Telemarketing with Local Media


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Telemarketing with Local Media

  1. 1. Telemarketing with Local Media - Page 1 Telemarketing with Local Media Thanks for your interest in a Telemarketing (Advertising Sales Agent) position with Local Media Pty Ltd. Our company publishes newspapers across Australia and is also consistently expanding with new publica- tions elsewhere around the globe. This planned expansion enables us to offer additional positions. The world’s business environment increasingly includes technology includes computers, fax, internet and websites. Our company uses the telephone extensively as a successful way to contact our customers ... and our potential new clients. We bring good-value advertising opportunities to business people, assisting them to build their enterprises. With those opportunities, also come exciting benefits for proficient telemarketers working on our team. This booklet seeks to explain a little about our company, opportuni- ties for telemarketing people, and techniques that we believe are impor- tant for your optimum success. A Word About Telemarketing from the Publisher of Local Media Pty Ltd, Ash Long When I started my career in newspapers back in 1969, it was a very different business environment. There were no fax machines or computers in general use. Most news- papers were made with ‘hot metal’ plates ... with the technique like a big rubber stamp. Full-colour advertising was a novelty. Advertisers in newspapers back then demanded that representatives visit their places of businesses, to arrange even the smallest of ads. Times have changed and so has the way that the world does business. We like our company to be at the forefront of this progress. telemarketing.pmd 1 9/2/2005, 9:15 AM
  2. 2. Telemarketing with Local Media - Page 2 In the 1970s, we would not have dreamed of ‘ringing’ an existing client to arrange their advertising - over the phone. But in those times- of-old, we were also running our offices without calculators and photo- copiers! Three decades later, a major part of our company’s growth is from contacting business people by telephone - and winning their custom. Actually, Telemarketing is a simple process where everyone wins. We clearly and concisely present a business proposition, ask for the busi- ness, and win a good slice of it! The Power of Telemarketing ‘Quadrant’ magazine published a survey that showed that almost one- third (28 per cent) of the Australian population received an unsolicited sales phone call in the previous 90 days. Some 47 per cent has received a telephone call for a charitable donation. Eighteen per cent of these calls (almost one-in-five) resulted in a posi- tive sales or donation result. Telemarketing is a science. It involves strategy: conscientiously and eagerly working to a plan. To be the best, we expect our Advertising Sales Agents to treat our potential customers with the utmost respect. This respect means that we expect our Agents to be proficient, vi- brant, energetic, truthful, efficient and talented. It means sound product knowledge ... and, above all else, common sense. Some Day-To-Day Helpful Hints This booklet attempts to share our thoughts about Telemarketing, along with some practical hands-on tips that we have gathered over the years. If you have any questions at any time, I invite you to phone me - Ash Long - any time on 1-800 231 311. Or send me an e-mail: Good fortune in your Telemarketing endeavours in ‘partnership’ with Local Media Pty Ltd. telemarketing.pmd 2 9/2/2005, 9:15 AM
  3. 3. Telemarketing with Local Media - Page 3 Telesales: This is not an experiment There is a successful method of Telemarketing. Conversely, there are also many unsuccessful ways to approach the profession. If you aspire to work in association with an ethical company that val- ues its Advertising Sales Agents, and its customers, then we believe you will be agreeably happy with Local Media Pty Ltd. We have a proven method of consistently providing you with ‘warm’ sales prospects. We use prepared telephone scripts which have been pol- ished over the years, to maximise sales results. We have established ways of doing business - at competitive prices. We like to be super-efficient in our communications. If, however, you are looking for a short-term, casual, slap-dash posi- tion, we urge you to look elsewhere. If you are looking to re-invent Telemarketing, then we think you’ll also be happiest elsewhere. There are not a dozen alternative ways about going about a Telemarketing sales agent position with Local Media. We have a way that works, and works well. What We Do ... Local Media Pty Ltd publishes newspapers. Our major income is de- rived from the sale of advertising space in those newspapers. We derive our business growth by producing good newspapers that are read by the maximum number of readers. By doing that, we put our advertisers’ messages in front of the most available number of people. We assume you are reading this booklet because you wish to derive an income from selling advertising by telephone, using our methods. telemarketing.pmd 3 9/2/2005, 9:15 AM
  4. 4. Telemarketing with Local Media - Page 4 Working From Home Local Media Pty Ltd has a policy that all Advertising Sales Agents work best from their own Home Offices. Our decision to ‘de-centralise’ originates from our opposition to telemarketing ‘boiler rooms’, where operators work in noisy, tight cu- bicles ... a bit like a battery of hatch hens. Your best results do not come from surroundings like that! It also means our Advertising Sales Agents manage their time to the best efficiency! An example was one of our people who was originally working with another company. She was travelling by train from Dandenong to the Melbourne CBD every day: 1½-hours to work every morning; another 1½-hours back every evening. Three hours a day in unproductive travel. Multiply these three hours by five days a week, totalled 15 hours a week. By working at home, she re-gained those 15 hours - splitting that time ... half of it now goes to earning extra cash with us; the other half goes towards herself and her family. This includes a daily 30-minute walk to maximise her health - and lose weight at the same time! We also have selfish reasons for deciding that our Advertising Sales Agents work ‘off-site’. Their calls are more productive. They work in quiet - the perfect phoning environment. Our customers HEAR the difference. They do not perceive they are part of some mass-marketing exercise. Working from your Home Office naturally means that our newspaper production costs are kept to a minimum. That means our advertising rates are consistently more economical than our opposition. And that means more sales success - for us, our agents and our customers. telemarketing.pmd 4 9/2/2005, 9:15 AM
  5. 5. Telemarketing with Local Media - Page 5 Paying you what you’re worth There’s a favourite old line shared in business: “Your pay rise becomes effective immediately that you do.” At Local Media Pty Ltd, we are unashamed that our Advertising Sales Agents have the opportunity to consistently earn a seriously good in- come. No upper limits. We pay weekly ... and we are ea- ger to ensure your cheque is the best amount that it can possibly be! We believe that the best reward can be achieved by our Advertising Sales Agents with a straight 20 per cent commission rate. No cap! Maximum Share A few applicants for our Advertising Sales Agent positions some- times ask for a retainer, and a lesser commission rate. Or could we pay less commission, andsubsidise their phone costs? We politely disagree. Why should we pay you less than maximum? Will you respect us in the long term if we pay you less than best? Our annual business budget provides for 20 per cent of our sales rev- enue as ‘cost of sales’. 20 dollars in 100 is paid to our Advertising Sales Agents, on their own sales. It is a straight-forward happy arrangement. Doing Your Sums We are able to pay 20 per cent commission to our contractors, be- cause we keep our direct costs to a minimum. You work as a Contractor. This means your provide Tax Invoices to us (with your ABN number) each every week. You pay your own costs such as phone calls, taxation, any insurances, WorkCare, annual and other leave provisions, etc. You must take advice from your financial advisor if this arrangement best suits you and your business plans. telemarketing.pmd 5 9/2/2005, 9:15 AM
  6. 6. Telemarketing with Local Media - Page 6 ‘Warm’ selling: coming in from the cold Can you think back to the old cartoon characters of vacuum sales people, going door-to-door, with their shoe in the door? It’s known as ‘cold-selling’ ... probably the most difficult sales job in existence. Hundreds of soul-destroying ‘knock-backs’, hours of wasted time. We don’t work that way. Working Smarter At Local Media Pty Ltd, we like to work smarter rather than harder. We provide our Advertising Sales Agents with fresh lists of the ‘warm- est’ sales prospects available. These can be delivered to you by mail (Express Post if necessary) - and we also include a copy of each potential client’s latest print ad. Our research team scans all available print advertisements from every newspaper in capital cities and our other distribution areas. We analyse the best possible clients, and distill these into lists which give you a list of clients, their phone numbers, and other ‘source; infor- mation. Few media companies give such complete back-up to their teams. Your Time Is Used Efficiently We believe in using time to its best advantage. Our time. Your time. And the time of our clients. Our unique method of prospecting means that Advertising Sales Agents can spend 100 per cent of their time in touch with clients. And that means you can earn to your maximum. telemarketing.pmd 6 9/2/2005, 9:15 AM
  7. 7. Telemarketing with Local Media - Page 7 What you will need Applicants for our Advertising Sales Agents contractor appointments are provided with our latest Information Kit. After the interview process, you may be offered aposition on a trial basis. Our arrangements are based on the Agreement, a sample copy of which is included in the Information Kit. If this occurs, you will become a Contractor to Local Media PtyLtd. You do not become an employee. This is a legal agreement which places obligations upon you. You need to pay your own costs such as all your phone calls/rental, your stationery, your office expenses, your taxation, your insurances, leave provisions, work care insurance payments, etc. You must your own professional advice to assess if these arrange- ments suit you. We cannot and do not advise you in this regard. You must weigh this up for yourself. If we reach agreement to proceed, you will need: ■ A current ABN. This should appear on the Tax Invoices that you send us weekly. You apply to the Australian Taxation Office for your ABN. ■ A good workable Home Office. This should include a good, standard landline telephone. We advise against using mobile and portable phones - customers hear the difference. ■ A quiet working environment. ■ Easy access to a fax or e-mail to send/receive communications. You will need to send your sales informationto us on a daily basis. We send written confirmation advice to all your customers on a same-day basis. ■ An acceptance of working within our method. Stick to our script ... it works! ■ A smile in your voice, persistence and optimism. A real desire to earn well. telemarketing.pmd 7 9/2/2005, 9:15 AM
  8. 8. Telemarketing with Local Media - Page 8 Some handy tips Over the years, we have developed some handy Telemarketing Tips, which lift our results markedly: ■ Headsets. It took us years to covert to using one ... but our success rate zoomed. It enables you to work hands-free. It eliminates a surprising amount of noise. Our customers hear the difference. We use the ‘Jackson’ head-set, which you can buy from Officeworks for under $70. Not compulsory, but vcry handy! ■ Have the ad in front of you. In addition to a Sales Leads sheet, we provide a copy of the potential client’s latest press ad. Have it in front of you - so you can quickly include any ‘copy’ changes that the client may request. ■ Work with a pen. If you are working hands-free, have your pen handy ... be ready for the sale. We personally work with three coloured markers for our Sales Leads sheets: Red for ‘No’, ‘Yellow’ for ring-backs; and glorious Green for sales. Your progress at a glance. ■ Stick to the list. Stick to the script. You want the hottest, freshest leads ... so we provide a fresh list of quality prospects. They are selected on criteria including industry, ability to pay, client history. Over a number of years, these have proven to be the most effective client lists to use. We update these lists daily! ■ Phone manners. If you are using a standard telephone, please remember some elementary phone manners. Have a smile in your voice; don’t wear a bangle or a bracelet that knocks against the reciever; don’t bang your phone down on a wooden desk - it’s noisy’, say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’; avoid having background nosies (especially children, dogs, babies, radios, etc.) ■ Never be afraid. If you don’t know the answer, there are simple words to use: “I’m not sure. I’ll find out and I’ll ring you back immediately.” Never be afraid to admit that you do not know something. Your customer will appreciate your honesty. telemarketing.pmd 8 9/2/2005, 9:15 AM
  9. 9. Telemarketing with Local Media - Page 9 The Script It has come to the time to make your first call for Local Media Pty Ltd. If you phone someone and say nothing, you can be certain you will get a zero result. If you phone someone and say “Wanna buy an ad?”, you might get a 1-in-100 success rate? If you phone someone -and USE OUR SCRIPT - you should aver- age a consistent and healthy sales rate. Publisher Ash Long relates his experiences: Over time, you will become increasingly expert at the Telemarketing script we have developed over the years. Every word is there for a definite reason. Please stick to the script. We have consistently found that Telemarketing works like a law of arithmetic. When you start, you may average a success rate of 1-in-14. As you become more familiar with the script, you could start to see about three sales in 14, or even better. This is between one-in-three or one-in-four customers. ‘Wow!’ You will probably start processing calls at the rate of 14 leads an hour. The successful calls average about six minutes - including time to process customer information, payment details, etc. Your call rate will probably slow during the day - unless you are very disciplined. You CAN earn wonderful commissions - if you are very disciplined. telemarketing.pmd 9 9/2/2005, 9:15 AM
  10. 10. Telemarketing with Local Media - Page 10 More Random Hints ■ Stay Clear. Be clear, pleasant and well-modulated. Avoid ‘um’, ‘er’ ... we have scripts, we have answered to Frequently Answered Questions. ■ Total No-No. No eating, no drinking, no smoking, no chewing - while you call. All these things can be heard at ‘the other end’. You are part of the finest Telemarketing Team ... please ensure it sounds that way! ■ Answering Machines/Voice Mail. Don’t bother leaving messages. Call back instead. Stay in control of the timing. ■ Stay Happy. Smile before you are connected. Draw a ‘smiley’ face to remind yourself. Sound happy and relaxed, no-one wants to deal with a grouch. ■ Don’t Allow Yourself To Get Angry. You don’t win phone arguments with potential clients. No-one can make you angry - without your con- sent! This is a numbers game ... simply move on to the next prospect. ■ Don’t Take It Personally. Don’t take too much time wondering why you didn’t get a particular sale. Stick to the script, and you will achieve a regular level of success. ■ Dressing For Work At Home. Dress for work as though you are going to call on your customers personally. Wear a dirty tracksuit - and you’ll get tracksuit results. It’s all about mood. ■ Create A Sense Of Urgency. You want to acheive a sale in THAT phone call. If you are asked when the deadline is, you can reply: “Because we have an early deadline, it’s right away.That’s why I’m offering you this at such a special price.” ■ Stay In Control. If a customer asks for our number, and they say they will call back ... try this. Give our phone number: 1-800 231 311. Then say: “I am just going to the Production Department, can I phone you back in 15 minutes?” Most people agree. This means you keep control of your timing. Phone back at the agreed time: “Hello, it’s (first name) from the Melbourne Observer, phoning back as promised ...” telemarketing.pmd 10 9/2/2005, 9:15 AM
  11. 11. Telemarketing with Local Media - Page 11 Telemarketing Truths ■ Manners Do Count. Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone in 1876 ... 130 years later, some people have yet to discover phone cour- tesy. Don’t be an offender. If you get a troublesome person, simply end the call with “I’m sorry, I’ll withdraw the offer.” Problem solved. ■ Courtesy. It is amazing how many don’t say ‘Please’ and ‘Thank You’. You may be surprised how use of these little words will increase your sales rate. And it costs you absolutely nothing. ■ Use Their Name. get their first name early ... and repeat it during the call. (You gave your first name at the start of the call.) ■ Accents and Names. A thick accent will not help you in a Telemarketing career. Neither will a difficult first name; you may con- sider using a short, easy-to-use substitute name with your clients. This is all about being ‘user-friendly’ ■ Technique. Stay close to the mouthpiece. Speak clearly. Listen care- fully. telemarketing.pmd 11 9/2/2005, 9:15 AM
  12. 12. Telemarketing with Local Media - Page 12 Avoiding the hazards in a Telemarketing career ■ I’ve made more than 100,000 sales calls in my newspaper career: And it’s easy to make some conclusions. ■ Telemarketing is a numbers game. If you stick to the script, if you have ‘a smile on your dial’, you should achieve a regular sales rate. Over time, I’ve calculated that I sell an average $42.56 worth of advertising on each call ... whether I actually sell it on THAT call or not. ■ I am no different to any other Telemarketing person ... except perhaps that I’ve been doing it for longer than most! My real enemy is not the person on the other end of the line. My real enemy is a natural reluctance to make the next call. ‘Get over it!’ ■ Working from a Home Office can have its disadvantages as well as advantages. “I’ll just go for a call of nature ... I’ll just go and make a cup of tea ... I’ll just go and phone so-and-so”. Thirty minutes can slip away easily ... five or more calls that are never made up. ■ Telemarketing needs disciplines. You need to set targets for yourself. A set starting time. 10 calls before morning tea. Another 10 before lunch. All supplies in place. Keep measuring yourself - so you can lift your game. Keep score. Beat yesterday. ■ Telemarketing with Local Media can be lucrative. Your earnings largely depend on your own self-discipline. Keep phoning. Hang up, ring up. Good habits will work for you. This is as much about your own personal growth. I recommend it. telemarketing.pmd 12 9/2/2005, 9:15 AM