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Some examples of strategic alliances


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Published in: Business, Health & Medicine

Some examples of strategic alliances

  1. 1. Some examples of Strategic Alliances In R&D: Microsoft and Nokia - a software partnership for Nokia’s Windows Phones. o CISCO Systems’ agreement with China’s biggest on-line commercial company Alibaba, to explore business services for SMEs. o Claris (India) manufacturer of sterile injectables has an out-licensing agreement with pfizer to develop products for the US. Manufacture: Chrysler – Fiat partnership to build compact and subcompact jeeps o GSK – Dr. Reddy Labs: The Indian company will manufacture nearly 100 products mainly under GSK brand name for sale in some emerging markets. Marketing: Abbott (US)’s alliance with Zydus - Cadila of Ahmadabad whereby Abbott will license 24 branded generics of Zydus in 15 emerging markets. o WIPRO – GE joint venture to distribute approximately 85% of GE’s healthcare products and solutions in India. o Pfizer and Biocon: To market Biocon’s insulin biosimilar products in world markets. For Market Entry: Tommy Hilfiger / PHV group last October acquired a stake in Murjani group’s Arvind Murjani Brands in a possible move to bring the former’s brands into India o Transcend Information Inc, a global player in many telecom accessories has an agreement with Bharti Teletech to distribute the entire portfolio of Transcend products in India. For Sales: Nestle and General Mills (US) agreement whereby the product Honeynet Cheerios was made in General Mills’ US plants, shipped in bulk to Europe for packaging at a Nestle plant and then marketed in France, Spain and Portugal. Equity (participation) alliance o Ford’s 33.4% share in Mazda o Daimler Chysler’s acquisition of 34% in Mitsubishi