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Electric Sky 2017 and the Wondering Woods


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Electric Sky is an art and tech weekend retreat in the Cascade mountains. The goal of Electric Sky is to foster the art and tech community in the Pacific Northwest. Our creative efforts were organized around the theme "The Wondering Woods" -- what if the woods could sense you and respond? Electric Sky was brought to you by the non-profit Third Place Technologies and the art group Totally Legit, with the support of 4Culture and the Town of Skykomish. Learn more at See short video at:

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Electric Sky 2017 and the Wondering Woods

  1. 1. ELECTRIC SKY JUNE 2017 An art and tech weekend retreat with the goal of fostering the community of innovation at the intersection of art and technology in the Pacific Northwest. Postcard by Jeff Larson
  2. 2. §  Event production and creative lead: Shelly Farnham §  Design framework, infrastructure, signs, and lighting: The art group Totally Legit, including Jeff Larson, Greg Larson, and Shelly Farnham §  Group meal: Aly Tibbetts §  The setup and takedown crew: especially Ben Flaster, Lea Willingham §  Workshops: Carey Christie, Kevin Friberg §  Wondering Woods participants! SPECIAL THANKS Brought to you by: Made possible through the support of: photo by Leo Spizzirri
  3. 3. PART I: ELECTRIC SKY (the event) photo by Shelly Farnham
  4. 4. ART AND TECH COMMUNITY § A growing community of practice, with its own characteristics, best practices, needs § Art that is technology-mediated, or technology enhanced § Often interactive, participatory § Most innovative work tends to be collaborative, interdisciplinary Interactive Technology Interactive Art Internet Art Interactive Media New Media Art Electronic Art Electronic Media Cyber Art E.A.T.: Experiments in Arts and Technology Digital Art Interactive Media Art Media Arts Creative Technologies Art+Technology Light Art Generative Art Emergent Technology Intermedia Digital Media Experimental Art Technology Creatives photo by Bryan Ressler
  5. 5. § An art and tech weekend retreat § A mix of artists, technologists, makers, friends § In the Skykomish Ballpark, in the woods, on the river WHAT IS ELECTRIC SKY photo by Shelly Farnham
  6. 6. Foster interdisciplinary collaboration at the intersection of art and technology. Build community, develop best practices, provide life-long learning, push boundaries of innovation. MISSION photo by Leo Spizzirri
  7. 7. photo by Carey Christie 71 registered participants 12 kids 21 sponsored creatives +30-50 Sky Valley locals at the opening night party ATTENDANCE FOR 2017
  8. 8. immersive EVENT GOAL: BRIDGING ART & TECH COMMUNITIES photo by Carey Christie
  9. 9. collaborative photo by Shelly Farnham
  10. 10. communal photo by Leo Spizzirri
  11. 11. playful photo by Lea Willingham
  12. 12. emergent photo by Leo Spizzirri
  13. 13. EVENT GOAL: LIFE-LONG LEARNING workshops photo by Shelly Farnham
  14. 14. peer education
  15. 15. mentorship photo by Leo Spizzirri
  16. 16. open lab photo by Shelly Farnham
  17. 17. open lab
  18. 18. 24 hours, day and night photo by Josh Lind
  19. 19. setting up photo by Leo Spizzirriphoto by Leo Spizzirri
  20. 20. Time Vortex workshop EVENT GOAL: ENGAGING WITH THE ENVIRONMENT photo by Carey Christie
  21. 21. inspiring photo by Elizabeth Ostasiewski
  22. 22. EVENT GOAL: FINANCING TECHNOLOGY- BASED ART § Micro-grants to support collaborations § Non-profit, reduced costs through donated materials, volunteers photo by Shelly Farnham
  23. 23. PART II: THE WONDERING WOOD (the art)
  24. 24. § For 2017, collaborative efforts were organized around the theme called “The Wondering Woods” § Our basic design framework was to explore what if the trees could talk? What if they could sense you and respond? § We then recruited artists and technologists to participate, taking on elements of the theme ABOUT THE WONDERING WOODS photo by Jole Sack
  25. 25. THE WONDERING WOODS G poster by Jeff Larson Shared with the public as a one night installation, enjoyed by Electric Sky participants and people from the Skykomish river valley.
  26. 26. opening night party photo by Shelly Farnham
  27. 27. open to the public photo by Leo Spizzirri
  29. 29. photo by Lea Willingam
  30. 30. photo by Elizabeth Ostasiewski
  31. 31. photo by Lea Willingham
  32. 32. photo by Lea Willingham
  33. 33. photo by Leo Spizzirri
  34. 34. photo by Jole Sack
  35. 35. photo by Lea Willingham
  36. 36. photo by Elizabeth Ostasiewski
  37. 37. photo by Shelly Farnham
  38. 38. photo by Shelly Farnham
  39. 39. photo by Lea Willingham
  40. 40. photo by Bryan Ressler
  41. 41. photo by Leo Spizzirri
  42. 42. photo by Jole Sack
  43. 43. photo by Lea Willingham
  44. 44. photo by Elizabeth Ostasiewski
  45. 45. photo by Leo Spizzirri
  46. 46. photo by Bryan Ressler
  47. 47. photo by Shelly Farnham
  48. 48. photo by Lea Willingham
  49. 49. Photo by Jole Sack
  50. 50. photo by Lea Willingham
  51. 51. photo by Elizabeth Ostasiewski
  52. 52. photo by Jole Sack
  53. 53. photo by Jole Sack
  54. 54. photo by Lea Willingham
  55. 55. photo by Albert Hwang
  56. 56. photo by Albert Hwang
  57. 57. photo by Albert Hwang
  58. 58. photo by Shelly Farnham
  59. 59. photo by Shelly Farnham
  60. 60. photo by Jole Sack
  61. 61. photo by Leo Spizzirri
  62. 62. photo by Lea Willingham
  63. 63. photo by Elizabeth Ostasiewski
  64. 64. photo by Lea Willingham
  65. 65. photo by Bryan Ressler
  66. 66. photo by Lea Willingham
  67. 67. photo by Shelly Farnham
  68. 68. photo by Lea Willingham
  69. 69. photo by Bryan Ressler
  70. 70. photo by Jole Sack
  71. 71. photo by Shelly Farnham
  72. 72. photo by Lea Willingham
  73. 73. photo by Lea Willingham
  74. 74. photo by Lea Willingham
  75. 75. photo by Lea Willingham
  76. 76. photo by Jole Sack
  77. 77. photo by Lea Willingha
  78. 78. photo by Lea Willingham
  79. 79. Learn more at See a short video at Contact: See you next year! photo by Shelly Farnham