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TELEMARKETING GUIDE Selling Hosted Voice over IP Services to ...

  1. 1. TELEMARKETING GUIDE Selling Hosted Voice over IP Services to Businesses OBJECTIVE  Make potential business clients aware of Hosted Voice Over IP (VoIP) phone service and the associated Ad- vanced Call Features  Schedule a follow up call between prospective customers and your VoIP quotation specialist TARGET MARKET  Small to mid-sized companies that rely heavily on telephone communications to transact business: professional and financial services companies, manufacturers, contractors, small retailers etc.  Companies with access to broadband service (i.e. not dial up) SECTION 1 Sample Call Script OPENING Hello, my name is (Jane Doe), and I’m calling from (Service Provider). May I speak with (customer name) or the person responsible for your phone system or your computer system? QUALIFYING Hello Mr./Ms. (customer name), this is (Jane Doe) from (Service Provider). I’m calling to announce (Service Provider’s) new “Hosted Voice Over Internet” phone service and a new suite of “Advanced Call Features” that we’ve introduced to increase your productivity while reducing your costs. I’d like to provide you with a brief overview. Do you have a moment? (“No, not right now”) Is there a more convenient time for me to call back? Call Back Information: Name: _____Date:_____ Time:_____ Thank you, I look forward to speaking with you again. Good Bye. (“No thanks, I do not currently wish to pursue Hosted VoIP”) Thank you very much for your time, if you should decide at a later date that you would like information regarding our new Hosted Voice offerings, please feel free to visit our website at (www.Service or call us at (1-800-888 -8888). Good Bye. (“Yes, I do have time now”) Great, I’d like to ask a few questions about your current phone usage to confirm whether your business could benefit from our new Hosted Voice over IP service and our Advanced Call Features. 1. Are telephone communications used extensively by your business for making or receiving customer or supplier in- quiries? (Open discussion and understand customer’s communication needs.) 2. Does your site currently have broadband internet service? A. Yes (continue to question 3) B. No (Advise client that Hosted VoIP services require broadband internet access rather than low speed dial-up service.) 3. What type of phone system does your business currently operate? A. Individual direct POTS lines (Hosted VoIP upgrades POTS lines) B. Key System (Hosted VoIP replaces key systems) C. PBX (Hosted VoIP replaces PBX’s) D. Internet telephony e.g. Vonage (Hosted VoIP offers advanced features)
  2. 2. 4. Do you face any challenges with this phone system? A. PBX or key system is near end-of-life B. PBX or key system has high maintenance costs C. Line requirements often change due to down sizing or hiring D. Staff need remote communications from home or other sites E. Other:_____ 5. Do you currently use any Advanced Call Features in your business? A. Click-to-Call from PC address book B. Remote Access from PC soft client phone C. Conferencing D. Voicemail or Unified Messaging E. Single Number Service across office, home and mobile phones SELLING Thank you for sharing that helpful information. I believe your company could benefit from (Service Provider’s) Hosted Voice over IP service and our Advanced Call features because: Highlight several reasons based on customer feedback from above: The On-Demand Conferencing service enables you to manage and conduct conferences without assistance. Detailed billing records are generated for each conference. 1. Telephone communications are critical to your business. 2. Employees at your company already have broadband access. 3. You do not currently operate a PBX or key system. 4. You would like replace your PBX or key system. 5. Your employees would like to work from home. 6. You do not currently use advanced call features. I’d like to share with you some of the powerful new business features available with our hosted voice over internet ser- vice. As long as your office has broadband access, (Service Provider) can provision individual business lines with the features of your choice. With our hosted Voice over Internet service, you have the ability to use your personal computer to manage communi- cations and to control your advanced call features. I’d like to explain some of these features in detail. What you’ll notice is that these new services differ from our stan- dard business Centrex in that they take advantage of the power of your personal computer. On Demand Conferencing Once you order this conference service, you can arrange conferences as needed, and without any advanced reserva- tions. With this feature, you actually manage your conference calls right from your personal computer. Unlike when you’re using a phone, with your PC you can see who joins your calls and who is speaking. You can also mute lines, remove callers, or even record an entire conference. Notification Service With this service, you can use your personal computer to record and schedule automated voice messages. You can cre- ate delivery lists of up to 1000 phone numbers for each message. At the time which you’ve scheduled, the numbers in your delivery list will be automatically called, and your pre- recorded message will be played. An example application for this feature would be to inform customers of late payments.
  3. 3. Terminating Call Manager This feature allows you to use your PC to block unwanted callers and to control the times when other calls are permit- ted. Call blocking options include time of day and day of week. You can even create a list of friends that are never blocked from calling you. With your personal computer, managing these call lists becomes a simple task. Unified Messaging This feature allows you to conveniently listen to voicemail messages right from your computer without having to pick up your phone. Your voice messages are sent as emails to whatever email account you choose, and play back requires just a simple mouse click on the attached voice file. You can even save voice message files on your computer for future reference. Single Number Service With Single Number Service plus your personal computer, you can direct your incoming calls to automatically ring up to six different phones (your office phone, your home phone, and any mobile phone, for example) depending on where you’ll be at different times during the day. Single Number Service guarantees that you won’t miss important calls. Single Number Service also enables you to transfer in progress calls from your office phone to your personal mobile phone (or from your mobile phone to your office phone) simply by entering a star code into your phone during the conversation. The person on the other end of the call won’t have any idea that you’ve changed phones, and you’ll be free to come and go from your desk. Integrated Web Portal With Integrated Web Portal, you can simply “click-to-call” your customers or suppliers from your email personal ad- dress book using your PC mouse. Integrated Web Portal makes it easy to access and control features such as Unified Messaging and On Demand Confer- encing. With Integrated Web Portal you don’t need to run any special software on your personal computer to manage and customize calling features. Integrated Web Portal also allows you to view and save your call logs. This is a great record keeping tool for busi- nesses. CLOSING Hosted Voice Services for Small and Mid Sized Businesses Our new Hosted Voice over Internet service provides a cost effective alternative to either a PBX or a key system. When you combine (Service Provider’s) Hosted Voice over IP service with our Centrex features, you have everything you need work more effectively and efficiently. Also, in order to minimize upgrade costs, any analog office phones you might have can be reused with a special adap- tor, and we can provide new IP phones too. Unlike traditional phone service, Hosted Voice over IP gives your staff remote access to business communication ser- vices whenever they need to work from home or a remote location. Unlike a PBX, our hosted voice service doesn’t require you to maintain on-site technical staff or to pay for special PBX
  4. 4. voice trunks. These differences will save you money. With hosted voice, we provide all of your technical assistance, and we add or remove lines and features according to your workforce requirements. We also ensure that our service remains up to date with the very latest Centrex features to enable your business operate with maximum efficiency. Just to summarize and wrap up, (Service Provider’s) Hosted Voice Service offers the following benefits: 1. Simplicity – compared to maintaining an in-house PBX. 2. Flexibility – when you only pay for the capacity you need. 3. Cost Savings – because you operate a single integrated voice and data network with a fixed monthly ser- vice budget. 4. Remote Access – where workers can access their business communications from home or the road. 5. Productivity – our advanced call services ensure that time to connect with customers, suppliers and co- workers is minimized. As a next step, I’d like to have our network consultant speak with you so that he can review your requirements and provide a firm price quote for your business? Which day/time are you available? (Confirm next steps and contact name / telephone / email:________) Thank you for your time. We look forward to speaking with you again on:______. In the meantime, please do not hesitate to call (Service Provider) with any questions or concerns. Thank you.
  5. 5. SECTION 2 Sample Frequently Asked Questions 1. Question: Am I paying for large company features that I don’t need? Real concern: This service is too complicated for my business. Response: One of the benefits of our hosted voice service is that you only pay for what you need and what you use. You can assign features and services on a per line basis. Decide what you want now, and if you later deter- mine that additional features are needed to support your business, we can add them at that time. 2. Question: Is this going to cost me more than a PBX? Real concern: I don’t understand the business case. There must be a catch somewhere. Response: The reason we can offer these features at an attractive price is that a hosted service spreads cost over a large base of customers, generating savings for you. Managing your own dedicated in-house PBX requires that you to pay for expensive technical staff. 3. Question: I will have to pay for more bandwidth or upgrade my wide area network (WAN). Real concern: There are hidden costs that make this solution more expensive. Response: If you have broadband service of 2Mb or greater, then this is usually sufficient with limited data traf- fic. Also, you do not need private circuits for your voice network, so there are major savings compared with a conventional PBX network. Typically, this question is resolved when our network consultant reviews and confirms your specific bandwidth and network requirements.