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TeamMax Setup Presen..


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TeamMax Setup Presen..

  1. 1. TeamMax Configuration Presentation This presentation will give you an overview of how to set up and configure TeamMax
  2. 2. Introduction: TeamMax is an outbound telemarketing call center specifically designed for outbound calling, its main purpose is to make telemarketing activities efficient and productive. There are 3 parts to the TeamMax set up: TeamMax Manager, TeamMax Server, TeamMax Agent In addition TeamMax Reporter gives you half a dozen reports including Agent Login, Calls By Agent, Response, Call Status, Dial Card, Telephone Number Audit, and Agent Audit reports.
  3. 3. The TeamMax Manager software is where you import a list of numbers and assign them to a campaign. You can set up a campaign ● add scripts for agents to read ● set up teams ● set up users and agents ● assign users and agents The TeamMax Manager allows you to: ● View a campaign ● see progress reports ● statistics ● export numbers ● and maintain the DNC list TeamMax Manager
  4. 4. TeamMax Server The TeamMax Server software is usually located on a central computer, it doesn't need to be on a server but it needs to be on a computer that all others have access to. The TeamMax Server software connects to the databases and talks to the telemarketers software. The TeamMax Server software checks to see if any call backs need to be sent to the agent and if there is none it sends the agent a fresh lead.
  5. 5. TeamMax Agent The TeamMax agent software is what each telemarketer uses. They click on a dial button in the software and that sends a message to the TeamMax server software asking for the next lead. The Telemarketers can enter information about each contact on the dial card.
  6. 6. TeamMax Server First of all start the TeamMax Server software. Now minimize the TeamMax Server software, so you cannot see it any more. You must keep it running so agents can login. To minimize, click here
  7. 7. Now double click on the TeamMax Agent icon, so you can login to the TeamMax Agent software. This will bring up a login screen. Type in the default User Name of admin and Password admin. Then click OK. TeamMax Agent
  8. 8. TeamMax Agent A blank screen will appear which has a toolbar along the bottom edge. You will also notice the Campaign name up on the top left.
  9. 9. 1. Click the Next button at the bottom of the screen. This will display a contact record. 2. The information on the left hand side of the screen is fully customizable, we will look at this a bit later on. 3. Click Cancel, press Yes, then exit out of the Agent. TeamMax Agent
  10. 10. Now lets go to the TeamMax Manager software Type in the default User Name admin and the Password admin TeamMax Manager
  11. 11. First we want to set up a new campaign. ● Select View ● Campaign Setup. Enter a name into the Campaign Name box at the top (eg My Campaign) then press the Enter Key. This will move the newly created Campaign to the bottom of the list. Setting Up Campaigns
  12. 12. Next we have to choose the layout. Choose the [Default] layout for this example. Each campaign can have a different layout, this is the view the telemarketer sees. Setting Up Campaigns
  13. 13. In the Script box, on the same line as your new campaign name, you can enter in a script. It is easiest if you write this in Microsoft Word, and then copy/paste it into the script box. Next we need to close this by clicking the Close link. Setting Up Campaigns
  14. 14. Lets customize the Dial Card view the the telemarketer will see. To do this: ● Click on Options ● The Grid Custom Setup ● Then Dial Card ● Then Default Customize Layouts
  15. 15. 1. Maximize the screen so you can see all the fields that can be displayed on the Dial Card. 2. The column on the left hand side shows all the customizable fields. You can click the header that reads 'Column' to list the fields in alphabetical order. 3. This is the customized label which shows what you want to have displayed. If you leave it blank then the default label will be used. Eg Text1 (Dial Card) will display Text1. 4. Show lets you choose if you want to show it or not. 6. Click OK to close. 5. Scroll down to Text1 – highlight Label. Type in Color. Under Text2 – type in Size. 7. Minimize Manager software.
  16. 16. 1. Log in to the TeamMax Agent software using the default User Name 'admin' and Password 'admin' 2. Click the Next button. 3. Look on the left hand side, look for color and size. Do you see them? 4. Press the Cancel button, then Yes. 5. Close out of the Agent software.
  17. 17. TeamMax Manager We will now set up the Response Support Table. 1. To do this: ● Click Options ● Then Click Support Tables 2. Click on Responses under Support Table Name. 3. In the Response column, type in a disposition. Press the Enter key. 4. You can choose an order for the Responses. 5. You can apply different Responses for different campaigns.
  18. 18. Go back to the TeamMax Manager software. Now we need to assign an agent to the campaign. To do this: ● Click View ● Then Team Setup Once that has opened, we need to make a new team. Enter a team name (eg My Team) Select the Campaign you set up earlier. Make sure you click Enter to save the new team. You have just assigned the campaign to your new team. Setting Up Teams
  19. 19. Now we need to assign the Agents/Users to the Team. 1. Click View then click Agents & Users 2. Maximize the screen 3. Select the user (admin) by selecting the whole row. 4. Now for the admin user, click into Team Name and select your team. Click Enter to save changes. 5. Close the window, and Close the TeamMax Manager software. You can add new users by clicking into the Name cell in the top row. Assigning Agents to Teams
  20. 20. Next we will Import an example data file. 1. To do this: ● Click File ● Then Import ● Then Import Dial List 2. Choose All File Types 3. Select egDialListTelephoneName.txt This example file is loaded in C:Program FilesAcardaTeamMaxManager by default 4. Click Open Importing Data
  21. 21. 2. At the top of the page where it says “Select the campaign to import data to” Select your campaign from the drop down list. 1. Maximize the screen, by clicking here
  22. 22. It will say “Import Finished, 8 records were imported”. Do you see the preview window? On the left hand side, it shows all the fields you can possibly import. 3. Scroll down to Telephone, select as 1 (Position 1) 4. Scroll back up to Full Name (not First Name) select as 2, press Enter. 5. Click 6. Click
  23. 23. To view the records you have just imported: Click on ● View ● Then Campaign View Do you see, Show Today Only? The show today only box makes it only show today's records – uncheck this. 'Not Called' are records that are yet to be called. Normally you will only view the calls that have been made. Check the Include Not Called box. On the Left hand side is the Dial Card, the same view as what the Agent sees. On the Right hand side is a grid like summary of the records. You can customize this and select which columns you want to display. Close out of the screen. Campaign View
  24. 24. Now, log in to the Agent software to see the new records you just imported. Click Next on the toolbar, you will see one of the records you just imported. Do you see how the Callback and Response buttons are grayed out? Once you are on a call, they are no longer grayed out. See how it has customized the records (by including Color and Size)? TeamMax Agent
  25. 25. Let's check the modem... Click on Options ● Then select Telephony Dialing Device Look for the modem if you have one installed, if there is no modem installed then it will come up with an error. Is the modem plugged in? If yes, unplug the telephone line so it doesn't call anybody. Selecting The Modem This is a drop down list of modems.
  26. 26. Click Next Dial, it brings up the next record. Call Back and Response button now enabled. When you are talking to someone, the response button is for when you have a final outcome of the call. Click the Response button, these are customizable too. You can enter information on the call in the other fields. If you can't get hold of anyone, or they ask you to call them back, DO NOT click response, rather click the Call Back button. Call Back allows you to select, No Answer, Busy etc... You can select a requested Call Back, if someone has requested to be called back at a selected time. The Response is the Disposition of the call. This list is customizable once set-up in TeamMax Manager
  27. 27. Once you have finished with the call, click the button if you want it to save and get the next record in one move, otherwise click The End Dial button saves the current record back to the server, it asks the server for the next record, the server then decides if there are any call backs for the agent, and if there is, it will send them to the agent, otherwise it will send a new lead.
  28. 28. That was an overview of how it all works. You may also like to refer to one or more of the User Guides. If you have any questions regarding this TeamMax Configuration Presentation Guide, please do not hesitate to contact us on either the details below, or via email: