Integrating Digital Marketing Strategies Into Your Nonprofit (and Measuring ROI)


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Understanding digital marketing strategies is a critical component of success for businesses today. And nonprofit organizations and associations are businesses, too.

As such, they need to understand how to integrate digital media into their marketing efforts, how to use the power of social media to help with awareness, reach, community building and fundraising efforts and how to measure success.

This was a presentation that Shelly Kramer, CEO of Kansas City-based V3 Integrated Marketing gave in October of 2011 to a gathering of YMCA Chief Marketing Officers and Chief Technology Officers on digital media.

The presentation covered an overview of digital media, a discussion about how inbound marketing is dramatically different than outbound marketing, and a comparison of the costs of the two very different kinds of marketing tactics.

The presentation covered social media channels - like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and the corporate blog, and discussed how to integrate these channels into your overall marketing efforts - and how important that is.

Lastly, the presentation covered data and analysis and touched on the fact that having analytics and using them are two completely different things. Analytics and data can be the roadmap for any successful marketing (or fundraising) initiative. And they can play an integral role in analyzing the ROI of your marketing efforts - both traditional and those focused on utilizing social media channels and other inbound marketing strategies.

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Integrating Digital Marketing Strategies Into Your Nonprofit (and Measuring ROI)

  1. 1. Integrating DigitalMedia Into Your Not-For-Profit (+ Measuring ROI) Shelly Kramer CEO, V3 Integrated Marketing INTEGRATED MARKETING Vision + Voice + Value
  2. 2. Understand The Web of Today  Today’s  Website  
  3. 3. TraditionalMarketing DigitalMarketing
  4. 4. Traditional Marketing Print Ads Television Ads Events/Galas Direct Mail Email Blast
  5. 5. What The Heck Is Digital Marketing? Blogs Ebooks White Papers Videos Microgiving Campaigns SEO Social Media Webinars Feeds, RSS
  6. 6. Inbound Marketing is More Effective Outbound Ave. Cost Per Lead Inbound is $332 60% lower per lead Inbound Ave. Cost Per Lead $134 Source: State of Inbound Marketing Report -
  7. 7. Learn this, Live it ….
  8. 8. Is  Your  Client  
  9. 9. is  the  second  largest  search  engine   next  to  Google  with  790  million  unique  users  per  month.  Yup,  it’s  your   client,  too.  
  10. 10. Understand The Social Media Effect
  11. 11. Website BlogFacebook Twitter
  12. 12.   Skeptical?Median Ages on Social Media Sites 39 33 31
  13. 13. Social MediaWhy bother? 93% of people expect companies to have a social media presence
  14. 14. Primary  Social  Media  Objec6ves   27%   28%   Brand     Other   Awareness   Customer   Acquisi6on   Customer   Growth           19%   &  Loyalty   25%  Source:  2010  COLLOQUY  &  DMA  Social  Media  Study  
  15. 15. People has over 800 million registered users
  16. 16. People has overOver tweets per day
  17. 17. of users across all social mediaplatforms are 18 to 50 years of age
  18. 18. 35 years or older65% are 35 to 54
  19. 19. We’re a Wired Bunch51% Higher Than Average Email  
  20. 20. Let’s Talk Mobile93% of women surveyed feel they would be lostwithout their mobile device. Men like ‘em, too. MiBuys, May 2010 !
  21. 21. Mobile is Not Just SmartPhones...
  22. 22.  Mobile isTablets, too
  23. 23. Are You Paying Attention To This?
  24. 24. 5 % Less thanof businesses have mobile enabled websites
  25. 25. Most websites look fine on a desktop computer…
  26. 26. …or on a laptop.
  27. 27. Most desktop websites werenot designed to be viewedon the small screens ofmobile devices.Fonts can be too small,images are too small,navigation can be clunky,Flash won’t work, lengthypage loads, and the listgoes on and on.
  28. 28. 50 %of businesses have never checkedthe appearance or function of their website on a smartphone. Source: Fanminder – Mobile Marketing Survey (August, 2010)
  29. 29. Percentage of Smartphone owners accessing the Internet or email
  30. 30. Is your site mobile-ready?
  31. 31. Can YOURead This?
  32. 32. Is THISbetter?
  33. 33. How About This?
  34. 34. Is THIS Better?Or Worse?
  35. 35. Let’sRegroup
  36. 36. Social Media is for Leads and Sales Percentage of companies that have acquired a customer from: Facebook Twitter Company LinkedIn Blog 44% 41% 46% 41% Source: State of Inbound Marketing Report -
  37. 37. Does This Impact The YMCA andwhat you’re trying to DO?
  38. 38. YES!  Short answer …. (don’t leave yet)
  39. 39. Tactics to find new customers 2010   2011  Website   51% 85%Email  Offers  Own  List   - 74%Search   38% 74%Video   20% 54%
  40. 40. Tactics to find new customers 2010   2011  Coupon  Offers  (Groupon)   - 53%Mobile   - 49%TwiQer   27% 50%Facebook   43% 65%
  41. 41. Analytics: From Nemesis to Roadmap
  42. 42. Today’s Marketing – Numbers Based •  What and How •  Predict Growth, Trends •  The Competition •  What’s Working •  What’s Not
  43. 43. First Step – Know Thy Website •  Analyze Site Traffic •  Do Your Keyword Research •  Stalk the Competition •  SEO Content For Your Site
  44. 44. What’s the big deal about analytics? •  Want •  Care About •  Find You •  Do There •  Oops, What Did I Do?
  45. 45. Stats  =  Influence  +  Crediblity  How  Do  I  Measure  +  Show  Value  -­‐  hRp://  
  46. 46. Know Your Audience
  47. 47. Know Where Your Stuff Goes!
  48. 48. Your Stats Are Your Roadmap
  49. 49. Your Stats Are Your Roadmap
  50. 50. NOW,where’s the #$@*% ROI?
  51. 51. Settle Down
  52. 52. The Key is BENEFITS ort vs. Long Sh Financ ial vs. n-Fina ncial No
  53. 53. Before ROI, You Get This•  Increase in site traffic•  Increase in time spent on site•  Views of a specific landing page, blog post or offer•  Increased follower/like/friend base•  Increase in Share of Voice•  Increase in Positive Sentiment (this means they like you) (more)
  54. 54. And the Payoff…•  Increased revenue•  More leads•  Shorter sales cycles•  Lower customer acquisition costs•  Lower customer service costs•  Lower customer retention costs(Are You Happy Yet?)
  55. 55. Social Media Allows You to Do this:  Humanize your brand Engage directly with your donors Listen to them Provide service, answers Deepen and develop relationships Be transparent, gain trust Deliver what they need That’s pretty cool, isn’t it?  
  56. 56.  Social Mediums Can Help Here’s how you do it:  
  57. 57. YES!  Does it take time?
  58. 58. YES!  Does it cost money?
  59. 59. YES!  Does it work?
  60. 60. Resources We Love - ThinkTank
  61. 61. Resources We Love
  62. 62. Resources We Love - FrogLoop
  63. 63. NFPs Doing a Great Job
  64. 64. NFPs Doing a Great Job
  65. 65. NFPs Doing a Great Job
  66. 66. “It is not the strongest of thespecies that survives, nor themost intelligent that survives.It is the one that is the mostadaptable to change.” - Charles Darwin
  67. 67. Stalk Me … I don’t bite 816.200.2520   LinkedIn   Shelly  DeMoRe  Kramer  
  68. 68. INTEGRATED MARKETINGVision + Voice + Value