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  1. 1. & TRAINING EDUCATION In Business, Consumer & Interactive Marketing for Publishing, Advertising, Circulation & Editorial Management Thursday, June 12, 2003 Holiday Inn Chicago Mart Plaza Chicago, IL Staying Ahead of the Curve ... Business of Performing Audits
  2. 2. Staying Ahead of the Curve ...... Business of Performing Audits Dear Publishing and Advertising Professional: es virtually every month. That is why training In today’s fast-paced media environment, we face new, unexpected challeng and continuing education are more important than ever - they enable us to stay ahead of the curve. training in a single, unified environment for BPA International is the only circulation-auditing firm to offer comprehensive publishers, marketing directors, sales and circulation professionals. In conjunction with the ABM, ASBPE, MPA and MCA, we are pleased to offer BPA International University Thursday, June 12, 2003. and choose seminars from different tracks in The day is organized into several distinct “tracks.” But you are free to pick order to suit your education needs: Media Buying time to make decisions. Media buyers today confront an ever-expanding number of choices - and less Maximize Your Buying Opportunities helps media buyers understand the proper perspective of audited circulation in an effective media plan. Among the key points covered: • Developing Essential Tools for Media Planning • Analyzing Magazine Circulation • Understanding the Business/Occupational Demographics Advertising Sales ad space on behalf of their publications: This track is geared for those who are out in the marketplace every day selling • Steps to Success in Publishing Sales • Selling in Cyberspace Circulation Management nals are the following: Among the hands-on subjects for entry- and mid-level circulation professio • Developing and Maintaining Controlled Circulati on • Executing an Effective Telemarketing Campaign • Acquisition and Maintenance of Paid Circulation • The Economics of Paid Circulation • Working with Fulfillment Houses • How to Prepare for an Initial Circulation Audit • Strategic Planning: Testing & Budgeting Interactive Media ng medium has created a whole new set of The advent of the Internet as a viable information and commercial advertisi skills. Among the subjects covered in this track: • The Web and E-Mail • Using the Internet for Circulation • Web Advertising • Helpful Tips About Web Site Traffic Measurement and Audits Consumer Marketing • Direct Mail • What’s new on the Newsstand • Retention Marketing • Modeling Editorial Management • How to Enhance Readership • Developing an Editorial Advisory Board • Managing an Editorial Department • Working with Your Publisher Participate in this “must-attend” event and you will learn how to: • Understand the Web and its Value to • Develop Your Circulation for the 21st Century • Prepare for an Audit Publishers • Capitalize on Your Brand Strength • Increase Sales • Execute a Telemarketing Campaign Chicago, IL. We at BPA International look forward to seeing you June 12th in Sincerely yours, Glenn J. Hansen Gordon T. Hughes II Nina Link President & Chief Executive Officer President President BPA International ABM MPA Training & Education • Thursday, June 12, 2003 • Holiday Inn Chicago Mart Plaza • Chicago, IL
  3. 3. Detailed Agenda for BPA University register online 8:00 A.M. - 9:30 A.M. Registration Track 3 Circulation Management 8:00 A.M. - 8:45 A.M. Continental Breakfast D. Telemarketing for Paid Business Publications An Interactive discussion of effective telemarketing techniques 8:45 A.M. - 9:25 A.M. Welcome and Opening and realities for paid subscriber expires, control conversations, Remarks unpaid debt and prospect list’s. Selling and collecting a paid Glenn J. Hansen subscriber. Round table format of audience participation.This President and Chief Executive Officer session would be of interest to editors and publishers as well as BPA International circulation professionals. Robert Hamilton John Holden Chairman Vice President Telemark, Inc. American Business Media Track 4 Interactive Media 9:30 A.M. - 11:00 A.M. • Concurrent Sessions E. Using the Internet for Circulation Track 1 Media Training Electronic media in new subscriber and renewal campaigns; A. Maximize Your Buying Opportunities (Part 1) Methods of tracking sources on the web;Ways to use the medium; Email do’s and don’ts; How to increase click to your web Learn how to read, interpret and analyze a magazine’s circulation subscription form; Integrating direct mail and the web. statement, the importance of business and occupational Christine Oldenbrook demographics, and what to look for in audited figures before Vice President, Audience Marketing committing a client’s money. Learn how to identify your target Primedia Business market; the essential tools that are needed in media planning; how to analyze circulation and how to analyze a magazine’s editorial content. Track 5 Consumer Marketing This session is a must for media planners and buyers. Erin Rosiak F. Surviving & Succeeding in the Current Direct Mail Member Relations Manager Environment BPA International Direct mail is one of the most important – and expensive – of William Hebel subscription sources. This session will give you the tools you need to Media Consultant plan, implement and analyze direct mail successfully in the current Tina Stevens marketing environment. Training Manager Ed Fones SRDS President Fones Consulting Track 3 Circulation Management Track 6 Editorial Management B. Developing and Maintaining Controlled Circulation (Part 1) This session covers a variety of techniques for acquiring G. How To Organize Your Magazine To Enhance controlled subscriptions. Items to be discussed include: sources for Readership new name acquisition, identification of your universe, the use of In this session you'll learn how to communicate your editorial direct mail and telemarketing, and the application of BPA mission into a well-organized publication with easily accessible and International rules. useful information. We'll examine what the components of your Gloria Adams cover, table of contents, and sections within your magazine should Corporate Director, Audience Development be.You'll discover how the structure of your magazine can define PennWell Publishing your market and mission, all of which enables your reader to know exactly what your goals are, even at a glance. Ken Turtoro Robin Sherman Vice President of Circulation Associate Director Chemical Week Associates American Society of Business Track 3 Circulation Management Publication Editors C. Acquisition and Maintenance of Paid Circulation (Part I) 11:00 A.M. - 11:15 A.M. • Coffee Break Explore various methods for acquiring paid subscriptions.Topics to be discussed include: the use of direct mail; using alternative 11:15 A.M. - 12:45 P.M. • Concurrent Sessions sources such as inserts, gifts, agents, etc.; soft versus hard offers; how Track 1 Media Training offer/price/package/list can impact direct response; the use of premiums, credit subscriptions and newsstands. H. Maximize Your Buying Opportunity (Part 2) Scott Cravens See Session A for description Circulation Director Cygnus Business Media Training & Education • Thursday, June 12, 2003 • Holiday Inn Chicago Mart Plaza • Chicago, IL
  4. 4. Track 3 Circulation Management Track 6 Editorial Management I. Developing and Maintaining Controlled Circulation M.How Do Business Magazines Handle Editorial Advisory (Part 2) Boards? Learn how to keep your new controlled subscribers.The This session will examine the latest exclusive research conducted speakers will take a candid look at what works and why. Items to by the American Society of Business Publication Editors about how be considered include maximizing the relationship of the subscriber editors use their editorial advisory boards.You'll learn how with the magazine, use of various re-qualification techniques, and publications organize their boards, what board members' how to obtain high quality circulation marketing data without responsibilities are, and the editorial frustrations. decreasing responses. Robin Sherman Gloria Adams Associate Director Corporate Director, Audience Development American Society of Business PennWell Publishing Company Publication Editors Ken Turtoro 12:45 P.M. - 2:00 P.M. • Lunch Vice President of Circulation Chemical Week Associates 2:00 P.M. - 3:30 P.M. • Concurrent Sessions Track 3 Circulation Management Track 1 - Promotions and Publicity J. Acquisition and Maintenance of Paid Circulation (Part 2) N. BPA International Promotion and Publicity Guidelines Learn how to maintain your paid subscription file.Topics to be BPA International Publicity rules ensure that all members and discussed include: billing strategies; how to increase pay-up; renewal applicants promote their circulation accurately and fairly.Whether strategies; testing for improved results and source evaluation. Bring you promote your circulation in print or on the Web, the Publicity a calculator for source evaluation exercises. rules create a “level playing” field that media buyers at major Scott Cravens advertisers and agencies have come to appreciate. Learn exactly what Circulation Director the rules permit - and what they prohibit. Case studies will be Cygnus Business Media presented. Track 4 Interactive Media Jerry Okabe Vice President, Media Relations Manager K. HOW TO get the Most from Fax and E-Mail BPA International Requalifications and New Name Efforts This “how to” session will cover: Track 2 - Advertising Sales • How to plan fax and e-Mail requalifications in the cycle. O. Developing Customer Partnerships: Steps to Success in • How to integrate fax and e-Mail campaigns together. Publishing Sales • How to design effective fax and e-Mail requalifications. In today’s rapidly changing world of advertising sales a salesperson • How to use fax and e-Mail for new name efforts. must earn respect quickly.They must be perceived as a partner who • How to insure database integrity in fax and e-Mail is concerned about their client’s bottom line.This workshop will help requalifications. you take your skills to the next level with proven steps for success. + Preparation: Knowledge is power, In-depth knowledge of industry, • How to budget fax and e-Mail campaigns. Marketing and customer service; +Accessing decision makers, Earning • How to determine whether to send fax and e-Mail campaigns the right to be heard,Top down selling, Presenting to executives; in-house vs. outsource. Needs identifications: Key to victory, Insightful questions, Gaining a Francis Heid deeper understanding,Active listening; +Turn Features into benefits Vice President, Publishing Operations and results,Address reader’s needs, Present Advantages, Develop Advanstar Communications powerful benefit statements, Present the ROI; +Dancing with Nancy Mills Objections, Determine real objections, Become adept at turning Fax and Email Speicalist objections into win/win solutions; +Closing, Pulling it all together, Proximity Marketing Close on the next step, Ongoing closing. Kathie Simonsen Track 5 Consumer Marketing President Simonsen Sales and Marketing L. What’s New on the Newsstand? Hear experts discuss retail sales opportunities in the ever- Track 3 Circulation Management changing newsstand arena. From shift in class of trade to eroding sales efficiencies. Learn how these professionals chart new courses P. Strategic Planning: Testing and Budgeting (Part 1) to meet new daily demands. A practical hands on session that discusses 16 basic strategic Ed Fones questions every Circulation Manager faces. Learn when and how to President do new and requalification efforts and how to accurately calculate Fones Consutling the costs for controlled books. Learn how to construct tests, and what to test. Francis Heid Vice President, Publishing Operations Advanstar Communications Training & Education • Thursday, June 12, 2003 • Holiday Inn Chicago Mart Plaza • Chicago, IL
  5. 5. Track 3 Circulation Management deadlines and juggle multiple projects; ✔Cultivating a culture committed to excellence; ✔Providing learning experiences for Q. How to Prepare For Your First Audit staffers without putting them in the wrong position. A how-to session that will walk you step by step through the Moderator: auditing process. Included in this session will be a discussion on Thomas R.Temin organizing your records, computer coding for all aspects of the Vice President/Editorial circulation report and the benefits of a mini-audit. Post-Newsweek Tech Media James Cowart Member Relations Manager 3:30 P.M. - 5:00 P.M. • Concurrent Sessions BPA International Track 2 Advertising Sales Sue Ravenscraft Vice President, Circulation V. Developing Customer Partnerships (Part 2) Stagnito Communications See session O for details Track 3 Circulation Management Track 3 Circulation Management R. Converting Controlled Circulation to Paid W. Executing a Telemarketing Campaign Are you considering converting to paid circulation? The speakers Learn how to properly execute a telemarketing campaign. will discuss concepts and methods used to convert free subscriptions Understand the BPA International rules and their applications.This to paid.Topics to be covered include the use of source evaluation session covers the do’s and don’ts of the interview, proper role-playing and testing as well as the pitfalls of unsuccessful conversion programs techniques and development of quality control for telemarketing. - and how to avoid them. Earl Mosley, CCCP Nick Cavnar Vice President, Business Development Vice President, Circulation Reed Business Information Hanley-Wood Dave Gaver Vice President Track 4 Interactive Media Transaction Database Marketing, Ltd. S. Circulation and Your Website Track 3 Circulation Management Every publisher faces the same questions when building or rebuilding a website: Is the site for current readers of your print X. Strategic Planning: Testing and Budgeting (Part 2) products, or is the site for non-readers? Do you use the web site to Bring your calendar to this hands on session.We will work provide additional value to print subscribers, or do you mirror your together on a circulation budget.All aspects will be discussed: cost print content online in order to gain new subscribers? These estimating (printing, postage, lists, fulfillment, etc.) expense monitoring questions are important, because they shape everything from the and plan evaluation for controlled books. editorial that is on the site to how the site is designed and sold to Francis Heid advertisers.Two industry experts will explore ways you should be Vice President, Publishing Operations involved in your publication’s Internet products, and discuss critical Advanstar Communications decisions in publication site planning and development. This session is important for anyone whose publications are building or rebuilding Track 3 Circulation Management Internet sites. Sean Fulton Y. Secrets of Successful Fulfillment Conversions Vice President Is it really possible to convert without trauma? Join two industry GCN Publishing experts who can provide you with tools and information on how to Joanne Persico make your conversion easier. This workshop will cover when and Creative Director why to convert, preparations for conversions, negotiating the GCN Publishing contract and more.We will explore these concerns for publishers who plan to convert to an outside service bureau and those who are Track 5 Consumer Marketing planning an in-house conversion. Carole Ireland T. Retention Marketing…A Creative Approach President Acquisition costs are skyrocketing… are you spending enough Quality Circulation Services time testing resources to retain your customers? Learn what steps Jo Ann Binz, several innovative circulators are doing to leverage their renewals Associate Ed Fones Quality Circulation Services President Fones Consulting Track 4 Interactive Media Track 6 Editorial Management Z. Things You Need to Know About Audits for Web Site Traffic With the growth of advertiser spending on Web sites and the U. Managing an Editorial Department increased number of Web sites competing for advertiser dollars, the Top editors will describe how they keep their operations need for independent audits is essential.You’ve just been given humming. Topics will include: ✔Recruiting, training and retaining responsibility for finding out all you can on measuring your Web site. staff; ✔Helping junior editors manage escalating workloads, meet This session will provide you with the basics.Among items to be Training & Education • Thursday, June 12, 2003 • Holiday Inn Chicago Mart Plaza • Chicago, IL
  6. 6. covered will be:What is a Web site audit? What is measured? How Track 6 Editorial Management is site access tracked? What does all the jargon mean? How do I prepare for an audit? bb. Working with the Business Side Patrick Monahan In this session the perils and pleasures of working with Senior Vice President, Information Technology business-side colleagues will be examined. The panelists will BPA International discuss: ✔Applying the American Business Media's Code of Ethics; ✔Is the Church vs. State model defunct?; ✔Cooperating without Track 5 Consumer Marketing crossing the line; +✔Making the case for a strong editorial voice; aa. Modeling ✔Does the ethical standard depend on the publications format? Moderator: A practical hands on session that discusses all aspects of Thomas R.Temin circulation planning and evaluation. Learn when and how to Vice President/Editorial construct tests and what to test. All aspects will be discussed: Post-Newsweek Tech Media analyzing subscription sources, developing an efficient retail sales strategy, using subscription agents to acquire new subscribers and 5:00 p.m. Conference Adjourns KEEPING THEM. Greg Jones President Granite Bay Media WHO SHOULD ATTEND ✔ Publishers ✔ Fulfillment Directors ✔ Advertising Directors ✔ Promotion Managers ✔ Associate Publishers ✔ Fulfillment Managers ✔ Print Advertising ✔ Marketing Managers Sales Reps ✔ Custom Publishers ✔ Auditing Managers ✔ Creative Services ✔ Online Advertising Managers ✔ Circulation Directors ✔ Subscription Managers Sales Reps ✔ Circulation Managers ✔ Media Buyers ✔ Business Analyst ✔ Information Technology ✔ Assistant Circulation ✔ Media Planners Directors ✔ Editors Managers ✔ Database Managers ✔ Distribution Managers ✔ Associate Editors Register by Phone, Fax, Mail or E-Mail Call: 203-447-2812 REGISTER AFTER May 22nd: Full Day Program $295 Fax: 203-447-2900 Half Day Program $150 Mail To: BPA International, Suite 900 Half Day Program with lunch $200 Professional Development TEAM DISCOUNTS: Two Corporate Drive Register 4 or more people from your company at the same time Shelton, CT 06454 and receive an additional discount of $10 per person. CANELLATION POLICY: E-Mail: Cancellations must be received by June 5th. No refunds will be Web Site: http// given for cancellations received after June 5th. All cancellations must be made in writing and sent to the attention of BPA REGISTRATION FEES: International, Professional Development Department. Registration fees include all sessions, course materials and CONFERENCE LOCATION: continental breakfast (lunch is included with full day registration). Holiday Inn, Chicago Mart Plaza 350 North Orleans Street REGISTER BY May 22nd and Pay: Chicago, Il 60654 Full Day Program $250 312-836-5000 Half Day Program $125 To secure the reduced rate of $145, please call the hotel prior to the conference and identify yourself as a BPA International conference Half Day Program with lunch $165 attendee. (Note: Call hotel for directions) Training & Education • Thursday, June 12, 2003 • Holiday Inn Chicago Mart Plaza • Chicago, IL
  7. 7. Circulation Managers Advisory Committee Steven R. Koppelman Michael Zane BUSINESS PUBLICATIONS VP, Circulation /Reader Service Group Director of Audience Chairperson: Cahners Business Information Development CMP Media G. Earl Mosley, CCCP Christine Marcaccio CONSUMER MAGAZINES VP, Business Development Corporate Circulation Director Cahners Business Information Business News Publishing Committee Members: Committee Members: Brad Mitchell, CCCP, CCFP Alan Brush Director of Circulation and IT Circulation Director Gloria Adams Babcox Publications Computer Games Strategy Plus Director, ATD Audience Development Christine Oldenbrook, CCCP PennWell Publishing Vice President,Audiance Marketing William Carter Primedia Business Consumer Marketing Director Willy Bruijns G&J USA Publishing Circulation Director Sue Ravenscraft Canon Communication, LLC Vice President of Circulation Sara DeCarlo Stagnito Communications Nick Cavnar Consumer Marketing Director Vice President Circulation & Ziff-Davis Media John Rockwell Database Development VP, Operations & IT Hanley-Wood Paperloop, Inc. Anne Loganbuhl Scott Cravens Circulation Director Circulation Director Silvia Sierra Nickalodeon Magazine Cygnus Publishing Company Director of Magazine Circulation PBI Media Barry Green, CCCP Tina Rodich VP / Director of Circulation Terri Smith Group Circulation Director Hearst Books / Business Circulation Director Imagine Media, Inc. Publishing Branch-Smith Publishing Francis Heid Ken Turtoro John Russell Vice President, Publishing Operations Vice President of Circulation Vice President, Marketing Advanstar Communications, Inc. Chemicalweek Associates Network Communications, Inc. QUESTIONS? Call Jane O’Connor at BPA International (203) 447-2812 or by email at Training & Education • Thursday, June 12, 2003 • Holiday Inn Chicago Mart Plaza • Chicago, IL
  8. 8. & TRAINING EDUCATION In Business, Consumer & Interactive Marketing for Publishing, Business of Performing Audits Advertising, Circulation & Editorial Management Thursday, June 12, 2003 Holiday Inn Chicago Mart Plaza Chicago, IL BPA International, Suite 900 REGISTRATION CARD 2 Corporate Drive Registration Fees: Shelton, CT 06484 Register by May 22nd After May 22nd 203-447-2812 Full Day Program $250 $295 Half Day Program (ends at 12:45 PM $125 $150 does not include lunch) Half Day Program $165 $200 with lunch TEAM DISCOUNT: Deduct an additional $10 per person if 4 or more people from your company attend. All registrations must be sent in together to qualify for this discount. PLEASE INDICATE YOUR SESSION SELECTION; CIRCLE ONE FROM EACH TIME PERIOD: 9:30 AM A B C D E F G 11:15 AM H I J K L M 2:00 PM N O P Q R S T U 3:30 PM V W X Y Z aa bb Name ____________________________________________________________________ Title _____________________________________________________________________ Company _________________________________________________________________ Address___________________________________________________________________ City _____________________State_________________________Zip Code ____________ Phone ________________________________Fax ________________________________ Email ____________________________________________________________________ Check enclosed for $_______(Payable to BPA International) Bill my American Express Card#_______________________________for $________ Expiration Date_____________ Name as it appears on American Express Card:___________________________________