video editors like Adobe Premiere Pro, excellent communication skills and taking feedback from the audience. I also have basic HTML coding skills as I have made several websites with online editors which involve editing different sections of the HTML code in order to add elements to the website and fix any errors that occur. I have many interests, a main interest of mine is interacting with many people on Twitter which helps me build friendships across the world, I also have a passion for Gaming, my YouTube channel is primarily focused on gaming which allows me to share my passion with many people in the world, alongside gaming, I like photo editing using Photoshop, using different effects and finding correct images to fit the specific idea that I wish to illustrate to anyone who views it. Twitter, YouTube and running a website all involve Marketing skills, in order to persuade visitors to these online profiles, I must use successful marketing, this means that with marketing skills, communication skills and excellent computer skills, I would suit jobs that entail these skills such as Customer Support or Telephone Marketing. My main subject of study is ICT, I study this subject because I look forward to a career either based around ICT or using computer systems, this is because I have a good understanding of IT and an even better interest in the subject, my specific areas of interest in IT is Web Design and using various software to create works of art. Skills. Firstly, during a gap in my academic year I undertaken some work experience for an Internet Cafe, here I learnt several skills in both computing and business, the business was fairly small which allowed me to lean every aspect of the business, whilst working there I learnt the following: An insight into removing personal data stored after computer use, counting and depositing money into the Business bank account, using a fax machine, ensuring that all computers were used correctly, checked equipment for damages, keeping the business premises running while the manager was away, creating business cards, inspecting sales graphs for irregular or false data, submitting new sales figures to the sales spreadsheet and running cleanup tools and antiviruses on the PC's.
  2. 2. Shelton Smith Curriculum Vitae 50 Walton Road, Clacton-On-Sea, Essex, CO15 6EB 07580672319 Education. BTEC Level 2 St Mark's Academy  Drama - Merit  ICT - Merit  Business Studies - Merit  Art & Design - Pass 09/2012 - 09/2013 GCSE St Mark's Academy  English Literature - D  Religious Studies - D  Mathematics - D  English – C BTEC Level 3  ICT Systems and Principles – Distinction Distinction  Business - Pass 09/2008 - 09/2013 Work. Work Experience Chivic London 19/03/2012 – 29/03/2012 This job included a variety of responsibilities, because it was a work experience placement, I worked alongside the manager in dealing with customers needs, booking customers' use of the Computers, clearing user data after the users’ use in order to comply with The Data Protection Act and various security checks on the systems to ensure user security. Interests & Hobbies. My main interest is computing, I am always involved around technology and computers, the internet is also an interest of mine, I enjoy interacting with many different personalities through the internet. My hobbies include Gaming, running a YouTube channel and running a Website. Achievements. I have several achievements in my life, here are the achievements, I performed in 3 live performances in the New Wimbledon Theatre, A Dickens of a Life. I taken part in the PISA International Education Survey for The Department Of Education. I completed the Junior Football Organisers Course. I received the award of Outstanding Achievement at a ceremony run by Merton Council and Greebot Donnely.
  3. 3. Shelton Smith Curriculum Vitae 50 Walton Road, Clacton-On-Sea, Essex, CO15 6EB 07580672319 Referees.  Currently Unavailable  Currently Unavailable